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  • Absolutely amazing new show. Every episode keeps me wanting more. After I finish one episode, I want the next and I can certainly go back and watch ever one again.

    The back story is well thought out and plays well into each episode. I can't wait for the revealing moment where everything ties in together. My only hope is that the writing team can continue to amaze me with each coming episode. I want everything to tie together but at the same time I don't because I fear that if it does, that'll be the end. So many angles and stories keep it interesting and I enjoy how each episode give you just a piece of each back story so as to not reveal to much.

    I kind of wish that I would have discovered this mesmerizing series in its 4th season so that I could sit down and watch every episode one by one for days on end. I can't wait for the season to come to DVD, I'll be the first in line.

    Fringe is brilliantly directed and the writers are ahead of their time. It's a refreshing change from the crap reality tv out there. I hope the network lets this one run full speed and stretch its legs. I can't even imagine want the staff has in mind for my brain to wonder.

    Keep it going boys and girls. I look forward to each show and have a tough time waiting even 1 week for my next fill. Even though I know it will happen, I don't want the spring hiatus to come. Oh well. Here's to the last episode of season 1 and many, many seasons to come.
  • You have to be a retard or a teenaged girl to think american idol, osbournes, dollhouse is more watchable. Nothing like x-files except for its gory realistic scientific fragalistic interesting shocking and unexpecting

    this has nothing much to do with x files because this has more to do with dimensionals and not aliens. Dimensions have to do with space time and the universe. Aliens are more like inteligent life forms and crap thats really 90's trying to get the best biological weapons to kill the **** out of people is awesome.There is so much more to fringe than simpletons can see. If you try to remember high school science you can understand realistic time travel and realistic scifi. So realistic it might happen! there are also a bunch of little funny clue you can find out to the plot in every episode. AWESOME!!! but i can understand if people think its a little confusing.....
  • I was weary at first of a new X-files type show. But this is an amazing network show. Good character chemistry and plot are as realistic as sci-fi can get. Awesome, awesome show.

    I was weary at first of a new X-files type show. But this is an amazing network show. Good character chemistry and plot are as realistic as sci-fi can get. Awesome, awesome show. Although I am not a huge fan of "toughguy Women" Olivia dunham is believeable. Not to mention easy on the eyes. Each episode I like her more and more. Jeremy Jackson is surprisingly likeable as well. He is no pacey in this show. He is smart, like his father but not crazy. Him and dunham have a good, but not too sappy sexual tension that is evident but not explored every episode. Last but not Least Dr. Walter Bishop. Refreshingly honest with a hint of insanity. He makes a great genius as well as a comic relief. The father son relastionship between him and Peter is great too. To sum up Fringe is a great supplement to the X-files yet. I hope it stays on the air for a good long while. Watch this show. Peace.
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    For the first episode, It was more than fine. I'm into all that fringe science so I found it interesting.

    Actors didn't overperformed, lines were good and felt natural except for the small soliloque/ reflexion of the male agent on their expendability as agents by the end of the episode; a point of view that makes the leading female agent make up her mind on investigating more about fring science.

    J.J's hand can be seen and heard through the entire episode: Blue and gray colours, blue flashes of light [à la Alias intro], mysticism [though this is the point of the entire series: Lost, Alias], an agency director that hides more than what he tells [Sloan], a mysterious airplane incident [Lost], double, and perhaps, triple agents [Alias] and that crescendo disarmonic chello sound to create tension before a break or the end of the episode [almost everything from J.J has it]

    I'll just have to see how it develops itself.
  • Given the plethora of flotsam on television, this show deserves a little more support.

    Of the other reviews I spied, it seems most place this show at one end of the spectrum or the other. I can't say I completely agree with that. If we are to compare this show to the X-files, it is not a trendsetter. However, if could be argued that the acting and plot is sometimes more fun and interesting.

    While J.J. Abrams has crafted award-winning shows such as Lost, I could never understand the attraction of a bunch of primadonnas running around on an island. For me, Lost always seemed a staged version of Survivor; why?

    I do not state this to bag on Lost, only to provide a backdrop upon which to compare Fringe. Few shows are so good that they blow all others away. These days, the arguably better shows rarely stay on television for any length of time (save a few, such as Madmen). I for one hope this can labor on a bit longer.
  • I love it!

