Season 2 Episode 22

Over There, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • Over There, Part 1

    Expectations for the final chapter were huge. The promotional trailers left all the fans held up, stunned and anxious. Finally we went over to the other side, we would finally see the other, finally, finally! It would be now. Was it?

    Without any shadow of doubt! My first thought, realizing that the end would be divided into two separate episodes for a week, was that the first part would be the preparation and the second action. That we'd get 40 minutes of trying, schemes to move to the other side, and that only in the second part is to get there. But no, and as I love being wrong! The episode starts, outspoken, in the parallel universe - one of the best starts of the whole series - where we see the other Fringe division. The other Olivia (Anna Torv), the other Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) (still alive) and the other Broyles (Lance Reddick). The field team also has a third element, new to viewers, Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel). This group in addition to being much better equipped in terms of technology, has a lot (but a lot) more style. More futuristic, cleaner, more attractive. It is then a response to an anomaly that rip off with them towards a theater. A corpse on the floor, something strange in the air, and realize that our heroes have just come into enemy territory.

    The narrative goes back in order to explain the events that followed to this passage. Olivia receives a sheet where an observer is shown a mechanism. A device that supposedly, with the presence of Peter (Joshua Jackson) will destroy this universe. The FBI invades the Massive Dynamics, on the charge that it is manufacturing weapons for the other side. Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) denies this accusation and try to help. But not. It's then that Walter (John Noble) invents (more) a way to cross the bridge between two worlds: use several of their former subjects clinical trials. Then appear two old faces, Nick (David Call) and James (Omar Metwally), and a new face, Sally (Pascale Hutton). Along with Olivia they form a kind of Fantastic Four beings with special powers and with the distinct mission to save us all. And now the pieces begin to fit all cases lone start drawing a general plan and this feeling of fluidity knows very well. We are then toasted in a scene where Walter apologizes to former child who tormented - John Noble is in fact a top player - and without further ado, we packed and headed to the other side. In a frantic pace and addictive.

    When you get there - and to my regret because even laughed with the dynamics of the four super powers - just Olivia and Walter survive. James is immediately consumed by their cancer, and the loving couple dies trapped by another FBI. He shot it on fire to avenge her boyfriend. It should be noted that Lincoln recognizes Nick, Nick or the other, which may be linked to your team. Only two on the run: a dropped shot at the hospital door and Olivia to his own door, noting that she has there personal life. And a tattoo that will serve to distinguish them in the near future, when we try to change the turns. It appears then William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), which offers help and support.

    And Peter? Well Peter is at home. Reunited with his mother and looks peaceful plans that the father - Secretary of Defense get this straight - designed for you. He embraced the real parents. It now remains whether this choice is indeed final. But we'll have to wait a few more (endless) days.

    The first part already. We were finally on the other side, where everything is different - amazing images from the New York alternative - and where everything is decided. "Fringe" is left to rodeo and finally gives us everything we hoped for. Missing one hour for this final - citing ZB - be something epic!

    Best: Everything.

    The Worst: nothing
  • Unexpected

    Very great episode so far they all arrived in the other world, Olivia, Walter and 3 others like Olivia. Walter gets shot in the scramble to get away by the other side fringe division. Walter makes it to the hospital in bad shape, Bell meets Olivia to try to save Walter. And turns out Peter is in the other world too with his mom which was a very nice sight to see, they talked for a good while. Looks like the other side Walter wants to destroy the other world, I guess thats what happens if Walter memory brain wasn't remove. Probably why bell removed Walters in the other world because he knows what he will do or become in the other world. Just a thought I guess can't wait to see the next episode.
  • The only bad thing about this episode was that we have to wait a week to conclude it! Otherwise, wow! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    I liked the new color to the start of this episode, it really went with the whole other world theme the start of this episode had. This episode had so much substance; I could barely believe it was Fringe! The episode ended and I just couldn't believe it. Nothing, just ended, it definitely felt like a long episode split in two. I am guessing the last episode (or the second part of this season finale) will be epic. I really wish we would have got it all in one go, like a special. I wish I had not watched this until next week, alongside with the second part! How will Olivia and Walter get back now? So many things to find out, so little time left in what has turned out to be the best possible finish to an amazing season! Hurry up next week!
  • Nick Lane, William Bell, Charlie Francis, Walternate, oh my !

