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  • Show about the fringe science (which is used to describe unusual theories). You'll find it similar to X-Files due to it's mysterious topics. Great show, you really should watch it!

    This show tells the story of FBI Agent Dunham. In this first episode, Olivia Dunham investigates the mysterious virus infection that hit all passengers in a flight coming from Hamburg, Germany. Due to the nature of the virus, she will be guided by a genius scientist to help her find and understand the fatal virus.

    You will see that this new show has a lot of similarities with the old and great X-Files, though I think this show talks more about some of the today's science agenda: Re-animation, teleportation, transmogrification, the ability to read the minds of other people, etc. Basically is about the FRINGE science (isused to describe unusual theories). A lot of mystery and parapsychology events can be expected to the following episodes. You really should watch it!
  • A great show with X-Files influences.

    A great show with X-Files influences. Thou some things in the show I hope will get fine tuned during the run of the season but at an over all it shows great promise. It shows that it is influenced by the x-files but holds more action and from what I saw of the pilot, a larger team that investigates, and villans that actually can get caught. Fringe is refering to the Fringe Science or Pseudo Science as they say in the show. So expect to see some odd caracters and behaviors, and not all are too serious. I realy liked the show, and do recomend you to see it. If you have an open mind you will love it.
  • Accidentally came across while flipping from WSOP on ESPN and very lucky I did.

    Fringe in a show about "fringe" science. That is a way of saying science that isn't exactly or not at all accepted by the scientific community as rational or let's say sane in one word. I came across this show while flipping around from trying to find another show to watch with the World Series of Poker. This show was on and I actually stayed and rarely flipped back to the WSOP. A rarity for me for sure. I find this show interesting in the fact that it has several liniar lines to the X-Files. I participate in a stock market prediction game for "hollywood" stocks on a website. This particular stock wasn't moving well and was a good indicator that it wasn't going to stick around on tv for long. It IPO'd at $4.00 and moved $2 - $3 over a span of a week. Other new TV shows were moving much faster. After 30 minutes of this show this stock is skyrocketing to over $10. This is interesting because every dollar over signifies an episode. So the Hollywood stock community is predicting 10 to 11 episodes for the first season right now, after the first episode. I think this show has a real chance to be picked up for a full season and has a decent shot at a long run on tv. It has all the right elements of new and old. Enough drama with enough intrigue coupled with just enough hook to keep you coming for more but not leaving too many questions unanswered. I am stunned that Fox lucked into this show and wasn't picked up by another big 3 network. I refuse to discuss the pilot as you need to watch it to believe the quality of this. I wouldn't say perfect because no pilot is perfect. Every pilot has it's "quirks". This one has very very few. I have one new favorite show.
  • Fringe reads like an episode of The X-Files without the supernatural aspect that so often littered the show. This might be the real key between The X-Files and Fringe and one that X-Philes will be drawn to it for.

    Fringe, while it does have obvious influences found in The X-Files and Altered States, can stand on its own two feet as its own show. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff we've seen before from The X-Files floating around (pun fully intended, by the way). Yeah, it's about some very scary stuff that might or might not be real. Yeah, it's by the same creative mastermind behind Lost and Alias. And yeah, it has an attractive cast of newbies and old favorites which is sure to wrangle in the young and old alike.

    But none of that really matters because Fringe has a chance to be the new breed of science fiction television. It has enough real science and enough fringe science (which believe it or not is real) to blur the line and offer us a venture into a Brave New World. The only real question that remains to be asked is this: are we really ready for that journey?

    The Pilot offers us a taste of what is to come, introduces us to the players, and tosses in a few hints to a much larger conspriacy brewing just beneath the surface. If nothing else, it's a post-modern science fiction version of Lost with a dash of The X-Files thrown in there to make it bite a bit harder, if you will pardon the expression.

    So will like it, some will love it, some will be lost within the first few minutes by the explict violence that draws us into this strange world. Just be sure to ask yourself before you step through the door if you are really ready or not because it promises to be one hell of a ride...
  • Pilot Episode: We meet a strong woman (with an ability to bluff) who is willing to do anything to save the man she loves. Of course the man she loves is hurt and she needs the help of a not-so-lucid Dr. and his son to get him back.

