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  • Started off slick but shallow, but finally found an idea to carry the show forward.

    Early episodes were flat, derivative and felt like a mere X-files rip-off. Episode 14 finally reversed this with the long overdue revelation of a purported conflict between our universe and another, which has mastered trans-dimensional travel. Now we finally have some idea of an epic struggle between good and evil, a secret army of warriors and a lead character who may have special powers. These are the elements of an interesting story. There is enough real science behind the story to ponder "what if?" without embarrassment. The existence of this secret society, complete with it's sacred text and admittedly insane founder provide opportunities to explore common themes in the origin of religions-- if Fox will let them...
  • Still in it's freshman stage but lots of potential.

    The pond is shallow when it comes to sci-fi and not every show can live up to the X-Files. I like the characters thus far and hope to see them fleshed out a bit more but seeing as they have only been working together for a short amount of time it would seem unnaturally fast to dump ones entire life history on the first case. Every character is damaged in some way and it's perfectly believable that they would be hesitant to form close bonds when they aren't even sure how long they will working together. Furthermore, if I'm ever in the unfortunate position to see a human being orifices close up I'm not sure I'd be thinking about whether my co-workers like to sing karoke on the weekends. My real bone of contention is this 'attraction' they seem to be pushing. Do we have to go there? The science "mistakes" aside I still like the show and hope it developes into something great.
  • This show is the new Lost. Hopefully it keeps up the thrilling pace!

    The previews and commercials for this show generally don't do it justice. It's quite frankly one of the best on TV right now. Typically I don't like dramas, but this show definitely has my interest. It's like Lost and the X-Files had a test tube baby. It's a very lovable baby. Not always cute, but you lovable nonetheless.

    I like that they didn't cast a smoking hot vapid chick as the star. Torv is attractive in an "every girl" type of way. The show does an excellent job of not pushing her into a T&A role, and keeps her character likable in that she's professional and tough.

    The surrounding cast is also quite excellent. Josh Jackson is probably the weakest cast member, but he does a good job. John Noble is just fantastic. He does an outstanding job in taking a character that is a genius, mentally out of whack, and humorous, and blends these elements into a very memorable character. In all actuality he's probably the star in how he carries the show.

    The ongoing plot of Fringe is nothing terribly new, but interesting nonetheless. A giant corporation is somehow involved in clandestine operations that may or may not be leading to the end of the world. The catch is how this is presented. Each episode does a nice job of introducing some crazy new sci-fi type of 'fringe' technology into the the story. It's presented in such a way where you're not really doubting the "science" behind it, though. Hopefully the show is able to keep up the fast pace. There's a lot of loose ends out there right now (mid season one). It's very much like Lost in that way. These loose ends need to be tended to in a way where it doesn't unravel much the way Lost did in seasons 2 and 3. Bottom Line: If you like Lost and/or the X-Files, you should give Fringe a chance.
  • Quirky and stylish successor to the "X-files" tradition.

    Fringe owes a lot to the X-files tradition of science-meets-supernatural with plenty of paranoia-inducing evidence of a vast conspiracy that may or may not include the US government, a huge, menacing corporation, and ... who knows? This is in contrast to the marginally sane scientist who is the lynchpin to solving each week's gruesome mysterious death(s). (The body count alone on this show sets it apart from most.) One thing I like is that it doesn't take itself quite as seriously as some similar shows. There's a resident cow in the semi-mad scientist's basement lab, and he cobbles together "scientific" gizmos that would make Rube Goldberg proud. I also like that the star, who plays smart, serious, FBI agent Olivia Dunham is not made into a fashion plate, but is allowed to be lovely without having to trowel on a glossy make-up job or spend hours in the hair trailor. Just like a male character! So refreshing. I do wonder if the cow is getting cabin fever, though.
  • A nice Lost substitute...

