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Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on FOX

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  • Far from being flawless, but one of the better Fringe episodes at the moment

    FINALLY they've cleared up the open endings of former episodes (that really started to bug me) by including the stuff happening back then in this episode. They actually did that 3 times in this episode assuming I've counted correctly. So while this is doubtlessly the apex of surrealism (yet), the screenplay is pretty good. However, I was poorly entertained by this episode which poses a huge negative. Nevertheless, it's one of the best episodes yet and I especially loved the moment I retrospectively realized what David Robert Jones' prior conversation with his lawyer meant.
  • Safe.

    Being a staunch fan of science fiction and having embraced without much difficulty with concepts fantasy series, or less real, I find myself constantly asking me about the reason for my resistance to "Fringe." Does this feeling is related to how the most unrealistic - or perhaps a better way of saying, the less credible - are exposed in the series or just something that is intrinsic and that made me unlikely to change?

    I do not know. May be a mixture of both. The truth is that in the tenth episode of the series, and although it was clear that it was over almost all others (as I write this line I'm still undecided if have overcome the "The Arrival"), when elements that require the viewer to a more open-minded appeared on the scene, my reaction was again marked by a certain resistance. But at the end of the episode, and after thinking a bit about it, I decided to try to look at the series with fresh eyes. At least, in relation to this episode ...

    Regardless of whether you agree with more or less easily the concepts that revolve around science - or pseudoscience - the truth is that "Fringe" as the series, has evolved in some ways. For example, for the most recent episodes the formula routine that seemed to be initially set to fall, is not as pronounced as it was. Or even some of the mysteries, whose resolution or developments are not to be as prolonged as expected. But what has pleased me most has been the development of some of the characters. It is true that certain speeches of Walter (John Noble), sometimes, they begin to seem too inappropriate and it is certain that some information from the personal life of Olivia (Anna Torv) sometimes seems to be placed in the dialogues almost by force, but love how the relationship between Peter (Joshua Jackson) advanced with his father so much since the beginning of the season and the reactions to the speeches void of Olivia immoderate exits from the mouth of Walter - last week in relation to the erection and this week on three occasions (the joke of the breasts, when he asked if it was guys in and when asked if she and Peter wanted to use the bed) - as if to tell us: "I give you a discount because he was imprisoned for two decades and is mad" . The lack of expressiveness in the reactions Olivia just make the situation even more hilarious. If she laugh, get angry or show anger, the joke would not be the same.

    Speaking specifically about the episode this week, it took on some of the elements that had previously been left open and used them at your leisure to give us some very interesting scenes. Early on, we found a group of men, led by Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly), to rob the coffers of banks using a different machine perfected the formula that the kid episode eight ("The Equation") disclosed, and that allows them to vibrate such particles of a solid object that makes it flexible and transposed on another solid object. We learned that these safes are still parts of an engine, created by Walter and hidden for almost twenty years, which lets you carry - in a manner similar to that done in the "Star Trek" - a person from one location to another. The engine is used to take the chain such Mr. Jones (Jared Harris), which is trapped in Germany. The location given by the dead, "Little Hill" is the place where the engine must be used to work. And that Mr. Jones wants Olivia for some reason. In addition, we are given the first clear idea of what, really, the memories of John Scott (Mark Valley) are implanted in the brain of Olivia (they had already mentioned this possibility, but there had been any doubt in the air). That is, enough revelations for a single episode. All this made a very interesting rhythm, and we have the ideal recipe for a great hour of television.

    PS - This time it was harder to find the Observer, but stood up relatively well, early on, the monitors of the bank's security cameras. By the way, if they were not picked up in other episodes, it may make to the current through this compilation:
  • Best episode yet.

    I liked the direction the previous episode went. Story moving forward, not episodic and a good cliffhanger. Definitely a sign of things to come.
    I expected a lot from Safe, mainly cause fans consider it as superb. I wasn`t disappointed. So far fringe has been OK..good but not great, I was not very impressed. With this episode, Fringe finally set the bar higher.
    This episode had so much going on. Guess Jones will be the big villain now. I`m glad cause he looks great.
    More mysteries, some cool revelations, a great storyline, some nice sweet/funny moments for the characters, good pacing.. superb. The ending is great too, didn`t want it to end which is a first time for me as far as fringe is concerned. Best thing is that I feel the best is yet to come.
  • Wow!!!

    So initially we see the equation from the last episode being used, I liked the fact that they already put it to use, good start to the episode. This episode finally starts to talk about some of the things that have been in past episode and slowly starts to put them together. This was an awesome episode, and it was nice to see the good guys finally figuring out what is going down, even if what they know is not nearly the whole picture. This episode really ends with a bang, and a good one at that. An amazing episode, the best so far!
  • Well this was a turn up for the books, wasn't it?

