Season 1 Episode 5

Power Hungry

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on FOX

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  • Best episode yet, but a continuation of the story of the last episode would've been nice

    It looks good, it sounds good, and the plot is quite enjoyable as well. The guest actors were better than the ones in the former episodes, although they did somewhat exaggerate they roles (they or the writers, I can't quite tell) at times. I'm simply a bit disappointed that they didn't really approach the issue of the last episode.
  • Power Hungry

    After one step forward, two steps back? No, I would not say much. It is true that the fifth episode, "Fringe" back into that routine pre-"The Arrival", there is one time or another to make us laugh in the form of mockery, but the episode turns out to have some gems and interesting.

    And one of them, one of the funniest scenes I've seen this series so far, was the one that goes on at some point of the episode, the fourth of Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Walter (John Noble). Olivia (Anna Torv) goes to meet him after having made progress in the case and, while chatting with Peter, Walter is doing a strange dance. We do not realize the reason for such behavior, but as the character is not entirely sane, estranhamos but we never put in doubt the reason for his attitude. Until out of nowhere, Walter plays Peter in the face of giving you a shock! And thus we learn that he, as he was shod with wool socks, decided to rub them on the carpet so that your body could produce a small electrical discharge and thus could illustrate what was being discussed in relation to case.

    The others are related to the return of John Scott (Mark Valley). Spirit? Manifestation of the vestiges of his consciousness in the brain of Olivia? Or some kind of manipulation used by Massive Dynamic? For now, we know that it only shows up in the mind of Olivia and that for some reason, decided to help much in case she investigates the episode as revealing to him that he had a great knowledge of the cases that are characterized as being members of "The Pattern", the pattern of strange events that have occurred in recent times.

    As for the case itself, as has become usual in the series, the opening sequence is always very interesting and mysterious enough to keep us locked up for the next few minutes, but, as the case is being investigated and will be addressing small pieces of the puzzle, the interest will fading. Although in this episode, the initial intensity was able to extend much more than some of his predecessors.

    Oh, and I almost forgot ... Who saw the bald (The Observer) out of the elevator?
  • Ok episode, nothing great.

    I didn't like the electricity guy. He seemed like a creepy stalker! I mean seriously how are you meant to like him after he has creepy pics of this girl he likes on his phone (who doesn't know who he is), then he accidentally kills her. Plus I thought it was really predictable when he killed his mum.
    All the stuff about Olivia's ex was ...odd. The guy was kind of evil and didn't he try to kill her? It'll be interesting to see where they'll go with this.
    I'm loving the characters and the show but this was an average ep.
  • Well this episode get a big fat MEH, from me.

    Well this episode get a big fat MEH, from me. I still like this show a lot over all, but this episode was pretty lackluster. The premise for the episode was promising enough, but I thought it got a little silly when they brought the pigeons on. The end was very good though, after the case had been resolved. I think that redeemed the episode from going from lackluster to dull. The over arcing character story lines need to get more in depth, in my opinion, if they want solidify their fan base. The writing of any single episode, this one included, has never disappointed me. It is very sharp and clever. A lot of research must go into each episode, at least I hope so.

    I really don't have much to add other than emphasizing what I said earlier about getting more in depth with the characters and/or over arcing story lines dealing with John Scott or Massive Dynamics, which was sadly absent this episode.
  • A man has the power to control electronic devices.

    It's rare that I'll start off with the negative for an episode, but this week things took way too long to get into the story. We didn't need to see the man for 7 minutes to know who he was before something happened. To maintain possession of House viewers Fringe needs to quickly hook them in with a 1-2 minute supernatural occurence, like they have done for the past few weeks.

    The back and forths between Walter and Peter Bishop are usually the high point of the episode but it felt forced tonight and not as natural. I did like Walter being obsessed with his wool socks though. If John Noble doesn't receive an Emmy nomination there is something severely wrong with the system.