    Yeah, I wasn't too interested when I heard that JJ. Abrams was making a new show, but as it got nearer, the hype on the net and forums got bigger and bigger and after seeing the ad, I decided to tune into the pilot. It got me, from the very first scene. The effects are great. I love the slight horror/gruesome aspect to the show, and the characters are fairly interesting. I would like to see maybe 1 or 2 more main characters come in though, because it sort of has a CSI feel to it, which I don't like. If the episodes were more continuous like Lost, then this would be my second favourite show on TV (After Lost) but it's still a good show, and brightens up my Wednesday afternoons.
  • Good but not as good as people think.

    Now don't get me wrong this is a good, interesting and enjoyable show but it is too overhyped.

    Everyone keeps going on about how original this show is and how different it is from everything else. But has no-one seen the x-files or indeed eleventh hour (the original British version - which aired in 2005). It just isn't as new or different as people think it is but it does have its good points.

    As I said I like the show I think the characters are well thought out and interesting, and the plot is... well there is some sort of plot I will comment on it as soon as I figure out exactly what it is.

    it is worth watching without a doubt but just don't get caught up in the hyp and realise it isn't all it is cracked up to be.
  • This is must-see tv!

    I have been hooked on this show since I first saw it. I was taking night classes and would have to rush home to catch it in time on Tuesday nights. Walter is not just a mad scientist, he's also funny and adds alot of comic relief to the show. The show is pretty creepy at times but unlike XFiles, there is always an explanation for what is going on (it's usually something weird, however). Some of the characters and goings-on from past episodes always come back to haunt us in later episodes, so it's helpful to make sure you see all of them. This show is put together very well. I sure hope it survives as long as the XFiles did.
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!

    I have been hooked on this show since I first saw it. Walter Bishop is funny and adds such a comic relief to the show. This show always keeps me guessing. Olivia Dunham's is connected to Walter and Peter Bishop on a much deeper level then we taught. I cant wait to see Olivia and Peter's relationship grow. Peter is my favorite character. I cant wait until Peters past come back to get him. I'm sure this show has many more seasons to come. I not a big fan of science stuff, mostly because I don't understand it but the writers explain it so well.
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!

    I have been hooked on this show since I first saw it. Walter Bishop is funny and adds such a comic relief to the show. This show always keeps me guessing. Olivia Dunham's is connected to Walter and Peter Bishop on a much deeper level then we taught. I cant wait to see Olivia and Peter's relationship grow. Peter is my favorite character. I cant wait until Peters past come back to get him. I'm sure this show has many more seasons to come. I not a big fan of science stuff, mostly because I don't understand it but the writers explain it so well.
  • Meh...I may give this a few more goes, but I'm not holding my breath over this one. Review may contain spoilers

    Well, what can I say after watching the initial pilot?

    Within 10 minutes of watching I'd already worked out the plot, who was going to die and who the team was going to consist of. No great shakes and I'm afraid very formulaic. Let me give you an example. Anyone who says 'I love you' within the first few minutes of us seeing them on screen is either going to die or at best be the criminal (it's like the cliché of those who have sex in a horror movie, tend to die first). Hey and guess what?! Olivia's boyfriend was both! Oh as a sideline, when she answers her mobile phone near the beginning, how the heck did she get her bra and shirt on within 3 seconds with just one hand while holding her mobile in her other hand? Anyhoo, I digress. Her sidekick Peter Bishop was definitely going to be working going to be in future episodes - Brilliant, dark(ish) secret, good-looking-but-not-as-handsome-as-her-current-on-screen-boyfriend, and Olivia's boss who starts off hating her based on a previous job but ends up respecting her because she gets the job done. Wow, I could almost see them wanting to write "You're a loose cannon, but we need you. Make one more mistake and you're off the force", but this is the pilot and I'm sure they've pencilled it in for a future episode.