    The show is original and engaging. The Bishop men get you from the start and keep you coming back for more. Dr. Walter Bishop is hilarious. He is part mad scientist / part 7 year old child. Peter Bishop is full of sarcasm and wit, and although he resents his father, he also shows time and again that he loves him. Olivia Dunham is an eerie, strong willed woman reeling over the loss of her love, who may or may not be a traitor. She makes you instantly care about her well being and you just want to be there for her to tell her everything will be alright. The plot lines are different than anything else on television right now. They make you think about what could happen in the near future (and even about what is currently happening). We rely so much on technology, but who is there to tell us to stop. What experiments are going on that we have no idea about?
  • ...

    This show is brilliant. And as long as JJ doesn't mess up the storyline by making it impossible to follow, I think it deserves more props than it's been getting. The acting is superb, the characters unforgettable, the plot intriguing, just enough fantasy to make it creative and just enough reality to make it interesting. The direction is great, the lab looks marvelous, the photography is cutting edge. JJ at his prime. I just hope the plot continues to be this good. I just don't understand why this show isn't a hit yet. And I hope the rumours that it will be cancelled aren't true.
  • No problem! In steps Fringe...

    I absolutely love this show, it is like X-Files meets Sherlock Holmes. The story lines remind me a lot of the earlier years of the X-Files series, fresh and always twisted enough to keep me wondering what just happened. Admittedly though some of them can tend to get a bit cheesy and lost in translation but each episode tends to offer up something from the previous or a future install. I get the Sherlock Holmes from how each case is solved, the detail that goes into every piece of evidence and every witness. Even though there are some things that can possibly send you in one direction, it's just as fun figuring out you guessed wrong and trying to see how they'll piece it together. A fairly good cast for a fairly freshman show...I think with a little more tuning and an explosive return in the new year, all should be right in the world...

    Long live Fringe
  • An FBI agent loses her closest friend, the world begins to unravel and she is thrown into one of the more intriguing and beguiling conspiracies the world has ever known. With the help of a mad scientist and his son she out to save mankind.

    Olivia Dunham is a regular run of the mill FBI agent until tragedy strikes very close to her heart. She then takes on a new mission to discover what exactly "the Pattern" is and how it is tied to her dead lover. With the help of the scientist who originally worked on the fringe science program in the basement of Harvard and his son who is clearly on the run from some very bad people, they set out to try to solve the mysteries and unravel the damage being doen to the worl by experimental science. The show delves into many current science controversies, some highly fictional, some much closer to reality, but all making for some great television. The show has great twists and a well devised underlying plot, while each episode could be watched individually like a simple procedural. Brilliant work, good writing and a great new addition to Fox.
  • Fringe picks up where x-files left off!

    I was depressed When The X-Files went off the air, but I was understanding of the reasons. David Duchovney said it himself in an interview once that they had gone as far as they could with the show and it was time to move on, and the show was allowed to die of natural causes with some dignity. It would have been obscene to continue past that point and allow the X-files, a polished, well written, well acted piece of television to become an embarrassment. After a haitus of sorts,the void left in the wake of The X-files has been filled by "Fringe". Quality in science fiction entertainment is a rare and special thing, and important too in an age when science fiction becomes science fact so fast it makes your head spin. I'm going to keep my eye on this one. Fringe was worth the wait!
  • needs some work....

    when i first watched fringe i thought mmm nice i like it this could be something to watch as i like shows with abnormal things. then it started to go down hill after the first couple of episodes in my mind some things didnt make sense. then a few more episodes down the line walter is starting to get on my nerves it started out i found him funny but now its not going on about ice cream floats and the rest i really wish they would help him. things could be better here and i think they need to shape it in to something good before the new year as there is another show starting soon called warehouse 13.
  • Satellite Imaging picked up a rare formation of sheep on a range along the Iowa border three months ago. The coordination and the quantity of the sheep creating the pattern leaves very little explanation.

    "Case 91: Satellite Imaging picked up a rare formation of sheep on a range along the Iowa border three months ago. After questioning the owner of the property we come to the conclusion that this is no hoaks. The coordination and the quantity of the sheep creating the pattern leaves very little explanation. Reports indicate ten more sheep patterns were spotted throughout the area."

    This is what you hear, when you visit , which is an official tie-in site to Fringe, along with

    Fringe is the best new fall show for me. Episode after episode J.J. Abrams is weaving "The Pattern", which is a series of scientific experiments at the edge of imaginery and most of the time also intruding human ethics. The main characters of the show are FBI agent Olivia Dunham, a former government scientist Dr. Walter Bishop and his high IQ'ed son Peter Bishop.

