Season 3 Episode 22

The Day We Died

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Day We Died

    When you see the promo for "The Day We Died" immediately thought of that one episode would be little. That would be scarce, only 40 minutes to explore a new world. What would need to emulate the double end of last year to really come out satisfied. I thought, and I thought wrong.

    The end of the third season of "Fringe" has the exact duration. Neither more nor less. It was shot in the bullseye, not just in minutes but in the way they were counted. What could have been a confusing foray into the future with the entire cast present, and parts that make no sense, turned out to be a practical and incisive trip: Peter (Joshua Jackson), at that decisive moment, chose to destroy the other universe and save our. On the other hand, only Walernate (John Noble) managed to escape here and now, 15 years later, supporting a terrorist group, "End of Days," which tries at all costs to destroy what's left of us. Yes, because with the destruction of our other world was left with irreversible scarring and dying slowly. That is, one can not live without each other.

    The decision to remove a wrong side of the coin fell to Walter, which is arrested. Your child will be looking for you, for help. It was a fantastic tribute to the first episode of the series was "Fringe" to "Fringe" to return to their roots and give us the layout we love so much. Different but the usual. Olivia (Anna Torv) was there, continues with Peter, and seek to raise a family, having your first child. His niece, Ella (Emily Meade) is now part of the division and was an interesting addition to the cast.

    We see everything clearly, well told. The option not to complicate the romance between the protagonists and the choice was wise to keep Peter with his awareness of the moment was also a winner. We did not want more novels or a protagonist who tries to understand the action throughout what is happening. And what happened was bad. The future says goodbye with a death and the certainty that the end was very near.

    So we came here to stop but how? That transition was that the end of this 21 to 22? Well, and here is what is really the trump card of this episode: time travel, of course. Walter arranges way to transfer the consciousness of the future for Peter Peter this, that he make another choice (Desmond, are you? '). Further, the First People, who built the machine, who hid in various parts, who drew the cartoons, they are the protagonists. When ever we thought it would come from the past and that those drawings were prophecies, were seeing the wrong side. It is a solid explanation, interesting and exciting that I caught completely by surprise.

    Thus, Peter chooses another path: to create a bridge between two worlds so that they can resolve their differences face to face. Great moment in which one twin to face, they look in their eyes, hearing the words of peace that has always been the key to everything. This was the conclusion of an incredible story line, a fantastic season, a war that has already made history in science fiction television.

    But hopefully as the series does not end here, the surprise was saved for last the last minute: Peter disappears ahead of all, vanishes from their lives and memories, it's like it never existed. Has fulfilled its role, ensures an observer. And this conclusion was perhaps part of the episode I liked least. Yes, it's one of those cliffhangers to keep our mouths water, anxious and confused, but the point is that I see no way to connect to other events. There is a small one tiniest clue why build logical, something that is interconnected and complete reasoning. We will have to wait and see what holds the fourth season.

    The Best: The most inventive and bold end of the entire series.

    The worst: The confusing cliffhanger ending.