    Overall the script was ok, but nothing special, but what really irked me (and this could be the broadcast we got), but the sound was up and down like a yo-yo. One minute I couldn't hear what was being said, the next it was like I was in an old Memorex advert being blasted by the sound from my TV. One of the bits I did hear and actually made me laugh out loud was when Dr Walter Bishop announced to Olivia that her boyfriend had 24 hours to get antidote before dying...why is it always 24 or 48 hours before the person dies, the bomb explodes etc? If it's for dramatic purposes, it's getting really old. And talking of which, it's amazing that within this time they managed to get a storeroom cleaned, converted back to Dr Bishop's lab, with all the specialised equipment he ordered, including a cow, within a fraction of the time, while Olivia is having dreams merged and THEN going off to here there and everywhere, including saving her beau, with time to spare. And why a cow? Don't scientists use mice, rats, pigs and monkeys as they are easier to handle and are probably as close, if not closer match to human DNA?

    Overall, I thought the acting was OK, but I'm not yet convinced that Anna Torv is good enough to take the lead. On the flip side, I was particularly impressed with John Noble playing Dr Walter Bishop and was very pleased to see he's going to be a permanent member of the team as I think he will add some real gravitas to the series.

    I did feel as if parts were taken from the cutting room floor of Lost, another of J.J. Abrams creations (plane, storm, something terrible happens), but again this is a pilot and as a viewer I will give it some leeway, but I do hope things improve in future episodes.
  • *cringe*

    The science is bad. I know, it's supposed to be *fringe* science... but it's not fringe. Fringe is "Quantum theory says there could be multiple entire universes or maybe little pocket universes or maybe just two at a time or there's this other theory...", or "we're not sure if quantum particles which are affected by observation can really interact with out DNA in any effective way". Fringe science is STILL SCIENCE. Whereas the stuff on this show is like, Ooooh! When someone ages rapidly, it turns their hair white! Even though hair, as every girl with a dye-bottle knows, does NOT work that way - it grows in with color or without. Age can make your hair fall out, but not already-existing hair go white. Sorry. And yet another show with a conspiracy theory. They're starting to bore me to tears; they always end up too complicated for words, with plot holes the size of roast turkeys. But hey, I love the old and ethically-challenged scientist! He gets the best lines. "Do I have to keep him alive?" I almost spat out my milk, I laughed so hard. He's awesome.
  • Fascinating, at first. Good mystery. Good characters. BAD BAD BAD photography. Too much shaky cam. Too jerky. Too many jump cuts. Nauseating result, unrelated to content.

    I want to like this show. I like the premise. The mystery is good, so far. The actors are decent. The writing is fine. No faux pas.

    What IS wrong with this show?
    It is unwatchable. The photography is horrid.
    Shaky, hand held camera work.
    Jump cuts.
    The result is nauseating. In short, it becomes unwatchable. That defeats the purpose of television, doesn't it?

    Idiots who are in charge of photography should be fired! TV needs to be compelling, not repelling.

    Whoever told them that a story is improved by making the high definition image into a low definition blurred mess, or cuts that aren't in sync with the actors dialog, need to be re-educated. Preferably sent back to the 1940s or 1950s.
  • I really wanted to like Fringe. I have watched all the episodes aired so far, and have really tried to find something positive about them. Sure the production is great, but the plot feels very shallow.

    I am a big fan of sci-fi and when I heard that JJ was making a new series with sci-fi elements I was filled with joy. Trust me I have tried so hard to like this series but it is simply unwatchable anymore. To be honest each episode feels completely the same. Watching each episode certainly made me feel like all the concepts were mentioned before in the X-Files or The 4400. The only good thing about the show is the production, which is what we should expect from JJ. Other than that there is nothing positive about this show. I honestly have given up on watching Fringe, hopefully it will improve for those of you that are still watching. But from what ive seen so far I dont think viewers should have high hopes!
  • Ridiculous, waste of time

    I am a huge fan of XFiles, I like Lost a lot. But wait, this show is starting right now, 2008... It is totally sucking ideas from XFiles, the shame is, XFiles got them first, and used them to the extremity. And even then, I would close my eyes on this, if there was some sort of sense into it. But the show is full of stupid mistakes, inconsistencies, impossibilities... I never got to believe anything I have seen, no emotion. Maybe I have seen it all in XFiles, but then, Im probably not the only one. Avoid this show, watch something decent, or read a book
  • Characters are interesting but lack of basic science knowledge will doom the show to its intended audience. Elevator is driven up and let down.