    I'm really excited for this show to continue. I feel that the characters are very well defined; I'm quite drawn to them. This show vaguely reminds me of X-files but with a more youthful cast and a lot less of an 'aliens are out there' kind of theme. Though I can't wait for the next episode, my thoughts are focused more on the images revealed before each commercial break. I know that they all have some significance, I"m just excited to figure out what they relate to in the show. Especially the frog with the phi on the back. I like frogs. :)
  • A show about science.

    i just watched the pilot and it was great! i was on the edge of my seat the entire had some very good twists in it. it is very similar to x files which is another show that i like, except they dont chase aliens like mulder and scully do, they go after real science . i think the plot is very interesting and i will definitely be tuning in each week to see what they come up with next . i would recommend this show to anyone that is a scifi fan. tune in next week, you wont be sorry.
  • Review of pilot episode for Fringe.

    I have watched the pilot and enjoyed it very much. Intriguing premise and great characters. There was a great twist which I won't discuss but it was unexpected. The best kind of twist. Good effects and the story moved well.
    I look forward to more stories and yes it may seem X-filish but it is very good regardless.
    Blair Brown, what more can I say, Fab!!!!!
    Joshua Jackson has matured nicely and I like his character
    Peter. Walter Bishop is a charismatic character as well and
    I sense he will be entertaining too!
    The lead actress reminds me of Poppy Montgomery from Without a Trace, appealing style.
  • FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is determined to learn who killed the passengers of a transatlantic flight and injured her lover. She follows the leads to a mad scientist, but no one is willing to listen.

    Okay, I know who thought of it, J. J. Abrams, which makes me interested since I loved Alias, but a little hesitant since I tried but failed to love Lost. The show starts off with a serious bang with this episode. Olivia is tenacious and smart. She cuts corners when she has to. She gets the job done, though she doesn't like the consequences, or her inability to unknow everything she's learned. The information she gathers doesn't feel too terribly contrived, though the speed at which she gathers it is something else. Anna Torv handles her role well, and I was really pleased with Joshua Jackson's dialogue and his delivery. John Noble is both creepy and sympathetic in his role as the mad scientist. If they can keep up half the intensity of this episode, I'll be more than pleased.
  • The latest brainchild of J.J Abrams did not disappoint. FBI liaison Olivia Dunham must obtain the services of mad scientist Walter Noble and his brilliant son Peter to navigate through the world of "Fringe" sciences.

    I admit that I tuned in tentatively wondering if the show would live up to the hype. I'm glad to say, at least for me, that it did.
    I liked the blend of extreme science with the human characters. Olivia Dunham is the FBI Liaison whose tenacity and investigative skills get the attention of DHS agent Broyles, even though they seem to have past issues. Only problem that I have with her is that sometimes her bravado feels like nothing more than a bluff. When she faces off against someone I don't get the sense that she would take that extra step and do what she says that she'll do. I do like her interaction with the other characters. I like the teeth gritting patience that she shows with Walter in her attempts to discern whether or not he's speaking lucidly. Even though it's predictable I like the chemistry between her and Peter.
    I find Peter's character intriguing. He has the IQ of a genius, though unlike his father he has nowhere to focus his intellect. They've hinted at a troubled past, which of course they'll unfurl as the series continues.
    Walter's character is also interesting. A disgraced genius who has conducted strange and dangerous experiments, he has somehow become mad and alternates between moments of brilliance and fragile senility. He's also a father with a fractured relationship with his son.
    There's also the enigmatic Broyles who has recruited Olivia and the mysterious conglomerate run by someone who used to work with Walter and who may be behind some very strange occurances.
    From what I've seen so far, this is going to be a must see and I can't wait to see how the show progresses.
  • Much hyped and long awaited show, premiere was way below my expectations but showed potential. Worth watching a few more times to see what will be made out of it.

    Perhaps one episode isn't enough in order to judge a show, but such was the hype i can't help but reviewing Fringe!

    I watch Lost, i watched Alias, and i used to be a die-hard X-Files fan. There was a lot of talk about about how Fringe very much reminded these series. After watching i must say i partly disagree with that, i couldn't see any Alias, or Lost or X-Files in it, except maybe for the fact that all the shows involve, in whatever level and degree, unexplained phenomena, major secrets, conspiracies (involving the government or not), and double or even triple agents (or regular people who are always switching sides). But there's no MAJOR plot or character similarity at all. The cast is great and the show is very well produced. I had great expectations towards Fringe. But as much as it didn't meet my expectations, it was not a major disappointment either. It deserves a second chance, i'm hoping it will evolve and watch it a couple more times.
  • A drama centered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist and his son in order to solve crimes.

