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  • On a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11

    This is not a LOST wannabee. The only thing that connects them is that at heart, they're about love. Yes there may be strange and wonderful displays of advanced science (though LOST went to the more supernatural side, while Fringe has stayed on the science side), but it's a character story.

    I'm so overjoyed that Fringe was renewed for it's 5th and final season. It's sad it's going to end, but we're getting a conclusion! Thank you FOX for doing something right for once!
  • Amazed..

    Im crazy bout this series... Keep download it from iTunes.. Curiousity, Amazed, Thrilled... Mix it all up... Need to watch this guys.. Its so logic, rational and real.. makes u wonder if human really that smart, anything possible, so nuclear or suicide bomb is nothing!! We talk bout Human Bomb.. Biotech so crazy.. I dont think Indonesia is good enough to learn this..

    1 thing a bit annoyed is Dunham sometimes would sacrifice ANYTHING to save people life.. Like push the prof back to mental hospital or anything.. i even think she would sell her body to rescue somebody life..
  • Fox better renew FRINGE, at least for 1 more season...

    I have been an avid FRINGE viewer for every season and I am not yet ready to let go. This show has been one of the only scifi shows to have piqued my interest to this extent and there is absolutely ZERO other shows like it. It is original and extremely thought provoking in a way that no other show can compare to. If FOX cancels FRINGE, I will be very heartbroken.
  • Fringe always leaves you wanting more at the end of an episode!

    love this show! the story, the characters, everything. love the walterisms, walter rocks! that crazy brilliant scientist!

    Fox better not cancel it! it really deserves one more season, or at least another three.
  • Fringe: Seasons 1-3

    The sci-fi show that stole my heart is now 4 years old and I have to say it's probably my favourite show of all time. The characters are amazing and I'm in love with Anna Torv. This show has episodes like "White Tulip", "Ability", "Over There Pt. 1-2" and "Entrada" that makes me ask why shows like this are not popular and have low ratings. The show started weak but it really finds a personality in the middle of season 2 and then comes what I think is the best season a network show has ever created... Season 3. If you like complex shows like "Lost" or "The X-Files", watch the pilot right now.
  • After Lost, Fringe is one of my favorite show ever

    Fringe is fantastic sci-fi, inteligent plots, just amazing tv series.
  • Its official!!!

    I'm fully in love with fringe.

    No matter how some people may feel about it. It's intrinsic play on detail is phenomenal. I cannot lie. I'm from England and just don't get the luxury of ("as it comes on I'm viewing") But you know what? I download it cause I can't wait. I love it too much. It's my TV highlight for the end of the week. If the ratings are low, then I'd be inclined to say that many by way of the internet are doing the same as me. Such is the way with such great meaningful shows. I have every single episode to date.

    Keep it up guys!!!
  • Fantastic Show

    Starting midway in the second season to the present, Fringe has been a wildly engaging collection of brilliant sci-fi entertainment.
  • The only reason I watch FOX!

    Keep Fringe on TV! Not enough Neilson viewers I guess but they are making a mistake if they don't watch this show..Once this show leaves the air and Law and Order SVU then TV will be taken over by reality! Not cool.

    Side Note: why they keep cancelling Bryan Fuller and possibly cancelling J. J Abrams shows. They should have there own network.
  • Fringe

    Yes, Fringe is favorite show.
  • The Greatest Thing EVER!!

    When Fringe premiered 3 years ago, it was great and its continues to be the best thing on TV. The stories are intriguing and every episode grabs your attention and doesn't let go until the very end. I think everyone should watch it.
  • It is so neccesary

    I understand that a show like Frinke does not have it easy on today's TV-screen. It is not easy to follow if you are not a regular audience member... a fan. Still, it has so much more intelligence, so much more storyline than those horrible CSI clones. The cast is amazing and need I say anything about Anna Torv? Well, I might.

    She is just what God had in mind when he thought: Well, hey, let's create a tallented, beautiful woman.

    Yes, I know, it sounds like I am fifteen. Well, I am not. But still.

    Anyway, I am still in great hope that this amazing show will come back for a fifth and probably final season.
  • UK Fringe Fans needed



    As most of you will be aware, apparently Fringe is in danger of not being picked up for a Season 5. Now there has been a massive ongoing Twitter/Get Glue/Tumblr appeal that is actually getting the attention of people at Fox already.

    Fringe is currently on a 4 week hiatus now in the US but seeing as we're 4 weeks behind, we'd like to keep that appeal for Fringe still active. If you're on Twitter, please RT this message -

    Follow @JustLiv @KatherineJoycey @_cisco for more info on what to post and when [Will be an hour before Fringe next episode is to air. Basically we're after a set Fringe to trend in the UK in the hope to show the powers who be, that there is still a demand for it.

    Be a part of saving your favourite with a hashtag!
  • One of the best show on tv

    Im from Brazil and here there is not a variety of tv shows like this. Fringe is always treat at subjects thats i liked. Realy good!
  • Kinda confused...

    Not quite sure what this show is about...
  • Olivia no longer the star - so disappointing!!!

