Season 3 Episode 7

The Abducted

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • the abducted

    The latest episode of Fringe was pretty solid. I have been ripping on this show hard this year, but that is because I loved it so much during its first two seasons and thought it made a lot of creative mistakes this season, but tonight's episode definitely was strong. The opening scene with the masked man attacking the kid was actually pretty scary, something that I rarely can say about a television show these days. I have been against the parallel universe being such an important part of the season from the beginning, but the drama with Olivia trying to get back to her world, it would be hard to not be on the edge of your seat during that.

    My hats off to you JJ Abrams for a good show tonight.
  • Busted !

    There was a lot to like here : Olivia finally making her move, alter-Broyles willingly letting her go ( predictable, but the performances from the actors were good enough ) , Walternate showing a softer side by expressing genuine care about Broyles and his son ... and it's always nice to have more information about the other side ( Ronald Reagan in Casablanca ! ). Unfortunately, the case of the week was quite scary indeed, but not very original ( come on, stealing youth from kids, how many times has that been done in sci-fi ? ), and felt a little like a waste of time, even if it fleshed out Broyles ( I keep hoping all these alter-characters remain a part of the show after Olivia comes home ). But with both Olivias busted, next episode should be VERY interesting ...
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Decent script, super Olivia, well balanced episodic and heavy arcs, interesting character development, emotional scenes, welcome guest

    An other child abduction driven story ? Indeed but when it comes to Fringe you can be sure it'll be a little weird. However my new reference in the genre is Dexter's Lost Boys so saying that my expectations were great is almost an euphemism. But as I root for Olivia and embraced the red side I could only enjoy the ride. First even if the script could have been more exciting it had enough twists to thrill from time to time. Second Anna Torv was in great shape and Olivia was as dynamic and smart as in the premiere. Third the episodic contents was well mixed with the parallel arc. Her actions influenced the opinion other characters had and in the end it should influence her fate. Fourth it was enlightening to learn more about Philip Broyles and consider the father behind Lance Reddick's wax figure. Seeing major characters in a different light is always interesting and layer their development, making things even more unpredictable. Fifth the scenes could have been more heartbreaking but a few of them were fueled with diverse emotions and the children well played their part. Last but not least one of my wish was granted and you should really enjoy the return of someone Olivia met during her journey. The ensemble cast is inspiring in general. What a great way to represent diversity and convince people to care about each other instead of fighting for nothing ! Still the show weaknesses were also part of The Abducted, like the lack of depth in the writing, but overall it was a relatively good episode. I wish it had been scarier or even more dramatic but Fringe is not The Dex-Files so for now let's appreciate the show for what it's. Moreover season 3 proved that their skills have matured so it can only improve and that's definitely a sweet thing. Want some candy ?
  • About Time

    Now the other side knows, weird they couldn't figure it out. Olivia had to let them know by telling a maintance person in our world that she was trapped in the other world. After that the maintance person called Peter to tell that Olivia is stucked there. Peter was getting cuddled up with the freaking enemy and couldn't tell the difference between the two. Real Olivia comes back I wonder how this will pan out, well lets see what happends next episode should be great since everyone knows the truth now.
  • The Abducted

    "Fringe" dragged on for almost two seasons, with little evolution and constant renewal. Now, that rose to the status of today's best series of the cult phenomenon of unparalleled entertainment is right at the brink of cancellation. The world makes no sense and unfortunately there is another, parallel, where the FOX is normal.

    "Fringe" can not end. Can not. And this "The Abducted" is, again, the proof of that. I was fooled by a dodgy trailer, I was led to believe that we would have something epic, I was led to believe that this was the trail. And yet, I'm not upset because this minimally seven was another fantastic episode. So good that forgiveness is immediate.

    Soon! Thus we are brought Candyman, a villain who kidnaps children and sucks their vitality. Returns them to their own but they will never be the same. Wounded, sick, have to live the rest of life with the ghost of the man in the mask. Home visceral and nasty - even as the likes malta - followed by an important revelation: the son of another Broyles (Lance Reddick) was one of the victims. Give then the unpredictable cross between the case of the week, the protagonist and the drama of alternate Olivia (Anna Torv). She, on the one hand already knows who he is and wants to run away, but the other wants to find the missing child and find the bad guy.

    These are the times that separate the great from small. The good the least good. The heart of the rest of the bowel. And she is a heroine cream. An insightful genius who was born to help others, regardless of the land, country or universe. Thus, it can genuinely win the affection and admiration of his other head, creating in him an ally. I was well aware that things were not black and white and here comes the interesting gray. Broyles finds that she has discovered.