    The series opened slow with a female fbi agent in a relationship. I thought it was going to be another love story when it took a turn and changed everything. Getting rid of the lover and introducing a scientist who was locked up for 17 years who comes with his son as a interpetter. This gave us a different way of solving crimes, I really didn't like the idea of FBI agents using drogs to help solve the crimes. I'm hoping in future episodes they figure out some way to substitute it. I am very pleased we have a promising series with drama and action. I can't wait to see what the "pattern" is.
  • Fringe is a great show that offers Alot!

    Fringe is purely awsome. It has everything you would want to keep you guessing on whats going on and whats gonna happen. One of my knew favorite shows and from the looks of it, its just gonna get better and better. Suggest it to anyone who enjoyed the x-files and wants another great show to whatch. Cant wait for the next episode and all the hype about this show is true. It will be one of Fox's better shows. Behind Bones though of course. But cant wait excited to have another show to be excited about when the week starts. Fringe is definetly a winner.
  • It's always amusing for me to see a review of a 2.0 (or lower)amidst a sea of other critics with various decent scores which would beg to differ on that one person's radical beliefs.

    Fringe is a delightful show, I'll give you that much; not the first of its genre, but still proving to be just as entertaining.

    Derived from classics such as The X-Files and the ol' Twilight Zone, Fringe follows in a long line of tv shows specialized in the unknown and paranormal incidences. That is not to say it is a rip-off, no sir, Fringe displays its own eerie feel to a certain success.

    First of all, to really enjoy the show in the first place, the viewer (who most likely is an avid watcher of such genres already) must forget, or at least block out their thoughts which will no doubt be comparing it with other series, past or present. Familiar elements may obviously be recognized during the course of the series, but seriously people, stop living in the past and keep an open mind; if you reject something before you have time to understand it, you would have missed a lot in your life.

    The pilot for Fringe opened fairly smoothly, if I do say so myself, from the first scene on the plane, it already pulled you in. The special effects were neatly done, though the robotic arm of Nina Sharp in the later parts of the episode was only marginally passable.

    The actors and actresses themselves all had their unique traits and characteristics, so I can't possibly imagine how anyone could not remember their names. Their performance was believable enough and the dialogue was, in some parts, charming, with no cheesy bits that make you sit uncomfortably in your sofa until it's over.

    With the plot, though technically impossible in our eyes, was enrapturing, with none of those slow-moving back and forth scenes where nothing significant gets accomplished. All there was...was the quest, which brought the three unlikely main characters along like a fast current. For the predicibility portion of the plot, that's really up to how much of these mystery-themed enetertainment you've been exposed to prior. As for me, I'm not much of a guessing type of person, just be quiet and watch the show or get the heck out of my living room is my philosophy.

    So all in all, Fringe has, for the most part, lived up to its expectations. I know I certainly enjoyed it and grumbled every time it was cut to commercials. It truly is a show worth trying at the very least.
  • The pilot

    I have just seen the pilot and it was brilliant..
    To see the jaw disintegrate of the man in the plane in the 1st 5 minutes had me terrified and completely hooked.

    It does remind me of the xfiles with Joshua playing the sceptic brillaint scientist, a role which he does exceptionally well,i loved his sense of humour and sarcastic with (sweetheart ?), ive always loved josh anyway in whatever roles he has chosen to play, and in this role he is very believable as a genius prodigy of a scientist who very well could be 1 of the smartest minds alive and its really great to see Joshua back on tv.

    I loved the actress who played olivia, she is beautiful, smart and very endearing to the audience, well she was to me anyway i have no idea which show the other reviewers watched but it most certainly wasnt this one.

    John Noble as Walter, what amazing casting, he is one of the great actors of our generation, he portrays Walter very well, his intelligence, his vulnerability, his sorrow, it was heartbreaking to watch the scene in the car when he begged his son to not take him back, made me cry...

    Loved the storyline, loved how its going to seem to progress with the confidential cases and whatever the pattern is going to turn out to be, and the very bad company headed by william Bell. It will be very interesting to see who they get to play William Bell but i dont think we will get to see him until at least the end of the series, having a big company founded by Walter Bishops lab partner who is a bad man is just Outstanding, Good vs Evil,always a winner to me, im already routing for Walter and Peter and Olivia..