    The series is a high adrenaline show, always having a thrilling and shocking starting part, followed by smoothly cooling opening jingle, which I like very much. In the following fortyeight minutes Olivia solves with the help of Walter and Peter the mystery of that episode. The episode will always have a surprising twist at the end, which will connect to next week's episode and leaves the audience waiting impatiently.

    Fringe might not be everybody's taste, but if you like to imagine the impossible, then you should not miss it.
  • The hier apparent to "The X-Files".

    Sci-fi weekly series are iffy risks at best for all involved. When they click they sometimes become ageless, think Star Trek. Sometimes they're good yet never find their footing, think DayBreak which had alot of potential, yet didn't catch on.

    If you were going to "glom" from certain recent successes you'd have to go to "The X-Files" and "Lost"...And, that's just what seems to be the touchstones for this show's jumping off point. Now these shows have elements that if done well should be a prescription for some success.

    Here we have a special unit that investigates extraordinary events that are much like the "paranormal" case X-Files worked. Add the slickness of the writing and production of "Lost" and you have an idea of the chemistry here. Like "The X-Files" each episode can stand on it's own as each weeks' case is resolved. Yet like "Lost" you slowly see there is a bigger "tie-in" that is slowly revealed in quite the enigmatic fashion of "Lost". This adds a bit of complexity that rivets the viewer to "stayed-tuned"!

    Perhaps far fetched, yet compelling. That is what I get out of "Fringe" with five episodes under my belt. I recommend this for the sci-fi fan who may just decide, like me, that "Fringe" may well be the new "X-Files" without being either a copy-cat or a me-too redux. Recommended.
  • Waiting to watch Fringe week after week

    I am not sure why seems to have many negative feedback about this show. In the first place I do not understand why this show is being place along with X-Files.

    To me this show is very different from X-Files. Other than having one female and one male lead the male lead is a scientist along with his father also another scientist.

    And the alien story in Fringe is not that much like X-File but with a little leaning towards that with the appearance of the bald man.

    I personally love this show and hope everyone stop comparing it to X-files and watch is as a totally new Sci-Fi drama and give it a chance.
  • Drama, suspense, action, sci-fi. Great combination of all.

    I saw my first episode this past week and I was just glued to the tv and on the edge of my seat the whole time. Maybe it was just that particular episode, but I plan to watch it again and hopefully have the same reactions and feelings. I have never been so into a tv show like I was with this one! The characters were unique, the script made sense (some go well above my head) no extra love scenes (I'm tired of that on tv). The sci-fi wasn't the same old alien/ vampire/ super hero crap. It was very interesting.
  • This is a quirky show that throws up surprises all the time.

    If you have watched any of J J Abrams other shows (Lost, Alias) then you probably know what to expect. Fringe delivers quirky mysteries and characters by the bucket load. It took a few episodes before I got into this show but now I am glad I did. Walter is completely wacky and Olivia and Peter have great chemistry. Sometimes the stories don't quite work but a bit of escapism is a great thing is it not? I like to watch this just to see what Walter will come out with next. I am still not sure about the cow in the lab though. All in all this is worth sticking with. It may outlast the rest of the new series on offer this season.
  • I have enjoyed several of the series that have been about something supernatural, The Milliunme. So I can't spell. This one is more than just about what can't been explained.

    This is one of the most exciting changes in unusual plots in series of any that have the strange and abnormal. I am curious about the casting anymore, I don't seem to know any of the actors in most of the new shows. This one is right on! I never thought that someone who came from Dawsons Creek could develop this acting skills to play this off. But to my amazement I'm seeing someone new. I am hopeful that even if this gets the ax that someone will pick up and keep it on the air for many seasons to come. It' just my opinion but this is great acting and great tv.
  • Fringe science is plausible but some would say impossible; its based on three main characters, an FBI agent who has been sucked into a new small team to research strange happenings and a father and son, both seemingly genii with an estranged relationship.

    A great, easy watch. There is no reason to get too involved with this program as it doesn't need you to think too hard about it!

