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  • Not going to miss it

    Very disappointed by this last season...

    We lost Olivia, so smart and brave before.

    Seems that all the characters are still trapped in amber ...

  • This show is on the fast track to cancellation!

    This show started off strong and has increasingly shown the badges of the poorer elements of LOST. The writers and producers are falling back into their dithering ways. It is no surprise the show was moved to Friday night. That is its last stop before cancellation. I watched every episode up until tonight. I was seriously holding back puke when they started up on this whole angle of "which universe survives depends on which Olivia Peter chooses" bubble gum crap. Wait.. I think I just threw up a little.. OK, I'm better now. The arrival of William Bell's spirit in Olivia was too much. Her creaky, old man voice is probably some of the worst acting I've seen in the entire series. It's done. I can't stomach another episode of this junk. J.J. Abrams and his crew are selling poop and I won't sit through another minute of it. I guarantee this show gets cut after this season or sometime in the middle of the next.
  • Poorly coiffed female FBI agent must work with googlie-eyed crazy scientist and his son to save her love and explore the mysteries that were better handled by Mulder & Scully over a decade ago.

    Just because you slap "J. J. Abrams" on it, doesn't mean that it's any good. This guy gets a lot of credit as a creative genius, but I don't see it. Lost went downhill after season one and this show doesn't deserve to be aired on any network, even Fox. This is bad. Late night tv imported from Canada (no offense intended) bad. Bad acting, bad lighting, and horrible dream sequences. And the music!!! yikes. How did this get picked up???? Anna Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham is a horrible actress. John Noble, playing Dr. Walter Bishop, is just as ridiculous. Odd camera angles don't help anyone. I watched because someone compared it to the X-files. This show is nowhere near the X-files. Seeing the title credits, I had high hopes, but an hour into this pilot episode and I am thoroughly disgusted. Here comes the fake robotic arm!!!

    Sadly, this form would not let me rate this a zero.
  • As Boring As Expected

    I didn't expect much from Fringe... I wasn't disappointed.

    Sadly, this is yet another J.J. Abrams exercise in hyping a show that is lacking both in gravitas and in entertainment value.

    Boring is just not what the doctor ordered, not that anyone really needed a new version of X-Files, but if you're going to do one, the least that should be expected is good acting and some life to the proceedings. But of course, we're talking about a show from the producer that gave us the emptiness that is Cloverfield.

    Perhaps it'd be good for networks in the future to think a little more about producing interesting shows than about how to hype bad ones.
  • Fringe: More Like Cringe

    Cringe is what I do whenever Anna Torv comes on screen. Rarely has an actress brought so little to the screen.

    Anna Torv's performances in Fringe are made mostly of annoying grimaces and of course mugging for the camera (a J.J. Abrams hallmark).

    Speaking of J.J. Abrams, can someone tell me why he is supposed to be a great producer? I mean Fringe is just unbelievably boring, just in the same way as Alias was boring and fake.

    Fringe is the epitome of what is befalling TV drama these days: shows without a soul made to order to fill out some demographic ill-conceived plan.

    Fox used to do so much better in the past. Its Fridays were full of SF-tinged shows with heart (and good acting). Now, it's all about the hype and J.J. Abrams is the hype-master.
  • Worst show Ever !!

    Show presents itself as an updated X-Files , even the opening credits are very similar , the story lines to date could just as easily have been X-Files episodes , sadly thats where the similarity ends.

    Some of the poorest scripts you could hope to see , riddled with cliché's and massive plot holes. The acting is passable , but only just , but then when they have to deliver that quality of script , you must have some sympathy.

    This must be one of the flashiest shows ever made , special effects and flourishes in every scene , its just painful to watch , the actors & storyline take a back seat to allow the fancy effects to dominate the screen.

    I really can't think of anything positive to say about the show , the storyline as I mentioned above are interesting enough, but when they are laced with shockingly poor scripts , and wrapped up with flashy effects, they are lost.