    I think there is a lot more fascinating things we have yet to see which involve fringe science, you only had to look at the little plot twist at the end to see that woman from bells company instruct the guy pushing agent scotts body to question him even tho he had been dead 5 hours.

    I am enthralled and fascinated, i love sci fi and paranormal stuff so this very much appealed to me, but its also a drama and i dont really think you can put it into any one catagory its kind of a one off

    JJ Abrams is a favourite of mine, alias, lost, and i cant wait but im really excited to watch more. Well done all..
  • A great way to start a series.

    Given the nature of this series, it is going to be difficult to write a review without giving anything away. But, here goes. The show starts off with action. Your attention is captured from the first few minutes. The scene opens on a plane, and the viewer knows something that the passangers do not,something bad is going to happen. The viewer is that they won't be disappointed. The viewer is not.

    Anna Torv does a fairly decent job of portraying her character. She comes across as a bit lonely and sad. She plays a no nonsense FBI agent who stumbles across something that she does not understand. Nor does she want to. Her sole concern is for a fellow agent who has been critically injured. She is willing to bend some rules to help save him.

    Joshua Jackson does a fine job as Peter Bishop, a man who after many years, must come face to face with his father, Dr. Walter Bishop, played by John Noble. Peter Bishop has yet to come to terms with his father. It seems his father wronged him in the past. Now they are thrust together in order to combat the effects of flesh melting toxins that have harmed FBI agent John Scott.

    John Noble gives the best performance of the evening. Walter Bishop has been under lock and key for 17 years. He appears mentally unstable and socially inept. His first words in years to his estranged son are something to the effect of "You're not as big as I expected."

    There is chemistry between the cast members. There are great possiblites for character development. It would be interesting to find out more about the genius Peter Bishop and Anna Torv's Olivia Dunham.

    Another fascinating character is Phillip Broyles, played by Lance Reddick. Broyles is in charge of the operation. He comes to bear a grudging respect for the talents of Olivia Dunham. Broyles gives the impression that he knows a lot more than he is letting on.

    The show closes with Dunham joining Broyles for investigations unknown. She asks both of the Bishops to join her in her efforts to help save the world from what is to come.

    This first episode sets the series. The charcters are interesting and flawed. There is just enough action, mystery and suspense. I look forward to next week.
  • JJ Abrams begins this election's assault on the democratic voter's psyche

    In terms of subtle right wing propaganda Joseph Goebbels had nothing on anything JJ Abrahams. Abrahams's last series, 'lost', almost subliminally pushed the ideas behind religion and religiosity on it's audience. The concepts of being born again, good versus evil, 'the others' who, even though they think they are good, are not, they're in league with Ben, something representative of the devil. There's even doubting Jack, a man who despite clear evidence of miracles chooses not to believe them and so is ultimately doomed.

    So what's Fringe all about. It's clearly aimed at promoting the thought behind right wing conspiracy theories, fear of apparently benevolent big business and authority. Government agencies created by the Bush administration are presented as 'the good guys', or at least the plucky individuals who choose to be good guys and part of them are. The message: trust no one, stand on your own two feet. Don't bother voting for anyone who says otherwise, who appears to be a good guy, because they're clearly in the pocket of some big business mastermind. Don't use logic to analyse situations, go with crazy schemes, superstition and gut reactions.

    Yeah it was enjoyable, a little silly but a nice twist at the end but ask your self "what are these people trying to say to me with this?". "What are my thoughts after watching this program?". Everything, even apparently the most innocuous piece of entertainment fluff impinges on our consciousness, how has this impinged on yours?

    I could be wrong of course, maybe he's just aiming at the conspiracy nut demographic and at the religious with lost, but the way in which his shows are presented makes me think not. He's looking for or trying to create converts and subtly diffuse right wing agenda and themes to the liberal thinking masses.

    How's that for a conspiracy theory? ;)
  • Lost, Heroes, 24, Smallville etc. All of these and some more make up the pilot of Fringe. Plagiarism or not, I have to say that the end product is original. It is definitely fox's answer to heroes but has a lot more to it than saving the cheerleader.

    Lost, Heroes, 24, Smallville etc. All of these and some more make up the pilot of Fringe. This show looses its originality when it starts its pilot inside an aeroplane. From this scene onwards it is just a mixture of various elements. Inspite of all the plagiarism, I have to say that the end product seems to be original. I wouldn't completely judge the show by its pilot but can very well say by looking at the two hour premiere that it has a long way to go. This show is definitely fox's answer to heroes but seems to have a lot more to it than saving the cheerleader.

