Season 4 Episode 18

The Consultant

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • great!

    Another superb episode!
  • The Consultant

    The Consultant tricked us into thinking it was an episode where a lot happened, but at its heart, nothing really happened. We saw more irrelevant happenings in the other world and were left being duped of a true purpose or anything meaningful to these characters. Filler episode.
  • Deus ex Machina

    It was a good episode, I'm not saying that it was not but some things were unnecessary and badly planed out. First of all, for half of the season we don't know why Broyles is working with Jones and nobody can figure him out but now, in one episode we find out that he was doing it for his son, Walter comes to the other side and figures him out in a second, and they chase him all so they can find out that he has already surrendered. It's a bit fast for my taste. It would be better if they have stretched the story over multiple episodes and given us information a piece by piece.
  • The Consultant

    Brilliant Episode!

    I like that this episode was shifting back and forth from Universe to Universe.

    This episode focused more on the overall storyline than on some case of the week, which is what I really love.

    We got to see more of DRJ and get a little more insight of what he is planning. Must be something big.

    This episode shows why Broyles was working for DRJ. He was doing it out of love for his son, which Walter points out that it's not so easy to do nothing when you know something can be done to help a person you love.

    In the end Broyles did the honourable thing and handed himself in. Luckily, because, had he placed the item on the bridge that DRJ gave him, it would have been catastrophic to both Universes.

    Walter, at the beginning, was so happy and said a line which was my favourite line from the whole episode, "Ascot look! It's my son and his girlfriend." Walter had such a beautiful, happy face while saying that line.

    Anna Torv had another fantastic episode. Anna is simply an amazing actor. No challenge is too great for her. I'm always blown away by her performances and especially in this episode where she goes from one Olivia to the other and even does a seen where she is drunk and mind you she is very convincing. I would have thought she was really drinking, had I not known any better.

    Nina in the cell was a fantastic scene too. The look on her face when Olivia said she might just be a pawn too, was priceless.

    Overall Superb episode!

  • Highly enjoyable. Fantastic character moments.

    This was a fantastic episode. Best and most memorable moment would definitely have to go to Altlivia drunk, obsessing over Lincoln's death. Anna Torv once again does a brilliant performance. This of course was followed by Walter making her eggs, which was a perfect scene to show a complete shift in their dynamic. It was sweet :).

    But of course, this story focuses of AltBroyles. His motives are exposed! Fringe provides us with multidimensional characters. Rather than his motives being pure evil, he is in fact acting out of love. I thought for sure, after his talk with Walter, that he would go through with his plan to attach the device to machine. But in a surprising end, he turned himself him. This is also true to his character, as he is an honest man. It was interesting to seeing how these warring character traits of love and honesty played out. Lance Reddick also did a fantastic job.

    Other great moments included the funeral scene, Altlivia's conversations with Altnina, the chase for AltBroyles at the end, and of course the case was a cool one.

    A few funny and sweet moments also, Walter in his satin dressing gown, and also needing to pee before crossing to the other side. And I loved when AltAstrid was given the coffee.

    I also really enjoyed the score for this episode also. Chris Tilton did a good job composing the music for the funeral and chase scene.

    Overall, personally, I can't really fault this episode, I really loved every moment.

  • The Consultant

    Finally we get to SEE DRJ again and get an idea of his overall goal. Alt-Olivia w/ a glass of scotch and Walter in the robe was a great scene. Everything John Noble says is great. Calling Astrid "Ascot", and being perfectly honest about the "medications" he was on before crossing over, his references to his work with "Belly". Other good points: no more talk of alt-time lines, no more talk of Olivia loosing mental facilities, and when he said "ah there's my son and his girlfriend" I smiled. Episodes that take place on 'the other side" seem more exciting. Seeing Broyles go down was great... I wonder why "Mean-a" asked for food... isn't she a machine or a clone? Seeing the 2 Astrids together again was great. The look on Alt-Astrid's face when she saw the coffee was -WOW!! I was hoping to see Walter AND Walternate together but i guess Walternate is busy lobbying and driving his Bently. Overall well written and directed, great music/sound and yes e19 preview looks insane!! Pray for season 5!!!
  • 1x18 "The Consultant"

    Thrilling and enjoyable this episode was a bang. Broyles has never been my favourite character but this episode was some sort os tribute... This season we've had a Astrid, Lincoln, Gene? and a Broyles episodes. Plus the scene where Fauxolivia was drunk was seriously funny and the last one with Lincoln and Fauxolivia was cute. PS: The promo for the next episode is fantastic!
  • A tribute to Lance Reddick's talent

    Spoilers within ! I've hated Colonel Broyles since weeks ... and now, I'm caught quite off-guard by his motive ( should have seen it coming, though ), and it was really interesting to see if he would make the same choice as Walter and endanger all of reality for the sake of his son, especially after Walter told him it was worth it, or if he would remember in time that he's, at the core, a decent man.

    Granted, not much happened : we still don't know exactly what Jones is planning and why, and alt-Nina remains a mystery ( except she doesn't seem to be as smart as "ours" ) ... but the episode gave us some good character scenes : Lincoln feeling uneasy around Olivia, an electric confrontation between Broyles and Jones ( bringing him back was definitely one of the best decisions of this season, and made the "reboot" worth it by itself, if you ask me ! ) , Walter bonding with Fauxlivia around food, in typical Walter fashion ( thumbs up to Anna Torv for incorportating some of Olivia's gloom into Fauxlivia since Lincoln's death while making her still distinctly different )... Only the two Astrids scene was a little weird, like a rehash from the "Making angels" coffee scene ... nice to see the two teams getting closer, though, since it was precisely what I was waiting for when Peter created the bridge. If the quality level remains consistent, we could very well remember the last couple of season 4 episodes as one of the high points of the show.

    ( Oh, and it's the first time I spot the Observer before internet tells me where he is ! )