    ANNA Torv who is suppose to be the leading actress of the show has given the terrible performance one could ever imagine, She is always acts WOODEN and her Weird expressions as if she is Constipating all the time adds upto the misery of the show , The only saving Grace of the show that i consider is the Mad scientist and his son played by JOSHUA JACKSON (which always reminds me of Mighty ducks) their acting is upto the mark and their characters are well written

    The main problem of this show is in the Writing department the stories are very weak and seems to be Far fetched

    i would recommend Viewers to watch the Best and Classic show ever to deal with Paranormal stuff " The X-files " from the scratch or if your looking for new Material.... i would recommend " Supernatural ' another great show
  • 2-dimensional characters, formulaic plots, completely unengrossing even for a Sci-Fi fanatic

    This show took me back to middle-school when our English teacher made us write scripts. cardboard cutout characters that I seriously wouldn't care if the writers killed off. I've watched 4 episodes and there really isn't anyone on the show that I care about.

    As seems to be the case lately with "what the heck can we do that's new?" shows, the only character with any personality is the psychotic, a frequent cop-out by completely untalented writers.

    This is remarkable, considering the rich character development in Abrams' previous shows. I guess teaming up with the pair that brought us Hercules and Xena didn't bring us another Alias.

    Anyway, this frees up an hour a week on my DVR. Let's hope Rufus Sewell treats my stomach better on that other show.
  • Dullest show on TV.

    I'm not sure what's worse about this show, the characters or the script, but each episode is even duller than the previous one. The dynamics of the characters are not working and the story lines are far from gripping. Within the first 15minutes you find yourself switching over.

    I not surprised the show is losing rating, X-Flies was great in it's time, but this formula has been done to death now and FOX need to think about doing a new concept. The fact that the writers are pairing Olivia and Peter together shows they don't have faith in their work, the programme would be stronger if it focused on the cases rather than chemistry within the actors.
  • Fringe has sniffs of potential (and i do mean distant wafts) but the writers and producers continually treat the the viewer with utter contempt serving up ridiculously obvious plot developments & inanely stupid dialog. Seriously dumb TV.

    I find it thoroughly thought provoking that this continues to be produced and gather the ratings when it is clearly a substandard show on all fronts. What surprises me the most is I have given this show the benefit of the doubt time and time again, "just one more episode, I keep telling my self... just one more....all the reviews keep telling me its going to get better soon". We'll I'm writing this review to inform you all It simply doesn't. Fringe is for want of a better word, abysmal TV. It has sniffs of potential but the the writers, producers (all of the production team for that matter) are treating the viewer with utter contempt, continually serving up ridiculously obvious plot developments & inanely stupid dialog. Most episodes start with promise with a cool scifi/horror / thriller undertone, the FBI attempting to bust the case using Fringe science, but every time it deteriorates into the same utter ridiculous mess of stupid non inspiring plot developments courtesy of the mad scientist and the amazing coincidence that he has performed or read about this experiment before. The show wears its X-Files fandom on its sleeve but I must say dear readers, Fringe is like a inbred elementary cretinous distant abomination relative. Seriously. After 8 episodes I'm dumping this like the festering rotting carcass that it is.

    A word: Stupid.

    Give me the first 7 seasons of the X-Files any day!
  • Did we loose the talented writers during the writers strike? there are none on this show that is for sure.

    The show is trying to ride on the coat tails of X-Files and other paranormal shows, but they might as well give up now. The story line is weak at best, the characters are not only unbelievable, they are highly irritating.

    Joshua Jackson is at his normal best (that is to say 2 dimensional) and what is with that so called Doctor guy... Come on this show should not last for more than 4-5 episodes, assuming that is how many they have already shot.

    There is no possible reason to watch this drivel, even the most gullible Sci Fi fan still wants to see a show where the science at least remotely reflects possibility. Something they won't get on this show that is for sure.

    A complete Bomb
  • Itching to watch a show filled with uninteresting characters who display no common sense or intelligence? This is the show for you!

    Watching this show is a waste of 1.5 hours of your life. There is not one original moinute of programming, and if you cannot predict the shockingly unsurprising plot twists then you have either not watched a lot of television or should not be allowed to vote in national elections.

    If you want to save some time in your life, here's a quick summary:

    I missed the first few minutes of the show (Well, I wouldn't say that I "missed" them, to borrow a line for Office Space), but joined in time to watch two FBI agents following a suspect in a freight yard. The suspect causes an explosion that knocks the female FBI agent out, but strangely fails to cause substantial concussive harm to her male companion, who seemed to be at pretty much the epicenter of the blast. It does, however, cause the male agent to sugger from a nasty skin condition.