    Well this was a turn up for the books, wasn't it? Olivia abducted, Mr. Jones out of prison, Walter Bishop in lack of kooky one liners shocker... Fringe really pulled out all the stops in its last episode before the Christmas break in an attempt to keep us all suitably perched on the edge of seats for the next run and boy, did it succeed. Goodman and Cahill's script is positively brimming with hair-pullingly frustrating enigmas: from the question of what purpose it serves to abduct Ms Dunham to the big fat "WTF??!!" regarding the component parts of the device that Bishop invented and its apparent ability to, um, beam people and things from one space to another, rather like, you know, the transporters in Star Trek. Yup, any semblance of believability in the show's science has finally been well and truly discarded, but that doesn't seem to matter anyway; from the beginning, Fringe only ever engaged in a casual dalliance with scientific realism and, ultimately, it's the more outright bizarre moments that have proven to be the most memorable and, indeed, enjoyable. 'Safe' works beautifully as a result of this, keeping its audience just the right side of baffled, bemused and bewildered in order to generate intrigue and a desire for more. Kinda like that other little show that J.J. Abrams created. Back in a week or so, there's a plane in it and some black smoke... you know the one.
  • Olivia is kidnapped.

    More Fringe greatness tonight and it looks like we're getting the first big story arc of the season. Olivia being captured should lead to some interesting developments this season but it will surely disturb the balance of the show. She's integral to the progression of the episode storylines, although this could lead to more Walter and Peter scenes and they are gold together.

    While the bank robbery scheme was cool Fringe is starting to get a little ridiculous with the supernatural objects. Transporting out of jail into a field? Turning a wall into an invisible barrier that people can walk through? Just a little too much, even for a Sci-fi show.

    A really great episode though.
  • This is the kind of episode people were expecting from Fringe from the beginning.

    This is the kind of episode people were expecting from Fringe from the beginning. What a great episode. It was exciting and intense. It mislead the audience, leaving us guessing to the very end and gave us an incredible cliffhanger. If they[the creative teams] can keep this quality up, they're going to have one amazing show on their hands.

    The banter between Peter and Walter seemed much better this episode because it was truer to their characters. I don't know about anyone else, but it seems to me that Walter insinuates so much about Peter that there is already an insane mystery surrounding Peter that we can't quite grasp yet.

    Jared Harris returns, in this episode, as David Jones who becomes a much bigger part of the story than we originally anticipated. I thought he gave a great performance. He was so intense but it was subtle at the same time.

    I hope they can keep this caliber of film making up with this show. If they do they aren't going to worry about ratings.
  • Fringe just gets better and better.

    Fringe really is starting to live up to the pre-season hype and with this episode is becoming everything that a new J J Abrams series should be. he cliffhanger with Olivia's abduction. There were plenty of classic scenes with Walter and Peter, I just love the pair of them!

    Massive Dynamic are really starting to show their hand with their scientists working to extract his memories too. The sci fi elements with the matter transformation of the walls and the transfer of David Jones to Little Hill was just great. With this episode Fringe has really come to life. Brill.
  • a man attached to the wall, men walking throw walls, a man traveling from one place to another in a second, Olivia taken hostage!!

    what an episode, when u think that its not gonna be more weirder!!
    fringe is talking another direction, now with Olivia been captured, and that light traveling man now i guess fringe will be all about him.
    but really events happening and that happened started to look that they all related in some mysterious way, which is really fun to watch.
    i liked the technique using magnetic pulses to walk throw walls, which is really by physics it make seance!!
    the phenomenons that occur really fascinating.
    but now i cant wait for the things that are about to happen in the next episodes, now that everything is getting weirder and weirder!!
  • Another great installment of a series that just gets better and better.

    This has to be one of the best episodes of the series so far, just because of the intense pace and the amount of storylines from the previous episodes that were slowly coming together.
    We learned part of the mystery of Little Hill and also that Mr. Jones is going to be a much bigger part in the series. I enjoyed seeing Nina Sharp being herself and not hiding behind her usual mask and it seems that the mask has many faces as she is now working alongside Broyles. In this episode Olivia, Peter and Walter investigated why a bank robber was found embedded in the wall and they soon discovered that the robbers were trying to steal items of Walter's. Walter soon realised that he had created a time machine when Peter had fallen ill as a child but had dismantled it and locked it away. This machine would allow Walter to reach into any area in time and space and bring a person back with him. In the conclusion of this episode we learn that the enemies are using the machine in order to extract Mr. Jones from his German prison and now God only knows what kind of trouble he is going to get up to on the outside. There were some great comedy moments in this episode from Francis, Astrid and of course Walter but with Olivia having been kidnapped by Mr. Jones and his many associates it seems that this series is going somewhere very fast, unlike some of J.J.Abrams over projects. We might get answers by the end of the first series!!! Just kidding, J.J.Abrams rocks.
  • Review

