Season 2 Episode 22

Over There, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • Nick Lane, William Bell, Charlie Francis, Walternate, oh my !

    Great episode ! It was nice to see some loose threads tied ( the Cortexiphan subjects finally become the super-soldiers they were meant to be, Peter's relevance is revealed ... ). The episode brought back Charlie Francis, too, which fan is not to like that ? John Noble was perfect, as always, as a deteriorating and repentful Walter, and just plain chilling as Walternate. Peter's scene with his mom was full of emotion, and the fact that it wasn't all-out tears, but just the simple joy of reunion was well-crafted. More, there were some priceless tidbits : Broyles' totally out-of-character laugh under the influence of Nick Lane's power, a poster for season 11 of the West Wing ( man, the other side has some taste ! ), the unexpected look of envy from Olivia to alternate-Olivia's love life, and of course, badass alternate-Astrid. One of the better paced, most exciting episodes of the show. Can't wait for part 2 ! One word : EPIC.