    But if you do choose to, it provides enough challenging scientific thinking to make you question many things in reality and stimulate that grey matter. For those people studying science at a high level or those un-educated cynics that may like to talk it down strictly because they believe its farcical it probably isn't for you. If however you are like me, and you enjoy many ongoing story lines with a few strong dissimilar roles, it is a good way to spend an hour a week. The same level as Bones when it comes to the thought process needed. There are definitely multiple levels that this program can be enjoyed on!
  • "Out there" enough to satisfy the imagination, and just enough "really, what if?" to scare the beejeebers out of you!

    In addition to a very satisfying challenge to the imagination, the cast of characters is also very likable and sometimes even lovable!
    John Noble as "Dr. Walter Bishop" is the break-out character of the entire TV season in my opinion, and if he is not nominated for, and then wins an Emmy next year, there is a serious fix on in Hollywood! He is absolutely brilliant!
    Anna Torv as "Olivia Dunham" is a perfect balance of brains, ability and other words, a great characterization of a "real" woman just getting it done on a day to day basis. Kudos to the writers because usually female characters are not given this balance in TV-land.
    Joshua Jackson as "Peter Bishop" is becoming more interesting as a character as the show progresses but I must admit to being a bit disappointed in the lack of depth for "Peter" in the early episodes.
    Lance Reddick as "Agent Broyles" and Blair Brown as "Nina Sharpe" appear to stand ready to throw the proverbial spanner in the works on a regular basis!
    Bring it on, FOX!
  • Fringe is a Sci-Fi "thriller" with hints of X-Files train of thought.

    Fringe is a decent start-up show with a big budget and decent cast. I have to say first, that it has huge potential, but this early in the game, it still hasn't shown it's true form. The first couple of episodes introduce members of the "team". Most notable a crazy scientist and a law enforcement agent looking for the truth. If I didn't know better, I would label this show the 2008 X-Files. It has that same plot-line: Talk about the actual plot, interrupted by some strange force that ties into the plot somehow, then on to the next episode. I would recommend anyone into sci-fi to check it out. It hasn't made it onto my media library yet, but I do make sure I DVR it "Just in case" Check it out!
  • This show has everything: comedy, thrills, possible romance, science, and the supernatural.

    This is a show that keeps me truly entertained every time. It's completely addictive. I love the way father and son interact and love the camaraderie developing between the team. To me this show feels like X-Files with more comedy. While X-Files was unintentionally funny most of the time with a few funny episodes thrown in, each episode of this show has some lighter bits to it. It has enough intrigue, conspiracy, and interesting twists to pseudo-scientific things to keep me interested. This show feels like "smart-with-a-twist" as my friend would say. Joshua Jackson seems to have grown up and matured into an actor who can play characters other than himself, which was a pleasant surprise for me. He is likable as his character and so different from Pacey from Dawson's Creek that you don't even think of Pacey when you watch him, something that I've found a problem with other teen show actors who later go on to other shows. All and all I think it's a great show that only seems to be getting better as we go.
  • FRINGE is a good show with lot's of potential.

    FRINGE, so far has been an interesting and compelling show. There has been a lot of ridiculous reviews giving the show a 1 or 2 or 3, which is why I'm giving it a 10 (I really think it's an 8.5-9) to sort of even out those ridiculous. It would be stupid to give almost any show a 1. While it may not yet be the next LOST, the potential is there for this to be huge. Anna Torv, a newcomer, is quite a good actor, and very attractive. The rest of the cast including Joshua Jackson, and John Noble is equally good. Walter Bishop is one of the best new characters on TV in a while. If you're a fan of the X-Files or the 4400 you'll enjoy Fringe.
  • The potential is there - but can Fringe become something special or will it fall between the cracks?

    It's frustrating. With the names & production values behind Fringe, and with the remarkable amount of hype and advertising pre-premier, expectations couldn't have been higher. And who doesn't fondly remember (with those good ol' rose-tinted glasses) how darn good X-Files was before it lost its way? This is my concern with Fringe. Can it deliver enough punchy / interesting episodes without feeling the need to get knee-deep in overly convoluted plot-lines? I quite like the rather far-reaching science-fiction silliness, especially as you know that everything has a basis (even if it is very tenuous) in real-life science. The characters work well, and it's refreshing to see a non-American lead (someone other than Hugh Laurie in House). The "Bad Guys" are really quite nasty, the "Bald Man" is quite simply bizarre, the premise works - oh how I wish it delivers!