    The general trend I believe that will be followed is that each episode will contain one special ability and the team would solve that it in that episode. The drama will continue in the background. The directors of the first episode did a good job of hiding the similarities with respect to the sister shows. But from here on the writers would have to do a better job to stay in the race.

    All in all, the premiere was worthy of a good show. The seasons to come will give us a better insight of the potential that can be achieved by this episode.
  • Combines the plots from Alias and Painkiller Jane with a little 4400 for good measure.

    What's old is new again? Here is the story of a government operative who thinks she is involved in an operation to thwart terrorists only to find she is getting tangled up in a much greater international conspiracy. Is it Fringe or Alias? Depends on whether or not you add in the corporation "Massive Dynamics" which is similar to Painkiller Jane's corporation. The same one that created the "secret formula" that gave her the fast healing abilities. I think as Fringe develops we will find the plot follows the same clichés. Then, we can add in a bit of the plot from the 4400. By the end of the first episode there are groups of children who have been missing for years, that are suddenly found without having aged a day.

    Most of these things I can stomach since most new shows are regurgitations of old scripts anyway. One thing I really hate however, is when the writer tries to throw us a plot twist and simply takes the most implausible character and suddenly says, 'he done it' without any lead-up to that character's guilt. When we got to the end of the episode, I'm sitting on my couch saying over and over, "That's ridiculous. What was the point of the whole episode then?" Think about it. (Spoiler warning) John, the guilty FBI agent is chasing the bad guy all alone and says he can't shoot because they need the guy alive since he's the only one with knowledge about the bio-agent terrorists are using. Somehow he doesn't know about the rigged containers, though it turns out later that he was the one who hired the guy in the first place, and kills him to silence him. He kills the guy in his first waking moments after having the chance to kill him in the storage area...alone. Why now? Why walk into a trap set by a guy who takes his orders from you? Why not just shoot him rather than smothering him? And to the writer: Why kill a guy in a freaking car crash you just spent the whole episode trying to save??? Makes absolutely no sense. At all! This was an artificial plot twist. We were not mislead by false clues that were obvious while subtle clues pointed elsewhere. All clues pointed in one direction and the writer simply changed the story on a dime. Very uncreative.

    So now we can watch future episodes to see a growing web of "shadowy figures" who have their hands in all levels of governments across the globe. Also we will witness the powerful corporation Massive-D acting above the law, and experimenting with clones and human dna. Very cliché. The only thing this show is missing is Jennifer Garner.
  • The appeal is understandable, the execution, not so much.

    I'm all for a new supernatural, "fringe" science type show, and when I saw the commercials for this one, it really piqued my curiosity. However, I was horribly disappointed. It might be that much better shows preceded it (X-Files, Alias), it might be wrongful of me to base it on such classics, but really it started off on the wrong foot. To begin, the script was SO predictable, the introduction of characters was very blah, plain, insipid. And right off the bat you could tell who wasn't going to survive the first episode. "I love you," automatically dooms you, apparently. The fluidity of the show was also lacking, it seemed the characters started caring for each other all too easily. The dialogue was at times corny and disjunctive.
    But, alas, in its defense, the concept at heart still intrigues me, and it just might be the only thing making me want to watch the next episode, that and the preview. Perhaps two hour encores are not for everyone.
  • This generation's X-Files!

    This show if it is good in the ratings and after reading the good reviews on it, could be this generation's X-Files. Olivia is a smart and intelligent by the book FBI agent. Who seems also to have a soul in her. Dawson Creek's Joshua Jackson as her would be wisecracking partner, who has to settle numerous gambling issues. They are teamed with the third party and oldest of the group, Jackson's character's father. Who has been in an institution for seventeen years. And may get a chance for his freedom, to help out in explaining and solving paronoid cases. Lance Reddick, an underrated but talented character actor, either can be a good or a bad guy. Hopefully this show will be on for years to come!
  • better than lost

    a team of FBI agent deals with a strange phenomenon. it starts off with a biological agent being released inside a 747 plane heading to boston. once that plane lands, the FBI teams up with DHS to deal with the incident. as it turns out, this is just a start of something much bigger, and this is just the beginning. it's a great narrative and i'm liking it. i like this better than lost, i'm looking forward to see the rest of the season. this show is like lost meets the x files and i like it. this is definitely one new show that will be on my weekly viewing schedule.
  • wow this show is amazing

    Seeing that i was a huge fans of the X-Files, i love this new show and am excited for the rest of the season and on. The first two episodes have not been a letdown whatsoever if you ask me. The character are amazing especially walter who is able to make you feel stupid when it comes to the science but you love him for it when he makes you laugh with his curiosity towards the simple things in life that he has missed out on while in his psych ward. the story line is rich in puzzles and conspiracy ideas. what im trying to say is that i love the show and i love JJ Abrams. This show helps show that he truly is a genious.
  • This turned out to be much better than I expected. What a pleasant surprise. I was afraid we'd have another insanely tedious plot to deal with...

