Season 4 Episode 18

The Consultant

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • Highly enjoyable. Fantastic character moments.

    This was a fantastic episode. Best and most memorable moment would definitely have to go to Altlivia drunk, obsessing over Lincoln's death. Anna Torv once again does a brilliant performance. This of course was followed by Walter making her eggs, which was a perfect scene to show a complete shift in their dynamic. It was sweet :).

    But of course, this story focuses of AltBroyles. His motives are exposed! Fringe provides us with multidimensional characters. Rather than his motives being pure evil, he is in fact acting out of love. I thought for sure, after his talk with Walter, that he would go through with his plan to attach the device to machine. But in a surprising end, he turned himself him. This is also true to his character, as he is an honest man. It was interesting to seeing how these warring character traits of love and honesty played out. Lance Reddick also did a fantastic job.

    Other great moments included the funeral scene, Altlivia's conversations with Altnina, the chase for AltBroyles at the end, and of course the case was a cool one.

    A few funny and sweet moments also, Walter in his satin dressing gown, and also needing to pee before crossing to the other side. And I loved when AltAstrid was given the coffee.

    I also really enjoyed the score for this episode also. Chris Tilton did a good job composing the music for the funeral and chase scene.

    Overall, personally, I can't really fault this episode, I really loved every moment.