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  • Best of Its Kind

    A love this show simply more than any other show of its own kind.

    Seriously its better than Lost, Event, etc. This show has the most extraordinarily original cliche idea of a FBI agent saves the world.

    When you basically put into words it sounds funny but the show has the most incredible writing crew which shapes the idea perfectly.

    It has a great plot; two universes, a unit which investigates "unusual" cases, strong characters (seriously every main character is interesting and significant to the plot).

    I dont think i have to say something other than marvellous to talk about the acting.

    Everybody must watch it.
  • the chracters are well formed walter is by far the best. love him. i"m also looking forward to finding out the relationship between broyles and nina.

    is there going to be a fourth series this show fills a hole perfectly that the x files left. it has a mix of,horror, drama,mystery. you don"t know what"s coming next great.even the skeptics are in there with peter he"s slowly coming round. these observers are quite interesting too. what do they want? why are they here? four series would"nt cover all of that.the producers and writers of this show have realy hit on a good subject with this series and they want to be proud of what they have done.i for one can it and watch it over and over again.
  • The Best TV show ever!!

    Kudos to the writers for coming up with such an engaging storyline mixed with mystery, horror and science.. John Noble is fantastic in protraying the kooky brilliant scientist.. I dont think anyone else could do a better job! Im looking forward to see Anna Torv playing the good and bad guy in Season 3.. Havent got that far yet. Favourite episode has to be White Tulip so far... It is so touching & whatever Walter did, it is for his son... Im sure anyone will go to the extremes for their loved ones.. The chemistry between Peter & Olivia is intense too.. I hope things will work out between them soon.
  • Awesome! Amazing! Breathtaking! Never can wait for the next episode. This show is quite and existing at the same time. It's intellignt and moving. It's one of the best.

    Awesome! Amazing! Breathtaking! Never can wait for the next episode. This show is quite and existing at the same time. It's intellignt and moving. It's one of the best. I started watching this show when my friend recommended it. I have to admit, that I didn't quite like it the first 2-3 episodes but suddenly it got to me and eversince than I am very unhappy if there's a week without a new episode. I always likes scientific topics, science ficton and mysterie. Fringe has all these elements. It's nothing like the x-files, that show was too creepy for my taste. Thanks to the funny character Astrid and Walter the laughs inbetween untighten the air a little :)
  • Love it :)

    So when this show first came out I thought of it as the new-age X-files and didn't take it very seriously. However it has definetly become a show of its own.
    The underlying plot has obviously been thought out and every show keeps me wanting more - a rare thing in shows nowdays. Nothing that happens is simply for the sake of it. Everything ties in at some point (be it in the episode or later down the track).
    My only grievance with this show is the fact that Walter has usually had some experience with whatever is going on in most episodes. However this doesn't stop me watching!

    Overall, it's a great show and definetly worth watching :)
  • Great show with potential of becoming a scify classic! Im hooked!

    Great show with potential of becoming a sci fy classic! Im hooked! Excellent and progressive episodes with good actors. Reminds me of when quantum leap and Star Trek first started airing. Just started watching about a week ago and I had to go out and purchase the other 2 seasons. I am already on the current episode after viewing them on DVD and on Xfinity! I have read things on the internet to where Fox is thinking of canceling this show. I believe this would be a huge mistake and they should let this show run its course through the story as a long term investment. Just like some shows in the past, they didn't show their greatness until they were already gone. Fringe is still being discovered.
  • a show thats full of suprises

    while i loved season 1, it never felt like the show had any direction and was unsure of where it was heading (despite the occasional gem here and there). then when season 2 landed it came out guns blazing and suddenly fringe became something unique, a show with so much depth, so many questions needed answering (while steadily supplying them, unlike lost) and characters that you could really get behind. for those of us that endured season 1, we were well rewarded. since jacksonville (midway through season 2) its been an unrelenting stream of outstanding episodes that deliver a genuinely exiting and interesting story, with season 3 being one of the best i have ever seen, so far, and no doubt fringe will keep on delivering. with a great cast, director and writers producing something really unique, what more could you ask for?
  • As Boring As Expected

    I didn't expect much from Fringe... I wasn't disappointed.

    Sadly, this is yet another J.J. Abrams exercise in hyping a show that is lacking both in gravitas and in entertainment value.

