Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2011 on FOX
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Walter asks Nina if she can understand the connection between Peter and the doomsday device, while the team visits the assembly of the doomsday device at Massive Dynamic. Meanwhile, a dead body's discovery causes a huge investigation.

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  • Haha... Walter the Chimp!!

    The scene where starts showing signs of being a chimp really was hilarious.

    His yawn like that of a chimp and his banana craving was probably the most hilarious i`v seen on fringe...

    well done walter!!

    And also Astrid for holding her laugh... :P

    and yea nice episode too :)
  • Reciprocity

    There are some titles that are expensive. Simply reading to know that the episode will be about this or that, of one color or another. However, in the wild world of television series, lives another species name: the one who leaves for the game completely unintelligible and only reveals itself at the right time. "Reciprocity" is one of them.

    For many twists that give the head, just come to the concept of reciprocity when the mystery is revealed. When we open mouth say, but then?! Well, it looks the same as the machine reacts to Peter (Joshua Jackson), it responds to it. And not the best. The protagonist had come into contact with a small piece but this time gave the guys with the full set. Still to start, but reactive and turbulent before his presence. He bleeds from the nose and the blood seems indeed to be the only blemish. But no.

    Something changed in Peter and he begins a hunt shapeshifters using the false notes of Olivia (Anna Torv). Kill them one by one, and takes them to your hard drive in the hope that there is an answer to this bizarre relationship of mutualism. Without success. And if this criticism is the mystery revealed soon, the episode is maintained, with great mastery, in secret. Until the right time, until such time as huge questions arise in our minds, confused, confused.

    But not only is this line of "who killed" this number 11 wins. After the revelation is absolutely fantastic scene between father and son. The face puzzled Walter (John Noble) before him that Peter is not his, before a new monster that stands before him. Disoriented but always with the notion that has to help, you have to hide to save power. Noble starts another interpretation of luxury and Jackson can chill with a cold out of the ordinary. Memorable. In the field of love, was equally incredible parallelism formed between the virtues of the protagonist - expressed in the eyes of his beloved - and his new cruelty - expressed in his amazing actions.

    I would not call all this a gamechanger, but, a lot will change going forward. How is that I still do not know. Finally we had some more right to the First People in the form of revelation that William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) walked, long ago, looking for all existing copies of the infamous book. Developments are expected in the next chapters.

    Another great episode in a season without spines. Everything is in place, since the narrative up to interpretation. It is difficult to find a lot smoother and healthier than this.

    The Best: The scene between Walter and Peter.

    The worst: I thought it would reveal something more appealing about the First People.moreless
  • Peter says "I AM ROGUE!!!!"

    LOL peter went rogue killing and hunting down shapeshifters, that was awesome. Everyone seems worried about Peter, Walter believes the sudden change is because he was in an relationship with bolivia that she has weaponize her. I think it has something to do with that machine he looked at towards the end, could be anyone guess best thing this keep me guessing which is great. Can't wait for next episode this one was awesome. I'M ROGUE!!!moreless

    This us the best episode of Fringe so far. Perhaps I should explain my reasoning.

    At Massive Dynamic, Walter has a serious concern for Peter. HE SHOULD. Walternate's blueprints matched up with Peter. That triggered Thomas Newton to reunite Peter with his father so he could destroy this side in "Northwest Passage". In "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?", he is finally dead. He was the worst shape shifter of all. This episode focuses on shape shifting, too, like "A New Day in the Old Town", "Night of Desirable Objects", "Momentum Deferred", "Earthling", "Grey Matters", "The Man from the Other Side", "Northwest Passage" "Olivia", "The Box", "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?", "6955 kHz", & "Entrada". In this episode, a shape shifter is found dead in a lake. Looks like it's a shape shifter killer. But who is it? Watch Fringe to find out.

    So, you see, this is so good this episode. There could be another episode that beats it, but this is the best. So, I guess it's the right time to say "the end".moreless
  • another thing that makes this an ubber addictive show

    again Walter is a cracking riot inducing laugh, what an actor!!! also in other things, i love how the relationship between olivia and peter is being develop, and that "other" side of peter, plus the subsequent cover-up by walter is going to be something to watch. another question arises, what is making this WMD turn on and off, what is inside of peter that is making this machine to activate. also, would have been the DR covering up something. something that could be in the hands of nina?? questions and more questions and this show is getting better!!!! all i can say is that fringe is getting so addictive!!!moreless
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Charles Parnell

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    • Walter: Peter, do you have any idea how much radiation you're about to be exposed to?
      Peter: Well, I do now, Walter.

    • Olivia: Hey.
      Peter: Hey.
      Olivia: You're okay.
      Peter: Oh yeah. yeah, I'm great. In fact, I think I might use my new-found superpowers to make this machine levitate.
      Olivia: Now that would be impressive.

    • Olivia: Peter. About the other Olivia's files. I know that you slept with her, and I know that you're trying to protect me. But reading about it isn't going to make it worse.
      Peter: Olivia...
      Olivia: Peter, I'm not doing any good here. But if I could help Astrid with the files...
      Peter: Olivia. I've conned people. And I know what I would've written about them. She must have thought that I was a fool. And I don't want you to see me like that.

    • (dissecting a corpse)
      Walter: My bone saw, dear. The aspirator. Oh, and I need a ripe banana.
      Astrid: Please tell me the banana's for you.

    • Tech: Have you ever killed a shapeshifter?
      Brandon: No. I have been going to the gym, though. I'm kind of stunned you think I have that kind of strength.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Leo Sayer)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: January 28, 2011 on Citytv
      Australia: February 16, 2011 on GO!
      Latin America: February 22, 2011 on Warner Channel
      UK: March 30, 2011 on Sky1
      Germany: April 4, 2011 on ProSieben
      Sweden: July 1, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Finland: November 16, 2011 on MTV3
      Poland: April 3, 2012 on TVN
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2013 on FANDA