Season 4 Episode 4

Subject 9

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2011 on FOX

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  • Getting Better

    Now it's finally moving forward and questions are starting to appear in this series. The weird events that Olivia was having was answered and now Peter came back to this world but as expected no one remembers him. Walter tries to prove to Olivia that he is sane by going out into the real world for the first time in 3 years well he use to go outside when everyone knew Peter. This is all way to weird, well I'm not going to repeat what I said in my prior review what I think about the Peter thing but lets just hope the writers have a plan that will explain all these spinoffs and more stability. Overall great show I love the twists like before.
  • 404


    The first good episode of the season in my opinion. We had some fun interactions with Olivia and Walter, we had some crazy special effects and don't forget about the throwback to the root beer floats for the fans who have been here since day one.

    Plus, we have Peter back so we can stop with this white noise storyline. Although I am sure they'll waste two weeks having him explain who he is before their memories finally kick in.

    Still, a strong showing from the FOX drama and it garnered a nice boost in the ratings as well. If the show can keep up the quality like this we'll all be happy.

  • Of fathers, daughters, and blue lights


    Season 4 has had a rough start until now. I mean, "One night in October" was a good episode, but the other two ... not so much, in my opinion. This week, we had another well done episode. I mean, the case of the week wasn't too distracting or boring like the fungus case last week. What matters are character relationships, and "Subject 9" gives us just that. We have great scenes from Walter ( his crisis at the hotel, that's reminiscent of his "Northwest passage" breakdown - another time were Peter wasn't around, it must be noted ), and it's interesting to see a new interaction unfold between Olivia and him, who are more than ever like father and daughter. The actors convey Walter's fear to go back to Saint-Claire's and Olivia's hesitation about sending him back there very well. And the ( too ) short interaction between Walter, Astrid and Nina was priceless. I wonder what Nina did in this timeline to make Walter so angry ? And why does she seem to be much closer to Olivia than before ?

    Yes, that's ANOTHER story about a cortexiphan subject, but since not much time is devoted to the guy, I can live with it ( it's not "Concentrate and ask again" all over again ! ).

    As for the ending ... the first time I suspected the blue light could be Peter, but after that, I was caught by the red herring. So I'd say the writers did their job just fine on this one.

  • the blue light...


    so the first and second times i saw the blue thing i got kind of a stalker vibe so my first thought was that it's Peter and that he's back in the show. i felt it was quite romantic for him to find a way to half materialize himself and go straight to Olivia. But the subject 9 story came up so I put it out of my mind... at least till the end. and then a thought hit me... what if she was the one pulling Peter into this world subconsciously?... well nothing points to this but it would be cool

    the story was entertaining, I'm always up for a cortexyphan children story. Walter was awesome as the man trying to face his fears to be able to escape what scares him the most, the mental institution. and the moments of interaction between him and Olivia were genuine and interesting. (but then again, I'm the type of viewer that welcomes fillers from time to time, and was happy with the first episodes of this season... throwing too much info at you might ruin the feel and the fun)

    Cameron was ok... but i find it a bit stupid that it took Olivia and Walter to tell him that he might use his powers... after decades of having powers he never got angry? anyways... maybe he was just too scared of his ability to explore its potential.

    the best part however remain the last minutes of the episode when Peter returns. he seemed really happy to see Olivia but obviously she didn't recognize him and no one knows who he is ... i'm so curious how people will handle the situation in the next episode. too bad we have to wait so much

  • The Game Changer


    Carefully based in its own mytharc, Fringe revisits the story of Nina Sharp, as re-written by Dr. William Bell and colleage Walter Bishop during their Cortexiphan trials after they failed to save a child circa 1985.

    Olivia and Walter investigate the electromagnetic presence haunting them, Dr. Bishop's theory is that this somehow relates to the collateral due to the trials themselves. Since these children's powers were never activated, for Peter wasn't there to help track down the subjects, the only collateral damage of the trials seems to be that Nina Sharp became a foster mother for one Olivia Dunham.

    And so, the episode delves in the relationships destroyed and reshaped by Peter's absence. At the same time the audience figures out how each of them fit in each other's lives, the characters figure out the real nature of "Subject 9", a mysterious form who materializes in same frozen lake he was last seen by the people who met him: Peter.

  • The countdown to an other mind blowing season has finally begun !


    Nine, no Lincoln felt good. I have nothing against Seth Gabel but agent Lee is such an unoriginal character ! Considering Peter's disappearance has affected all of them why didn't they turn him into someone as charismatic as Alexander Mahone or Fox Mulder ?

    Eight, time related materials are always welcome. It worked for Lost so it could work for Fringe. Don't get me wrong Walter and Olivia didn't go back in time to save Peter but the first scene featuring her was jaw dropping and proved that season 4 could be in the same vein as the third. Eight, time related materials are always welcome.