    I'm on the final few episodes of season 3 and won't be buying season 4. What was so great about Fringe is that it centred around a confident, intuitive, clever, mysterious, likeable action-heroine 'Olivia'... Then somewhere along the way (I don't know, maybe the show got too popular & they thought "oo well we better make a man the centre of attention like most shows on tv...." and Peter became the centre of attention... Suddenly he's the smart, action-hero, working everything out and saving the day and Olivia's just this silent, dumb-question-asking side kick... And Olivia is such a strong, amazing actress - I can't believe what they've done.. It happened on & off in series 2 but they made up for it towards the end... but season 3, honestly how could you go so so very very wrong????
  • Awesome Show That Deserves A 5th Season!

    If you love Fringe and want to see it renewed for a well deserved 5th Season, please read this:

    We have created a Facebook Page dedicated exclusively to Fringe being renewed for a 5th Season. We need all Fringies from across The Globe to unite by 'liking' the page so that we can draw some seriously needed attention to this amazing show and ensure that we get HEARD! That We:THE FANS don't want this genius 4th Season to be the shows last! Fringe is a Television Masterpiece in a league of it's own and there won't be another show like it. Unfortunately as you all are probably aware, Fringe has now come to a point where The Fox Network is not satisfied with the shows ratings (in the USA-as they are the ratings that count) and the much dreaded word: >Cancellation
  • great tv show

    The BEST show on Television! Please 'like' "The Fringies Page: We Want a 5th Season of Fringe" on Facebook and help us get the 5th season that this masterpiece deserves!
  • I wish it could go back......

    I liked season 1, I would give it 7.5/10

    I really liked season 2, I would give it 9/10

    Season 3 was absolutely excellent! 10/10

    Season 4....... I don't understand how they could ruin it like this, I am so disappointed. Nothing that happened in seasons 1-3 matter in the slightest.

    The Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia relationship was really well done, but has been completely ignored, as have many other things.
  • Best Show

    I really enjoy this show and would be very disappointed if it was cancelled. The characters work well together, and I love Walter's humour as he portrays a modern day mad scientist. With all the technological advances in the ways we can view the shows, it must hurt some of the series network viewings.
  • Great for now

    I just started watching the show and got up to date with the current episodes. I rated this show based on the season 1-3, really unsure about season 4 it's a little bit early. I love the characters Peter, Olivia, Walter, Astrid and than there's Broyles which is great at time when he does pay a visit or enters the scene once in awhile. It can do some character development, but seeing how this show is a fast pace to different times many different versions of people that seems hard to do at times. They mostly write great episode stories even though sometimes they write boring or not to good shows, no show is perfect. This show has great entertainment and scifi with great science, that will make you think. This series is well worth the watch especially if you miss some of JJ Abrams work when he did Lost.
  • best tv series ever ,just like anna so cool

    do not let finish this beauty , great series ever
  • Fringe

    Hey, I head that this show was about to be cancelled. What the hell? Speculations are that this show is expensive to make, well aren't they all? Come on people, use your brains and don't cancel the coolest show since the X-Files! Rethink this. The actors all have such good chemistry, they are smooth together and this show so works! DO NOT CANCEL IT PLEASE!!!
  • great

    Excellent episode
  • A stunningly perfect show

    Fringe has really developed since its first season, with fascinatingly interesting characters, stellar mythology, incredible acting, not to mention a parallel universe. ITS THE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN TO TV IN A LONG TIME! Fringe moved beyond the "monster of the week" and similarly mediocre X-Files-like stories into a dramatically engaging, beautifully convoluted, and extremely elegant show. This is the epitome of science fiction.

    Also, if Fox cancels Fringe like it did Firefly, I will be really, really mad. And even more sad.
  • Intelligent Show, Superb Characters

    This show is smart! The scientific aspect is believable, the characters are excellent. Cleverly written, the show is immediately engaging. A winner!
  • tries to copy X-Files, but badly.

    Since I boycott FOX I hadn't seen the show previously, but when it came out on DVD I was curious enough to view it.

    It's like someone decided to copy X-Files but did it badly. Like they didn't get what made the show interesting.
    I think one of the things that most annoys me is that they're making up fake science and claiming things can be done that can't. It's a small distinction, I grant you but it does make a difference to me.
    In X-Files, they took paranormal situations and examined them with real science - so the only silly part was whether you could believe that Aliens existed and all these crazy things might happen.
  • Fringe is brilliant.

    Fantastic, fantastic show. Definitely my favourite on television. Great characters, great storylines, great's a beautiful show. It got me hooked from the very first time I started watching. I really, really, REALLY hope it doesn't get cancelled. IT CAN'T! It's one of the best shows on tv! It's so unfair when exemplary shows like this one are at a disadvantage because of the ratings.
  • Get Peter back!

    Fringe is one of my most favourite shows, but it hasn't been so much fun watching this season as the previous ones. I hope that this show doesn't get cancelled and in order to keep it going I hope the writers solve this kind of new universe-stuff real quick and make Peter part of the continuing storyline again instead of letting him be some kind of bystander. Watching the fringe team solve mysteries without Peter is just not so much fun, like Bones without Booth or House without House. Please writers: make Peter a part of it again, get the fun (and the love) back.
  • This is stunning ...

    The acting is great, the story is just my taste and the camera & special effects are stunning.

    Please keep it going!! Just one of the best shows ever.

    In a row with: Lost and BSG ...

    Can't wait to see the next episode!

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