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  • Masterpiece - John Noble is a Master

    The standard by which we measure all modern Sci-Fi
  • The best TV series I've seen in a long long time

    It's been over 2 years since Fringe ended and I've only just discovered this gem of a show recently. I have to say that I was hooked from the moment I watched the first episode. I just couldn't watch any other shows because I had to watch the next episode to see what happens next.

    My most favourite character is Walter. He is brilliant, loves music and food, as well as recreational drugs which is hilarious. John Noble really plays all the characters to perfection.

    The storylines are intriguing as well. It really makes you think and some are just so emotional. I've just finished watching the final episode and I have to say that I feel a big void now.

    To anyone who is thinking of watching this fantastic show, I highly recommend it. You would be missing out otherwise and that would be such a shame.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    It's rare for me to give a television show a perfect rating, but I will say, without hesitation, that Fringe is the best original Science Fiction show to come along in thirty years. When Abrams started working on his follow up to Lost, he wanted to create a show that touched on everything that had been done before it. Fringe takes elements of Star Trek, The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and others, and incorporates them all into his story. It was a show that was truly ahead of it's time and initially had a lot of network support.

    The premier episode on FOX is the most expensive pilot episode ever made and the fans love it. The first two seasons of Fringe were highly rated, but not in the top ten. Not realizing what they had or the cult following it had behind it, FOX started moving the show around, eventually putting in on Friday nights, where it died after just 100 episodes. Today, the show is carried on in books and several of the cast have talked about the possibility of having it turned into a film franchise.

    The story of Fringe began in 2008, when an airplane with 250 passengers on board, landed itself in Boston, without any survivors. All the agencies show up, including the FBI, who send their liaison officer, Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv). Dunham and her partner/lover are sent to do the dirty work, but stumble upon something unexpected, which puts them at the head of the investigation team. Not believing what she saw, Dunham goes in search of help, and finds a brilliant scientist, who used to do classified experiments for the . Government. There is a problem of course, as the scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), has been in a mental institution for 17 years. In order to get him out, Dunham must track down and recruit the help of Bishop's son, Peter (Joshua Jackson), who is a con-man, working out of Iraq. With the team in place, they work to solve the impossible case and are asked by Col. Philip Broyles (Lance Reddick), to become part of a classified team of FBI members, who are assigned to work on the strange and unexplainable.

    From parallel universes to time travel to human experimentation and even monsters, Fringe really incorporated everything they could into the story, in one way or another. Anna Torv stars as Agent Olivia Dunham and what a star she is. How . Abrams found her is nothing short of amazing in and of itself. Torv hadn't been in very many things, but had an impressive background, that includes her being a martial arts expert, who speaks multiple languages. They put her talents to use and make her the new head investigator of the Fringe division. Torv was the action star of the show, who turned out to be even more, when the cast met their duplicates from the alternate universe in season 3. I really can not express in words how terrific this woman was and how important her character was to every fascist of the story.

    As for the other main character of the story, that's Dr. Walter Bishop played by John Noble. Noble is one of those guys, you've seen in movies and on television all the time, but also the kind of guy whose name you probably didn't know. With Dr. Walter Bishop, John Noble established himself as a Sci-Fi legend. Much in the way his former partner William Bell, played by Leonard Nimoy, is associated with Spock, Noble and Bishop will be forever linked. Not only does his character bring a brilliant mind to the cast, but also brings humor to the show. After being locked in a mental hospital for 17 years, there isn't much Walter won't say or do. He loves to eat, do LSD, and tell people exactly what he thinks, leading to some of the best one-liners I have ever heard in a Science Fiction series.

    Fringe isn't all about the strange and unusual, it's also about family, action, love, and humor. I can tell you that it is the single most addictive show I've seen in my entire life. I wound up watching all 100 episodes in under 3 months, and now that it's over, I find myself missing it and thinking about it often. Even though I'm a Netflix member with a large collection, for almost 2 weeks now, I have been sampling other series, looking for something to fill the void. I'm finding myself having trouble even getting into similar shows, the way I got into Fringe. It is one of the best television shows I have ever seen. If you're into Science Fiction this show is an absolute must see. If you're not into Science Fiction, there is still a ton of stuff here for you as well. Do yourselves a favor and treat yourself to this remarkable show while it is still streaming on Netflix.

