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  • fringe Season5!!!

    i don't want baldheaded Peter!!!!!
  • Season 5 is awesome

    I was actually starting to get bored of this show in season 4 until episode 19 where we got the first glimpse of the new season's story. The show has definitely gone in a different direction than past seasons but I find it refreshing & entertaining. Can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the season.
  • Why all the bashing on season 5?

    I personally think season 5 is their best yet! Sure they took a different approach with this one, a bit darker and more serialized then before but I like that. We get so much more depth of the characters and I think this is just a more mature version of the show. I will be very sad to see it go but at least it will end strong!
  • End of Fringe

    I have found enough in Fringe to watch all the seasons so far, but this is wrapping up too fast and personally I dont like it. I hope at least we will get some good episodes towards the end, but it is all too gray and sad. I cannot foresee any kind of happy ending or victory.
  • Season 5 sucks

    I must admit, that since Season 5, i begin to dislike the show. First four seasons were fantastic, but now i'm even considering to stop watching it. :(
  • Not going to miss it

    Very disappointed by this last season...

    We lost Olivia, so smart and brave before.

    Seems that all the characters are still trapped in amber ...

  • Going to miss it

    I cant wait to watch the show every week and find this season very intresting, its good to see a diffrent side of peter too.
  • A show worth watching.....

    It's that they're going to kill it off in only 5 seasons. They should deffinitely push for 8 or 10. God knows if any show has the following and storyboard for it it's fringe. Like many of the big fans of fringe I wasn't that amazed by the first season which played like a poor rip of flthe x-files. But in the 2nd season the writers really let it rip, that's when I came back and I've been hooked ever since. Like I said with all the story lines that can be flushed out of this, even fringe prequel episodes, could be used to keep this going for 8 - 10 seasons. Don't believe me, remember SG-1. So I'm sort of dissapointed they're giving up so early, but it was a great ride while it lasted.
  • Walter is awesome

    Dr. Frankenstein meets Timothy Leary super cool
  • what a shame

    What a shame its entering its last season and the worst thing is that we only are going to have around 10 episodes. Where a we the scify people going to turn without fringe, eureka, and so many undervalued tv shows.

    Hope to see something new soon
  • Season 5 makes us wish it wasn't the last...

    Oh, gee.... where do I start... was it the touching moments between "Afro" (lol) and Walter? Was it the reassurance in a single episode that every character had a development, it just keeps on improving on itself all the time! It's like Battlestar... I approve it ending because it is and will forever remain one of the best shows on TV because it has a story to tell and it sticks to it. From the outset of the latest season it remains what it was: a beautiful, kind hearted take on the character of Walter: the hero of the piece; a mad scientist with a love of food, drugs and music totally in line with family, friendship and the hope that it all means something. shucks. I was counting the minutes before it ended fringe writers and I'm hoping you follow in the same vein x
  • Once you get through the first episodes ...

    ... it's f*cking brilliant!

    I really suffered through the first episodes when I first watched Fringe - and stopped watching it. Out of boredom I got into it again and after a few episodes in Season 2 (if I remember correctly) I was blown away. (I've actually seen the same reaction with two of my male friends, who also didn't really like the show in the beginning, but loved it after a few more episodes.)

    Anyways. Why is the series so good? Well, first and foremost: The CAST is AWESOME. Great, Breathtakingly chosen. I love all of them. Of course John Noble as Walter Bishop is a genius - in the sense of how he plays it, because, of course Walter IS a genius in the show ;) I've also fallen in love with Olivia. I love to watch her be and smile and act. It's natural, but also very complex. The character that has the least depth (to my utter discontent), is Peter Bishop. I dearly love the character, but somehow I actually don't even know why - (maybe that's the thing about him?!) Without going into more detail: Astrid, Lincoln and Broyles are great as well!

    The second thing about Fringe is of course the great storyline. In the beginning I heard that JJ Abrams plans a show, where you can miss an episode and still know what's going on (in contrast to Lost) - well: That didn't work out quite well, did it? No way you can miss an episode and are still able to understand everything. Ultimately, that's a good thing - so: Don't worry ;)

    Fringe had a weak 3rd Season and the beginning of Season 4 didn't really knock me off my feet, that's why I have to downrate it a teensy bit. BUT it's still an extraordinary show and I'll be sad to see it vanish at the beginning of next year.
  • Watched from the beginning

    I hope they rap it up and explain everything, kind of like "Lost" did in the last season.
  • Aaaaah Fringe!

    I wish I could give this show an 11 "AMAZINGLY AWESOME" instead of a boring 10 "Perfect"... I am in awe almost every week. It's strange how underrated this show is, but at the same time understandable. To truly love this show you need to have an open mind to these weird, mad sience theories that could ACTUALLY be true... Like... not completely, obviously. But when you dig in to the matter of the show, you find that a lot of the theories explained by Walter Bishop (<3) have parts of actual sience theories at the base of it. (i'm having problems with my English here, freely paraphrasing Dutch. Feel free to ask if I'm making no sense whatsoever). So; If you have an open mind, a big imagination and are a sucker for sience fiction; go ahead and LOVE ON FRINGE!! So happy it's getting a proper send off with a fifth final season. Thank you, F O X ! ! !
  • wow, this show is brilliant.

    this is sci fi at its best. if you are a fan of sci fi you will absolutely love this show as i do but even if you are not, this show isnt a mere sci fi show, its a fathers desperate attempt to reunite with his son despite the consequences that will most likely occur.Its not just scifi, its an emotional journey for each character on the show. simply put this show is for everyone and i simply cannot comprehend why it has such low ratings. oh well, at least this impeccable story has a chance to wrap up.
  • love it!!!