    Boring is just not what the doctor ordered, not that anyone really needed a new version of X-Files, but if you're going to do one, the least that should be expected is good acting and some life to the proceedings. But of course, we're talking about a show from the producer that gave us the emptiness that is Cloverfield.

    Perhaps it'd be good for networks in the future to think a little more about producing interesting shows than about how to hype bad ones.
  • Fringe: More Like Cringe

    Cringe is what I do whenever Anna Torv comes on screen. Rarely has an actress brought so little to the screen.

    Anna Torv's performances in Fringe are made mostly of annoying grimaces and of course mugging for the camera (a J.J. Abrams hallmark).

    Speaking of J.J. Abrams, can someone tell me why he is supposed to be a great producer? I mean Fringe is just unbelievably boring, just in the same way as Alias was boring and fake.

    Fringe is the epitome of what is befalling TV drama these days: shows without a soul made to order to fill out some demographic ill-conceived plan.

    Fox used to do so much better in the past. Its Fridays were full of SF-tinged shows with heart (and good acting). Now, it's all about the hype and J.J. Abrams is the hype-master.
  • Fringe has sniffs of potential (and i do mean distant wafts) but the writers and producers continually treat the the viewer with utter contempt serving up ridiculously obvious plot developments & inanely stupid dialog. Seriously dumb TV.

    I find it thoroughly thought provoking that this continues to be produced and gather the ratings when it is clearly a substandard show on all fronts. What surprises me the most is I have given this show the benefit of the doubt time and time again, "just one more episode, I keep telling my self... just one more....all the reviews keep telling me its going to get better soon". We'll I'm writing this review to inform you all It simply doesn't. Fringe is for want of a better word, abysmal TV. It has sniffs of potential but the the writers, producers (all of the production team for that matter) are treating the viewer with utter contempt, continually serving up ridiculously obvious plot developments & inanely stupid dialog. Most episodes start with promise with a cool scifi/horror / thriller undertone, the FBI attempting to bust the case using Fringe science, but every time it deteriorates into the same utter ridiculous mess of stupid non inspiring plot developments courtesy of the mad scientist and the amazing coincidence that he has performed or read about this experiment before. The show wears its X-Files fandom on its sleeve but I must say dear readers, Fringe is like a inbred elementary cretinous distant abomination relative. Seriously. After 8 episodes I'm dumping this like the festering rotting carcass that it is.

    A word: Stupid.

    Give me the first 7 seasons of the X-Files any day!
  • A grief stricken genius is busy gathering pieces of his suicidal love interest. Olivia is coming to terms with the hurt and betrayl she feels, after Peter's involvment with her alter. Will she be able to forgive Peter or not?

    A medical genius becomes obsessed with resurrecting the girl of his dreams, after she gives in to depression and commits suicide. The only obstacle is that she was an organ donor, so he must first find and take back her donated body parts, despite the objections of the current owners.

    The Fringe team is alerted when paramedics respond to an anounymous call and find a man who has had his heart surgically removed but is still alive.

    As the case developes Olivia begins to give in to her feelings of anger at having parts of her life taken by her alter-imposter.

    As the team investigates they piece together that people being attacked are all recipients of the same organ donor: the suicide victim.

    As they track the man taking back the transplanted organs they find themselves always one step behind and it isn't until all the organs have been taken back that they realize who the man is.

    The mad genius using his medical discoveries, has been able to keep the girls body alive while he has been recovering the missing pieces. Once he has her all put back together again he attempts to bring her back to conciousness but after doing so he gives in to defeat just as the Fringe Team discover his location.

    When questioned he sadly admits that after all his efforts the girl he brought back to life was not the woman he loved but only an impostor.

    Olivia is torn by the question of how Peter would not have realized that the woman he was sleeping with was an impostor. Unless of course he never really knew Olivia in the first place?
  • Did we loose the talented writers during the writers strike? there are none on this show that is for sure.

    The show is trying to ride on the coat tails of X-Files and other paranormal shows, but they might as well give up now. The story line is weak at best, the characters are not only unbelievable, they are highly irritating.

    Joshua Jackson is at his normal best (that is to say 2 dimensional) and what is with that so called Doctor guy... Come on this show should not last for more than 4-5 episodes, assuming that is how many they have already shot.