    Great episode ! It was nice to see some loose threads tied ( the Cortexiphan subjects finally become the super-soldiers they were meant to be, Peter's relevance is revealed ... ). The episode brought back Charlie Francis, too, which fan is not to like that ? John Noble was perfect, as always, as a deteriorating and repentful Walter, and just plain chilling as Walternate. Peter's scene with his mom was full of emotion, and the fact that it wasn't all-out tears, but just the simple joy of reunion was well-crafted. More, there were some priceless tidbits : Broyles' totally out-of-character laugh under the influence of Nick Lane's power, a poster for season 11 of the West Wing ( man, the other side has some taste ! ), the unexpected look of envy from Olivia to alternate-Olivia's love life, and of course, badass alternate-Astrid. One of the better paced, most exciting episodes of the show. Can't wait for part 2 ! One word : EPIC.
  • Great show..

    Whew, it was amazing. I expected there's Peter's mom alive. But when Peter was seeing his mom I scream. Ooh, Walternate is so luckier than Walter, 'cause he never was in Saint Claire and he never lost his wife even his son some way. Another Olivia was hot, Charlie... I can't stop think about him. His hair cut.. oh my god, hot and hot again. I was wondering, where is another William Bell? Is he responsible for the strange technology stuff? What will happen if Olivia hold and shake another Olivia's hand? Both of them must disappear? I can't wait next week. Help god
  • It just keeps getting better. Olivia, Walther and three other Cortexofan Adults travel to the alternate Universe to stop the destruction of one Univers

    What a trip it has been. Season two had its lows but then again the storyline episodes easily made up for those. Especially beginning with the Episode "Peter" the momentum never let off.

    Its a rarity for me to keep looking at the clock while watching a series, cursing to myself that only 30, 20, 10, 5 ,2,1 minute(s) remain until I have to wait another week to get my Fringe fix. What makes this even worse that this is only the first part of a two episode season finale.

    Here are some of my favourite parts of this episode.

    - Alternate Charlie: It was damn good to see him again, and I liked to comments about the bugs he has to keep at bay all the time
    - Alternate Peters Mom: That scene in the Kitchen was heartbreaking and I am happy that Peter accepted her into his heart
    - Agent Browles: He is just a major baddass in both Universes
    - (Alternate) Walther: Again a steller performance from both perspectives.
    - All the little details of the alternate Univese. I am gonna have to watch this episode multiple times to find all the abstracts

    Here are some points which I did not like

    - The three Cortexofan Adults: It was just to brief, I would have liked if they played a bigger role in the alternate Universe
    - How did the Fringe team now they where in central park???

    I hope,,,,no I know that the second part next week will be just on par or even better then this weeks episode and will most likely setup a cliffhanger that will leave us sitting on our edges until Season 3 arrives in fall :-(
  • Stellar TV!

    ...and with a click of their proverbial ruby slippers and the coaching of Good Witch Walter "B", The Class of 81 sends the intrepid band from our universe...where? Straight into hell?

    Theoretically, there should be little cause for concern if the other side truly is a parallel universe, so I'm guessing season 3 is going to show us, in glorious and imaginative detail, that 'parallel' is a misnomer and that fighting with 'ourselves' is going to be far different than...well...fighting with ourselves. If that makes sense. John Noble has THE best job on the planet. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, he gets to play what is looking to be a scheming, egomaniacal, genius, uber bad-guy AND a formerly scheming, egomaniacal, genius, currently uber messed-up guy! And I can't think of too many actors on TV right now who are more capable. Looking forward to what havoc "Walter A" can make and how "Walter B" is going to try and set it all right. This time.

