Season 3 Episode 7

The Abducted

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • omg omg omg

    how come it`s always the very last minute of the show that makes you want to jump from your chair and scream omg omg omg, what next, what next? now i`ll have wait a whole week to see what happens... too long. Anyway, this episode was awesome... Olivia`s smart brain shows though and I finally felt her true self coming back(the Olivia we have watched and loved for the past two seasons). up till this episode it felt like we were watching two Bolivias,all smiles and sunshine,(well, they were two after all) so i missed the real Olivia... I still don`t understand what she was trying to accomplish back in the lab, after all her body didn`t travel because if it had there were no way for the guards to pull her back. but if her body left then walternate would have noticed it from her first departure, weeks before (or he knew and knew she was lying?). maybe she is only able to make short leaps and the guards were waiting for her to reappear (she was only trying to warn people and then return?). but if she belongs to the other world wouldn`t she stick to it? what kind of dimensional travel is this?... it`s so complicated. the expression of pure hatred on Walternate`s face, when they pulled her out of the tank, surprised me... that man is talented. well, he does have reasons to hate the other side, but that face was mean and cold and calculated... scary.

    I felt like the taxi driver was a little underused but i hope he`ll rescue her or something in the following episodes as i want to see more of him. And after this fabulous last 1 minute of the show, I really want to see what Peter does next.
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