    - And now?

    - Now go home.

    He closed his eyes and went to embrace the family. He, like ours, it's good soul. And so she, with the help of taxi driver's first episode - great character - can reach the long-awaited return to the tank and gift shop. It is just time to leave a message for the cleaning lady back and trapped under the gaze of dark Walternate (John Noble) - had the same fear. The action ends with Peter (Joshua Jackson) to receive a phone call, an unknown voice and distressed tells him that he was with Olivia and that she has a message for him. You are stuck in another universe. Superb! If this is not the best end of every episode of the series, come very close.

    A frightening villain, an electrifying and intrigue make this a colossal final episode a victory. The seventh in seven games. And so, with the status of invincible, that "Fringe" goes to "Input", the possible course of this (now historic) exchange.

    The Best: The dynamics Broyles / Olivia.

    The Worst: Nothing
  • The deception comes to an end

    In my book, Broyles has been one of the criminally underdeveloped characters on "Fringe", and while this isn't the Broyles that we all know and respect from the Fringe Prime universe, it is a version thereof, and that's something!

    It was a nice touch to link the case in this episode to Broyles' own son, tangentially to Peter's abduction all those years ago, and Olivia's attempt to maintain her cover while finding a way to get back to Fringe Prime. It's another great example of how they are managing to cover all the necessary bases while still progressing the story. (Especially since the ratings only improved marginally.)

    This episode seems to bring the introductory phase of the season to a close, with Olivia's freedom now effectively gone and the truth about Fauxlivia about to be exposed. It's not quite how I thought it was going to happen, but it certainly means that the story is moving into a more complicated direction. Olivia's actions in this episode, particularly in terms of Broyles' son, will have to be a factor. Not only will Broyles' decision not to sanction Olivia bring consequences down on him, but it could play a role in her eventual survival (since it's unlikely they would kill her off!).

    The actual reason for the abductions is interesting enough, and could intersect with some of what has been attempted in the Fringe Prime universe ("The Same Old Story"). This has been one of the interesting aspects of the dual-universe treatment: seeing how certain fringe technologies have evolved differently (or similarly). Of course, this has that Alt-Fringe twist on things: advanced technology and home chemistry kit coming together to create a chemical "fountain of youth".

    Anna Torv did an amazing job in this episode. After all, she wasn't just playing an Olivia with doubts about her own identity. She was playing Olivia pretending to be Fauxlivia. Which, of course, she has been doing in reverse during the Fringe Prime episodes, where Fauxlivia has been posing as Olivia. This season has really shown Torv's range, and this episode is no exception.

    But as good as the episode was, most of the attention has to go to the final few moments. Now that Peter knows the truth, it's going to be awfully interesting to see how it all plays out.
  • The Abducted

    The Abducted was a perfect episode of Fringe, which took place in the B Universe with A Olivia. The main story of the episode was about The Candyman, a child abductor from Colonel Broyles's past. It was a very interesting story to watch unfold. Meanwhile A Olivia was planning on returning home with the help of an old friend. It was fun to watch their interactions. The subject matter of the story was a touching issue and happens more often than we realize. I think B Broyles really connected with A Olivia in this episode with how she handled his son. She almost made it home, but it didn't last long enough, though she managed to get a message out for Peter, who now knows the truth! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!
  • So Peter, now you know...

    ...You've been Sleeping With the Enemy! Shower quickly, and lets get on with the rescue to end all rescues.

    I doubt that Walternate will take too kindly to Broyles NOT turning in Olivia; especially since she has revealed the knowledge of her true self. Though, I guess the running helped to do that too. I hope when she does get out, or over, or through or whatever one does when crossing dimensions, that the cabbie gets to go too. But no, there will be a "replicabbie" on this side too, and we all know how poorly that works out... I hear a death scene is a good thing for an actor to have on their resume...

    At any rate, I am thinking ahead to the next few episodes, and now that Peter knows what's going on on the Olivia front, its a cinch that Fauxlivia will not be going home as planned, and her mission may be over, but her adventure is just going to begin.

    By that same token, Walternate is going to play an equal and opposite game with real Olivia. The question is: who will satisfy nature and fill the inevitable vacuum?

    I could cheerfully see Walternate and/or Fauxlivia sucked into the void. Nature, and the audience would be more than satisfied, I'm sure...
  • This could be the beginning of a beautiful ending

    A bizarre incident on the other side, leads one Max Clayton straight into Olivia's corner of the Universe, for alt Fringe Division must take over the case under the Peter Bishop Act of 1991, that treats any any kidnapping like a fringe event. Alt Broyles is as awesome as our own, as he confronts Secretary Bishop over the irony that the agent in charge was also kidnapped from her own Universe.