    There is no possible reason to watch this drivel, even the most gullible Sci Fi fan still wants to see a show where the science at least remotely reflects possibility. Something they won't get on this show that is for sure.

    A complete Bomb
  • Worst show Ever !!

    Show presents itself as an updated X-Files , even the opening credits are very similar , the story lines to date could just as easily have been X-Files episodes , sadly thats where the similarity ends.

    Some of the poorest scripts you could hope to see , riddled with cliché's and massive plot holes. The acting is passable , but only just , but then when they have to deliver that quality of script , you must have some sympathy.

    This must be one of the flashiest shows ever made , special effects and flourishes in every scene , its just painful to watch , the actors & storyline take a back seat to allow the fancy effects to dominate the screen.

    I really can't think of anything positive to say about the show , the storyline as I mentioned above are interesting enough, but when they are laced with shockingly poor scripts , and wrapped up with flashy effects, they are lost.

    ANNA Torv who is suppose to be the leading actress of the show has given the terrible performance one could ever imagine, She is always acts WOODEN and her Weird expressions as if she is Constipating all the time adds upto the misery of the show , The only saving Grace of the show that i consider is the Mad scientist and his son played by JOSHUA JACKSON (which always reminds me of Mighty ducks) their acting is upto the mark and their characters are well written

    The main problem of this show is in the Writing department the stories are very weak and seems to be Far fetched

    i would recommend Viewers to watch the Best and Classic show ever to deal with Paranormal stuff " The X-files " from the scratch or if your looking for new Material.... i would recommend " Supernatural ' another great show
  • It's a good show. But evil twins and formulaic romance detract.

    It's a good show when it sticks to this world and what's happening here. They have interesting views of science and some weird tech. And I like the characters. Especially at their funny and quirky moments. But I don't like the crossover episodes because I don't like mixing the evil twins with the ones I already like. But that's just me. I also don't like the boring formulaic romance. Every TV show in the history of the world makes the couple dance and dance around each other but they never get together and stick. What is so wrong with a little art reflecting reality once in a while? If people didn't commonly get into long term relationships then the human race would have disappeared long ago. So why not write that?
  • Charlie did or didn't died?

    Can Anyone explain me what did happen with Charlie???
    Didn't he died? In the fire when "the silver blood guy" toke his place?
    Can anyine explain me?
    On Season 2 he re-apear in episode 11. Season 2 Ep 11:
    Outside, Charlie meets with Olivia and tells her he has FBI agents surrounding the building. She realizes that the head is at Laston-Hennings. Olivia checks her phone and gets the completed real-time feed, which reveals Charlie is the shapeshfiter. He attacks her and gets the name and then calls his fellow hybrid. Olivia attacks him but he overwhelms her until a bystander sees what's going on and enters the alley. The shapeshifter shoots him but Olivia has enough time to grab her gun and shoot him repeatedly until he dies.
  • The best show on TV, hands (with 6 fingers) down!!

    I always get a little gleeful when I find a TV show that hits all the marks; intelligent writing, well defined characters that you can really care about, played with great depth and thoughtfulness by wonderful, interesting actors, fascinating plot lines, endless possibilities and last but not least a sense of humor...Needless to say I don't get gleeful very often. Until that is I stumbled upon Fringe. I had reservations at first due to the overwhelming comparisons to the X-Files (one of my top 10 all time favorite shows). X-Files was one of a kind and to even fathom that a show could come even minutely close to that kind of magic was preposterous. I did not dive right into Fringe. I dipped a toe in here and there catching a little of an episode now and then....THEN, all of a sudden I was hooked! I caught the episode where Charlie meets his demise. It was so fascinating and I started to really learn who the characters were. I fell in love. Now I wait with eager anticipation for each new episode, excited to see what they'll come up with next!
  • A breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to see new faces that bring the characters to life.

    Simply the best show on TV. The acting is first rate and the character roles are well chosen. The only change needed might be Vance Reddick. Another actor might be better suited for the role.
    The story line has been well written and in some cases almost believable. That is saying a lot compared to some of the trash now showing.
    Please don't let this show die as some networks have done. Before you the network gives up it should move the program to another time slot or at worst, sell it to the Si-Fi network. The only program rival would be " 24 ".
  • Crisp, brilliant

    This show basically takes all the cool science stuff from Lost and packages it in its own show. That's really good because those are the episodes of Lost that I love best...last season especially when they introduced Maxwell.

