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  • Best show on TV at present

    When I started watching this show about a month ago, I was struggling to get through the pilot. It felt like just one of those "case of the week", "monster of the week" shows. Boy, was I wrong!

    By the fourth episode I was hooked. While there are all those cases to be solved in most episodes, this show doesn't fall into the trap of showing the main story at the begining and at the end of the season, while for the rest of the season it is just a static backdrop, something that is very common in many shows.

    No, that is not the case with Fringe. Every situation ties in perfectly with the main story, everything is related and all loose ends are eventually tied. In effect, instead of the story being a backdrop, it is superimposed over everything that happens on screen. And it is great. Every episode answers some questions, but in the process new ones are posed. Result? I always wait for the next episode with barely contained impatience.

    And now for the cast. Oh the cast!
    John Noble as Walter Bishop is just amazing. His character is so believable. Eccentricity, intelligence and momentary bouts of lucidity are played to perfection. His role as Walternate shows us another face of what Walter might have become, and it also shows us amazing abilities of John Noble to pull of all these different personalities without fault.
    Joshua Jackson is a perfect anchor to reality for Walter, and a perfect partner for Olivia. He is a link connecting the entire team together. Without him Walter would be unreadable for anyone else.

    And last, but definitely not the least, Anna Torv.
    At first I was a bit sceptical about her, but as the show went on she became better and better. She has become a driving force behind this show. I would watch it even if it was total garbage, just because of her. Amazing acting skills, eyes you could drown in and a script that showcases all her abilities in the best light. This is especially true of Season 3. The way she portrayes original and alternate Olivia is just amazing. Her ability to portray reluctance, emotion and breed life into B Olivia makes her much more than just an evil twin. You are made to care, to sympathize, even to hope she just might succeed at her agenda. With any other actress this would just be the case of polar opposites, black and white, but not with her. She deserves a big screen role because her talent demands it. I hope she actually gets it. Perhaps my favorite actress in recent times.

    Rest of the cast is also chosen with care and they all fill meaningful roles, especially Lance Reddick as Philip Broyles.

    As for talks about FOX cancelling the show in the future; it would be a collosal mistake. This show is being watched all over the globe and has a great following. Too many good and imaginative shows have been destroyed because of the inaccurate and outdated rating methods. Don't let this be one of them. This is a classic and will prove it in the years to come. FOX just has to let it do that.

    So in the end, after all the praise and rambling, I can only say: watch this! You won't be dissapointed for sure.
  • Easily one of the greatest shows in the last ten years, and possibly in the top 10 of greatest shows ever.

    I recently started watching the show Fringe, and I have to say, it's one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. Anna Torv is a brilliant actress, the story is amazingly done, and there's Walter. Ahh, Walter.

    Since I started watching Fringe, my life has changed. When something important happens, I say something like, "For this to work two things need to happen. One, I'll need to get to the bank right away. And two, I'd like a root beer." When I'm watching and I think my mind has been blown as far as it can, a guy on a plane turns into a giant porcupine monster, and my mind gets blown even further.

    This show will bend the limits of the possible, even so much as bending the limits of the imaginable. You can't think of what will happen next. And doing sub-activities during every episode, like looking for the mysterious bald guy, or thinking of the crazy thing Walter will do this time, will prove to be an excellent way of twisting your mind like a pretzel, while the main plot twists it like a... I dunno, super-pretzel.

    The acting is generally pretty good. You can kind of tell that Anna Torv is Australian, and Lance Reddick isn't the most believable, but the rest of the cast is very... real. Very right. I don't believe that the creators could have gotten better actors, and these characters are very lovable. When Walter starts to cry because Olivia yells at him, you feel bad, and you begin to dislike Olivia.

    Then there's the story. Every plot twist seems to come out of nowhere, and hit you like a punch in the face. Every major revelation that you hope for gets shot down, and then you're left not knowing who to trust, not knowing who's good and who's bad. In every episode, there seems to be something that keeps your mind on it for an entire week, until next week, there's no mention of that thing at all. Until five weeks later, some times, when your mind has focused on other plot points, that one thing comes back into the light. And it'll continue, until the end of the season, when the five weeks changes to, what, five months?
    Watch this show. Now. If you have any mind at all, whether you like comedy, drama, supernatural, or not, you want to see this. If not for the story, than just for maybe getting to see Anna Torv making out with a woman in the next episode. It happens.