    The Characters are fine but a "science" show should know how an elevator works before it makes it critical to the plot, An elevator is driven up and is let down. Gravity is the force causing it to go down and energy is expended to keep it from falling too fast. Driving a elevator to the ground is like pushing on a rope (cable in this case) The show need some basis in reality for it to work. I am assuming it trying to appeal to people who like to mix science and mystery (like Bones). In addition, the whole plot line of her seeing he ex was more of a distraction and than add to the main plot,. Better Luck next time
  • 2-dimensional characters, formulaic plots, completely unengrossing even for a Sci-Fi fanatic

    This show took me back to middle-school when our English teacher made us write scripts. cardboard cutout characters that I seriously wouldn't care if the writers killed off. I've watched 4 episodes and there really isn't anyone on the show that I care about.

    As seems to be the case lately with "what the heck can we do that's new?" shows, the only character with any personality is the psychotic, a frequent cop-out by completely untalented writers.

    This is remarkable, considering the rich character development in Abrams' previous shows. I guess teaming up with the pair that brought us Hercules and Xena didn't bring us another Alias.

    Anyway, this frees up an hour a week on my DVR. Let's hope Rufus Sewell treats my stomach better on that other show.
  • They just can't seem to find their footing!

    I want to enjoy Fringe and, in a way, I do but this this just can't seem to kick off its own concept. Sure, it was doing just fine in the beginning but it's drifted and turning into an unsurprising monster of the week show. It also doesn't help that &@^!ing American Idol keeps running long and cutting off the end on my DVR.

    If this show delves more into its own mythology more, I think it would improve, but as it is Fringe is enjoyable but not substantial - the equivalent of sci-fi marshmallow fluff. Tasty on its own, but you find yourself wishing you had graham crackers and chocolate too.
  • Remove the jargon and it's not complex, not really that intelligent, not really that original but it truly is absolutely fabulous!

    I still can't really pinpoint what exactly it was about Fringe that grabbed me, devoured me and spat me out begging to ride again, but it did.
    If the Pilot episode wasn't enough to not only whet your appetite but truly saturate it then this probably isn't the series for you. For those of you that felt as exhilarated as I about it this review is for you and please don't be offended!
    This series is basically a guilty pleasure, the characters appear 2D and actors not especially talented, the plot predictable and I'm not expecting any twists and turns to not have been expected from at least the episode before but there's something about it that's simply wonderful. From the brilliant dated equipment the mad scientist uses, the extravagant titling (that's fabulous and I enjoy each and every time it appears) to the overt sexual chemistry of our two main protagonists that you just know won't go anywhere for ages if atall, I literally am gagging for my next installment.
    Perhaps being a Lost fan helps but I don't think so. Fringe is glossy, simple and fun, it fulfills all my supernatural fantasies and leaves me wanting more. This review has almost been a gushy, groupie-like compliment but I honestly don't think I could have expressed myself any other way - this really is what this series has already done to me.
    Enjoy as I am, don't over analyze or intellectually criticize as that would be ridiculous and inappropriate and if you needed to do that just don't watch it in the first place. Let Fringe satisfy your pleasure in the pseudo sciences and the exciting possibilities you can allow yourself to believe in.
  • X-Files has nothing to worry about...Stole the plot and half the effects from old Arnold S. movies. Put on old re-runs of Twilight Zone, at least it was original...