    So what is JJ Abrams thing with airplanes? This is the second series (that I know of) that started with something bad happening to a plane full of people. What's up with that?

    But any other comparisons to Lost are not coming. I am just happy to see a show where JJ finally has no problem giving us some semblance of satisfaction each week. While I'm a big fan of delayed gratification, I think Lost takes that concept too far, and with each season I have grown increasingly bothered by the fact that more questions are raised than are ever answered. How can he ever wrap that mess up in a neat bow? I don't think he can.

    Fringe, however, gives us an episode that is tied up fairly well. Yes, there are still some lingering questions about who the bad guys really are...and it is obvious that the overall goal of the series is to find out who they are. But the pilot episode itself had a satisfying enough finish because we know what happens to the other agent. And that was the basic storyline I was following since helping him was the focus of the entire pilot. So that part of the tale is complete (enough) for me.
    I am pleased to see Abrams take it in a more basic direction with this series, and I look forward to future episodes. Yes, some of the supernatural ground has already been covered on other shows, but I think the production quality and the special effects breathe enough new life to make this more than "just another X Files". I plan to keep watching!
  • Hook Line And Sinker

    i really liked this show. and i know its a good show when i start covering my from the show and i'm like 'girl you better not go in there' or like 'OMG! i can't believe it'. the show was great. and even the special effect was pretty nice. im glad to see pacey from dawson's creek. i really like the show great actors, great writing, great stuts and or special effects. and i pretty much love everything about this show. except the scary black guy from lost, his eyes are crazy. JJ yet again got me. Alais, Lost, Cloverfield, and now Fringe. even though i can hear Oliva's accent sometimes
  • It's hard to give this show a summary. I really only wanted to leave a review. You can get a summary of the show from right here on or from Fox's web site. The show is great. That's all that needs to be said. Check it out. You won't be sorry.

    This is the best show I've seen since Lost came out 4 years ago! I'm a big fan of Lost, Heroes, and Prison Break. Fringe is now on that list. My wife and I both look forward to watching this show. Although we both have very different tastes in television this is a show we both really enjoy. It is the perfect mix of science fiction, humor, and suspense. It doesn't overdue any one of them. The cast works perfectly together, and it keeps you glued to the TV screen for the entire time. I wish I had enough room on my DVR to save the entire season. I hope this show sticks around for many years.
  • a major ripoff of the X-Files