    So, in the end, the score rates at 10. Fantastic story, great actors, HOOOOT lead actress, and awesome action. If this counts as a crime show, it might just be one of the greatest crime shows ever. Definitely my favorite.
  • A Kickass show with a super intriguing storyline that hooks you in!!!

    This show has just got better and better. It has an intriguing storyline and lots of mystery that keeps you coming back for more. Plus, it has JJ Abrams at the helm so you cant go wrong. The characters are great and at times humurous. But there is enough suspense and action to think that this is a serious contender for the best show on TV. The whole alternative universe and war thing going on is cool!! Plus the mystery people who keep saying things that we dont have a clue what they mean. This is the best show on tv hands down!
  • Maintaing high production standards

    The second season has started well and the production values remain high. I do hope that the writing team hasd not run out of ideas already. Once again we have a 'that person is not who you think that person is' shape shifting plotline. Yes, back in the day of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Terminator II, it was a new and innovative plotline. Now, realistically, if ever shape shifting became a viable threat to a Government Agency, all its employees would be 'chipped' electronically to ensure 'that person was actually that person'. The best tagline so far was the cameo reference to the X-Files - that showed great respect and acknowledgement. Fringe remains a well worthwhile watch
  • A group of FBI-cross-X-Files specialists deal with seemingly inexplicable "Fringe Science" phenomena that are all, somehow, related in a Big Picture that is not at all clear. What is "The Pattern"?

    A group of FBI-cross-X-Files specialists deal with seemingly inexplicable "Fringe Science" phenomena that are all, somehow, related in a Big Picture that is not at all clear. What is "The Pattern"?

    This show started off with a bang, perhaps lagged ever so slightly for one or two episodes, then seemed to find its pace and voice. JJ Abrams and Co.'s story-telling signature is all over this show, from tough female lead protagonist kidnappings to love-to-hate authority figures to prophecies to... It's Alias Reborn, and it's great!

    Enough comedy is injected so that you don't take it too seriously, with father-and-son Walter and Peter Bishop getting the best lines.

    I hope the writers have a good idea where they're going with this, because I'd very much like to see how it pans out, rather than have yet another premature cancellation.
  • Olivia finally remember her little trip to the other side and Charlie true identity is revealed.

    I am really disappointed if not really angry at the end of that episode. I mean really! Whoever wrote that episode didn't think it through. Why? Because as soon as Dr Bishop discover that the nurse body wasn't the the shape-shifter's; Charlie's cover should have been blown wide open! After all he was the first one on the scene when the said body was found if not presumably the one who killed it!

    I cannot believe that everyone didn't catch that big mistake there were no need for that high-tech gizmo to do that face reconstruction thing! It is a simple police deduction!
  • I love this show with one exception. And I wonder if others feel the same. The actress who plays Olivia, I don't even know her name, drives me absolutely crazy with her over-enunciation and excrutiatingly irritating mannerisms.

    I love this show with one exception. And I wonder if others feel the same.
    The actress who plays Olivia, I don't even know her name, drives me absolutely crazy with her over-enunciation and excrutiatingly irritating mannerisms. She has a very strange body language of literally sticking her neck out - often hands akimbo on hips, sticking her head out like a turkey, in and out. (I think this originated with Jessica Simpson. It's unbelievably annoying and weird, and this actress does it in a holding pattern.)

    Her speech is in hard drive - every 'd', 't', and hard consonant over-enunciated to the point of being like chalk squealing on the blackboard.

    She has a compadre on the show In Plain Sight. That starring actress has the exact same weird turkey body language. Another crime show. Another long, straight, blonde haired actress with massively weird mannerisms.

