Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on FOX

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  • Snakehead

    Desperate to see someone running. You stew. Ask for help and asks for a certain address. In the confusion someone forwards. Is the dark of night but the light of the busy street, and dirty. Arrives. Finds comfort in her name. Pour rested and if all this would not end like an episode of "Fringe."

    From his mouth comes a huge parasite, a worm, a snake, something. And so begins the investigation we realized that was not the only death. Immense bodies, Chinese, gave the coast, all with the same cause of death. Migrants who mistakenly boarded the last voyage of their life because someone gave them a pill. A fatal pill where being lives and once inside the human body grows into that form we know. But why be ending so many lives?

    Why the strange creature has extraordinary medicinal properties, a kind of drug that is extracted and sold. In this case a mother who seeks to save his son. The main intrigue of "Sankehead" boiled down to this. No twists, no mystery and (almost) no action. This type of episodes with these stories too linear, eventually causing an extreme frustration in the viewer. The argument, which is mounted just a mere hunting man / monster turns out to finish bumpy and without content. We further background, more complex, more juice. But this is now the prayer of the day.

    On the other hand this ninth episode forget Olivia (Anna Torv) to embrace Walter (John Noble) as protagonist and it was here that the story had some interest. The attempted emancipation of Walter, from the beginning which is followed by his son until the end where a chip implant location was great exercise and a good interpretive character development. See Walter desperate to realize his folly and forgetfulness can never match the word responsibility. It is the fall itself, finally admitting that maybe, Walter healthy never return home.

    The Best: Walter Bishop.

    The Worst: The rest.
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