    I was surprised we didn't get much to do with John's email in this episode about seeing her in the restaurant. I understand that they were using it as a "Wow" moment, but they still need to expand on it a little bit. Olivia experiencing some of John's old memories was something that I didn't see coming when she recognized the man in the wall. Walter also seemed surprised that she was able to do it - which takes away from my theory that Walter has been holding out on the good guys all along. I was led to believe that because he continued to state that what was happening to Olivia was impossible, yet it still continued to happen. I was happy to see Mr. Jones back, I thought he was a really good character the first time around and I thought he fit well into this episode as well. It was nice to see the bad guys win for a change too, because we all know the good guys are going to win in the end so you might as well let the bad ones win from time to time. Olivia being kidnapped should be interesting when the show returns, as should the storyline with Peter that was also dropped from episode nine.
  • Best episode ever!!

    This was by far the best episode of Fringe yet! it was a very clever episode and very well put together, the links to past episodes was awesome and cleared up some questions that we have been wanting to know, but also gave us a few more to keep us going!

    Walter is such a great character, very funny at times, and some of the things he says crack me up, yet he says them so innocently! Joshua Jackson's character just keeps getting better and better, its good to see him in a good show!

    I am looking forward to the next episode 'Bound' on the 20th January to see where the show goes, i hope the next episode is of as good standard as this, as this is turning out to be a great show and every episode gets better!
  • Extremely well plotted! (only spoilers in this review are from earlier episodes)

    What fascinates me about Fringe, is how that in every episode, we are shown something so weird that i raise my brows every single episode. But in the end of the episode, it actually makes sense. Like the episode with the guy who drew the future. I just thought to myself: How the heck are they going to explain THIS?!
    But it made sense, i don't think anyone in the real world could do the same, but it made sense!

    My point is, in this episode we see something so insane that it just can't make sense(possible surprise for next episode?), but i accepted it because of the insane plot that ties so many things together in such an awesome way! I just... WOW! By far the best episode from this show yet!
  • The best episode of the series so far

    It was the return of the corrupt FBI Mitchell Loeb who with 4 other guys are stealing safety deposit boxes from banks. The way the pieces fit in this episode are genius, There's a moment we see Olivia realize she's talking to someone about a memory that isn't even hers it's John's. Then there's Walter realizing that the safety deposit boxes being stolen are his own. There's Nina Sharp realizing that Olivia has the exact memories they're looking for. We finally see Olivia let loose and that she has trouble turning down a dare. Olivia and Peter knocking back scotch and sharing magic tricks. We also get to see Charlie work with Peter, and take a more active role with Olivia as the case unfolds. And it's a moving and clever moment when Walter suddenly remembers what it was he had hidden in those boxes, and the danger young Peter was in that led him to build it in the first place.
  • The pieces are coming together

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    I've received some feedback for recent reviews, scoffing at the notion that the writers of "Fringe" have a clue where they're going. I've had faith, because the seeds were right there in plain view. Now the pieces are starting to come together, as elements from previous episodes are intersecting and overlapping in ways clearly designed to catapult the series into a new direction.

    Not only do we have technology from The Pattern coming into play, but we have more insight into the crazy experimentation that Walter was conducting back in Peter's childhood. Who knows what Peter was actually subjected to over the years! Just the fact that the experiment worked raises the question: how did they know where to find the pieces of the device? The obvious answer would be William Bell.

    That connects to Massive Dynamic. Nina Sharp certainly seems interested in some kind of information in John Scott's memories, and the simple assumption would be that it is related to the current situation. This complicates matters; the previous episode seemed to indicate that Massive Dynamic was directly involved with The Pattern. Now it shifts back towards the notion that Sharp is using the product of The Pattern for some other purpose. Perhaps David Jones is a competitor, and Sharp is trying to find a way to contain a potential threat?

    It's safe to assume that these items will gain clarification in the next episode, so for now, it's enough that the writers managed to bring so many pieces of the puzzle into clarification. The most interesting aspect of the episode, however, had to be Olivia's sudden memory issues. Her inability to distinguish between her own memories and those of John Scott is a game-changer. Did Olivia really learn those card tricks, or was that John's childhood? How many other stories and insights have come from John since the beginning of the season? Or is this just the effect of her second trip into the tank?