    Though the first and final season may not be fulfilling, (instead of the series finale) fringe was a riveting, completely consuming, i was completely hooked by season 2. With humor, action, acting, story lines and cinematography all exceptional, even though doctor who is my favorite show i believe fringe is the best.
  • Greatest Show Ever

    I have watched this on netflix three times and each time loved it. I especially liked the Fauxolivia and the parallel universe storyline. It was amazing such great actors and storyline. John Noble was so good in this show. Loved his antics and laughed so hard at his smoking marajuana with Jorge Garcia and his trips on LSD. So sad to see it end but what a happy ending. Thanks for a great show, I'll probably watch it again since nothing on TV compares to Fringe or probably ever will what with all the stupid reality, game, comedies, etc now on tv. Furthermore anytime a good show comes on it gets cancelled. I'll just stick to netflix and watch without dumb commercials and one in which has an ending not a cliffhanger.
  • Best show ever

    That was my favorite show
  • Caught this the second time through the series

    Season 2 , episode1 ,Charlie is replaced by a shifter. The nurses (shifter) body is lying there. Later the shifter(Charlie) puts the real Charlies body in the body two many. This is one of my all time favorite shows.
  • amazing

    Hooked and I was well and truely hooked.

    Walter is funny moments

    All characters are great and plot is well thought out.

    I did cry at the end.

    Well ended but yet again could have made another season

    gutted it had to end
  • Best show ever

    iperoxi sira
  • goodbye dear show

    Fringe is one of the best shows ever, tv will never be the same without it
  • One of the Elite Shows

    The Emperor of all Sci-Fi TV Shows

    If you combine all the science fiction created so far, it would not match 15% of what Fringe has.

    Amazing Amazing Amazing

  • Best Series Ever!!!!!!!!!1

    I only started watching Fringe on the second season and only because my brother watched. I think i couldn't have possibly imagined how amazing and addictive this show could be. Everything from the plot to the characters, the locations and the music was so well thought after i started watching Fringe I decided to watch the first season and keep on watching it. Now i have watched 5th season and rewatched this show lots of times and believe me you won't get tired of it. Guess what is my ring tone? Fringe theme and i am so proud of it. I love to listen to it. Now it makes me tear a bit because i know that it is over. This is my favourite series ever. I love all the characters but my fav are really Walter, Peter, Olivia, Etta, September, Broyles and Nina.
  • Thank you Fringe!! And Fox.. well change ur mind soon! We need 4 more seasons of fringe! Bring it back!

    Oh my god.. what a wonderful 5 seasons it has been.

    Just awesome.

    Perfect in every way.

    The ideas, the acting... all just phenomenal... :)

    I`m going to miss it... I just hope i did`nt have to say that...

    and i just hope.. they come back for 4 more seasons at least!!

    Thanks to the entire cast and crew of Fringe.

    The journey itself was an invention:))
  • Addictive show to watch, one of the best in its genre! Highly Recommended! Hope they make the movie with the same cast

    What an AWESOME show! Watched it from the beginning and it only got better. The cast is amazing, the storyline is great. I started watching it on Netflix and had to watch several episodes on the same day! John Noble-- Walter the scientist is so genuine in his role-- one of the best actors I have seen. Also, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole and the rest of cast did a great job. I just wish there was more!
  • I miss it!!!!

    I was a regular viewer since episode #1. An outstanding cast and outstanding writing made this the best scifi show around. I badly miss my weekly "Fringe" fix! I sincerely hope this is not REALLY the end of it. I hope there will be a spinoff and/or a feature length movie or two ala Stargate SG-1.
  • No empty space

    The show builds up to about mid season when the plot gets more interesting, after that get ready to watch every episode in consecutive order without sleep. The highest moment in the show was the lead up to the end of season 3 but then you get another interesting plot for season 5 so the show stays interesting the entire 5 seasons. One of my favorite shows, has great continuity in the writing.
  • Fringe was one of the best shows on TV

    Fringe was one of the best shows on TV. It was not merely one of the best SF series on the tube. It was one of the best shows of any genre.

    Sad to say many viewers had the attention spans of gnats. They whined incessantly all through Season 1.

    But in retrospect it was clear that the series creators were merely pacing themselves, easing their way into the "alternate universe" macro level story arc by first tackling "freak of the week" stories.