    The premise here was good, but at points it came off as pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things. They advanced the storyline between Olivia and John and I am interested in where that's headed, but this just wasn't up to standards set by previous Fringe episodes. Still a good, entertaining hour though.
  • "Visiting hours. Everyone put on their best straitjacket" - PETER

    The team discovers a man with the uncontrolled ability to affect electrical energy, made the way he is by a scientist performing illegal experiments on humans. With the help of carrier pigeons modified to track the man's electromagnetic signature, the team manages to track him down and arrest the scientist. Meanwhile, Olivia begins seeing visions of John, which she learns are caused by memories transferred to her during their experience in the first episode. Through these memories, she discovers one of John's secret hideouts, where a large number of investigation files relating to the Pattern are found. This episode gave a lot of the characters screen time which means CHRACTER DEVELOPMENT yay but still the episode was slow and nothing much happened. I enjoyed it but after the last couple of episodes this is a bit of a let down. I gvie it a 8.5 out of 10 there was some funny moments in this one.
  • On the whole, a solid effort and further evidence that Fringe is only just getting started.

    Fringe gave us its fifth instalment this week after a short absence and it was something of a beaut. The episode's core concept - that a human being could potentially wittingly or unwittingly control electricity - was explored fantastically, offering up a number of hugely memorable water cooler moments: the guy's arm in the mechanical device, the car alarms and lights going off, and particularly the entire pre-credits sequence in the elevator which was superbly shot for maximum effect. The decision to cut from the chaos to a still shot of the ground, from which we view the ultimate collision, was inspired, magnifying the horror of the incident to an even greater degree than we perhaps would've experienced had we simply been treated to an aerial shot or even remained in the elevator. The subsequent exploration of this theme was also very well handled: kudos to the writers for allowing the viewer to care about the outcome of the investigation by beautifully characterising the role of Joseph, and leading the narrative oft-times from his perspective. Granted, we had our usual absurd blast of barely-even-psuedo-science from Walter (electromagnetic signatures to cassette tapes to homing pigeons is um... yeah), but I'm starting to forgive the show for it to be honest, especially following the superb 'The Observer' which effectively began to shift the show's self-imposed rules (did you all spot him getting out of the elevator before Joseph got in? Did you?) Plus, Olivia's characterisation was delicately handled, paying dividends as a result: I actually began to care about her previous relationship with John, and the entire 'part of his consciousness is in yours' angle certainly holds promise for future wackiness. On the whole, a solid effort and further evidence that Fringe is only just getting started.
  • The team search for a man who generates extremely powerful electrical fields when a string of mishaps including an elevator plunging 26 stories occur. Olivia thinks she is having hallucinations as she keeps seeing John Scott.

    This was a very uneven episode compared with the first four. One of the things I notice that they do with this show is a common technique when you are going for a certain ambiance and it is shooting in lower light. It causes the viewers to really strain to see what is occurring. This in combination with the person alone in an area that gives the viewer a feeling of impending doom. Both techniques were used in this episode multiple times. Olivia spends a little too much time by herself it seems. I don't know if she is hallucinating John or based on what we saw in an earlier episode actually seeing him. It's impossible to say at this point. I like Walters hypothesis about it though. She is seeing things related to what John knew because of their moment at the end of the first episode when their minds connected.

    The main storyline was sort of weird as the character was not aware of his capability or problem. He kept causing problems for people when he got into difficult situations. It was all very odd how and when his capability kicked in and the different ways it seemed to manifest itself. For example he electrocuted the people in the elevator. Where with his boss he just caused his arm to get trapped in the machine. With his mother her pacemaker failed. All similar electrical malfunctions or abnormalities but why the different reactions based on the different scenarios.

    On the positive side they caught the man who was working the project and saved the man and everyone else who was possibly affected. On the whole this episode was OK at best. I like the show but they need to avoid too many episodes like this. If the first few episodes in relation had not been as good as they had this episode might have been a 7 or so. Based on the fact I am interested in the characters and find the whole setup fascinating I give it an 8. Thanks for reading...
  • Olivia is seeing her supposedly dead fiance and a guy with kinetic powers is causing a rift

    A guy with destructive kinetic powers causes mayhem in this episode, his powers kicked into life and a lift dropped 26 stories to its doom when he got agitated. Walter gets to work on it as usual and discovers that a guy has electro-magnetic energy. Olivia has been having sleepless nights recently after seeing John popping up, he does it again. The pair actually speak saying that she's on the right track regarding the current Investigation.

    As for the Electro guy who had been experimented on and now had mad electricity coursing through his body, he had accidentally killed his boss at work and his mum at home. He was also captured by the evil doctor, but thankfully Walter had an idea - to use pigeons to track him. And of course they found him. Just in the nick of time.
  • It's growing on me, little by little.