    I am baffled at this sudden appearance on t.v. of such bizarre body language in female leads. And just want to shut this actress up when she clucks on her 't's and 'd's like she's trying to purr-fect her speech, so she sounds like an irritating robot. Send her to a speech coach so she can learn to speak like a real person! And for the love of God, get her to hold her head high, not stuck out like some bait on a stick. Ick!
  • I look forward to this show every week. Right away, it reminded me of the X-Files which I enjoyed immensely.

    I look forward to this show every week. Right away, it reminded me of the X-Files which I enjoyed immensely. The characters are all so unique and I especially enjoy Olivia. Another reviewer finds her irritating which is fascinating to me that we have such a difference of opinion. (I feel the same way about Robin Tunney in The Mentalist. I really like that show but just can't watch it anymore because of her.) It appears they have killed off Olivia's partner, Charlie, which is disappointing. The storylines continue to intrigue. They don't have to be microscopically perfect to be entertaining.
  • As a fan of JJ Abrams I make it a point to watch everything he does and Fringe...

    Fringe is a show that I didn't know if I would like but I was pleasantly surprised but how much I did. It is a crazy merry-go-round in the fact that it always has you guessing what will happen next. I love that about this type of show but I can't help wondering will it end too soon i.e. cancelled before we know everything there is to know about the fringe universe. Like Lost I hope they will be able to end the show on their terms. Because alot of us know Networks are terrible at keeping shows people love and instead show unoriginal reality ones. Love Fringe, keep surprising us!
  • Before I watch it, I never thought i would like this show. Now I can't stop wandering what's going happen next.

    Woooow. Is the first thing i said when I watch the first episode of Fringe. At the begining i thought this show wasn't going to be interesting but when you start watching you get caught by the exciting episodes, the wonderful experiments and the great characters. I think that there aren't other actors who can play Olivia and Peter. I mean Joshua is a great actor and I think many missed him since Dawson's creek was over. But well he is back and with this great show and of course Anna is also a great actress and I think both of them and Jhon give an extra spark to the show. I loved it, And I will continue watching it, And I know they'll get more seasons.
  • one of my fav...series .....

    j.j abrams did it again...what a incredible story line....i must say i have ever seen this type of story...u can always dream abt it..

    the cast of the series is perfect...
    i like the char... walter bishop ... this series is not arrived in my country so i downloaded it and i watched all just 4 days... my fav..till now..

    i am looking forward that there should 4 5 seasons more of this show.
    this show is as exiting as lost.
    some people says that its like x-files or csi..but i say this drama is diff..than any of the series....
    there is so much mystery ,action,si-fi,in fringe...

    thanx to j.j abrams for his superb story...
  • J.J. Abrahms shines again with Fringe's twisted story lines and colorful cast.

    J.J. Abrahms is a versatile and creative person with the ability to do many times of shows such as Felicity and then Alias. So there's no surprise that Fringe is creative and unique. The story line is filled with confusing ideas of parallel universes, time travel, infectious diseases and more. The basis for all of these ideas is something from real life, and it's just showing the "endless impossibilities" as the show puts it. The cast is a combination of serious, funny, and witty people that work well with the thematic content that Fringe deals with in and out of each episode. Overall, the show is really well done!
  • FBI Agent Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop attempt to solve the rapidly increasing spread of inexplicable occurrences referred to as The Pattern with the help of Peter's estranged father, the partially insane Dr. Bishop, an expert in Fringe Science.

    One of my absolute favorite shows; Fringe is a character study and an incredibly interesting one at that. Each week you see how they cope with the darkness and the weirdness and the unknown in their world. You watch them grow closer together from a beginning point of strangers who had to work together. The mysteries are deep, they pose plenty of questions, but they're not afraid to answer them, they're not afraid to kill off steady characters, bad guys or good, in an attempt to milk their plots for more than they are worth. Even if there is a dud episode, so to speak, or a stand-alone, the characters stay true to the parameters they were written in to begin with. The number of Easter eggs included is a treat as well - good fan service without compromising the quality of the show, and a lot of searching as well as hiding in plain sight - that and the lovely character interactions, action scenes, and dialogue give this show a replay value that most mystery-based, crime solving shows can lack.
  • A brilliant show filled with great characters and for a change, with a clear direction...