    The characters are warm, and just the right amount of human the show doesn't teeter into geekdom.

    I have one small gripe which I also expressed about Lost. Does J.J.Abrams like, or hate, beautiful women. I mean, he finds these incredible hotties to play the side characters, but always ends up killing them. Like that redhead in the last episode. Why couldn't they kill the bald guy? The bald guy always survives and the hot redhead always dies...J.J.Abrams tears up more "scenery" than any man should be allowed!
  • Fringe is another creation from JJ Abrams - the FBI and Homeland Security team up along with an offbeat scientist to solve cases involving the strange and unexplainable casualties.

    As a fan of "Heroes" I find myself becoming more of a fan of this show - the writing is good, the stories are unique and I think they did a good job in the casting. John Noble as Dr. Bishop gives a quirky yet convincing performance each week and the chemistry between son Peter and Agent Dunham (Anna Torv, who is GREAT and sexy) seems to work without any romantic tension.

    This weeks episode gives us another villain - Dr. Sumner from the mental institution and combined with the still running mystery behind the "death" of Agent Scott will continue to attract viewers beyond this season.
  • Loved it! Can't wait for next week. Don't want to spoil it but the ending is a must see.

    Very engaging. Worth every minute. Watch to the end for the surprise. The characters are really being developed. It is great to see a science fiction show with a story line and great writing. The crazy old doctore makes the show. You know he is from lord of the Rings- love the accent too. If you haven't gotten on the Fringe train now is the time. The writer of the show is from LOST- JJ Abrams. If you liked X-Files and Heroes you will like this show. It has unique twists like those shows and keeps your interest to the end. You will not be disappointed.
  • Continuity is the worst I've seen

    I don't normally notice goofs but they were just so poor in this.

    First in the scene where Peter goes through to the interrogation room, on one of the monitors you see him entering the room before he's even left the current one. Also at the end where Agent Scott is lying in her arms.. eyes closed eyes open eyes closed... And throughout especially the bit where she is in the water tank thing the people in the back ground are constantly moving and changing places. It actually confused me as I thought there were loads of people there. Just try and keep your eye on the female in the background. She's fast aint she.

    All said and done I did enjoy it. Maybe it's just in the pilot. I will be watching more, I just hope it doesn't end up as a watch for the mistakes.
  • Will make you cling to your seat...

    A fantastic series which clings to the scifi genre. Takes along the original concepts then totally blows your mind with intriguing new ideas..Great for those who like character development and also for those who like to cling to there seats. A great series with ever expanding story lines. Good series for a good night in watching the television. All centered around a scientist who was falsely accused and sent to a institution, where he slowly loses his mind and loses touch with the real world. He is later released and sent back to his old lab to help the FBI after some scientific phenomenons start to appear all over the world to which homeland security give the title ' The Pattern'. I highly recommend this series especially to lost fans out there.
  • Awesome show definitely in my tops!

    I randomly while trying to get to my favorite show bones on the fox website, I stumbled across an interestingly enough title. I was curious what it was about and no one i knew really had heard of it. I clicked on it and decided eh I can always change the show. Immediately I was intrigued by the shows scientific exoticness. this show is one that science and forensic geeks can sit down and watch together. Fringe is a show that you sit down after a long day with a bowl of ice cream(if you have an iron stomach), or if you want to forget about any hard encounters that day. It makes you wonder if unexplained science really exits and the government isn't telling us...All in all a must watch and a edge-of-your-seater.
  • The first time I saw the trailer for the series I was like.."man i want to watch that." My first reaction to seeing the first episode was " next one!"