    I must admit I did find it a bit off-putting to see such a strong connection between Peter and his birth mother so quickly. It seems to me that if Peter had been so confused about his place in this life, that it would be equally so in his other life. At least for a while. However, on the upside and from what we saw of her, I think Peter's newly found birth mother is so ensnared by the reconnection after all these years, that she will end up leaving the dark side (if I may take that liberty) and opting to work for Peter's safety.

    Speaking of changing sides: the "other" Olivia is just a free spirit compared to 'our' tortured, introverted Olivia, isn't she??!! However, this pairing will end up being one kick-a$$ chick squaring off with another kick-a$$ chick, all of which is going to make the finale and next season...well...kick-a$$!

  • In the war of the worlds (universes) WE are the bad guys.

    In the war of the worlds (universes) WE are the bad guys.

    I find that little fact very interesting. I loved the early scenes with Alt-Fringe unit. Charlie is alive (with worms.) I like the fact that the Fringe division is better funded...and Astrid in a beret. Olivia is happy/in a relationship/and doesn't like alcohol. Also nice tat.

    I really did like the scenes between Peter and his mom. I liked how the mother allowed him to keep his memories of his other mother. Also a nice bit of info dump without being over the top about it.

    As for whether or not Walternate is evil or not, I don't think so, I think he is just resigned to what he has to do. Remember he is the wronged party here. It was HIS son that got kidnapped. His universe is in trouble and not because of something he did but some Our Walter did. He may really believe that OUR SIDE is planning an invasion. He may just be planning a counterstrike.

    Wouldn't it be an interesting thing, if it turns out that WE are the bad guys in the story? We are the villains? Every good story needs one.
  • Wow, I really loved this episode

    Such a surreal, action packed and thought provoking episode. The plot of the episode is basically a rescue mission for Peter which is in the parallel universe. Walter, Oliva and 3 other Cortexiphan subjects travel to the other side in an effort to retain Peter, all the while trying to save both universes from being destroyed.

    There was some interesting things about the other side that they delve into but not so much. We know that the other side is more technologically advanced and have numerous benefits that outdoes our side. It also seems like the main characters are happier or better of. Oliva has a partner, Walter seems sane and Charlie is alive. Peter rekindles with his mom who he hasn't seen since he was a child and I think its going to be hard for Walter and Oliva to persuade him to come back.

    Overall I was very excited watching this episode and its an important one that can't be missed. Next week is the conclusion to Pt.1 and I really can't wait.
  • fantastic set-up to part two of the finale.

    This episode delivered on a number of levels. Starting off from the alternatve universe's perspective, we got to see how they view us as the bad guys, and how devestating between universe breaches have been for their world. A bit of a perspective shift also came with finding out that the Observers told Walter not to let Peter go back to the other universe, although not as much as I first thought because on rewatching the ep i realized that happened years after he originally took Peter. Walternate is shown to be as scary as imagined, not necessarly evil, but powerful and perhaps blindsided enough to do something terrible to Peter and/or the universe A world. The contraption is ominous. the diagram with a person (peter) in them middle is crazy-scary. Counting the days to next week!
  • Clash of the Titans.

    It's, literally, the end of the world as we know it when Fringe Division jumps to the other side of the Universe to bring back the heart of the team, that is Peter Bishop, before he causes the kind of destruction both Universes have been trying to prevent.

    We met the alt Fringe Division, filled with Cortexiphan children, more in control with the own abilities than the children from this side, alternate Broyles is still their leader trying to protect a world utterly damaged by Walter's actions.

    Batman vs Superman, one Dakota, Obama and Palin as key members of The West Wing 2 are only some of the diffrences between the other Universe and ours, the most important one? Charlie is still alive over there! The most pivotal moment? Peter finally reunites with his mother.

    And on to the next part!
  • The next great show in the making

    One of my fav episodes ever, but I guess I have to wait until part two to really give the overall grade, this one is a solid 9

    I loved the tought of "the Fringetastic Four" for a moment there ..... It kinda makes you think in a spin-off series LOL.

    this episode also show a lot of crossed emotions, what will Peter do now?, what's thata machine for? or at least what will it do. I'm just getting and getting more absorv by this show.