    Problem remains, the kidnapper - Code name: Candy man - took Broyles own son, less than 2 years ago and, whatever he does to those children, is worse than death. The clock ticking, Olivia and the rest do their best to find Max before his lifespan reduces in dramatic proportions, twist and turns point Olivia in the right direction, culminating with a poignant shooting inside Broyles's household that, somehow, restores the peace within his family and his poor son. With the Candy man and his accomplice eliminated, alt Broyles now has two things to be grateful for.

    Max thanks Olivia, wondering what FBI means, which tips agent Broyles she's into the secret, so he keeps hers, just like our Broyles would've done...using the only window of opporunity she has, Olivia makes one last desperate attempt to send a message and Peter finally knows.
  • omg omg omg

    how come it`s always the very last minute of the show that makes you want to jump from your chair and scream omg omg omg, what next, what next? now i`ll have wait a whole week to see what happens... too long. Anyway, this episode was awesome... Olivia`s smart brain shows though and I finally felt her true self coming back(the Olivia we have watched and loved for the past two seasons). up till this episode it felt like we were watching two Bolivias,all smiles and sunshine,(well, they were two after all) so i missed the real Olivia... I still don`t understand what she was trying to accomplish back in the lab, after all her body didn`t travel because if it had there were no way for the guards to pull her back. but if her body left then walternate would have noticed it from her first departure, weeks before (or he knew and knew she was lying?). maybe she is only able to make short leaps and the guards were waiting for her to reappear (she was only trying to warn people and then return?). but if she belongs to the other world wouldn`t she stick to it? what kind of dimensional travel is this?... it`s so complicated. the expression of pure hatred on Walternate`s face, when they pulled her out of the tank, surprised me... that man is talented. well, he does have reasons to hate the other side, but that face was mean and cold and calculated... scary.

    I felt like the taxi driver was a little underused but i hope he`ll rescue her or something in the following episodes as i want to see more of him. And after this fabulous last 1 minute of the show, I really want to see what Peter does next.
  • In the alternate universe, Olivia helps catch a child abductor and asks for a friend's help to return home.

    (Warning Possible Spoilers) There are a lot of things to be said about this episode, and all of them are good. First of all, this episode, like the other episodes this season, uses the monster/killer of the week to advance the overall mythology of the show, which has proven to be very effective. In this case, we start with the "Candy Man," an aged (and masked) serial killer from the other side who sucks the pituitary glands of children to retain his youth. Also, Candy Man secretes some kind of a sugar/sucrose from his body, which is where his nickname comes from. As a kind of evil robin hood, Candy Man provides some of the pituitary youth serum to his local church, which in turn, heals the sick and faithful.

    Colonel Broyles' son was among Candy Man's victims several years ago. As a result, Broyles, like Walternate, takes kidnapping cases very seriously and also helps us (the viewers) sympathize/empathize with the characters "over there." One of the things that I've loved about this season are the little differences between the other side and the regular universe and the contrast between our Olivia and her counterpart. In today's episode for example, we learn that there's a place called New Yonkers. (Whatever happened to the old Yonkers?). The FBI was disbanded ten years ago. (Olivia accidentally tells one of the child victims that she's part of the FBI, and he doesn't know what that is. Olivia replies that it's another word for "police." Broyles later tells Olivia that the FBI doesn't exist on this side... at least not anymore. It was disbanded - why, we don't know. Maybe Fringe Division has assumed that role or maybe it was subsumed in some other agency.) Meanwhile, Alternate Olivia is watching Casablanca. Although she said she has heard of the title, she seems unfamiliar with the story or with Humphrey Bogart, who she thinks is "Ronald Reagan." Perhaps Casablanca exists over there, or perhaps it's a completely different story. That's one of the great things about the alternate universe.

    Other stuff: Olivia tells Lincoln that she has worked on a case like this before, where the bad guy sucked fluids out of people's pituitary glands to reverse the aging process. Lincoln stares at her and says something to the effect of, "When was this," to which Olivia replies, "before I joined Fringe division." What was the alternate Olivia doing before she joined Fringe division? I think Lincoln knows (or suspects) that this isn't his Olivia, just like alternate Charlies does/did.

    Final thoughts: Andre Royo returns as Henry the cab driver... hooray, and Peter makes a long-awaited discovery.