    The first time I saw the trailer for the series I was like.."man i want to watch that." My first reaction to seeing the first episode was " next one!" The show deals with science and the many new controversial methods of using it and experimenting with it. For people who don't really like science it doesn't matter because there is more than just and it is equally as good to watch. Walter is one of my personal favorites. He has that "I've been locked up in a mental institution but I still have my sense of humor and intelligence." Over all he is just super hilarious, and a very intriguing character to watch be played. Peter, well he is more sensible, connected to the world kind of person. He has his secrets and comes off as if he doesn't care about his father but deep down and as the show goes on we see differently. In reality he becomes his father to some extent, cares for him and wishes to know the secrets behind his father. Olivia is the FBI agent, she appears to have self control and to have the power she needs in order to function in her line of work but in reality she is just a normal person searching for answers. The mystery behind her true identity, where she belongs and everything else i believe is the most interesting to watch. The science part of the show is just creepy, disturbing but at the same time so fascinating and captivating. To even watch the many possibilities of what science is capable of becoming or what it has become already. I just think this show is amazing!
  • Finge Science Fiction

    i must agree, this show does need a little bit more tooling. im very glad with the way the show has come along. very much the new X-Files of the new millenium. it has filled a new way we look at science fiction and how strange alot of this seems to be that we are almost that close to the truth, more so then we ever have. i can only see this show getting better and coming along with a whole new strain of stories with this new science fiction being so out there that i can see why they call this show Fringe
  • Love it!

    Fringe is my new best friend. Seriously. I always dread the beginning of the week, but Fringe makes me look forward to Tuesday nights. I honestly get out of bed just so I can watch Fringe that night. But anyway, I started watching Fringe only a couple of months ago. Dumb on my part. I wish I had started watching earlier! My favorite character is Olivia. She's strong-willed, intelligent, full of will-power, and can kick some bad guy butt! :) Walter is absolutely hilarious. You will never know what he is going to say next. Peter is really growing on me as well. The entire cast is, really. I love the plotlines, love the characters. On Tuesdays at nine o'clock, you will not find me anywhere else except for in front of the television, tuned in on Fringe. Guaranteed.
  • Just like other shows.

    This is not a bad show by any means. I just think it has the same basic premise of other shows like Heroes and Supernatural. I think with the way this show is going, it will last becuase of the good acting and drama. I do have to say that I like the characters on the show. They have some good actors and actresses that make the show failry entertaining. I do not like the storylines and plots. I find these unoriginal and quite boring. Overall, this is just an average show overall that makes for some filler television. Thank you.
  • Ignored the previews. Decided weeks later to see it. BAM! Loves it! The Dr. makes me laugh.

    Summary sums it up. I dont think its to be really funny, but I just laugh a lot at the crap that flies out the mouths of the characters. I love the weird scenarios they get into. It's like a mix of CSI and X-files. Weird crap happening and need to take all the steps necessary to figure it out. My boyfriend didnt want to take interest in the show either but I made him watch an episode and then he asked "can we watch another?". Precious, I know. I ask everyone to see an episode if they are into sci-fi drama and I bet they will love it.
  • "Twilight Zone 2009"! Not even in the same classification as Lost. Sci-Fi meets Crime and Mystery. Great concept.

    Walter, by far, is my favorite character. I can't begin to imagine being locked away from "civilization" as he knew it for 20 years ... but then again, is it so different than before? He keeps in his own little world only allowing others in when absolutely necessary. Nothing like a good experiment to get the juices flowing. The enite team is intense in what they do. They thrive on each other's emotions and get the job done ... by whatever means. Great blend of characters. I would like to see a little more of the personal side of the characters. Keep those weidos coming or Walter will sink back to his own confinement,
  • One of the better Science Fiction series on today...

    This series is one of the best around, I'm not just saying that because I'm a big JJ Abrams fanboy well I might be I dont know any this show is awesome. It is not as good as JJ Abrams biggest TV hit Lost but in my opinion it is equally as good as Alias. The show gets this all the time but it is very simular to The X-Files but different as well, it has elements of that classic show but it also has its own originality. The characters are all very intresting my favourite in Anna Torv's character Olivia, I thought the character was pretty boring first half of season 1 but then she really got intresting and it helps that the character is played by Torv one of the best actresses on TV. John Noble and Joshua Jackson are also excellent as Walter and Peter Bishop. The supporting cast is great too. The show is great and each episode is very intresting and strange. If you like shows like shows were people investigate murders and such but want to see something new then this is your show. If you like Lost or any other Abrams show/movie then try it also odds are you will love this series. I know I do.
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