    Seven, the visual effects were thrilling. In the department Fringe has never disappointed us but the glowing blue plasma was so different than last week's fungus that it seems the show will never stop to amaze us. As for the morphing sequence it was reminiscent of cult films like The Abyss. Magnetic fields are just wonderful !

    Six, Walter kicks Neo's ass anytime. His The Matrix inspired technique to catch Peter's image on camera was both funny and inspiring. We should all have such an installation at home to make sure we're not surrounded by optical illusions or ghosts ! As for his relationship with Olivia it was quite moving because even if they aren't family there're moments when we could mistake them for father and daughter.

    Five, subplots 99% intertwined with the main story make the best episodes. Subject 9 was no exception and its writing was brilliant enough to shadow what was really going on all along.

    Four, the storyline also had an undeniable rewarding factor because elaborating my own theory during the fourty something minutes made the ending even more exciting. Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger surreal first appearance as Terminator ? What happened wasn't as cult but at least it reminded me of it, something that doesn't happen a lot in a lifetime.

    Three, the guest's story was heartbreaking and obviously connected to Subject 13 considering the episode title. It was also the occasion to point out again how scientists can harm people even if their first intentions can be good. This new Walter is really starting to grow on me and the return of some character is promising.

    Two, the last second was more than just a cliffhanger. It was one of these moments that leaves you speechless, like a project you worked on for years and never thought you would be able to complete. Fringe ? A oneiric series.

    One, only the tip of the iceberg. Existence, quantum entanglement, philosopher's stone, psychometry, viral therapy, ethereal plane, gravitons, time paradox and psychogenesis. These are the topics flying around during the orange title sequence. Does it mean they will all be covered in season 4 ? I don't really know if it was the case for past seasons. But the one thing I'm sure of is that mixing a few of them to the current elements could lead to some stellar scenes involving Twin Olivias, Peter and of course Walternate.

    Zero, gravity. My fantasy is to make love with Fauxlivia at the International Space Station and have a British breakfast with her and Walter as a majestic Sun rises behind the Earth. What's yours Subject Ø ?

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

  • Hmm. ok, could have had all these four episodes as the first week.


    Olivia didn't know that Walter's wife commitedsuicide? Walter hasn't left the lab for 3 years? I must be missingsomething. I guess peter's nonexistencehas changed everything, so we can revisit the whole 3 first seasons, in absence of any real story line.

    Everything is slow and painful. EspeciallyWalter's last theory about what that blue thing was. Anyway, glad Peter is back..

  • magnificient episode, season has finally picked up


    I have to say this was a great episode albeit it started a little bit weakly. When I was watching it, I thought that so far it doesn't rise to the level of a fringe event much less a fringe episode. Then the episode recapped with the incident at the coffee where walter & olivia were sharing a drink and that electro-magnatic incident was quite amazing. Although I am hoping since the first episode that peter would return, I never thought that events will run that quickly and in one episode we've learned that not only olive is creating that magnatic field but also she worked with cameroon to offset this power and evidently ended up in "displacing" peter as walter mentioned.

    Some questions poped in my mind:

    1- Where was Lincoln in this episode and how come he was never invited to investigate in that fringe event being part of fringe team.

    2- Our hero observer (and dare I say match maker) October (sorry If I missed his correct name) is always the trouble making. One can argue that every deviation happened in all seasons were caused by him. Yet other observers were quite disciplined when they have done so. Why didnt he?

    3- earlier in 1st or 2nd episode, the same observer was setup to create the device to erase completely the memory of peter then he backed up at the last minute. Why havent' we seen a scene where he was attached by other fellow observers for missing to do it one more time.

    4- We all remember that peter has unknowingly a son from other universe, now that he is back, how will he take the new from F-Olivia?

    5- Again as much as I love to see peter going back from 1st episode, the whole concept of him still "bleeding" in the universe is a bit odd.

    Going forward I would imagine 2 scenarios:

    - either observers will restore events and things will go back to nromal in which case the entire show might seem a bit dull.

    - peter would remain as is, in which case he would be held into custody by Broyles to figure out what do with him.

    - Judging from Olivia's character, I would expect a complete opposition of peter as being nothing but an intruder in her mind and possibly a recent cause of disconfort and even threat to her safety. I dont think she would welcome him quite well. I would imagine that we will spend some more episodes for peter and the others to recover.

    finally, if I am in peter shoes, I would imagine that hey what the hell, if I was erased on a particular date and time, then why not bridge back (using doom's machine) to an earlier date and fix things better.

    At the end I conclude that if there is one thing correct about fringe series, it's what olivia said to Lincoln the first episode: every answer will lead you to many more questions. The challenge is to keep the momentum going and to drive a climax of events, suspense and thrill constantly.

    This was the first time I am leaving a review, in fact the first time I registered with just because of that episode. I am now wondering: man 7 more days for the next episode? come on, a time travel machine would be good now, will check on ebay for one and return :)

    EDIT: turns out the next episode is not in 7 days but 14 days, sniff, sniff :(