    Some random stuff happens and suddenly the female agent (whose name I don't remember, and frankly don't care to try and remember. I'll call her "Sue" for future reference.) decides that she needs to go find some genius guy with "an IQ of 190".

    So we see the genius guy negotiate a $600,000 deal in multiple languages, yet he is not bright enough to see a terrible bluff from 1000 miles away. Here's a tip, if the FBI has you over a barrel they'll just start in with that, not beg you for help. Here's another tip, real FBI agents who are really working usually travel in pairs, display credentials, and don't seem like they are on the verge of tears.

    The genius guy (we'll call him "Bob") and Sue go back to find Bob's dad, who is some kind of insance scientist, only he's crazy like a fox!

    Stupid stuff happens and they catch the guy from the first scene. More random stuff happens and the bad guy tells Sue that he taped the interrogation and buried the tape in the yard. Sue believes this because she is an idiot and doesn't remember that the police usually search suspects before they interrogate them.

    More stupid stuff happens, there's a random scene where Sue mind melds with her blown-up boyfriend, then her boyfriends gets better and kills the bad guy, but not in a good way. Then, because Sue and bob want to get it on, or at least have some sexual tension, the boyfriend dies. Thank god, cuz that would have been awkward. Except he's only "mostly dead", so whatever.

    The plot was predictable, the dialog laughable, and the acting performed by spasmatic monkeys with less emotional complexity than my Nintendo DS.
  • Ridiculous, waste of time

    I am a huge fan of XFiles, I like Lost a lot. But wait, this show is starting right now, 2008... It is totally sucking ideas from XFiles, the shame is, XFiles got them first, and used them to the extremity. And even then, I would close my eyes on this, if there was some sort of sense into it. But the show is full of stupid mistakes, inconsistencies, impossibilities... I never got to believe anything I have seen, no emotion. Maybe I have seen it all in XFiles, but then, Im probably not the only one. Avoid this show, watch something decent, or read a book
  • Have you ever seen a cheesy horror flick or low-budget sci-fi movie that made you laugh it was so bad? Yeah, it's like that.

    It's not uncommon in modern television to have a show premised on the idea of a chain of highly abnormal events. "The X Files" connected these with the logical understanding that the government covers up it's own screwups and things that might scare the public. "Heroes" drives this with a genetic mutation coming to rise that gives people extraordinary powers. "Fringe" chocks it up to a mysterious phenomena that even those in the know no nothing about called 'The Pattern,' hoping it will pique our curiosity and draw us into the saga.

    And if Fringe was a good show, it might, but it's not, and it doesn't. It deigns to be intriguing, but is so poorly executed that getting engrossed for more than two minutes would be a challenge. The plots themselves are not entirely terrible - absurd, of course, but there have been sucessful shows with worse - but it's hard to get far enough to care when your characters are so godawful it's hard to take them for human.

    For this fact, there is plenty of blame to go around. Blame J.J. Abrams, for backstories that are supposed to be interesting, but just aren't. Blame the writers, for flat dialogue which shares it's false sense of urgency with every bad sci-fi B movie. Blame the actors, for atrocious overacting of flat personalities across the board. So far the guest stars have all been more interesting (and believable) to watch, including "Amblance Driver #2." That's never good.

    The best way to describe it all is "campy," which covers not only the unbelievable characters but also the gratuitous blood and high-pitched screaming and cheesy, ominous background music.

    I'm reminded of a short-lived show called "The Chronicle." The premise was that a discredited journalist goes to a supernatural-themed tabloid only to find out all of their stories were true. That show had the wisdom to present as a comedy, and let us laugh as our ridiculous reporters when from farcical event to farcical event, playing fools for our amusement. Even then, the show was canceled in less than a dozen episodes. "Fringe" should suffer an even faster demise, because camp without intent isn't dramatic or comedic; it's just plain tragic.
  • Horrible sci-fi show, great comedy!

