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  • "Peter" was an awesome episode, made the 2 month wait almost worth it, seriously FOX what were you thinking???

    I am a huge fan of fringe and I have been since season 1, I was abit dissapointed with the start of season 2 with the fact that they made no attempt to hide the fact Peter was from the other side, I do have to say this though, the latest episode: "Peter" made me less infuriated at Walter for lying about how much he knew on what was going on in terms of how all the events started occuring or playing dumb to how much he knew about the other side.
    I am super excited to see what happens next and can't wait to see Peter's reaction when he finds out the truth about his past and all the crazy, exciting, imaginative and innovative experiences the Fringe stars will face next, Keep up the good work.
  • And it is back

    The pause in this season was to long,I couldn't wait to see new episode,especially cause Olivia found truth about Peter before break.
    Than D-day came,i recorded the show to watch it late,but something was wrong,the letters above some building were old,like some very weird font used in late 80's SF movies,than I see young Walter Bishop talking to some army generals about his latest invention,i mean what a f### and than boom,opening credits,old fonts,synthesized music we all recognize ,it's great I'm loving it,brilliant idea to go retro for this episode, I hope it's going to be full 24 episode season.
    FOX TV don't you dare to F### up this great show
    cause you don't have any other that is close to Fringe so please,no more long pause,buy another season you wont regret it
  • Just great!

    Fringe is a TV science fiction (sci fi) series which focuses on special agent Olivia Dunham, who trying to save her partner and lover John Scott, tries to find Dr. Walter Bishop who may know about what's happening top agent Scott. But Dr. Bishop is in a mental hospital, and the only people who can meet him are his close family. So Olivia goes to Iraq to look for his son, Peter. Now, they must try to stop strange events going on known as the pattern.

    Since I first saw Fringe I've been attached to it. Is an amazing series and cant wait for more!
  • Fringe has the brilliant mind of J.J Abrams really pulling out all the stops to make a show with some of the greatest special effects we've seen for a TV series.

    Fringe is an exceptional show. Fringe has the brilliant mind of J.J Abrams really pulling out all the stops to make a show with some of the greatest special effects we've seen for a TV series. Although they do throw lots of mysticism around the show with many things that are Syfy stories that should rather be buried then shown on TV especially in a show as good as Fringe. Fringe is now in its second season and has a very good storyline going for it. Anna Torv plays Olivia Dunham, a FBI agent brought in to investigate case files under the name of Fringe science. This is J.J Abrams lens-flare masterpiece. ;)
  • Awesome show!

    When I first heard of Fringe, I wondered "yeah, really, why not?". But I was not more excited about than it was.... Then came the first episode I watched (I caught glimpses of the beginning of "Bound", but had to leave) and I was totally hooked up. Next thing I know, I'm buying the dvd's and watching it all in a row, in a matter of hours. Like I said: hooked.

    This show is amazing, and I'm not usually one to be a real fan of JJ's work, but this one got me good. It presents itself in a way that keeps our interest alive, while putting watchers in the position of asking questions. Although, we believe we know, but nothing is precise yet. We're not sure of anything, who is, or isn't the "bad guys", what is the Pattern and why is it out there and why now. And we get to know more about the characters as well, how close their relation to the Pattern is: Peter with his father and the secret about his childhood, Olivia with the Cortexiphan's trials, and Walter... well, Walter needs no introductions now.

    I rarely get fan of a show in such a short amount of time, but this one is really worth the effort. The CGI are well astounding, the cast is great and share a chemistry on screen that is very likeable to watch, and it's a mix of science(-fiction), humor, mystery, action/adventure... All in one, Fringe is the kinda of show that will keep you on the edge of your seat while transporting you to witness one of another weirdness this Earth and the human mind has to offer, while competiting with a growing mythology and a strong cast...
  • I love Fringe science, I love the Fringe LOL.

    Wow, the series are great, excellent, awesome. I can't stop watching the whole season in succession. I love fringe science. It really blows me away, can't think of anything else but wishing to become a part of it. OMG, I want to see more and more. I love the idea of another version of the world. Yep, in fact I believe there is at least one. Deja vu is fantastic. A moment when you can look through the other world? Awesome. This inspired me to know more about the Fringe science. Though I don't like it when seeing experiments on animals and human beings, esp children, I have to agree that somewhere on the earth, people are doing it for real. Hope I'm wrong.
  • Awesome!