    I read that the Australian Network Nine has already dropped Fringe, and that's not a good sign considering it has an Aussie leading lady. For now - I'm enjoying the ride, let's keep it on the air, let the fan-base grow and let's see where we end up!
  • Formulaic already but a great hour of tv

    Like all network tv, there has to be a simple plot. Something crazy happens somewhere on the east coast, Olivia and her team are asked to investigate, it all somehow links to something Walter did before he was locked up. Philip Broyles appears and suggests Olivia's findings link to other investigation he may or may not have been involved in, Peter translates Walter's excited rants and after a little action we have resolution, and of course the whole thing revolves around the pattern, which I'm sure is the name of Walter's research project or something. But it does make great TV
  • This is a supper fun show!

    I really didn't think I would like this show, it looked so dark in the previews. My parents watched the pilot and raved about it to me so I caught up on the show and now I'm hooked. The show is surprisingly funny. The action is great as are the completely strange events that take place in the show. The acting is fantastic with everyone really seeming like a real person despite the fantastical elements to the show. Overall, the show is a testament to what good writing can do for an idea. It allows what could be a very dark and depressing show be a dark and fun show.
  • One of the best new series

    Fringe has a wonderful story filled with twists and things that will make you wonder if they were real in the first place. Although the lack of scientific facts behind the events might make some viewers feel the show isn't real enough, Fringe is considered Sci-Fi so obviously there are going to be some things that don't make sense. The characters themselves are very fun to watch especially (in my opinion) Dr. Walter Bishop. His insane mumblings actually lead to very sane solutions that greatly help Olivia and Peter with their "Pattern" cases. Overall, I found this to be one of the best new series of the year and I hope it will continue for as long as other Fox series have.
  • Great show! Engaging, funny, and suspenseful!

    I like what I have seen of this show so far! It definitely leaves you wanting to see the next episode. The characters are great. Being a fan of sci-fi shows and such like x-files I have taken an extreme liking to this show. If you are curious at least watch the pilot and if that doesn't leave you wanting to see the next episode then you're crazy! The pilot really does a great job of jumping right into some action and letting you know quite a bit about the characters in the show. I think it gave just the right amount of info and kept you asking tons of questions.
  • The show is amazing. The characters are very deep, you get the feeling that everyone is hiding something or that there's more to the characters than appear. The shows great writing and characters are sure to make it an instant classic.

    The show follows the investigations of FBI agent Olivia Dunham who investigates "fringe" science, that is science that is not what you would call standard, telepathy, mind control, teleportation, and other thing that right now would be considered pseudoscience. Joining Agent Dunham is Peter and Dr. Walter Bishop who are son and father. Dr. Bishop did research for the U.S. government in fringe science during the 70's however he was convicted of manslaughter when an assistant was killed in suspicious circumstances and sent to a mental institution for 17 years. Peter Bishop is a genius who just doesn't apply himself, he is always moving and never keeps a job for long. He managed to forge a MIT degree and publish a few papers before he got caught. The show follows their investigations, which some being dark in nature can always be lightened by the hilarious family dynamic of Peter and Walter. All in all this show is always suspenseful adding interesting turns every episode that will always keep you guessing.
  • Fringe is FUNNY, INTERESTING, EXCITING - you just need to watch it. Waiting all them time for the new episode. WATCH IT

    The actors are just great. You never know what will happen next. The "SON" and "Father" story ist just amazing funny - you just need to smile. And yes the boss is very good - I think they got the perfect actors. The story - exciting. I want to see the next episode... the mixture of science fiction, action, comic and medicine is fantastic. It's not a tv show with one main background - no it's a mixture of several exciting topics. After I saw the pilot - I just wanted more, more FRINGE. I think it's a complete new kind of a TV show and I enjoy it.
  • very similar to Lost but i think people need time to gt used to this program and soon enough it will capture big audiences.

    My opinion... going to be a winner! Too many times do you see good programs called "flops" or said to not last long and you see them prove the critics wrong everytime. Yes it is like Lost but it is a totally new concept bringing in factual evidence and creating a very realistic world around the story. I think Abrams is just trying to build the program up and is trying to not put loads of pressure on the show to succeed. The mysteries behind the stories and characters are always said to be "annoying" or "frustrating" and people want answers NOW, well my friends... patience is a virtue and these mysteries are the reasons why we tune in every week or has everyone forgot how a good show is created... remember have you ever seen Lost before?
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