    I won't get that hour back. Bad plot lines, tired tech effects, and arrogant performaces. This show is supposed to be based in Boston and it clearly is not. I've lived in Boston for 40 years and no location remotely looks like what they were portraying. The junior agent said "I know that bridge from when I lived in Dighton" (which she pronounced like she was from CA) and that the bridge was in Stoughton. Well that would be tough since Dighton and Stoughton are 50 miles from each other and Stoughton has no such bridge. Do the research! At least other Boston based shows used real scenes from around the city and the actors tried to sound Bostonian. This was a sad effort with weak sub-plots. People who watch sci-fi are into the details and the makers of this show are not.

    i saw the pilot yesterday and here is what i think of it. The characters: (Olivia Dunham) it kinda took the lead in the show, it doesn't suite her. we thought that the main character is (Peter Bishop) but this character is very shallow!! what! a babysiter for his father thats totally stupid.the father (Walter Bishop) also is very poor made a crazy old scientist is gonna save the world. what i really think of the whole show is that they tried to copy supernatural in a modern and advenced way but they didn't make it right. what they should make is to fix the characters not the actors they are fine. more space for the son less for the others
  • in spanish!!

    Aunque me tardé en ver el episodio piloto de Fringe –échenle la culpa a nuestro nuevo website– por fin lo hice, y tengo que aceptar que me sorprendió. Aquellos que me conocen, saben que soy una absoluta fan de JJ Abrams y de todo en lo que se involucre –desde Lost a Felicity, pasando por Alias y Cloverfield–, así que desde un inicio estaba predispuesta a que me gustara la novata serie. Sin embargo, algo cambió después de leer las no-tan-buenas reseñas que le dieron, cuando no impresionó al público en la Comic-Con y finalmente, cuando no alcanzó buenos ratings durante su estreno.

    Pero heme aquí arrepentida, porque después de ver el primer capítulo me di cuenta que sí tiene la fuerza para convertirse en una de las series favoritas of all time. Sí, quizá es muy episódico y sí, tal vez le da un aire a The X Files, pero al final, lo único que tienen de similar es que los casos que analizan forman parte de una rama de investigación que describe teorías inusuales y modelos cuyas bases tienen principios científicos (llamada fringe science). Además, por lo menos en este capítulo, no se habló ni una vez acerca de vida alienígena.

    Del episodio, cabe resaltar que el manejo del suspenso á la JJ continúa funcionando, y la secuencia inicial –dentro de un avión con turbulencia– trae a la mente recuerdos de esa otra serie ambientada en una isla, mientras que la música –de Michael Giacchino, obvio– le da un aire de misterio que seguro funcionará para el resto de la temporada. Los nombres de los episodios, muy al estilo de Heroes, aparecen interactuando con las imágenes de la serie con unas fonts grandes, tridimensionales y con apariencia de hierro.

    De las actuaciones, yo me esperaba a un Joshua Jackson que se pareciera más a Pacey de Dawson's Creek, sin embargo, con su actuación logró desprenderse de esa idea de heartthrob que la mayoría de los televidentes esperaban. El episodio cumple su objetivo e introduce a los personajes principales casi casi deslizándolos dentro de la trama. No hay nada forzado y, sobre todo, tiene un gran twist al final. Quizá sólo le criticaría que hacia su conclusión, el ritmo del show cambió, haciendo que todo sucediera más rápido a lo que nos tuvieron acostumbrado durante la primera hora. Aunque aquellos acostumbrados al timing de JJ, esto seguro no les extrañará.
  • The manipulation of life by science.

    With enough twists and turns to make a tornado dizzy, this show always keeps me guessing.
    Olivia Dunham's abilities are still being defined, but she is obviously of great interest to all groups involved in the project. Her interaction with both Walter and Peter Bishop must go much deeper than has already been alluded to.
    And why is John Scott being kept artificially alive? How much does he really know about the project? Will he ever return to life?
    Who is working with who? Will we ever meet William Bell? Is William Bell an alternative persona of Walter Bishop?
    The journey towards these answers is much anticipated.
  • Not bad - needs fine tuning

    Well, show was not bad with lots of potential. We needed something to replace x-files and this looks like very similar show. However first episode was a bit annoying and illogical. How that FBI agent has so much power to do whatever she wants is beyond comprehension. She pulls resources, she gets whatever she needs approved and in the beginning of episode, we see her as just average agent bossed around by superiors. That part annoys me, everything else was good. We'll see how it develops in next few episodes. They need to improve characters and make them more believable because in pilot they role in all of this was confusing.
  • One weird thing is fine, but if everything is fantasy you might as well watch a Saturday morning cartoon.

