Season 3 Episode 7

The Abducted

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

On the Other Side, an older man is in his bathroom, shaving himself bald with a straight razor. He then takes a small vial of liquid and pours it into the basin filled with water, prays of redemption and rebirth, and then bathes himself in it.

In New Yonkers, a young boy, Max Clayton, cowers in his bed, afraid of something in his closet. He finally goes to get his mother, Emily, who searches the room and shows him that it's empty. She tells Max to get rid of the monsters by closing his eyes and then opening them, says she loves him, and goes back to bed. Once she's gone, the man, wearing a metal mask, emerges from behind the door and chloroforms Max unconscious. He then takes the boy out the window and into the night.

In Manhatan, Henry Higgins is working in his cab when Olivia gets in the back. She offers to buy him breakfast. She says that she needs his help to steal a boat and get to Liberty Island so she can get home. When Henry doesn't believe her, Olivia insists that her time is running out, and he's the only person she can trust. Henry finally relents and agrees to get his brother's boat so she doesn't have to steal one. Olivia gets a page summoning her to New Yonkers, and she leaves.

In New Yonkers, the Fringe team takes over the case and confirms that the abduction has nothing to do with a fringe event. However, the Peter Bishop Act of 1991 requires them to treat any kidnapping like a fringe event. Charlie goes to talk to the mother, while Olivia and Lincoln talk to the detective. Emily reported that Max didn't come down for breakfast. Olivia notes that whoever took Max out the second-story window was strong. Lincoln examines the fingerprints and discovers they have a sucrose residue. He identifies the abductor as the Candy Man, and tells Olivia that he's back.

At Fringe HQ, Broyles is reviewing abduction cases when Walternate arrives and notes that they both know of the pain caused by the theft of a child. Broyles vows to do whatever is necessary, but Walter suggests that the case might be too personal. In response, Broyles admits that it's been four years since the Candy Man took his son for two days. When they got his son back, he wasn't a little boy anymore. Broyles insists that he's the best man to manage the case. Walternate agrees, but Broyles wants to know when he'll have their Olivia back. His superior notes that they found something unique in Olivia's brain chemistry, and he'll soon have their Olivia back. As he goes, Walternate lets Broyles know that he's available to talk any time, since he knows what it means to lose a son.

Olivia and the others realize they have less than 18 hours to find Max before he is irreparably harmed. The previous victims had their life all but drained out of them, with massive internal degradation. Olivia spots incisions on one of the victims in the photograph. Astrid reports that there is a series of abductions every two years, and the children are found 48 hours later, irreparably harmed. Olivia notices that one of the victims reported two abductors, and suggests they talk to the subject: Christopher Broyles. Lincoln and Charlie advise against it, but Olivia goes to ask Broyles permission to talk to his son. Broyles explains that he had to interview his son repeatedly, forcing Christopher to relive it. However, he didn't solve the case or help his boy sleep at night. Olivia persists and notes that Broyles might be too close to the case. He tells Olivia that Christopher is still deteriorating, and will die before the age of 18. In response, Olivia says that Max is at risk, but Broyles dismisses her.

Max is locked in a room in an old house. The Candy Man enters the room and offers him a piece of candy, but Max refuses. As his abductor recites his prayer, Max feels worse due to a device hooked to the back of his neck.

In Glen Cove, New York, the blind Christopher listens to the radio. Broyles comes home and his wife Dianne notes that there's been a police officer parked outside. He tells her that the Candy Man is back, but assures her that it's just for his peace of mind. Broyles mentions Olivia's suggestion, and Dianne says that she respects Olivia's intelligence, and Christopher is strong enough to handle questioning.

Lincoln brings some candy for Olivia as she works on the case, and she notes that all of the symptoms are similar to those of old aging, and also to the pituitary gland in the neck. Olivia notes that the witnesses never saw both abductors, young and old, at the same time, and suggests that the suspect went from old to young by stealing pituitary hormones. Lincoln admits that concentrated hormones could be processed in some way to reverse aging, but it would have serious side effects, including high blood sugar.

Olivia gets a call from the Broyles, and goes to their house. Christopher knows about her cases, and offers to talk about the man who abducted him. She takes him to the beach to talk. Broyles watches them, and gets a call from Walternate saying that their Olivia will soon be back, and they won't need the other Olivia any more. Meanwhile, Christopher says that his father wants him to forget, but it's hard. He describes the musty smell in the room where he was held, and the device fastened to his neck. She asks if his abductors said anything, and Christopher says that if he said anything, the Candy Man said he'd come back and hurt his parents. Olivia promises that it won't happen, and explains that Max needs help. Christopher recites all of the prayer that he can remember.