    Fringe - State Of The Show, Jan. 2010

    What I like about Fringe so far...

    It is January and I am a US politics aficionado, so instead of the traditional review format, I will experiment something I will call 'State-Of-The-Show' (SOTS). As the name implies, this means I will regularly revisit the reviewed shows.

    The X-Connection
    During the 10 years or so it ran, I remember watching the X Files only once. For its defense, I might have stumbled upon a remarkably bad filler that put me off the show indefinitely. This quick note is to expose the fact that I will not be burdened by prior knowledge of that other series which seems to be crawling up systematically when discussing or reviewing Fringe.

    The Plot
    I believe the writers knew from the beginning exactly where the show was headed. This might seem obvious but from watching other series, I can assure you it is not.
    It is also worth mentioning they did not toy with us as much as I had dreaded: By the end of the first season, the existence of the other side was established and a crossover had happened.
    I liked all the episodes of the 1st season related to the pattern, just like in the 2nd season everything connected to the other side has been excellent so far.

    The Characters
    Each and every core-character has something about him or her that is memorable, which is only possible with solid performances. I will start with Massive Dynamic. It is not a character I know, but I must mention it because I just love the name. "We are, well, so massive [...]". I like how it is obvious the Massive Dynamic lady (Nina Sharp) cannot be trusted. From the way she speaks, stares and even smiles, there seems to be an aura of untrustworthiness floating around her.
    I like Broyles' sentence delivery and his staring.
    I like agent Farnsworth's role as human relation hub in the small group, especially between the Bishops. It's a subdued presence that enhances sequences that would have been much less effective. I like the glint in Peter's eyes and his smile when something about his past comes up. It is also enjoyable to see how the writers can pull almost anything from that past...
    I like Olivia's composure and the way she carries herself. Her non-verbals are perfect, whether it is her reaction to the teenager warning in "Unearthed" about Peter ("I'll be 18 in a year. Don't wait too long to make your move.") or an attitude forcing Walter to justify himself. I like how it is obvious just by looking at her that she is carrying the weight of so many things. I like the fact that by her attitude, she forces everyone to act as if they have something to prove to her. It is obvious gaining her full trust is no easy task.
    I wouldn't know where to start with Walter. Priceless.

    The Acting
    Olivia and Walter are character-wise the magnetic poles of the show. The story might not revolve around them only, but the other characters do. IMHO this is because Noble's and Torv's performances are so good that when they are interacting with the others, it's very tempting to be biased and pay more attention to them. At least that is what happens to me.

    The Relationships
    Peter - Walter. I like how their relationship has evolved. I like that Peter doesn't consider him anymore as crazy, but more as someone needing help. I like that he is trying to make up for those years he shied away from him by taking care of his 'father' now. I like the fact that he is the one best equipped to understand the way Walter's brain works.

    Astrid - Walter. This one is sweet, and writers, whatever you do, please don't spoil it with a creepy and absolutely unnecessary romance.

    Olivia - Peter. This has been so far just how it should be. At this point it could go either way and that is just fine. It is normal to have people teasing them and imagining them together. This is what happens when two single people who look and sound well together are in a group with others.
    I like what Torv and Jackson are doing with it. Olivia doesn't understand half of the allusions and it's not that she's being coy about it. She just doesn't see Peter that way, and she shouldn't. One reason for that is: Peter has some redeeming work to do. They should therefore keep the relationship growing until for Olivia, Peter's shady past is overcome.
    Peter obviously admires her, which he should. I believe at this point he likes her more than she likes him and he seems to think he is not good enough for her, which is good: To deserve someone like her he needs to serve his penance.
    Their interactions so far have been perfect. Let's hope they keep it that way and don't rush it. A slow but steady stream here is just fine as those two have some room for growth.

    Now, what they should rush is the path to more interactions/confrontations with the other side. There is no point of making 10 seasons of brilliant ideas diluted in an overabundance of filler material if we can shoot for 3 or 4 seasons of quality programming.

    I could say many things about filler episodes, or about the fact that too many things are connected to Walter, but the title of this piece was: What I like about Fringe so far...
  • Lately the episodes have been brilliant! Love this show!