    Where have you been all my life. I have been waiting for a show like this since I've been addicted to science fiction. I believe in GOD but science fiction is an interesting part of life. Can I just say TOTALLY AWESOME!!! You have me glued to the TV every week and if I miss that an episode because of my crazy schedule, I wait till the next episode so you won't leave me guessing for two weeks. Sorry I know that it doesn't make sense. I'm a huge fan and I will boycott if they take it off the air. Keep up the great work WRITERS. You are geniuses!
  • Estraged father and son helps FBI agent to solve crimes made by a bioterrorrist organization.

    In the long tradition set by the X-files, Fringe follows the personal quest of FBI agent Olivia Dunham against the bioterrorrist organization responsible of her old partner/lover's death and her only resource to find them the mentally unstable Dr. Walter Bishop, a government researcher in the field of fringe science, that regains pieces of his sanity only in the presence of his son, Peter.

    Build as procedural, the show explores the relationship between Peter and Walter as they learn to be a family again after Walter spent years on an Institution, cursed by his brilliance Walter is nothing more than a child learning ethics through his now grown up son and Olivia, a child he may have experimented on with former lab partner William Bell.

    Although it attempts to be the X-files, the show finest moments occur when it finds its center on this makeshift family made by Olivia and the rest of her FBI unit, relationship that may have been the very reason for the most questionable experiments Walter helped Bell with during the course of their careers.
  • HATED the Tweeter during Fringe - Ruined the show - if people want to Tweeter, then Tweeter. Those of us who want to watch the show want to watch the show!

    LOVE THE SHOW, but it was RUINED with the Tweeter comments taking up almost half the screen. Tweeter OR watch TV but DON'T DO BOTH on MY TV!!! I quit watching it AND recording it because it was so annoying. Couldn't see any of the activity in the lower 1/2 of the screen! Already TV is rudely interrupted with commercials across the bottom of the screen but at least they take up only a small portion of the screen and go away after a few seconds. PLEASE don't ruin FRINGE for the fans again. Thank you!
  • brilliant

    the best part about this show is that the weird things that happen are actually plausible! there are scientific reasoning to the things that occur and what a great cast also, perfect combination and of course amazing writers! the characters are well put together, and for once we have the woman as the hero, the lead role, the tough cookie, and two brilliant minds supporting her through the crazy occurrences. Anna Torv is amazing, Joshua Jackson and John Noble just add the right amount of humor in it without distracting us from the focus point of the show, it's just a well put together cast, amazing amazing amazing.

    this show is still fresh and recent but i know it is going to last for many more seasons! After every episode you are left with theories and questions but most importantly anticipation and the need to know more! it's true, for this show, we must forget what we know.
  • What a great TV show... wow,believe me it was

    the 3rd greatest TV show I have ever seen if not the 2nd!!
    J.J Abrahm did a great work as we used to see in all his works but in this one it was truly remarkable...
    The story line is very very good and there are great sci-fi theories in it which make it very interesting and makes us eager to see more and learn more,we see great sound/visual effects here like we have seen all around J.J Abrahms other works which he has his own way of putting sounds up with the scenes.

    the most important thing in this show is the great scientific theories:in the beginning it all starts with the incident on the plane and grows to some-thing more bigger and bigger,but at first it is just more like an introduction for the show to tell us about some organizations and some biological weapons and methods...
    For me it all starts in the 14th episode which there it all comes together and the story gets so much better:
    as we all know that Peter was very sick when he was a child therefor his father made the devise which was used to get through a wall of steel after 30 year of its creation,and in the end we see Peters grave,I believe when Walter lost his son he found a way to open a portal to another reality an there he brought this Peter that we know,and because he is not the sick one he does not remember anything about it,this is one.

    Tow ZFT:I first believed that Walter wrote the Book but there is a doubt about it that may be William Bell wrote it,and they are preparing for a great war:
    that war may be between us and some people from another planet which it is referred to us by a man that thinks he is (spok) from star trek!!
    there is another explanation of that war it may be between our reality and the other ones which we havent seen much about them...

    three Olivia: she is of course the main character in all of it,she is treated with Corteksafan,she have met Walter a long time ago(but she dont remember),she has some kind of super powers,and she is a recruit in the army for the war too.

    the alternative reality:we havent seen a lot about this one as I said but I think that it might be some kind of our past with some changes as we see the paper on Bells desk it says something about Obama and moving to another white house,and there we get out of the building and we see the twin towers are still standing...
    OR may be it is just another reality parallel to ours in time but 9/11 did not happen there.

    therefor I earge every one to watch this incredible show and see those great extreme theories of it.

