Season 3 Episode 2

The Box

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Box

    "The Box" is the name of the latest film by Richard Kelly. A daydream almost undisputed lynchiano originated in "Twilight Zone". "The Box" is also the name of the second episode of the third season of "Fringe." A daydream almost undisputed exceptional rise in "Olivia."

    And in the first chapter of this third day the securities were red, this number two back to green. The suspicions are indeed facts: the two worlds will merge at the sound of the episodes. One there, one here, which makes the trip an absolute must. Each case, each supposed to stand alone never will be, due to the initial premise, due to the exchange. The Olivias (Anna Torv) and each investigation will be reversed, necessarily, a new step for these two characters. There is always something that ties us strongly based on mythology and it is that desire that always blow.

    So the episode offers two lines that run fast and holding hands. On the one hand a mysterious box that once opened, kill everything around them. On the other Altivia in a universe that is not their agenda with an increasingly gloomy. The lines intersect when we realize that the box that opens the episode is one of the parts of that machine that can destroy our world. That supposedly has the power supply, Peter (Joshua Jackson).

    In this way, and after we watched our protagonist go over to the other, we are treated to the other. And deep down it all comes down to it. Altivia, which immediately puts Newton (Sebastian Roch) line and shows him who's boss. Altivia, which is a double game between his job and his true mission. Altivia, we raised so many doubts. And only in two episodes she seems a dubious character, nor do I imagine the confusion that this future will be. On the one hand, it is colder than a Siberian night - kills an innocent in cold blood - but then, in a few milliseconds, almost see it give way. Is this going to be ours?

    For now are just questions, impressions, theories. The whole episode, the entire box set, it was just a gigantic plan to put the play into the hands of Peter. And it was rather a surprise. We walked 40 minutes to think that the villains want the object back, when what they've always wanted is that the object was discovered. Why does not realize is that good. To turn, turn, connect to Peter? It's wait and see. One is that the message was clearly that will follow Walter (John Noble).

    In conclusion I highlight just three things:

    the most recent owner of Massive Dynamic. And now?

    the interpretation of fabulous Anna Torv. The simple look, gait, everything is sublime, everything is different. Just his presence there could smell someone else.

    at a time when U2 are in Portugal is a caricature known universe where they never existed.

    In the third episode promo, interspersed with images, appears the phrase became the fifth nights "Fringe." Could not agree more.

    The Best: The game double Altivia.

    The worst: nothing
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