    This show has been a hit and miss to me in the past. However when it's a hit, it's fantastic. The mood set for the show is unique and the characters are likable and endearing. The writers have a tendency to ask more questions than answer them but they do get around to it eventually. They do a great job at keeping the mystery alive and kicking. Fringe has so much potential and the whole alternate universe story is intriguing. I hope the writers will go back to uncovering Olivia's other abilities if she is only beginning to become aware of them. Also, there was that female agent in episode one of season two who hasn't reappeared. Yay fjor American scifi! And Leonard Nimoy is a big plus.
  • X Files 2.0 ? Yes and no.

    Let's start with the parallels, which are obvious ( and not denied by the writers, see the Mulder and Scully cameo in the season 2 premiere ) : weird stuff. Conspiracies. An impending invasion. Even shapeshifters !!! Some episodes are remakes of X Files episodes : "Power hungry" is a "D.P.O." rip-off, and "Of Human Action" reminds of "Pusher" ( in the second case, X Files wins ) . But there are enough differences to enjoy the show : Walter is his own kind of character,and always nice to watch, even in "meh" episodes, and Scully's role has been divided between Olivia ( detective work, strong female character ) and Walter ( science ) . But there is the BIG difference : when X Files had great stand-alone episodes, and wasn't always very good with its "mythology" after the first seasons, Fringe can do some disappointing stand-alones ( "Unleashed", "Night of desirable objects" ) , but is usually way better when it comes to its mythology. The parallel universe, the Observers, Bell and Massive Dynamic : THAT is what keeps me coming, when I became more and more cautious with the years whenever the aliens were involved in X Files.
  • A great show!

    It's funny how at the first try, I stoped watching after two episodes, because they didn't manage to really get to me. I started to watch again, because a lot of people told me, to give it another try and they were completely right and I'm really glad, I listened to them. The storylines are really exciting and well written and I know by now, that it isn't a good idea to eat before watching the show or to watch it before having lunch. What I love most about Fringe though is the development of its characters over time. Most of all I'm impressed and touched by how the relationship between Peter and Walter has evolved, how Peter has come a long way from despising his father for having ruined his childhood and being horrified after finding out about the real nature of Walter's scientific work to really caring for him. The parent and child role in their relationship often seems to be reversed and it's very moving to see, how Peter, who's been introduced as a selfish cynic is taking care of Walter and how Walter is trying to find his role as a father again. It's fascinating how everybody -- Walter, Olivia and Peter -- has a dark secret and how much pain has been brought on people by Walter's work, slowly coming to the surface, threatening to destroy a whole dimension. It's difficult to bring all this horror and Walter's current appearance together and that's another great thing about this show. I won't say much about the cast since this review is very long already and if I started there, I couldn't stop. Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and especially John Noble are amazing. There's something very sweet and warm about all of them that makes their characters incredibly likeable and makes it easy to care for them and that's a very important thing in a show, that might be rather cold otherwise. I hope that Fringe is going to go on for many, many season to come!
  • One of the best shows on T.V. today.

    Someone wrote a review about how Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) talks "abnormally" and proceeded to go off about how they need to replace her with someone who talks like a "normal person". Based on what standard? I personally love the way Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) talks. As someone who marches to the beat of her own drummer, her unique mannerisms suit her character well. Fortunately, the days when women (and men for that matter) need to embody mainstream ideals are quickly coming to an end. Can you imagine a world where everyone looks, talks, and thinks the same? Who'd want that? More power to you Olivia Dunham, you rock!
  • The best story telling on TV right now!

    The only show I look forward to every week. This is truly something intelligent. I have always loved JJ Abrams' way of telling stories. Fringe is a perfect example of good story telling. Each episode is a complete story in itself, but bits and pieces of it are part of a more grand mysterious story that every once in a while reveals itself, while leaving you wanting to know more. To enjoy this show even more, you should be familiar with string theory, and how time works. This show has an exquisite way of turning something ridiculously impossible into a graspable and understandable concept. +1 to the writers and +1 to the actors for conveying the story.

    Fringe is truly a remarkable show in my mind!
  • Fringe is one of the best new shows on the vein of the X-Files and other sy-fi greats.

