Season 2 Episode 14

The Bishop Revival

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Bishop Revival

    There are titles that may mislead and deceive. Let us think and solve the puzzle, every minute, side by side with time. Well, the house of bad luck this season we took a certainty beforehand: this episode would focus on the Bishop family.

    If you are thinking about Peter (Joshua Jackson) or Walter (John Noble) think again, think farther back. The big picture of this episode was ubiquitous Robert Bishop , grandfather of the first and the second parent. But back to the beginning, a wedding, a party that will of course not to smile to their players. A sinister figure, leaning against a corner is recognized by an elderly woman who in her desperation begins to scream. Too late and people start dying, suffocated by something, something mysterious. And far as the generic. So far so good, one thing that "Fringe" can do is offer a good start.

    The great advantage of this episode was to bring an interesting concept (and scary at the same time): What if the Nazis were able to have created a biological weapon that selectively eliminate only those who belonged to the superior race? This is the episode with a villain who proposes in this attempt to carry out this will last. This weapon, this formula was created by his father Walter who worked as a spy in the former Nazi Germany. The course of the episode was the common line of hunting, interspersed with the dynamic father-son-grandfather who was able to offer good times. The final big question is a little open at the last second when you realize (or confirm) that the killer in question is not of our time. Time travel? Eternal youth? We do not know and sometimes well known, the mystery.

    Moreover, and unfortunately for us it was just another case of the week, without strength or vigor. More a biological weapon - how bioweapons have seen since the beginning of the series? - More than a manhunt, another happy ending for good. One more to see and quickly forget.

    The Best: The story of the past that frightens the present.

    The worst: More a filler ... more
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