    I was really looking forward to the show, but I bailed out of the pilot after about a half an hour. The plot had so many improbable events and conditions that it was like the proverbial jungle containing "all tigers" - not ecologically practical. If nothing behaves reasonably, the story becomes like Alice in Wonderland. J J might as well have had the Queen of Hearts as one of the characters - it would have not made the story any more difficult to believe.
    Introducing something like a nanotech disassembler that can turn a planeload of people into slime in 5 minutes might be fine if you also pointed out that it would be hugely exothermic or had other restriction.
  • Bad dialogue and characters, nothing special about it, the same "Abrams" formula everyone is sick of. What's the point of watching it? There is none.

    The only reason I watch Fringe is because House MD is on right after it. Besides that there really isn't any reason to watch it.

    The weekly plots seemed like a fresh thing for Abrams. But he still has this "LOST"like storyline running in the background with so many twists that it becomes predictable.

    The characters are horrible. The Dialogue is not only predictable and cliche but also extremely dull and boring.

    If you don't watch any shows you may like this. But this is the only show I watch that I really think sucks.

    Trust me. There are MUCH better shows on TV. Fringe will only keep me tuned in for the fact I get to watch House in an hour and that I think some of the plot lines will be cool. But that doesn't include the "Long Running" plot line. It looks dreadful and very unoriginal (Heroes anybody?).
  • Too many plot holes. Bad pacing.

    I really looked forward to watching this show. I thought, HEY a cool new x-files type show. The hype machine had me ready to go. SPOILERS!!

    What first put me off was the sequencing. The plot line in the first hour had so many holes. Lets first start with the professor. He goes from a bumbling insipid mental patient to a person you would trust with a scalpel. Ok now let's talk about the insubordinate lead. Let's see 1. She gets authorization to visit the dr. 2. she gets a release for the dr. 3. we open a lab where people got murdered. (laughed when the cow walked by). 4. approval to get acid. all without approval from her boss. and a big 5. If she was in his mind why didn't she find out the end?

    I could go on and on. The Matrix blue pill red pill scenario. The "Pattern" guffin. The conspiracy "You don't know the REAL truth" story line.

    It's tired. It was like driving by a car accident. I had to watch the end to see if it wasn't so, so predictable. It was. You may not want to waste your time on this one. It has a long way to go to get better.
  • Horrible sci-fi show, great comedy!

    I am not sure why people have given this show good reviews. I watched the pilot and was literally crying I was laughing so hard at the absolute stupidity of the show. The FBI girl gets a crazy person out of a mental institution to help her save her boyfried, and then he makes all of these ridiculous demands which she actually does (i.e. he wants a cow delivered to his lab, his lab is on Harvard property but no one at Harvard seemed to want to use that lab for the last however many years the crazy guy was locked away, she had no problem having him strip her naked and dump her into dirty water, etc. etc. etc.)! No one at the FBI seems to care that this crazy guy just released from the mental institution is being allowed anywhere near the sick FBI guy (I would have thought the FBI might have had some kind of security protocols to follow in this kind of situation). The FBI girl picks up the Dawson's Creek guy from Baghdad using the private FBI jet. Then she somehow manages to capture the man behind this horrible terrorist attack in less than 24 hours with minimal (I would actually say no) support from the FBI or CIA and her boss tells her "We're impressed". Well DUH!! Come on, I felt like I was getting stupider and stupider just watching this garbage, but I did watch the whole thing because I laughed out loud at just about every scene (although the funny scenes really didn't start until they went to Baghdad)! I don't think it was their intent to be this funny but I actually thought it ranked up there with my other favirote comedy shows. Because of the good laughs I raised my review from a 1 to a 2.5, but purely as a sci-fi drama I predict that this show won't last past a third episode.
  • Have you ever seen a cheesy horror flick or low-budget sci-fi movie that made you laugh it was so bad? Yeah, it's like that.