At Fringe HQ, Charlie and Lincoln try to identify the prayer.

Broyles drives Olivia and Christopher back. Olivia thanks Dianne for letting Christopher help. As Broyles takes a call from Charlie, Henry calls Olivia and tells her where to go that night to get the boat. Broyles tells her that they have a hit on the Astoria Church in Queens. They talk to the minister, Reverend Marcus, who explains that he was originally a doctor and was unable to save his wife during an avian flu outbreak. After she died, God came into his life and told him that people need faith to heal the wounded world. Marcus hesitates to give them the names of his male parishioners so Christopher can listen to their voices, but Broyles says that he's a man of faith as well, and they need to identify the Candy Man before Max is irreparably harmed. Marcus gives them a list of men, and they start searching.

The team tracks down the men on the list, but none of them fit the profile. Olivia arrives at the apartment of a young man, Wyatt Toomy, and he agrees to let her in. He Wyatt says that he hasn't seen Max, and talks about how Marcus is a great man, touched by God with the power to heal his congregation. Olivia notices a girl's doll nearby, and asks if he lives alone. He slams the door in his face and escapes into a hidden room in the back. Max is there, and Olivia says she's with the FBI. Wyatt charges in with a shotgun, and Olivia guns him down.

Broyles and the others arrive, and they examine the equipment that Toomy used to distill the pituitary hormones. Charlie and Lincoln figure that Olivia was right, and Toomy was making an age regression serum and using it on himself. They wonder how Toomy, a sanitation worker, knew how to make the elaborate distillation equipment. As Broyles leaves, he tells Olivia that he won't forget what she's done. Lincoln and Charlie invite Olivia out for a drink to celebrate, but she says that she's going home.

Olivia meets Henry at the marina, and she says he can back out if he wants. Henry insists on going, but she realizes that he hasn't sailed a boat through. He insists that his cousin has taught him enough to get by. However, Olivia realizes that someone taught Harry. She calls Broyles, and explains that Marcus is the one who created the process with his medical knowledge, and taught Toomy. Broyles's wife isn't picking up the phone, and he remembers that he told Marcus that Christopher could identify the suspects' voices.

At home, Christopher wakes up as Marcus subdues his screaming mother. The masked reverend comes upstairs and discovers that Christopher has slipped out of his bed. He searches through the house, insisting that God wants him to carry out his plan and they all have to make sacrifices. Marcus finds him, but Broyles arrives and shoots him. Father and son are reunited, while Olivia looks on.

Olivia accompanies the Broyles family to the hospital to make sure that Christopher is okay. Henry calls Olivia, and she tells him she'll be there in a few minutes. Mrs. Clayton tells Olivia that they got to Max just in time, and wants to see his rescuer. As they talk, Max asks Olivia what FBI is. Olivia doesn't remember that she identified herself as an FBI agent, and says that it's just another word for police. However, Broyles overhears her. He tells her that the doctors may be able to perfect Marcus' process, and notes that the FBI ceased to exist over a decade ago. Broyles realizes that she knows who she really is, and tells her that he's going home.

Henry takes the boat out with Olivia and gets close to Liberty Island. She thanks him for believing in her, and he asks where she's from. Olivia tells him that he's from a parallel universe, and then dives into the water and swims to the island. She makes her way into the military base and goes to the lab.

Walternate gets an alert from the security forces that someone has accessed the lab.

Olivia activates the sensory deprivation tank, injects herself with the proper psychotropic, and gets in. After a few seconds of concentration, she appears in the souvenir shop on Liberty Island on This Side,. A cleaning woman approaches her as she tries to open the locked door. However, Olivia starts to fade out and starts to tell the cleaning woman to pass on a message. She returns to the Other Side, and the MPs remove her from the tank and sedate her as Walternate looks on.

On This Side, Peter and Bolivia are in bed watching Casablanca. She thinks that Ronald Reagan starred in it, but passes off her comment as a joke. They discuss romance and tragedy, and Peter's phone ring. The cleaning woman explains that she saw a woman disappear in front of her eyes, and Olivia had a message that she was trapped in the other universe.
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