    This all I have got so far.
  • Just so... impressive. The writers are clearly doing their jobs correctly.

    The sci-fi concepts used are fun, the characters are great. Walter amuses me to no end, he is a smart cookie, believe it or not(I think about life, not just science). It will be fun to see where the adventure takes our agent Olivia.

    Hopefully this show catches on, I would really like to see it continue. Creative sci-fi is great when the supporting cast are not dull. Olivia's boss? He is one of the best boss characters I've seen in a while. I would not question orders. I think I would just keep watching. =) Bam 100 words long.

    This is a surreal story line which is very addictive. It is extreme, original, dramatic, humorous, experimental, intriguing, nutty, mysterious, confusing, full of action.

    Like J.J. Abrams said "comedy and horror" This is a really interesting combination of drama, humor, scifi and fantasy which as mentioned above is surreal all together because this could be so real.

    As a graphic designer, I love the letters of Towns and Places used in all episodes. Special effects are awesome!

    Sometimes I have no clue who is behind this all and who is that watching bald person but I know it started there. Keeps in suspense, sometimes terrified and laughing all together.
  • Simply Addictive!!

    I love it. I started just watching, ended up following it. It gets more addictive the more you watch specially if you like shows about strange or usually unexplained things. It Has its share of high end technology and of course a bit of comedy. You will find the drama and the puzzle structure in some points to make you guess what is going to happen next or at least the reason why everything is happening. I haven't been able to stop watching nor stop thinking what is going to happen on the next episode. So I think you all can Give it a Try!... Enjoy!
  • Excellent cast, extremely high production values (movie-like), great writing, revealing yet suspenseful storytelling...I love this show!

    This show was an unexpected delight this year. I dove right into the long premiere episode without knowing anything about it ahead of time. What is this?! I was asking myself. Wow. it turned out to be so great. It may have taken a little while early in the season to get traction on the main characters evolution but all those involved rose admirably to that challenge. By the end of season one, we have three extremely engaging main characters - Olivia, Walter, Peter - and a number of really intriguing supporting characters - e.g., Nina Sharp, William Bell, Broyles, the observer, Astrid, the cow... Although you do have to stretch the boundaries of plausibility a lot around the science and the way certain things are done in Walter's lab and Olivia's FBI task force, it's more than worth it for entry into the big mystery of the pattern, the ZFT, and Olivia's, Walter's and Peter's biographical oddities. If I had to watch only two or three shows next year, this would be one of them.
  • actuality is the best scifi drama tv show

    actuality is the best scifi drama tv show because is the only one that can put me back on the couch with all the cretan that im spending my time well and i will always be surprised at the end of the episode ......
    The best thing on the show is the conection with the facts that happened in the actual fictional time and the inventions and experiments of bishop in the 70s and 80s.
    it shows us the technologic advance and how the brilliant scientist are alway one step ahead of us and some horrible experiments that are made in the labs
  • At turns quirky and mind boggling, Fringe satisfies the viewer's thirst for the freaky, while frustrating the same audience with it's constant questions and mysteries and scarce answers.

    I'm too young for the X-Files and Twilight Zone eras, so I've never had a mad science show to latch on to. Since the very first episode of Fringe, however, I found myself interested not only in the current show, but others of it's ilk. The science, the gadgets, the theories and the monsters constantly amaze me. It's frustrating mysteries keep me coming back for more.

    But, in all honesty, Doctor Walter Bishop is the main reason I'm still hanging on so tightly. As one of my friends quoted so aptly, "His constant shift in mood and lucidity remind you that the guy who spent 20 minutes talking about French toast is probably the most dangerous person in the whole show."

    All in all Fringe is a fun ride, and I look forward to Season 2 and all the weird events that will go down. Not to spoil anything for those who have missed the finale, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of William Bell and his actor.
  • The best series so far ... Not only an interesting subject, but it actually adds stuff to the genre.

    As the number of weird cases starts growning to epidemic proportions, FBI recruits Dr. Walter Bishop a -not so- mad Scientist (perfomed by brilliant John Noble) and a small team to investigate.