    They also appear to have learned from their mistakes in "Lost," when they themselves became partially lost.
  • A fantastic show

    This is a classic Abrams show, great charaters, mystique, drama,great actors. But opposite to Lost it had great mysteries, but all was resolved. Not overwhelmed by action, and at times very slow paced. But great store. Noble takes his character to perfection. Joshua Jackson is great too.
  • Fringe's Evolution

    Fringe started as a series of self contained episodes with a few long running stories to form an arc for the show but soon developed into something entirely different. The mythology of the show has drawn criticism but the emotional depth and quality of writing never dipped for me, you cared for these characters and it was just so well made, there was no other show to compare it too. Definately the best sci fi show of 2000s and deserves its comparisons to the x files. Walter was obviously the stand out character but anna torv and joshua jackson were fanatastic and showed good chemistry. I really am going to miss this show and I dont say that often, one of a kind.....
  • So Sad :C

    The show is over and all the episodes have been stuffed with funny, action packed, and loving moments. The personality of these amazing people are just wonderful! Especially Walter! Hopefully we can have a Fringe movie!
  • awesome

    amazing show the best show ever made after lost
  • The best Sci-Fi TV series of the last 10 years !

    Fringe is the best Sci-Fi TV series of the last 10 years. In my opinion a serial better than, included, Stargate SG-1, is worthy of a continuation.

    WHY???? Is the word which screams from every fibre of my being with the tragic news that Season 5 will be the finale to FRINGE. It is simply one of the most stunning shows I have ever laid my eyes on and I've seen some splendor let me tell you. (Firefly, Babylon 5, Farscape, Legend of The Galactic Heroes and of course the legendary Blakes 7).

    This series had so much to offer and the actors were brilliant. Having to act out 2 or 3 roles in a single episode is seriously talented to say the least and I'll be searching high and low for there other performances. Mind blowing multi-dimensional series with enough depth to satiate even the most hardcore of sci-fi fan. To my favourite character of all however.... WALTER I WILL MISS YOU DEARLY!!!!

    This series wasn't just great on a science fiction level, but also on an acting and drama level and I think that's one of the main aspects that makes this show more appealing to more than just a target audience. In some instances it's almost like the X-Files in terms of interlinking plots and threads throughout the show, but on the larger picture it expanded far beyond the X-Files in terms of characters with much greater depth and incorporated the challenges of being human amidst what the strange life of Fringe threw at the characters.

    Overall I honestly gave it 10/10, there's simply no complaints to be made, all actors made a superb effort, even the background characters where amazing. A well done series.
  • Good bye to my favourite show ;(

    I love sci-fi shows, I've watched many of them but Fringe has been my favourite since day 1. I will miss it.
  • Amazed and Sad

    Started watching it maybe a month ago, and went through all five seasons. What can I say, a really, really good show. I liked all of the characters especially Walter. I like the way he used to tell things, especially when he plans on telling two things. Everyone thinks it's all about the case, and they're somewhat right, the first one always is about the case, but I like when he finishes with the first thing and then pauses. When they ask him, what's the second thing you wanted to say. He replies with something really unrelated to the case, and it's always something strange like I'm peckish or something.

    Great show, I like the ending, they could have wrote many more things and not ended it like they did, but that's life.
  • sooooooo wonderful

    This is the best love the players and how they flowing theme is so well written until the end... I wonder if Michael could pop the head of the feerless ... I suppose he did in the show
  • Thanks Fox

    I can't believe that they ended the show the way they did! They could have shown alot more in Season 5.. there's endless possible episodes to write!!!!!! I think FOX thought they weren't getting enough stupid. Ive followed this show since day 1 and bought every season and watched them over and over, it was the best show my Friday nights suck! Thanks Fox
  • Can't understand - spoiler

    If Walter went in the future after the Observers came how would he prevent them from existing if the world was already full of them??
  • the best

    it s the best series i have watched this year
  • A friend to keep close...

    Even though I jumped in with season 3, the characters, the plot and the shared world quickly grew on me and I was hooked. Such an interesting and peculiar show; a friend we could get with each week and share an adventure! Big thanks go to all the actors, writers, and other crew members that brought us an amazing story that transcends time and space; have shown us how powerful Love is and kept us on the edge of our seats until the finale. There's so much one could say, but in the end, we have to say good-bye - Fringe, you'll be sorely missed!
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