Season 3 Episode 15

Subject 13

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2011 on FOX

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  • Subject 13

    The previous season with the episode gave us this number to know Jacksonville, where Walter (John Noble) made all those experiences with your group of children. After a pause, he returned with "Peter" a fantastic story about the origins of the conflict. Well, a season after a year and returned not only to local but also to the precise spot where the last story left off.

    And a large fall back. It's amazing how a prequel episode, where presumably much of our information is already known and where the fate of the characters already outlined, can transmit both again. "Subject 13" begins shortly after Peter (Chandler Canterbury) have been kidnapped and is with him that we are introduced to the snow, to the despair of a child who wants to go home. I always had the idea that the passage of the protagonist, from one side to the other, had been peaceful and that he had not assimilated well the event. But no, and rightly so, because the logic level really makes sense to a kid his age to understand the world around you and feel that something is wrong.

    So, no way out, tries to kill the ice that brought you here, being saved by a mother in conflict. Initially wanted to stay with the "son", but now, due to their suffering or take him to his original universe. It is supposedly because of this that Walter starts those tests in Jacksonville. It was a great joy to see the facilities and operate the old and new tapes to record, remind us immediately of "Lost", the Dharma, there longing. We also know little Olivia (Karley Scott Collins) and his awful stepfather. This, and its climate of fear and violence, the little protagonist who awakens feelings that are able to jump between universes.

    There are so clear on two fronts this side: a mother who is no mother and no longer knows what else they can do and the father is not the father who tries by Olivia find their way back to the other side. These two tracks collide in the legendary meeting between the two children in a field of white tulips, very well represented by these young actors. He tells her to not be afraid to trust the old scientist, adopting speech for you, deciding to forget and assume that it was all a strange dream of his. The moment he embraces his mother and this eventually decides to stay with him is fantastic. Orla Brady is excellent.

    On the other hand have seen a couple together, which breaks up slowly, the pain of a son who disappeared. This was another of the mysteries of the episode: how Walternate discovered the whereabouts of his son? We see the desperation, the assumptions made in time and time again, and here we see a man come to the conclusion that more certain that there is good side and bad side. They are parents to protect what they love most in life, not that this will have to make decisions morally unacceptable.

    Now comes the best scene of the episode, perhaps the best all season. Young Olivia decides to tell Walter that the stepfather and the harms against everything and everyone goes into this office. Vents all that holds it, and in the end, we realized she was on the other hand, tell you all Walternate. They rarely catch me off guard but here I fell like a duck, and it was great. I went behind the scene - no longer returned from an episode behind, there is, "Lost" - to confirm, to read better, to find out how I cheated. And that's okay, all done with great intelligence and insight. It's really amazing, like a scene as simple, with zero effect, so can arouse in the spectator.

    "Subject 13" is not only the most sentimental episode of the season and played well, as one of the best episodes that "Fringe" ever offered us.

    The Best: The final scene with Olivia and the two Walters.

    The worst: I hoped to learn more about Olivia's stepfather.
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