    It does make sense of her dour disposition. Olivia was certainly able to break out the charm in this episode, but how much of that was her? Is memory the only thing affected by this phenomenon? Or is John's personality and psychology also creeping its way into Olivia's everyday life? What if Olivia is only seems to be loosening up, and it's really a sign that John's influence over her is slowly but surely strengthening?

    Olivia's mental condition may be at the heart of her current predicament. Sharp is going to want her to gain access to some important memory that John Scott possessed, and perhaps Jones wants her for the same reason. Considering that the next episode represents the mid-point of the first season, it seems reasonable to assume that whatever they want out of Olivia will prove to be the central motivation for the second half. If they continue to pull the pieces together and build on their strengths, as they did in this episode, then it will have been worth the wait.
  • Finally the show is starting to put all the pieces together!

    I loved X-Files, and every week this feels more and more like it. Walter keeps me laughing with every line. This episode must be watched after seeing previous episodes, as it connects quite a few loose ends. I hope this show continues to impress, as this and Terminator are the only two shows that continue to improve. I love Heroes, but it is way too inconsistent. The only character who I didn't love from the start was Olivia. I am enjoying her more and more each episode. I loved the scene in the bar with Peter, it's nice to see Agent Dunham break out of her shell.
  • This episode was the most exciting since the pilot as the action simply keept increasing the pace and making your eyes locked with the TV.

    The fact that they immediately used the device that makes phasing through matter show at the end of episode 8 was amazing.
    The fact that Mr. Jones was plotting something throughout the episode was well written and also the fact that Olivia's memories are being replaced by John Scott's ones, for which I give a 5 star award to Anna Torv for excellent acting.
    We also see some revealing scenes inside the Massive Dynamic building as they are trying to resurrect John Scott.
    We also see development of the relationship between Peter and Olivia who share a couple of interesting magic tricks while having a couple of beers in a Cambridge bar.
    We also see some more fun moments between Peter and Walter, specifically in a hardware store and in the laboratory while Walter is playing with toys from his youth.
    Towards the end of the episode I started getting really anxious as Walter made the revelation that he built a teleportation device... That we see being used by the bad guys successfully! They use it to teleport Mr. Jones out of the prison in Germany. They also kidnap Olivia in the end and Nina Sharp is now at odds with Broyles who suspects she kidnapped her. I like where this series is going and Kudos to the writing staff for outstanding writing.

    Obs.: The Observer pops up in a security monitor of a camera outside the bank in the very beginning of the episode.

    P.S.: I really think Astrid should get some more action.
  • Pretty much what everyone wanted. Fringe hits perfection.

    This was without a doubt the best episode of the show so far. With more serialization than any other before, it managed to connect most of the episodes together.

    The only thing that was missing from this episode was the Observer's storyline, though he himself was in it(on the security camera in the beginning).

    Well played, JJ, well played. You certainly did fool me. Here was I thinking this show would end up more episodic than serialized. Well... doesn't seem that way to me.

    Mr Jones is one awesome villain. I'm glad his role got extended. God I love the way he talks. And the long shot of him when he gets teleported...? Wow. Oh, teleported. Yes. Well, Lots of crazy science in this episode, and it's awesome.

    I mean, the beginning, going through the wall. There you go, that's what the apple was for. Fantastic writing throughout the episode, and not just plot wise. The dialouge was great too, some nice character development for Liv and Peter mostly.

    The bar scene was sweet. Reminded me of Alias... Syd and Vaughn. Oh wait. The entire episode did.

    No other show on TV connected criminal investigations with high concept mythology better than Alias. And now, Fringe's objective seems to be the same... and right now, they're succeeding.

    This was a phenomenal midway finale that definitely made every Fringie re consider the "possibilities" of the show. It might be more serialized than you think...
  • Part II

    So, this is part two to last weeks episode. It was a good episode, but not a great episode. I think its because we lack new freaky science. However, it is still a good episode. For one, we have cute Peter and Olivia time. We also learn more about Peter's childhood. Apparently he almost died another time as a child and this led Walter to develop a time machine/deportation devise, which is pretty awesome. We seem to be dealing with the John Scott problem in a constructive way finally. I love forward to seeing which of this memories are stuck in Olivia's head. Overall, another good episode.
  • More Bizarre and far reaching "patterns".

    Okay, for me this "pattern" was a real stretch. Being able to not only walk through walls of steel. But then to be able to retrieve items and take it with you, bordered on unbelievable. The one thing that was believable to me was Olivia picking up on John Scott's memories that are in her head. I was more curious as to what Olivia's friend from the German prison wants with her. I knew what he was up to with his lawyer so that wasn't a surprise, what was, was the manner he escaped and traveled across the planet and the first thing he wants to see is Olivia. Now this is intiguing to me and unfortuately I have to wait until January to find out...
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