Season 4 Episode 18

The Consultant

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • The Consultant

    Brilliant Episode!

    I like that this episode was shifting back and forth from Universe to Universe.

    This episode focused more on the overall storyline than on some case of the week, which is what I really love.

    We got to see more of DRJ and get a little more insight of what he is planning. Must be something big.

    This episode shows why Broyles was working for DRJ. He was doing it out of love for his son, which Walter points out that it's not so easy to do nothing when you know something can be done to help a person you love.

    In the end Broyles did the honourable thing and handed himself in. Luckily, because, had he placed the item on the bridge that DRJ gave him, it would have been catastrophic to both Universes.

    Walter, at the beginning, was so happy and said a line which was my favourite line from the whole episode, "Ascot look! It's my son and his girlfriend." Walter had such a beautiful, happy face while saying that line.

    Anna Torv had another fantastic episode. Anna is simply an amazing actor. No challenge is too great for her. I'm always blown away by her performances and especially in this episode where she goes from one Olivia to the other and even does a seen where she is drunk and mind you she is very convincing. I would have thought she was really drinking, had I not known any better.

    Nina in the cell was a fantastic scene too. The look on her face when Olivia said she might just be a pawn too, was priceless.

    Overall Superb episode!