    Anyway, Great show JJ loved since the first time I saw it

    Jerrallel ... One of my fav episodes ever, but I guess I have to wait until part two to really give the overall grade, this one is a solid 9

    I loved the tought of "the Fringetastic Four" for a moment there ..... It kinda makes you think in a spin-off series LOL.

    this episode also show a lot of crossed emotions, what will Peter do now?, what's thata machine for? or at least what will it do. I'm just getting and getting more absorv by this show.

    Anyway, Great show JJ loved since the first time I saw it
  • An interesting plot development and shift on our perception of the "other side".

    What an interesting episode! I really enjoyed that we got to see the perspectives of the Alt-Fringe world. The idea that they are just defending what they perceive to be an attack from our side was interesting. It really did start with our Walter breaking the barrier between worlds and ultimately damaging theirs. So they are just protecting themselves against us. What I loved: Peter reuniting with his real mother. As we saw in the flashback episode, Peter was closer to his mother on the other side (whereas it appears he was closer with his Dad on our side). Seeing them interact and share an understanding of one another was some of the best scenes in this episode in terms of emotional weight. I also liked that we got to see and learn more about the differences between worlds. Just seeing the Zepplin's floating around the city, and learning little tidbits of information always adds to the mythos of the series and are quite enjoyable.

    The building mythology is definitely enjoyable to see. We're getting more and more into the heavier Sci-fi elements of the show with the impending "end of the world(s)" arc. That machine that Walternate has built definitely is the key to that. I don't see Walternate as evil, but as a man who will do what it takes to eliminate a threat that once took his son away from him. My theory is that Walternate needs Peter to fuel the machine as he probably has acquired a unique signature of "our" side and as such will be able to power the machine to destroy our universe through that signature/resonance. It makes sense as a couple episodes back when that police officer exploded into thin air because of the signals being sent. If they use that signal from Peter, they could obliterate our entire universe perhaps? It'll be interesting to see more of that develop if I'm right. See alt-versions of the characters we've come to know and grow attached to was also very interesting. William Bell. I just enjoy seeing Leonard Nimoy on screen for one. And having him show up towards the end of the episode just felt right and kept me interested in seeing what he will do to help or hinder our Fringe team.

    And finally, I liked the fact that I am left wondering what will happen. Things are unfolding in ways I never really thought of. I didn't think Peter would so willingly go to the other side and that it may actually be hard to convince him to return with the Fringe gang. I'm eager to see the relationship between Walternate and Peter.

    What I didn't enjoy: Well, there wasn't a lot that I didn't like, but I did have some mild issues. I didn't really enjoy the focus on the other Cortexiphan characters. I feel like they were using them to display some emotional weight to the story and I prefer when that is done with our core characters. Also, some of the story felt a little too cheap for me. Its hard to quantify, but we've had a few strong episodes that focused heavily on our characters emotional states and the tension that built was great. It felt real. Having Walter declare that these kids were going to save the world, just made it seem almost comic-book-esque. I didn't feel like I was grounded in Fringe's reality (which requires suspension of belief regardless, but is usually handled so well that it's believable) but instead watching something that was just a tad too over the top. Overall, a great episode that promises to even be better in the hindsight of the second part. Can't wait for next week!
  • Will Fringe ever be the same again? Probably not but that's no bad thing, the mythology gets a whole lot more interesting this week with some more unexpected twists.

    For a fairly normal episode last week's ended on one of the biggest twists in Fringe history, Walternate shows up to take Peter back where he belongs. This week we see exactly what's been going on on the other side.

    The episode opens in the parallel universe, following the Fringe team as they investigate an event which later turns out to be Olivia and Walter crossing over to the other side. Initially it feels like another show, character's personalities are completely different and the technology is more advanced but when we see Olivia and Walter staring down at the alternate Fringe team, it's clear that it's going to be a special episode and one hell of a series finale.