    It's not uncommon in modern television to have a show premised on the idea of a chain of highly abnormal events. "The X Files" connected these with the logical understanding that the government covers up it's own screwups and things that might scare the public. "Heroes" drives this with a genetic mutation coming to rise that gives people extraordinary powers. "Fringe" chocks it up to a mysterious phenomena that even those in the know no nothing about called 'The Pattern,' hoping it will pique our curiosity and draw us into the saga.

    And if Fringe was a good show, it might, but it's not, and it doesn't. It deigns to be intriguing, but is so poorly executed that getting engrossed for more than two minutes would be a challenge. The plots themselves are not entirely terrible - absurd, of course, but there have been sucessful shows with worse - but it's hard to get far enough to care when your characters are so godawful it's hard to take them for human.

    For this fact, there is plenty of blame to go around. Blame J.J. Abrams, for backstories that are supposed to be interesting, but just aren't. Blame the writers, for flat dialogue which shares it's false sense of urgency with every bad sci-fi B movie. Blame the actors, for atrocious overacting of flat personalities across the board. So far the guest stars have all been more interesting (and believable) to watch, including "Amblance Driver #2." That's never good.

    The best way to describe it all is "campy," which covers not only the unbelievable characters but also the gratuitous blood and high-pitched screaming and cheesy, ominous background music.

    I'm reminded of a short-lived show called "The Chronicle." The premise was that a discredited journalist goes to a supernatural-themed tabloid only to find out all of their stories were true. That show had the wisdom to present as a comedy, and let us laugh as our ridiculous reporters when from farcical event to farcical event, playing fools for our amusement. Even then, the show was canceled in less than a dozen episodes. "Fringe" should suffer an even faster demise, because camp without intent isn't dramatic or comedic; it's just plain tragic.
  • Excellent Sci-fi.

    I watched season 1 over a 4 day span. I haven't watched season 2 as of yet. I DVR them and wait for the season to finish. So this review is based on Season 1.

    One of the best shows I have encountered. Not only is the storyline, character setting and acting great but it also has decent special effects. Most TV shows don't have great support for special effects.

    The Son of a crazy scientist with problems of his own. His father the scientist who may be the blame behind everything and the FBI agent who needs their help to explain and stop the ever growing phenomenon that has been plaguing them. X-File-esque sci fi thriller that will keep you glued to the TV. The acting is great the setting is superb and the story line has been perfect for any sci fi / drama fan alike. Episodes of monsters, disease ridden humans, bio terrorists and many other settings that will keep you craving for more.
  • At first I thought NO!

    If Im being honest when my friends first told me about Fringe I thought to myself that there was no way that I would like this show. So when the show aired it's first season on TV I refused to watched the show. However I did begin to watch the repeate episodes on TV and I became completly hooked and just couldn't stop watching. I thought that this show had been done before nut watching it made me doubt that and if it has then have done the way in which fringe has. I can safely say that this different from all the rest of the shows out there and far better than most. I love how every episode presents a new cases, the next often more stranger than the one before. I love how that even though every case closes at the end of the episode, the story continues on. It is very difficult to keep a show like this entertaining and I can say that the show keeps the audience entertained brilliantly. The episodes are full of twists and turns that you don't see coming, and there is always a brilliant cliffhanger than makes you wait on the edge of your seat for the next episode.
    Its not only the story lines that keep you entertained it's the characters. Even though they are all highly intelligent and have superb knowledge in science they are still loveable and relatable. Like Walter, his character is genious. They use the character of Walter to bring a side of comedy to the show, his one liners at the most innapropriate times keep me laughing. He is relatable because you feel sympathy towards him and his inability to remember what happened to him. This show is fantastic and this is shown by the fact that the show has been brought on for a second season. And I for one am counting down the seconds till it airs. The final episode of season one left me angry, but angry in a good way. It left me completly wanting more more more. Questions were answered but more questions came to mind. The show get 9 out of 10 from me, its not perfect but it is without a doubt a fantastic show!
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