Season 3 Episode 7

The Abducted

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Abducted

    "Fringe" dragged on for almost two seasons, with little evolution and constant renewal. Now, that rose to the status of today's best series of the cult phenomenon of unparalleled entertainment is right at the brink of cancellation. The world makes no sense and unfortunately there is another, parallel, where the FOX is normal.

    "Fringe" can not end. Can not. And this "The Abducted" is, again, the proof of that. I was fooled by a dodgy trailer, I was led to believe that we would have something epic, I was led to believe that this was the trail. And yet, I'm not upset because this minimally seven was another fantastic episode. So good that forgiveness is immediate.

    Soon! Thus we are brought Candyman, a villain who kidnaps children and sucks their vitality. Returns them to their own but they will never be the same. Wounded, sick, have to live the rest of life with the ghost of the man in the mask. Home visceral and nasty - even as the likes malta - followed by an important revelation: the son of another Broyles (Lance Reddick) was one of the victims. Give then the unpredictable cross between the case of the week, the protagonist and the drama of alternate Olivia (Anna Torv). She, on the one hand already knows who he is and wants to run away, but the other wants to find the missing child and find the bad guy.

    These are the times that separate the great from small. The good the least good. The heart of the rest of the bowel. And she is a heroine cream. An insightful genius who was born to help others, regardless of the land, country or universe. Thus, it can genuinely win the affection and admiration of his other head, creating in him an ally. I was well aware that things were not black and white and here comes the interesting gray. Broyles finds that she has discovered.

    - And now?

    - Now go home.

    He closed his eyes and went to embrace the family. He, like ours, it's good soul. And so she, with the help of taxi driver's first episode - great character - can reach the long-awaited return to the tank and gift shop. It is just time to leave a message for the cleaning lady back and trapped under the gaze of dark Walternate (John Noble) - had the same fear. The action ends with Peter (Joshua Jackson) to receive a phone call, an unknown voice and distressed tells him that he was with Olivia and that she has a message for him. You are stuck in another universe. Superb! If this is not the best end of every episode of the series, come very close.

    A frightening villain, an electrifying and intrigue make this a colossal final episode a victory. The seventh in seven games. And so, with the status of invincible, that "Fringe" goes to "Input", the possible course of this (now historic) exchange.

    The Best: The dynamics Broyles / Olivia.

    The Worst: Nothing
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