Season 3 Episode 22

The Day We Died

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • That awkward moment when Fringe is better than Lost.

    OK, I don't really want to compare the two. But where Lost failed (and Alias for that matter) was the lack of consistency. Yes, the mysteries were mindfu**ing, but the final result (except the exceptional finale and few great standalone episodes) was an epic fail of a final season. It was just a whole bunch of irrelevant "A to B to C, than back to A and Smokey Locke" stories. Where Lost had me doubting they would pull everything off during seasons 1-5, Fringe left me with a strong sense and belief the writers and the whole team know what the endgame is. The Day We Died was an outstanding finale. Along with 6:02 AM EST and The Last Sam Weiss, Fringe gave us a three-part rollecoaster ride with each part having its unique theme. This final ride had us realise we were led to believe the future of the show lies in the War of the Worlds. And how wrong we were. Scenes from the future were dazzling. The relationships between our characters, their evolution and their lives - it was credible. Very much. I am still not clear on the whole First People revelation and sending the Machine through time concept. But I will probably be rewatching all the seasons soon, and I am sure all pieces will fall into the right puzzle. And the end? Oh the end. What seemed just like an epic scene of two worlds in one room was just an overture to probably the biggest cliffhanger ever (yes Lost, yes Alias). When Peter vanished I was like "Okay, so we have a reset/deletion/something". But when the Observers showed up with the whole "never existed" talk - that was when my jaw dropped in amazement. What's next? I won't even try to guess. Nobody could have guessed Peter never existing, so I'll let the show continue impress me when it does so well.

    Fingers crossed Fringe won't go Lost/Alias and lose itself in its mythology and hunger to shock, and not contribute to the story.