    A title card tells us it's 36 hours earlier and we're now back in our world. Walter discovers that Walternate has taken Peter back, and Olivia is left a clue by an Observer what he wants him for. Showing it to Walter we are told that Peter returning to the other side will lead to events that will eventually destroy both worlds, meaning they will have to cross over to save him. This is achieved by using surviving members of the Cortexiphan trials and their abilities (part of the show which feels particularly superhero/comic book like) to help them cross over.

    The doomsday premise and the superhero powers feels at first too far fetched and not grounded enough in reality, but the story is told in such a way with some great clues and hints over the last few seasons that it soon feels right. The whole episode is a roller coaster, not only is the story exciting but having Walter and Olivia actually travel to the other side (another thing which I did not expect to see, but am so glad they have) for what seems will be a pro-longed period of time creates many interesting possibilities. It's highly enjoyable seeing the way things might have been, the Twin Towers are still standing, people still use Zeppelins to get around, and its extremely well executed, making the other side feel real. This has been achieved not only through the great special effects but the attention to detail and the great acting.

    It also poses the question of who is really the bad guy, as Walternate clearly sees Walter as the bad guy and the threat, and John Noble puts in another great turn as both Walter and Walternate. Along with all the excitement this episode also has some really emotional scene's such as Peter's reunion with his mother. My favourite moment, possibly of the whole series is when Walter says "Now if you're done deciding not to kill me, I think I'll go and have a little cry".

    Just as the doomsday machine is revealed and you think the episode can't get any better it doesn't as it ends. A great episode but the wait for part 2 will be painful, the two parts of 'Over There' should have been shown together.
  • There's more than one of everything

    As the first part of a two-episode finale event, it's hard to judge the story on its own merits. There is a lot of setup taking place throughout the episode, all pointing towards an action-packed hour in the true finale. Also, the content and structure of this episode strongly suggests that it was written and paced as a two-hour piece, cut in half for scheduling purposes. At the same time, there are elements that can be discussed that pertain specifically to this episode.

    Starting the episode from the perspective of Alt-Fringe was a nice touch. At the onset, it established the personalities of the Fringe Division on that side, how much more advanced they are technologically (in an everyday sense), and how they have been hardened from the constant rifts and incursions into their reality. This was all mentioned before, or predictable based on the technology used on Fringe Prime, but this really drives the point home.

    It was such a good example of "show, don't tell" that the scene in Walternate's office was ridiculous in comparison. The exposition was just plain terrible, and it was simply to explain that Walternate has been hiding the truth about the nature of the degradation of Alt-Fringe from the public and most of the first-response operatives.

    This may seem like a minor point, but the writers spend a bit of time showing that Walternate is a dastardly villain with a secret agenda. We already know that agenda is the destruction of Fringe Prime, but this makes it clear that the people in his own world are being kept in the dark. This eliminates any pretense that Walternate may be acting out of a sincere desire to do what is best for his reality.

    That depiction of Walternate is supported by the apparent plan to use Peter, perhaps due to his time in Fringe Prime, to power a mechanism to achieve the destruction of "our" reality. The implication is that Peter would not survive the process. This all but eliminates the one potential saving grace of Walternate's actions: that he had been seeking to save his son before destroying Fringe Prime. It even appears that Walternate allowed his wife to believe that his decision to bring back Peter was out of love.

    Making Walternate and his knowledgeable allies' motivations inherently evil is not nearly as interesting as making them a matter of necessity. Imagine a scenario in which Walternate is portrayed more sympathetically, not unlike the characterization of Ginger Olivia. Ginger Olivia was clearly tough and dedicated, but her motives were justified. Fringe Division in her reality is just trying to save the world; I'm fairly sure the same cannot be said of Walternate, which is unfortunate.

    The writers could still have Walternate attempt to convince Peter that his sacrifice is a noble act, and not one taken lightly, but the undertones of Walternate's portrayal already suggests that Peter will be forced into the role if it comes down to it. In fact, it may be that Peter is told the device does something else entirely.

