Season 2 Episode 22

Over There, Part 1

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on FOX

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  • Over There, Part 1

    Expectations for the final chapter were huge. The promotional trailers left all the fans held up, stunned and anxious. Finally we went over to the other side, we would finally see the other, finally, finally! It would be now. Was it?

    Without any shadow of doubt! My first thought, realizing that the end would be divided into two separate episodes for a week, was that the first part would be the preparation and the second action. That we'd get 40 minutes of trying, schemes to move to the other side, and that only in the second part is to get there. But no, and as I love being wrong! The episode starts, outspoken, in the parallel universe - one of the best starts of the whole series - where we see the other Fringe division. The other Olivia (Anna Torv), the other Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) (still alive) and the other Broyles (Lance Reddick). The field team also has a third element, new to viewers, Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel). This group in addition to being much better equipped in terms of technology, has a lot (but a lot) more style. More futuristic, cleaner, more attractive. It is then a response to an anomaly that rip off with them towards a theater. A corpse on the floor, something strange in the air, and realize that our heroes have just come into enemy territory.

    The narrative goes back in order to explain the events that followed to this passage. Olivia receives a sheet where an observer is shown a mechanism. A device that supposedly, with the presence of Peter (Joshua Jackson) will destroy this universe. The FBI invades the Massive Dynamics, on the charge that it is manufacturing weapons for the other side. Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) denies this accusation and try to help. But not. It's then that Walter (John Noble) invents (more) a way to cross the bridge between two worlds: use several of their former subjects clinical trials. Then appear two old faces, Nick (David Call) and James (Omar Metwally), and a new face, Sally (Pascale Hutton). Along with Olivia they form a kind of Fantastic Four beings with special powers and with the distinct mission to save us all. And now the pieces begin to fit all cases lone start drawing a general plan and this feeling of fluidity knows very well. We are then toasted in a scene where Walter apologizes to former child who tormented - John Noble is in fact a top player - and without further ado, we packed and headed to the other side. In a frantic pace and addictive.

    When you get there - and to my regret because even laughed with the dynamics of the four super powers - just Olivia and Walter survive. James is immediately consumed by their cancer, and the loving couple dies trapped by another FBI. He shot it on fire to avenge her boyfriend. It should be noted that Lincoln recognizes Nick, Nick or the other, which may be linked to your team. Only two on the run: a dropped shot at the hospital door and Olivia to his own door, noting that she has there personal life. And a tattoo that will serve to distinguish them in the near future, when we try to change the turns. It appears then William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), which offers help and support.

    And Peter? Well Peter is at home. Reunited with his mother and looks peaceful plans that the father - Secretary of Defense get this straight - designed for you. He embraced the real parents. It now remains whether this choice is indeed final. But we'll have to wait a few more (endless) days.

    The first part already. We were finally on the other side, where everything is different - amazing images from the New York alternative - and where everything is decided. "Fringe" is left to rodeo and finally gives us everything we hoped for. Missing one hour for this final - citing ZB - be something epic!

    Best: Everything.

    The Worst: nothing
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