    I am not sure why people have given this show good reviews. I watched the pilot and was literally crying I was laughing so hard at the absolute stupidity of the show. The FBI girl gets a crazy person out of a mental institution to help her save her boyfried, and then he makes all of these ridiculous demands which she actually does (i.e. he wants a cow delivered to his lab, his lab is on Harvard property but no one at Harvard seemed to want to use that lab for the last however many years the crazy guy was locked away, she had no problem having him strip her naked and dump her into dirty water, etc. etc. etc.)! No one at the FBI seems to care that this crazy guy just released from the mental institution is being allowed anywhere near the sick FBI guy (I would have thought the FBI might have had some kind of security protocols to follow in this kind of situation). The FBI girl picks up the Dawson's Creek guy from Baghdad using the private FBI jet. Then she somehow manages to capture the man behind this horrible terrorist attack in less than 24 hours with minimal (I would actually say no) support from the FBI or CIA and her boss tells her "We're impressed". Well DUH!! Come on, I felt like I was getting stupider and stupider just watching this garbage, but I did watch the whole thing because I laughed out loud at just about every scene (although the funny scenes really didn't start until they went to Baghdad)! I don't think it was their intent to be this funny but I actually thought it ranked up there with my other favirote comedy shows. Because of the good laughs I raised my review from a 1 to a 2.5, but purely as a sci-fi drama I predict that this show won't last past a third episode.
  • X-Files has nothing to worry about...Stole the plot and half the effects from old Arnold S. movies. Put on old re-runs of Twilight Zone, at least it was original...

    I won't get that hour back. Bad plot lines, tired tech effects, and arrogant performaces. This show is supposed to be based in Boston and it clearly is not. I've lived in Boston for 40 years and no location remotely looks like what they were portraying. The junior agent said "I know that bridge from when I lived in Dighton" (which she pronounced like she was from CA) and that the bridge was in Stoughton. Well that would be tough since Dighton and Stoughton are 50 miles from each other and Stoughton has no such bridge. Do the research! At least other Boston based shows used real scenes from around the city and the actors tried to sound Bostonian. This was a sad effort with weak sub-plots. People who watch sci-fi are into the details and the makers of this show are not.
  • Fascinating, at first. Good mystery. Good characters. BAD BAD BAD photography. Too much shaky cam. Too jerky. Too many jump cuts. Nauseating result, unrelated to content.

    I want to like this show. I like the premise. The mystery is good, so far. The actors are decent. The writing is fine. No faux pas.

    What IS wrong with this show?
    It is unwatchable. The photography is horrid.
    Shaky, hand held camera work.
    Jump cuts.
    The result is nauseating. In short, it becomes unwatchable. That defeats the purpose of television, doesn't it?

    Idiots who are in charge of photography should be fired! TV needs to be compelling, not repelling.

    Whoever told them that a story is improved by making the high definition image into a low definition blurred mess, or cuts that aren't in sync with the actors dialog, need to be re-educated. Preferably sent back to the 1940s or 1950s.
  • Characters are interesting but lack of basic science knowledge will doom the show to its intended audience. Elevator is driven up and let down.

    The Characters are fine but a "science" show should know how an elevator works before it makes it critical to the plot, An elevator is driven up and is let down. Gravity is the force causing it to go down and energy is expended to keep it from falling too fast. Driving a elevator to the ground is like pushing on a rope (cable in this case) The show need some basis in reality for it to work. I am assuming it trying to appeal to people who like to mix science and mystery (like Bones). In addition, the whole plot line of her seeing he ex was more of a distraction and than add to the main plot,. Better Luck next time
  • Final full with errors - Spoiler

    I'm desapointed with the Fringe ends...

    It is a complete slap in the face of fans...

    If the Observers did not exist... Peter should be alive IN THE OTHER universe... because september did not distracted Walternative and he found out the cure... eliminating the reason why Walter crossed the universe...

    If the time was reset... it should show peter living in the other universe with his family and walter living with a big cientist in this word and not a crazy guy...

    Put the end with Peter and Etta was totaly non sense...

    It pity end for a great show...
  • Season 5 sucks

    I must admit, that since Season 5, i begin to dislike the show. First four seasons were fantastic, but now i'm even considering to stop watching it. :(
  • First saw this show when it was called The X-Files

    What a disappointment to see a show completely rip off the X-Files. Just because you use splenda instead of sugar in your brownie mix, doesn't mean the brownie is going to taste that much more different. The plot twists and characters are one-dimensional. Joshua Jackson reprises his role once again as a smart mouth in your face hipster, a delight if I was a teenie bopper who ga-ga'd when Dawson's Creek came on TV, a vomit fest for an adult with some taste. All in all, watch the X-Files for some quality on the edge "fringe" action if your in the mood for some good television.
  • I really wanted to like Fringe. I have watched all the episodes aired so far, and have really tried to find something positive about them. Sure the production is great, but the plot feels very shallow.