    When I began watching Fringe I was hoping for a decent television program that I could watch as religiously as the X-Files. Turns is just as good as the previously mentioned show. Fringe boasts a quality cast, a brilliant & intriguing idea/plot-line, excellent writing & special effects, and fast paced action sequences. This is the next generation "X-Files" and is quickly becoming my new favorite show. Each week the show follows FBI agents, a "mad" scientist (who may or may not be partly responsible for some of the things that are occurring), and his son as they investigate strange happenings and/or deaths that my be related to a mysterious person (William Bell) or those who work against him.
  • Omg, its nothing like x-files.

    Everyone, saying that this show is like X-Files, while they forget few important things:

    1) X-Files was a fight against government, search for the aliens, for extra-terrestrial. Fox Mulder was trying to fill this HUGE emptiness inside of him, Which was caused by wierdness in family, mostly because of dissapearance of his sister. Now this might not seem a lot at start, but after the 2nd world war, Hitler USSR and lots of another events, there was an emptyness inside of everyone on this planet, so thats why people could relate easier. This show offers very little of that and most importantly the focus of this show isnt on the same thing.

    2) Okey now this is huge - one of most important thing why this show was so popular is that both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson was recognised as wolrds most sexy men/women of the year by many huge US, Uk and other country magazines! In the show they almoust never get intimate, but that intimacy was always there and it was appropriate to the viewer. Not too vulgar, not too crazy, not too hidden. It was what viewer wanted to see and what helped to relax and open his mind to the mistyrious events in the show. The characters were just awesome, something that cannot be repeated!

    3) Fox Mulder was working "on his own", he was trying to find things that he wanted and find the "truth out there." He was not too different from free artist. FBI was merely a power given to him, something that "backs him up." While in this show FBI decides what and where to go. In my opinion this is something that doesnt induce too much bravery or beauty contrary to X-Files.

    Conclusion: This show isnt even close to X-Files and i think developers were intended to do so. People please remember X-Files for what it was and what good memories and impressions it gave to you and watch this show as something new. As a modern and original. Hopefully it can bring us a lot of great stories.
  • The New X-Files?

    Comparing Fringe to The X-Files seems like a lazy comparison,but,hell,the show has a rotating palm print in its opening titles.Not to mention random paranormal words flashing at you,so,is it the new X-Files. On a basic level they do seem similar but in other ways they are miles apart. The show centres on the Fringe Devision,which is a section of the FBI whose main job is to investigate unexplained scientific phenomena. The result is a show which in true X-Files tradition is a cracking good conspiracy that twists and turns in every episode. This show handles outrageous scientific concepts with aplomb and should find a home with sci-fi,conspiracy and even gore fans.
  • THE NEW X-FILES... can it compete? HELL YEAH!

    This show has completely amazed me. I never expected it for to be this interesting. The twist and turns keep me at the edge of my seat every week. I usually watch most of my shows on DVR. Fringe is one of my exceptions, I must watch live every week. I only do that with a few shows and Fringe is at the top of the list. I love Olivia and the Bishop boys. Walter's character is very well performed. I love Peters character, the mystery of his past and whether or not he's from the alternate univers has me going. Fringe can defintely compete with X-files... new mysteries and different storyline!!! I LOVE IT!
  • Finally, something intelligent on television

    Outside of PBS, television had become an intellectual wasteland--and then, Fringe premiered. Yes, the plots are outlandish and occasionally require some suspended disbelief, but it's not always about finding all the answers--it's about the journey, and with this show you're never quite sure where that journey will take you. This is not supernatural fluff; this is pure science fiction, with a heavy emphasis on the science. Brilliant casting and tight writing make this show irresistable; I look forward to a new chapter each week. The continuing storylines are engaging and there are just enough twists to throw even the most astute mind off. Too bad the show has been given such an awful time slot, but it appears that the fans--and hopefully, the FOX network, will stick with it.
  • Best paranormal show since XFiles. Great plot twists, great charachter development, it gets on all cylinders. Fringe has a great Sci Fi component, from the believable to the not so believable, but its all done in great fun and excitement.

