Season 3 Episode 22

The Day We Died

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2011 on FOX
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In the year 2026, Fringe Division attempts to stop a terrorist organization, End of Days, unaware that the head of the organization is receiving help from Walternate, who plans to make sure that This Side is destroyed just as his world was.

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  • The Day We Died

    When you see the promo for "The Day We Died" immediately thought of that one episode would be little. That would be scarce, only 40 minutes to explore a new world. What would need to emulate the double end of last year to really come out satisfied. I thought, and I thought wrong.

    The end of the third season of "Fringe" has the exact duration. Neither more nor less. It was shot in the bullseye, not just in minutes but in the way they were counted. What could have been a confusing foray into the future with the entire cast present, and parts that make no sense, turned out to be a practical and incisive trip: Peter (Joshua Jackson), at that decisive moment, chose to destroy the other universe and save our. On the other hand, only Walernate (John Noble) managed to escape here and now, 15 years later, supporting a terrorist group, "End of Days," which tries at all costs to destroy what's left of us. Yes, because with the destruction of our other world was left with irreversible scarring and dying slowly. That is, one can not live without each other.

    The decision to remove a wrong side of the coin fell to Walter, which is arrested. Your child will be looking for you, for help. It was a fantastic tribute to the first episode of the series was "Fringe" to "Fringe" to return to their roots and give us the layout we love so much. Different but the usual. Olivia (Anna Torv) was there, continues with Peter, and seek to raise a family, having your first child. His niece, Ella (Emily Meade) is now part of the division and was an interesting addition to the cast.

    We see everything clearly, well told. The option not to complicate the romance between the protagonists and the choice was wise to keep Peter with his awareness of the moment was also a winner. We did not want more novels or a protagonist who tries to understand the action throughout what is happening. And what happened was bad. The future says goodbye with a death and the certainty that the end was very near.

    So we came here to stop but how? That transition was that the end of this 21 to 22? Well, and here is what is really the trump card of this episode: time travel, of course. Walter arranges way to transfer the consciousness of the future for Peter Peter this, that he make another choice (Desmond, are you? '). Further, the First People, who built the machine, who hid in various parts, who drew the cartoons, they are the protagonists. When ever we thought it would come from the past and that those drawings were prophecies, were seeing the wrong side. It is a solid explanation, interesting and exciting that I caught completely by surprise.

    Thus, Peter chooses another path: to create a bridge between two worlds so that they can resolve their differences face to face. Great moment in which one twin to face, they look in their eyes, hearing the words of peace that has always been the key to everything. This was the conclusion of an incredible story line, a fantastic season, a war that has already made history in science fiction television.

    But hopefully as the series does not end here, the surprise was saved for last the last minute: Peter disappears ahead of all, vanishes from their lives and memories, it's like it never existed. Has fulfilled its role, ensures an observer. And this conclusion was perhaps part of the episode I liked least. Yes, it's one of those cliffhangers to keep our mouths water, anxious and confused, but the point is that I see no way to connect to other events. There is a small one tiniest clue why build logical, something that is interconnected and complete reasoning. We will have to wait and see what holds the fourth season.

    The Best: The most inventive and bold end of the entire series.

    The worst: The confusing cliffhanger ending.moreless
  • That awkward moment when Fringe is better than Lost.

    OK, I don't really want to compare the two. But where Lost failed (and Alias for that matter) was the lack of consistency. Yes, the mysteries were mindfu**ing, but the final result (except the exceptional finale and few great standalone episodes) was an epic fail of a final season. It was just a whole bunch of irrelevant "A to B to C, than back to A and Smokey Locke" stories. Where Lost had me doubting they would pull everything off during seasons 1-5, Fringe left me with a strong sense and belief the writers and the whole team know what the endgame is. The Day We Died was an outstanding finale. Along with 6:02 AM EST and The Last Sam Weiss, Fringe gave us a three-part rollecoaster ride with each part having its unique theme. This final ride had us realise we were led to believe the future of the show lies in the War of the Worlds. And how wrong we were. Scenes from the future were dazzling. The relationships between our characters, their evolution and their lives - it was credible. Very much. I am still not clear on the whole First People revelation and sending the Machine through time concept. But I will probably be rewatching all the seasons soon, and I am sure all pieces will fall into the right puzzle. And the end? Oh the end. What seemed just like an epic scene of two worlds in one room was just an overture to probably the biggest cliffhanger ever (yes Lost, yes Alias). When Peter vanished I was like "Okay, so we have a reset/deletion/something". But when the Observers showed up with the whole "never existed" talk - that was when my jaw dropped in amazement. What's next? I won't even try to guess. Nobody could have guessed Peter never existing, so I'll let the show continue impress me when it does so well.