    I am a big fan of sci-fi and when I heard that JJ was making a new series with sci-fi elements I was filled with joy. Trust me I have tried so hard to like this series but it is simply unwatchable anymore. To be honest each episode feels completely the same. Watching each episode certainly made me feel like all the concepts were mentioned before in the X-Files or The 4400. The only good thing about the show is the production, which is what we should expect from JJ. Other than that there is nothing positive about this show. I honestly have given up on watching Fringe, hopefully it will improve for those of you that are still watching. But from what ive seen so far I dont think viewers should have high hopes!
  • One weird thing is fine, but if everything is fantasy you might as well watch a Saturday morning cartoon.

    I was really looking forward to the show, but I bailed out of the pilot after about a half an hour. The plot had so many improbable events and conditions that it was like the proverbial jungle containing "all tigers" - not ecologically practical. If nothing behaves reasonably, the story becomes like Alice in Wonderland. J J might as well have had the Queen of Hearts as one of the characters - it would have not made the story any more difficult to believe.
    Introducing something like a nanotech disassembler that can turn a planeload of people into slime in 5 minutes might be fine if you also pointed out that it would be hugely exothermic or had other restriction.
  • dragging on too long and it no longer makes any sense

    i thought this season would have been a perfect chance for them to finish the whole fringe story properly. but hell no...

    walter bishop is great and so is nina sharpe. everyone else are not quite so good... too long. have a graceful death. like hero. it would be much better than keeping something in old age alive for too long!
  • Olivia no longer the star - so disappointing!!!

    I'm on the final few episodes of season 3 and won't be buying season 4. What was so great about Fringe is that it centred around a confident, intuitive, clever, mysterious, likeable action-heroine 'Olivia'... Then somewhere along the way (I don't know, maybe the show got too popular & they thought "oo well we better make a man the centre of attention like most shows on tv...." and Peter became the centre of attention... Suddenly he's the smart, action-hero, working everything out and saving the day and Olivia's just this silent, dumb-question-asking side kick... And Olivia is such a strong, amazing actress - I can't believe what they've done.. It happened on & off in series 2 but they made up for it towards the end... but season 3, honestly how could you go so so very very wrong????
  • Olivia finally remember her little trip to the other side and Charlie true identity is revealed.

    I am really disappointed if not really angry at the end of that episode. I mean really! Whoever wrote that episode didn't think it through. Why? Because as soon as Dr Bishop discover that the nurse body wasn't the the shape-shifter's; Charlie's cover should have been blown wide open! After all he was the first one on the scene when the said body was found if not presumably the one who killed it!

    I cannot believe that everyone didn't catch that big mistake there were no need for that high-tech gizmo to do that face reconstruction thing! It is a simple police deduction!
  • *cringe*

    The science is bad. I know, it's supposed to be *fringe* science... but it's not fringe. Fringe is "Quantum theory says there could be multiple entire universes or maybe little pocket universes or maybe just two at a time or there's this other theory...", or "we're not sure if quantum particles which are affected by observation can really interact with out DNA in any effective way". Fringe science is STILL SCIENCE. Whereas the stuff on this show is like, Ooooh! When someone ages rapidly, it turns their hair white! Even though hair, as every girl with a dye-bottle knows, does NOT work that way - it grows in with color or without. Age can make your hair fall out, but not already-existing hair go white. Sorry. And yet another show with a conspiracy theory. They're starting to bore me to tears; they always end up too complicated for words, with plot holes the size of roast turkeys. But hey, I love the old and ethically-challenged scientist! He gets the best lines. "Do I have to keep him alive?" I almost spat out my milk, I laughed so hard. He's awesome.
  • Bad dialogue and characters, nothing special about it, the same "Abrams" formula everyone is sick of. What's the point of watching it? There is none.

    The only reason I watch Fringe is because House MD is on right after it. Besides that there really isn't any reason to watch it.