    Best paranormal show since XFiles. Great plot twists, great charachter development, it gets on all cylinders. Fringe has a great Sci Fi component, from the believable to the not so believable, but its all done in great fun and excitement. They keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more, even if its an "out there" episode. They do just enough character development to make you really care and wait for the next week!

    I am not a huge sci fi lover, but I definitely love fringe! I love the characters... all of them! Theyve done a great job brining it all together, and this season did a great job answering questions just enough to keep you asking for more!

    Wether you like sci fi, romance or drama, youll find a bit of it all!! I cant wait for next season!!
  • Best scifi ever!

    I can't really say that this is the best scifi ever because I haven't seen them all. However, I can say that this is currently the best scifi on TV that is currently in production that I have seen. Less can be construed wrongly if I put it that way. This show is reminiscent of the X-Files, of which I was a loyal watcher. The dynamic energies between the characters and the plot just seem to raise it higher in my books. We are now two seasons into the series, and I have been at the edge of my seat during every episode. I look forward to next season and to discover what mysteries will be revealed.
  • Great show well written and well casted. Love Walter.

    This is a great show. Lots of twists and turns and just plain edge of your seat excitement. You dont know where their going with it next. I am really looking forward to this season. I sure have missed the show. I have bought season 1 on dvd and am awaiting the release of season 2. I just love it. I especially love Walter he certainly makes the show have a lighter side. It is well cast and I would make no changes in that reguard. I do hope the writers will keep up the great work and keep the sexual tension there between Olivia and Peter that is great.
  • Weird Science...

    Fringe happens to be a rather unusual Sci-Fi show that actually plays out as if CSi & X-Files got together and had a baby (pardon the metaphor).

    The show features FBI agent Olivia Dunham(Anna Torv) who is assigned to keep a watchful eye on capricious scientist Dr. Walter Bishop(John Noble) & his more sensible son Peter(Joshua Jackson). They investigate all sorts of strange phenomena in a purely scientific perspective. Also in the show are fellow scientist Astrid Farnsworth(Jasika Nicole) & stoic FBI agent Phillip Broyles(Lance Reddick).

    Just when everybody thought they can't come up with a Sci-Fi series for thinking adults, J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman have managed to do so with great results.

    This is 1 show on Fox i'd definitely got into when it debuted & will keep on watching.
  • Abnormal crimes occur and the team ends up solving them and uncovering even more mysteries that remained unkown about the world and themselves even.

    The first time I heard about this show I wasn't really sure what to think, but my friend urged me to watch it so I did and with doing so I became very interested in the show and all the mysteries and crimes involved with it. At first I thought it was just like another CSI, but it was way more then that with weird discoveries and cases it made it all the more interesting then any other CSI or Law and Order show could. It raises questions, theories, and thrill every-time I watch it and thats what I love about it.
  • One of the best shows on television?

    Fringe continually proves itself as one of the best, if not the best, shows on television. Perhaps slow moving at first, in its three seasons it has blossomed to become a top quality show that is a joy to watch with each episode.

    The cast is very strong, with roles played by John Noble, Blair Brown, Lance Riddick, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and Jasika Nicole. They bring these wonderful characters a to life, which to watch develop is a delight.

    The story is very engaging. The second season really started to quicken the pace, and now that it is in its third season the plot is fully in motion. I am constantly engaged and wondering where the plot will go next.

    Part of what also makes this show so easy to watch, is it feels so fresh. There are shows that deal with the weird, like Warehouse 13, but nothing quite like Fringe. Fringe definitely has set itself apart when it comes to Sci-fi and the weird. A mention should also go to the soundtrack. The OST, composed by Michael Giacchino, who, like the shows creators, also worked on Lost and Alias, does a marvelous job here. His score works perfectly to create moments of tension and intrigue and also work to give the show its own feel.

    I dunno what it is about the actual visuals, but I think the look may have changed slightly over the series. I think the colours are darker and more intense. Whatever it is, I like it.

    To put it all simply though, all the elements of the show work together to create a simply fantastic viewing experience. For me, this is the best show on television.
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