    The envince leads the team to a part of science call Fringe, which is the wholistic 'science' of physics, math, paranormal and much more, threaded in a unique way.

    Althought, I am not a fun of JJ Abrams -as many other reviewers claim- and I dont like Lost and the rest, I have to admit that this show rocks, it is as must see.

    First season, has defenately kept me and everyone I know, on our toes.

    Great Job.
  • Just amazing !!!

    Fringe is the best thing that happened last year. I'm used to watching shows about conspiracy and stuff like this, but Fringe just blows my mind.
    The stories, the characters, everything is just incredible.
    At first i wasnt sure about Anna's character, but slowly she gained my admiration and i really like her now.
    Peter and Walter are a show apart, i love the funny parts that they do, adds a lot of fun to the show. Walter is one of my favorite characters ever :)
    I hope this show continues being this good and keep going for a lot of seasons still.
  • In Fringe a series of mysterious scientific phenomenon have been affecting civilians around the globe caused by the terrorist group ZFT in order to prepare for a war. The main characters try to find out what is actually the purpose of these events.

    I think this is definitely one of the best shows on TV right now. Although not all of the science used in this show may be correct it still is very interesting and pulls you into the plot line. I still count it as a sci fi show because every sci fi show which ever existed had tons of science holes except for maybe star trek! The character of Olivia could have more emotion, but that may be how she is meant to be portrayed. I love all of the sarcastic humor which is randomly put in kind of like stargate sg1. I give this show an A+ and think Walter is awesome.
  • In one of the comments somebody compared new FOX series Fringe to old time cult favorite X-Files, describing Fringe as X-Files for the 21st century. And that person was completely right.

    I was never much of a fan of X-Files while it was on, I didn't watch every single episode nor will I ever (even though it is re-run on at least one channel at any given time), but I can definitely count myself a fan of Fringe, and I doubt I'll ever miss an episode (regardless of the number of episodes we will be blessed with). One thing was a deal breaker for X-Files from the beginning, the aliens, more specifically, agent Mulder's "I believe" attitude. However, even though it appears that Fringe is on the fringe (he he) of introducing us to aliens any second now, my deal with it is strong enough by now.

    The deal solidifier in this case has to be the diversity of characters that are on offer to the viewer. With X-Files the offer was pretty slim, a believer and a skeptic, it does diversify with time. In Fringe, from the word go, we are offered three main characters, and three solid supporting characters, none of whom are portrayed as completely good or bad, completely ready to accept the strange or completely dismissive of it. They investigate, and we are invited to follow that investigation, and perhaps be persuaded into believing along the way. Fringe offers a perfect blend of SiFi, mystery, conspiracy theory and procedural, all portrayed by perfectly put together group of actors. And every week it brings me to the edge of my seat.
  • Great Show both fun and scarry

    Fringe is one of those shows that only come along every so often. It has the perfect mix of action, drama, humor, and science fiction. The main characters consist of Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop. Olivia Dunham is assigned to the Fringe Division of the FBI and given free reigns to make a team and requests Walter Bishop. Problem is, Walter has been lock away in an asylum for almost 20 years and won't speak to anyone without his son Peter. Peter is currently in Iraq hidden from bookies and other types back in the States. Olivia convinces him to come back to the states to help with his father. Walter is a Genius and Peter is even smarter. Walter uses his genius to help solve weird cases on the Fringe of science. He is often humorous in the way he works and displays himself. He has a thing for LSD. Peter uses his superior intelligence to keep Walter in line and help solve the mysteries. Olivia runs the team and uses her fearless attitude to chase down any leads or criminals that are identified

    This is one of my favorite shows and is great in 720p or 1080p.
  • Another great show from J.J. Abrams.

    Storyline is cool, not complicated as X-Files. Every episode it is a different story not repeating itself until now. I want to watch more and more after every episode. I hope the writers will keep this line for the next episodes. The show pretty much includes everything mystery, sci-fi, comedy, drama and ofcourse great great effects. The Characters are very interesting and so weird to watch with amusement. I love the coldness of Olivia and the madness of the Bishop. I am keen to see the development of relationship between Olivia and Peter and the development of the Olivia's abilities.
  • Good individual show with signs of an annoying trend.