    I thought the pattern case of the powersurge man was actuallly quite interesting. His ability to simply electrify all that he encounters was actually one of the more believable "patterns". Obviously these patterns are man made, not created by some higher power which I think is going to be interesting to follow. The "appearance" of John to Olivia was perfectly explained by Walter. But it's an interesting concept knowing the patterns that Olivia is investigating as well as the possibilities of what's to come. I like watching Peter and Walter evolve. It is a wonderful dynamic that you can see change and grow. But you also see the believability of what they are doing grow and change.
  • Another mildly interesting story, but that's about it. I'm saying good-bye to Fringe.

    I guess the intention was good with this one, but once again they didn't make it to the most. The thing is: the writers are totally failing in making Fringe compelling to watch. As a viewer i try and try and try, but i just can't happen to love it. But to the episode:Olivia had some good character improvement on this one; Mark Valley back on screen so soon was a good call; we are given a slight hint that Charlie Francis might be the actual betrayer, since it's now clear that John Scott was actually playing the Fox Mulder role. We also get a free lesson from Dr. Bishop about how to generate static electricity from frictioning your wool socks on the carpet while you pretend to dance. We get another glimpse at the Observer too. The episode prologue was a great start point, indeed reminiscing The X-Files golden age. But it all goes down the drain, again, when it all turns up to be, again and not that it's really news to us, due some kind of preposterous Dr.Frakenstein experiment involving humans(i'm sick and tired of that, they could use simple technology just for once), which, once more again, has totally non-sense made up "science" as an explanation. And you if you have read my previous reviews you must know that "made-up science" is very different from "science-fiction". One MAJOR plot hole: the so-called electric man and the electric pidgeons would have the GPS signals totally jammed, given the magnitude and range of it's powers. So that's about all i can expect from Fringe so far i'm afraid. Despite the fact that it got a full season, i don't have the feeling that it's getting any better anytime soon, i just can't feel compelled to watch it, so i hereby say good-bye to the series.
  • Bad monster, good character

    Between the election season and Major League Baseball playoffs, it's a surprise that FOX bothered to keep "Fringe" on the air at all. Tossing even a two-week hiatus at a new show this early in a post-strike season is a calculated risk at best. Thankfully, the series was already given a full first season, so the impact should be minimized.

    This was probably the most conventional episode of the series to date, which should serve to show the divisions within the emerging fandom. Those looking for a relatively simple "monster of the week" series should be happy. Those more intrigued with the overall mythology will have to live with Agent Dunham's subplot and the vague connections to Dr. Bishop's past work.

    As someone who generally enjoys serialized storytelling over episodic fare, I found myself less than impressed with this episode. But I think that also has something to do with the nature of the "monster". I just didn't find Electricity Boy to be that interesting. I think the electrified homing pigeons caught my attention more.

    The underlying scheme behind Electricity Boy's creation was a bit more revealing. Was this some random modern expression of something Bishop once heard of, or was this connected to those thought to be behind The Pattern? Putting out a bogus ad in the paper to draw in the disaffected sounds very plausible, and one wonders how often that tactic is used in the real world.

    Far more interesting than all of that was the discovery that Agent John Scott was studying The Pattern on his own. If he wasn't working for Broyles, then who was he working for? All the evidence points to Massive Dynamic, but that's still just a circumstantial assumption. There's no telling how many organizations are out there trying to exploit or understand The Pattern.

    Having Agent Scott existing in some kind of avatar form in Agent Dunham's mind is a twist, reminding me of something very similar from the science fiction classic "Farscape". Dunham was having a hard enough time dealing with the loss of her lover and the change in her circumstance without trying to control an embedded personality in her brain. It's one clever way to keep a cast member around, though!
  • Some great character development to help us warm up to the main character.

    I liked this episode very much. While the main case was probably the weakest one thus far, the most character development happened in this episode.

    Admittedly, I never found Olivia to live up to the "main character" status, but I'm finally warming up to her - and I really enjoyed the relationship development between her and John. It felt very fitting for the show's premise and, I gotta say - it was somewhat touching. Loved the ending scene.

    As I said the main case wasn't as mind bogging as for example the one in "The Ghost Network" But it was still rather cool, and I enjoyed the guest star. Also, it was well done, I thought.

    Overal, another win for Fringe.
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