    I can't get enough of it! The whole cast is excellent. I do have to say Walter couldn't be portrayed by a better actor. It was as if the script had been molded around the actor. But they all seem to fit perfect around there rolls. Awesome stuff!

    I absolutely love Fringe!

    Fringe brings creative producers, creative logical ideas, amazingly telented cast with great characters.

    Before i started watching this show i was like all about supernatural stuffs (vampires, werewolfs..) ... But this show brings sci-fi excitement, entertainment; by shape shifters, perraral univers, earth elements and awesome unexpected terrorism, mind blowing science technology..

    Best character: walter bisop. Very well acted. I take this as one of the Interesting and unique character.

    Best episode: Peter. The episode Excitement, gave me goosebumps scene to scene. Emotional experiences. Revealing the biggest most interesting secret. Just luv it...

    Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown I would like to high light them acted very well. others are doing well too...

  • It's time

    I like this show. It isn't so different but yet totally different, in my opinion. I think Fringe has come to the point of its storyline to end the series. The way season 4 ended (besides the observer showing up in the last few seconds) would have been perfect way yo end it.
  • Love the show can't STAND olivia

    Love the show cannot stand the girl who plays "Olivia" however. A good headstrong female lead I guess, but she's just predictable. Same things over and over. She's either obsessed with finding a solution, headstrong, angry, confused or wallowing about being different. If they had a better main character MY GOD this show would be legendary. For now, it's just a great watch however.
  • Well...

    Well, it was nice. For two seasons. After that, it rolled basically the same thing. It didn't went the way it supposed to go. But hey, it's a good show.
  • At last! The bold guy for the first time

    After seeing the show for the fifth time I have seen the bold guy the first time, in episode 3 at time 39:23,25 and 39:23,40 in the train when Olivia is walking true the train you see her first at the back than the bold man is at the right in the window, then the camera position is turning award Olivia and you see him in front of her when see passes you see him at the back of her, then the scene changes to the station.

    Its the best show about fringe science ever.
  • Sheer Brilliance

    This show may be the most unique thing that has been on television in a long while, and its a shame that not many people watch it. Everyone should watch this show of scientific brilliance. It brings new creativity that shocks the viewers mind and allows you to imagine the impossibilities of life.
  • Stunned

    I started the show about three weeks ago and I didn't think that I would like it. Why ? Cause I didn't get hooked when I saw a few minutes of episodes on tv a while ago. I also thought that the first season was okay and when I went on watching I realized that it completely won me over. Walter is hi-la-rious, I LOVE when he's on drugs - which is most of the time - and Jean the cow is just priceless ! I love how everyone interacts with one another and how they've gotten close to being a family. I just love the show, and now I'm at the beginning of season 4 and I'm freaking the f*ck out because I was so shocked by the season 3's finale that I'm trying to find ways to process what happened and trying to find something to watch to take my mind off it. I really love the show, I've come to the conclusion that you can't always hang on to normality and expect to be pleased throughout the whole series, but so far I have been. Anyway, it's gonna be weird when the show's over...
  • dragging on too long and it no longer makes any sense

    i thought this season would have been a perfect chance for them to finish the whole fringe story properly. but hell no...

    walter bishop is great and so is nina sharpe. everyone else are not quite so good... too long. have a graceful death. like hero. it would be much better than keeping something in old age alive for too long!
  • only scifi I watch

    I am really not a science person so I didn't think that I would like this show, but Walter and the cow got me and they still have me even without Nadline. I can't wait for the last season, thanks FOX.
  • Step Into An Alternative Dimension!

    This series has everything to be a great series. Opening a window into another dimension can either be a good a thing, or a bad thing... and in this case, it was a bad thing. Thanks to a cientist named Walter Bishop, a window into an alternative dimension of our world, where so many things are different from ours (especially technology). He and his son Peter are the basis of this series, where we see their relationship and all the troubles they face, while trying to save mankind from the evil versions of themselves from the dimension, in order to stop Armageddon.

    The whole mythology regarding the series is priceless, and I really love the way certain gadgets and inventions help the characters. A big 9 is in order for this one. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    AND I'd like to say,good n bad,everyone is right.Seasons1-2 Olivia is the star,she's the woman's woman.I like how they all intermesh w each other.The person that said he was pist bc the Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia WAS totally forgotten about.Then ,I dont know...I 'member the 1st time I watched it;Season 2 in the middle.I thought "x-file redux".THEN I got the box sets and was captivated by what I saw...

    MAYBE they had way too much flack about 2 universes,thats why they stopped it.And to the girl "that don't get the show"-maybe u should do what every1 does=start at the beginning..

    I love Fringe,great and original ideeas and someday I hope its almost as big as X-FILES was;but that depends on Season 5...
  • Fringe is literally enterning into another dimension!!!

    For all the sci-fi geeks and science minded people, fringe offers one of the best combination s of drama and science...

    From season one until date , ever episode has been progressively captivating... I hope the budget of the show remains the same as i can see it entering the big league of top ten TV shows, if it already hasn't...
  • best show

    Ever since i watched it in the first season i cant get enough of it. Best show by far, it has all the factors that make it honestly the best sci/fi drama out there. Cant get enough. Pretty pissed its the last season next season but overall, hands down best show!
  • Fringe .. The best ever

    I really love Fringe for it's story, scenes and actors. This series opened my mind toward things that I wouldn't have thought possible. I can keep on writing for days explaining what I love about Fringe but I will conclude it in one sentence "Ending the series, is the worst news I heard in 2012.
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