Season 5 Episode 11

The Boy Must Live

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2013 on FOX

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  • Fringe but not Fringe

    I've been enjoying this final season of Fringe, but then a pang hits me that this isn't the Fringe I've been enjoying until the beginning of this season.

    The first four seasons of the series were about the two parallel worlds, the potential war that was a hair's breath from breaking out between them, the resolution of these tensions, the working together by the denizens of both worlds to mutual gain, the defeating of William Bell's nefarious scheme of destroying both worlds in order to create his own perfect one.

    Then this season started, and eleven episodes in I have to wonder, did William Bell actually succeed, or at least partially: We no longer see the alternate world, so it may as well no long exist; the original world is so changed that the one we saw for four seasons may as well not exist; and we are seeing a completely different world, supposedly the future of the original one, that is completely new.

    It is as if the 2 worlds we have been following for four years have been destroyed and in their place is this one where humans have become secondary citizens in a world occupied by the Observers perhaps not the world Bell wanted to created, but still not the worlds Peter and Olivia and Walter tried to save at the end of season four.

    So during this episode when Walter got into the tank, I thought, now it's going to happen, now we'll see a tying up of what was left hanging from the last episode of season four, Walter was going to jump to the alternate Earth, we'll find out what's happening there (whether they are also being controlled by the Observers) and perhaps the two world's will work together to defeat the Observer threat.

    Alas that wasn't to be.

    And for this reason, it feels like we are watching an enjoyable show called Fringe, but it isn't that old show that ended with season four, that dealt with how 2 parallel universes handled their mutual threats (many a time one universe being the threat to the other) and shared threats.

    Please writers, producers, before Fringe is taken off the air forever, let's once again see the alternate Earth, the alternate Walter, the alternate Olivia and the others. Let's see what happened to the alternate Earth once the bridge was shut down, and it stopped healing.

    As for this episode, the review to warrant my rating: it was okay. It was fun watching a resistance group trying to bring to fruition another stage in their vague plan to drive out an occupying force, in a strange new world enslaved by an insidious, relentless enemy from the future.

    It's just not the Fringe I invested in for four years before now.
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