Season 4 Episode 4

Subject 9

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2011 on FOX

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  • magnificient episode, season has finally picked up


    I have to say this was a great episode albeit it started a little bit weakly. When I was watching it, I thought that so far it doesn't rise to the level of a fringe event much less a fringe episode. Then the episode recapped with the incident at the coffee where walter & olivia were sharing a drink and that electro-magnatic incident was quite amazing. Although I am hoping since the first episode that peter would return, I never thought that events will run that quickly and in one episode we've learned that not only olive is creating that magnatic field but also she worked with cameroon to offset this power and evidently ended up in "displacing" peter as walter mentioned.

    Some questions poped in my mind:

    1- Where was Lincoln in this episode and how come he was never invited to investigate in that fringe event being part of fringe team.

    2- Our hero observer (and dare I say match maker) October (sorry If I missed his correct name) is always the trouble making. One can argue that every deviation happened in all seasons were caused by him. Yet other observers were quite disciplined when they have done so. Why didnt he?

    3- earlier in 1st or 2nd episode, the same observer was setup to create the device to erase completely the memory of peter then he backed up at the last minute. Why havent' we seen a scene where he was attached by other fellow observers for missing to do it one more time.

    4- We all remember that peter has unknowingly a son from other universe, now that he is back, how will he take the new from F-Olivia?

    5- Again as much as I love to see peter going back from 1st episode, the whole concept of him still "bleeding" in the universe is a bit odd.

    Going forward I would imagine 2 scenarios:

    - either observers will restore events and things will go back to nromal in which case the entire show might seem a bit dull.

    - peter would remain as is, in which case he would be held into custody by Broyles to figure out what do with him.

    - Judging from Olivia's character, I would expect a complete opposition of peter as being nothing but an intruder in her mind and possibly a recent cause of disconfort and even threat to her safety. I dont think she would welcome him quite well. I would imagine that we will spend some more episodes for peter and the others to recover.

    finally, if I am in peter shoes, I would imagine that hey what the hell, if I was erased on a particular date and time, then why not bridge back (using doom's machine) to an earlier date and fix things better.

    At the end I conclude that if there is one thing correct about fringe series, it's what olivia said to Lincoln the first episode: every answer will lead you to many more questions. The challenge is to keep the momentum going and to drive a climax of events, suspense and thrill constantly.

    This was the first time I am leaving a review, in fact the first time I registered with just because of that episode. I am now wondering: man 7 more days for the next episode? come on, a time travel machine would be good now, will check on ebay for one and return :)

    EDIT: turns out the next episode is not in 7 days but 14 days, sniff, sniff :(