    Fingers crossed Fringe won't go Lost/Alias and lose itself in its mythology and hunger to shock, and not contribute to the story.moreless
  • I think they could have done with just 21 episodes this season

    if Sam Weiss really knew as much as Nina said he did, then why didn't he just tell Olivia to turn off the machine and LEAVE it off.
  • Forward in time...and backwards goes my brain in comprehension. (This review contain spoilers.)

    Before even viewing this episode, the title is pretty foreboding. In a recap from the previous episode, "The Last Sam Weiss", Peter enters the Machine and is transported 15 years into the future (2026). This episode continues from that cliffhanger and we get to explore this new eyesight of our universe, with our aging characters and world that is falling apart.

    Walter is back in custody, behind bars because he was the one who caused the destruction. Olivia and Peter are married, Ella is now a Fringe agent, something odd has happened to Broyles eye, and Gene the Cow is in moo-heaven. Oh, did I mention that they now have canned steak?

    But in all seriousness, this was a dark hour of Fringe television, as well as an emotional one. It almost felt like the pilot again, with Walter being reunited with Olivia and Peter , and getting used to the outside world after spending years in a cell. I can only think that these tie-backs were intentional.

    Seeing the Fringe future was an enjoyable one, at least for me. But everything was turned into a "what-the-hell" moment when the cliffhanger moment was revealed. Peter never existed? Wow. I really need to know how the writers are going to explain that. But it does make sense. Future Peter had said himself that by doing this, there would be major consequences...repercussions. But - I doubt he knew that this "consequence" would be erasing him from history. Final word on the episode: dark but enthralling, leaving us with a major brain-buster to leave us scratching our heads while we wait for Season Four.moreless
  • Great Series

    What an awesome show, Peter going into the future and how he and Olivia are like is incredible. What happens when Peter shows his world over the others, how both sides can't win. How Walternate went on a revenge rampage to end Peters world. Peter came back to his time and this time brought Walternate and others to his world to talk peace and make them understand that no side can win. But, before he can explain more he simple vanishes and all the observers gathered by the statue of liberty saying that they don't remember Peter at all and he served his purpose. Story flows well into the next season and also gives answers to the whole season 3 without being to overwhelm by it all. Great writing and entertaining to watch, I'll look forward to seeing season 4 and I'm lucky the show was renewed for a full 4th season Fringe is not done telling a terrific story.moreless
Emily Meade

Emily Meade

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Jackie Blackmore

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Jeremy Guilbaut

Jeremy Guilbaut

ND Agent #2

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Michael Cerveris

Michael Cerveris


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Peter: No matter who is at fault, you are my dad.

    • Walter: I didn't realize how much I miss swivel chairs. I also missed swiveling.

    • Walter: Our destiny was set the day we triggered the machine. I didn't understand it until it was too late that our two worlds were inextricably linked. Without one, the other simply cannot exist. When their world was destroyed, that was the day we sealed our fate. For all intents and purposes... that was the day we died.

    • Olivia: Amanda from across the street gave it to us. That's you and me and the little baby that we're going to have, that she is planning on babysitting.
      Peter: Ohh. Well, I think we should get started on that right away.
      Olivia: You really going to use a drawing from a little girl to get lucky?
      Peter: It sounds so dirty when you say it like that.

    • Secretary Bishop: Do you know what it's like... to wake up and just for a moment think that everything is as it was? And realize it's not. That the nightmare you had was real. Soon everyone here will experience loss the way that all those over there did. Air, water, light, even. But you, you will experience loss the way I did.
      Peter: What does that mean?
      Secretary Bishop: You destroyed my universe, Son, and I'm going to destroy yours. And not all at once.

    • Walter: I'm so sorry, Ella. I understand... words can't come close to mitigating your loss. Truly, if I could go back and change things, I would. I would give anything to go back and make different choices.
      Ella: But you can't. There aren't any happy endings nowadays, are there?
      Walter: No, I suppose not.
      Ella: I remember the cow that stayed over there. She had kind eyes.
      Walter: She did, didn't she? My Gene. I miss her.

    • Secretary Bishop: You shattered my universe. Do you have any idea how many deaths you've caused?
      Walter: That was an accident. What you have tried to do, you have done on purpose!
      Olivia: Whatever you've both done, we're here now. So maybe it's time to start to fix it.

    • December: You were right. They don't remember Peter.
      September: How could they? He never existed. He served his purpose.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Blair Brown appears (at Olivia's funeral) but has no dialogue.

    • The opening credits are in gray to indicate the 2026 setting, and fringe science topics are listed: cellular rejuvenation, thought extraction, cryptozoology, neural partitioning, brain porting, temporal plasticity, dual maternity, chaos structure, clonal transplantation, water, biosuspension, and hope.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: May 6, 2011 on Citytv
      Australia: June 8, 2011 on GO!
      UK: June 15, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Sweden: September 2, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Finland: February 1, 2012 on MTV3
      Poland: June 25, 2012 on TVN