    Because J.J. Abrams is behind this show, people took notice. They took plenty of notice. After all, he was the genius behind Lost and Alias. And it didn't hurt that he was teaming up with two of the writers behind the smash Transformers. Together, these three worked together to come up in Abram's words an episodic show, a show you can get into at any time but rewards the fans for tuning in every week. Fringe is an eery science fiction show, a show that is supposed to blur the lines between science fiction and reality, the lines between what is real and what can only be imagined. Cloning, astroprojection, telepathy, shared dream states, transmortification, are under the term psuedoscience and most normal people don't even know studies over these subjects actually exist. Stumbling into this world is independent FBI agent Olivia Dunham, a sensible, careerminded woman whose normal life is about to get a rude awaken, Dr. Walter Bishop, the slightly insane but brilliant fringe scientist who experimented on the subjects years before, whom Olivia turns to for advice, and who has been in psychiatric care for a murder he didn't commit, and the wisecracking, sarcastic Peter Bishop, a brilliant man himself with an estranged relationship to his father, as they are tasked by Olivia's superior Philip Broyles to uncover the mysterious of fringe science and figure out who is behind these unexplained events and turning the world into their own labority playground. Not to mention there is the menacing and top secret organization Massive Dynamic whose role with the FBI and the Fringe remains elusive. Just by hearing the premise, it should be a good tv show. It's got government conspiracies, real life "news", adventure, a little romance, and science topics many would salviate to hear about. What more could anyone want? Here lies the problem: It was promised to be X-Filesish and unfortunately, that's what it is. It is X-Files in almost every way, except for the aliens and creepy monsters part. The show uses X-Fileish government conspiracies. They use X-Fileish roles, except for Olivia's more like Mulder and Peter is a more sarcastic sceptic than Scully. It's not that they just want to emulate X-Files, it's like they want to copy X-Files. And being a fan of that show a long time ago, nothing can ever take X-Files' place on Fox, in pop culture, or otherwise. And Fringe can never be X-Files, no matter how badly it wants to. There are some good points to the show: mainly, the main characters. After the second episode, Olivia is an extremely likeable and fiercely independent woman. Peter's sarcastic humor and jaded past is fun to watch. And it's somewhat nice to have a slightly demented but brilliant Einsteinish professor like Walter. Peter Broyles is interesting as he's a guy whose own loyalties are divided. Another character to watch is the sly and mysterious Massive Dynamic business overseeer Nina Sharpe, whose true role has yet to be played out. However, for every good point in the story, there is a shady secret agency, the fact that this show has to have someone in the FBI in order to solve mysterious happenings in the world, material which has been overused and overplayed many times before. I want to like this show, I do, and it's the type of show you want to succeed and you want to like but the best I can, because so far it has lacked originality and it's so X-Files, it's insane, I can't. The two bother me and the best I can, I can't move past either. To be fair, there have only been two episodes but I'm afraid that the show is not going to get better and stick in the format it's in now. Many would want to check it out and it's worth checking out for a few more episodes but if it doesn't improve, it's not going to last very long at all.
  • I have been looking forward to the next J.J. Abrams show, and I wasn't let down.

    As a huge fan of Alias, I was in need of a show that would hold my attention and make me look forward to watching tv again. In my opinion, nothing else has ever compared to the excitement I got from watching Alias. I am hopeful that Fringe will captivate me the same way and so far it has done a pretty good job. I am not as excited to watch it yet, but there is potential. I look forward to seeing where this new show will take us.
    I love the characters, especially the doctor. I think in time, this show will get better and better.
  • A woman conceives, carries to full-term and births a baby in the span of hours and the team moves in to investigate.

    This is the second episode in the Fringe series, and its a little bit of a let down. Olivia is getting over the loss of her partner and lover when a case that she solved twelve years ago involving a man who kills woman is brought up again. She sets off to investigate with the company in tow. One of the gripes I have about this episode is that Bishop's dementia is getting a little old. I know he was locked up in a mental hospital for seventeen years but with his flashes of genius here and again it just makes me wonder if he is making it up to pull one over on all of them or what. I didn't think the villain in this particular episode was very strong either, it just seemed to me the actor was rolling with the punches so to speak. Anyway this was an ok episode of a show that is slowly starting to spiral down.
  • It's difficult to rate a show after just two episodes, but I'm interested enough in this one to give it a shot.

    The most important elements are taken care of: some compelling characters with interesting interactions, humour, darkness, sets and scenes that are fun to look at, and the promise of a real arc instead of a bunch of individual episodes without a link.

    I just about rated this show as "Needs fine tuning" because I understand the concerns I've seen expressed that it doesn't *quite* grab you at the guts and pull you in. But it entertained me enough to watch the pilot and second episode back to back, and I'm looking forward to next week.

    Comparison with The X-Files should not be taken as an insult. This seems like a promising show with a definite idea of what it wants to be and how to make that good.
  • This show is a major X-Files ripoff with a hint of Lost(and also a similar sound track) except not as good as either of those shows.

    This show is made by the Lost creator, but I notice that the soundtrack is fairly similar. Also this show is like lost because of this "pattern" which is something that can't be explained and will probably be dragged out through the life of this show. Also that black guy is from Lost. However this show is not as compelling as Lost, and it is closer compared to the X-Files.

    This show is like the X-Files except the actors are not as talented. I'm sorry but David Duchovny is better than that prick from Dawson's Creek(who is the lead male). Also their are no aliens. Also the made up science on this show is annoying. They are going to keep making up scientific things or machines to fill every problem in the show. E.g. the baby is born and grows into an old man into 4 minutes and dies all because of some scientific experiment. Also a machine can read the last images off someone's eyeballs.

    I will check out this show again, give it another shot, after all I've only watched 2 episodes, but I am losing my interest.
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