    The weekly plots seemed like a fresh thing for Abrams. But he still has this "LOST"like storyline running in the background with so many twists that it becomes predictable.

    The characters are horrible. The Dialogue is not only predictable and cliche but also extremely dull and boring.

    If you don't watch any shows you may like this. But this is the only show I watch that I really think sucks.

    Trust me. There are MUCH better shows on TV. Fringe will only keep me tuned in for the fact I get to watch House in an hour and that I think some of the plot lines will be cool. But that doesn't include the "Long Running" plot line. It looks dreadful and very unoriginal (Heroes anybody?).
  • I feel like I'm watching a cremated, rained on, run over, and washed out version of the X-files. They think they've got a similar vibe going for them with their main characters, but it ends up being cheesy and sometimes even laughable.

    I watched a couple of episodes, and at this point in time I'm saying that I don't see what the big deal is about this show. The two forgettable main characters are already showing signs of poor writing. I mean that sarcastic guy is not amusing, nor do his lands sound well written. The actor doesn't deliver them in a particularly natural fashion either. Nor does he seem particularly useful, and his skepticism often sounds more like "Duh, something weird is happening, I do not get it!" And don't get me started on the girl. How boring can she get? She tries to be angsty but the actress fails. Nor do I care about the dead guy she slept with. And then the bumbling doctor has some of the strangest lines I've heard in a while. "You have green eyes" uh, WTF, that had nothing to do with the topic at hand, but thanks anyway. It seems like a bunch of other sci-fi shows smashed together in a poorly written conglomaration of cheesy plots and oddly irrelevant lines. And what's up with the half apple, and the leaf, and frog and stuff? Or the damn three dimensional letters that are floating in the air? Someone needs to investigate that mess, it's supposed to be creative but it looks stupid as can be. I must say though, the special effects aren't bad. That one girl they pulled the eyeball out that looked pretty cool.

    All SpecialFX aside, I highly dislike this show. It's trying to be creative, but considering how Lost faired, I'm shocked Abrams produced this inferior product. I don't believe this is really reaching the skill level actually possessed by those working on the show. All in all, I may definitely change my mind as the larger story manifests itself, but for now, I think it stretched my "suspension of disbelief" a little to far.

    Seriously, green eyes?
  • A "seen-it-before" show that tries to cover its lack of interesting characters with fancy 3D letter effects. Characters are unoriginal caricatures who must deal with overly forced "plot-twists" that the writers thought would be interesting.

    First two episodes introduce you to a number of characters who with standard hollywood "baggage" in order to give them motives to move the plot along, and to provide the writers devices for future plot-twists.

    Plot appears very unoriginal, with an "evil corporation" trying to hide things from the government, and questionable government characters who appear to be somewhat complicit in all the evil-doings.

    Silly leaps-of-reality are required for the audience to buy into, even when unnecessary for the overall plot -- such as a complete auto-pilot mode for an airplane that even includes landing the plane! This type of minor nonesense does nothing for the shows believability, and actual undermines the overall believability of their "fringe science".

    Nevertheless, I will continue watching with the hopes that they actually are able to improve their characters as the actors gradually fix the inadequecy that the writers of this show have left them with. I guess I'm still a sucker for shows that introduce strange ideas regarding the near-future and potential technological advances. That, in and of itself, will probably save the show from being cancelled. This is the real reason Hollywood can continue to produce such garbage (and I reluctantly have to admit, that I am supporting this garbage by continuing to watch it!!!)
  • The appeal is understandable, the execution, not so much.

    I'm all for a new supernatural, "fringe" science type show, and when I saw the commercials for this one, it really piqued my curiosity. However, I was horribly disappointed. It might be that much better shows preceded it (X-Files, Alias), it might be wrongful of me to base it on such classics, but really it started off on the wrong foot. To begin, the script was SO predictable, the introduction of characters was very blah, plain, insipid. And right off the bat you could tell who wasn't going to survive the first episode. "I love you," automatically dooms you, apparently. The fluidity of the show was also lacking, it seemed the characters started caring for each other all too easily. The dialogue was at times corny and disjunctive.
    But, alas, in its defense, the concept at heart still intrigues me, and it just might be the only thing making me want to watch the next episode, that and the preview. Perhaps two hour encores are not for everyone.
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