    The connection Olivia has with her increasing and her ever more interesting abilities is becoming better. I think to build suspense the writers are bringing this part of Olivia's story along slowly. The one thing I'm increasingly annoyed with is the constant and unnecessary initial reaction and uneasiness with the weird. There have been too many episodes of the beyond weird for anyone to not speak freely of something appearing not normal. Olivia could have told Broyles in the beginning what happened to her in the dream with the understanding that she would investigate it to find out. No more would have been needed given their background and previous cases. This annoying trend is something I've always seen with this type of show. I was hoping Fringe would finally make an adult play into the extraordinaire. Now I'm not sure.
  • A hybrid creature is attacking and impregnating humans. Agent Francis ends up in critical condition. Walter Bishop is overwhelmed with guilt and potentially sacrifices himself to save agent Francis thinking the creature is another one of his experiments.

    People have to stop comparing this show to others. Let it be what it is, a great show with characters who have room to grow. No one is strictly good or bad, which is realistic. Plus, it is still early on and the producers have stated that they are working backwards from an already decided conclusion. Obviously, what we have seen so far is part of a plan so it makes everything that we have seen so far important in its own right.

    The fact that there are glyphs and clues in every episode make this show interesting and different, giving viewers more than just the plot to follow along. Some might say that this is a way of distracting people from what is potentially a bad show, but in this case, I think it enhances it and appeals to the intelligent viewer. I was happy to see Charlie saved. I think he has a larger role to play in this series and we'll have to wait and see how much he really knows about the pattern.

    Fringe rocks!
  • Great new show!!

    This is definently one of my favorite shows!! I know that the x-files is a great show and a lot of the other shows that are similar but in my opinion, this is the best!! Great effects that make each episode very cool!!! A cool different, unique storyline each week! Action, drama, comedy and pretty much anything else you could think of. Also, it's a lot better than lost, which complicates everything with tons of characters, storylines, and things that are just never explained to the audience. Fringe has a good amount of characters and a not too confusing basic storyline and other plots. I admit that Fringe can be a little confusing at times and I still haven't seen the pilot, but Fringe is a great show!!!! especially to science fiction fans!!
  • That is how X-Files should have evolved to, an intricated plot plus an interesting Monster of the Week formula, all along with the sheer magnificence of Doctor Bishop's character, which is perfectly balanced between a madman and a genius

    That is how X-Files should have evolved to, an intricated plot plus an interesting Monster of the Week formula, all along with the sheer magnificence of Doctor Bishop's character, which is perfectly balanced between a madman and a genius, providing solutions to very complicated mysteries while occasionally rambling about fruit cocktails and other non-sense. Also I do forgive the actor which plays his son (can't recall the name sorry) for playing in such crap show like "O.C.", it appears redemption's possible for everyone :-) As for the main female character she is well... decent, not bad, not good, plain decent.
  • Off the wall in the best possible way. Best new show of the season. JJ Abrams can do no wrong.

    I officially love this show. I heard you're not supposed to judge a show by the pilot, because the pilot is never as good as the show is, because it serves as an introduction. However, based just on the pilot of Fringe, I knew I had found my new favorite show, well, after Lost. I am officially in love with Ana Torv. She kicks butt, and is super attractive. Awesome combination. She also has a subtle sense of humor. I don't always catch it. But its there. I swear.

    The reason, however, that this show is a cut above the rest HAS to be Walter Bishop. Funniest character in a drama series since Hurley in Lost. He's just... awesome.

    The whole cast is great, even though Lance Reddick is the scariest looking person I have ever seen. Just saying.
  • cant help but say how much i enjoy this show

    Fringe absolutely love it. i believe this is the most exciting new show i have seen for the year. i love this show it is unbelievable the writing is great and the characters are interesting especially that weirdo Walter Bishop brilliant but obviously insane come on we need more characters like theses. i hope the writers keep up the good work. god this show is exciting and since i started watching it an i cant stop. loving how creative this show is. have not seen anything so interesting in along time. this definitely has potential i believe it will be one of the returning shows.
  • Terrific new show!

    This is a really good show - the characters are quirky and keep your interest - even as they sometimes drive you crazy. I wish they would quit preempting this show so that other viewers can find it. It is also frustrating when other shows run over and you miss the ending (as happened last night - 4/7/09. Now I am searching for it online so I can catch the ending.
    Fox usually has shows that are skewered so far to the right that they are unwatchable to me but so far this show doesn't show any signs of that.
    Watch it - and tell your friends!
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