    My suspicion is that Peter is playing along to learn as much about Walternate's plans as possible, in the hopes of derailing them and saving Fringe Prime. After all, Peter is highly intelligent, and it's unlikely that he would miss the purpose (or potential purpose) of the device that Walternate has been building. And I'm still not remotely convinced that Peter actually harbors a desire to help destroy Fringe Prime, or even allow it to happen through inaction.

    This episode also sees the return of some previously featured fellow cortexiphan test subjects, revealing that they can use their abilities to "resonate" and cross over into Alt-Fringe, if their energies are properly focused. While it's definitely interesting to see them coming together and using their abilities, both for altruistic and personally satisfying purposes, this does seem like a missed and even mishandled opportunity.

    Some things are just better when they are vague and mysteriously threatening. The aftereffects of a pyrotechnic burst around a little girl, for example, are more chilling than someone generating a fireball. It's interesting to see how the abilities of these so-called "warriors" could be used to help as much as to harm, but it just felt like a bit of a waste when their abilities all backfired in Alt-Fringe, turning against them.

    All except Olivia, of course, who seemed to be fine. But that brings up another point. Olivia's abilities were supposed to be slowly but surely developed, since she was the most successful test subject of them all. William Bell was awfully proud of her. Yet the writers never really returned to the concept of the multi-staged testing and training scheme introduced in the first season. So exactly what are Olivia's abilities, beyond being a Wrong Universe Detector?

    One might also wonder if Ginger Olivia and her lover were part of some kind of cortexiphan experimentation in Alt-Fringe as well. Those tattoos were prominently displayed, which means they refer to something significant. As it feels like this finale is being used to introduce some major players in the Alt-Fringe reality, rather than simply bring them in for a single appearance, this is one mystery that could stand to be left untouched for a while.
  • Over There Part 1 will answer many questions about the entire series but then again, will pose even more questions.

    Well, the Second Season of Fringe will soon come to an end with the sequel to Over There Part 1. At least we have the Season 2 DVD set to look forward to. I don't want to revisit the same things that so many others have already reviewed in this excellent episode but here are some of my observations. First of all, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the subject of alternate realities and parallel universes. I recently read about a new particle that was created within a particle accelerator in which a particle of matter was created to supposed vibrate or oscillate in 10 dimensions. There is real science in Fringe and this episode is not an exception. Alternate dimensions beyond our 3rd-dimension of reality have been tentatively proven through mathematics. Back to Over There Part 1, we are introduced to Walternate as the Secretary of Defense at the new location for the Pentagon where in this universe if you remember, their 9/11 event involved the destruction of the Pentagon but the sparing of the Twin Towers in New York. I believe that Walternate with the help of Newton, the leader of the mechanical-hybrids was mislead to believe that the inhabitants of our universe were the invaders and not themselves. If you notice the language of the document that the Observer left for Agent Dunham, it was not written in any earthly tongue. I believe through the assistance of Newton's soldiers that the doomsday device that was part of William Bell's design, Walternate finished the project as a weapon to destroy our earth before we destroy them (at least this was his thinking). Isn't it interesting that there is no mention of William Bell's double in the parallel universe in which Newton and Walternate originate? Was Bell murdered by Newton to steal his blueprints for his doomsday device? My theory is, when Walternate discovered that his Peter was abducted by his alternate, our Walter, he was open to suggestion by Newton and the true alien invaders, the mechanical-hybrids who have a devious agenda of their on, that Walternate's universe was in jeopardy. Lastly, I believe that the Walter's of both universes love their respective versions of Peter but Walternate is willing to sacrifice is own son in last desperate attempt to remove the looming threat to his earth.
  • Part 1

    While tonight's episode of Fringe was nothing short of exhilarating, you have to believe that this show is starting to get a little bit too unrealistic. Would there really be a war over Peter going to the other side for a few years?

    But you can't go wrong with Leonard Nimoy returning as William Bell, Olivia yelling and some shiny weapons.

    My wish right now is that Fringe absolutely shocks us with the second half of the finale, but I have a feeling things will end exactly as we predict them to, with a reunion of "Peter" and Walter, and Team Fringe saving the world.