Season 1 Episode 9

The Dreamscape

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on FOX

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  • Contains the best Fringe scene yet, but the rest is only mediocre

    The opneing scene is actually best scene of the whole series so far. Ptolemy Slocum acted great and the CGI were excellent. Sadly, only the few scenes in which Mark Valley is in (either actively or passively) can reasonably uphold the level of the intro. Since the next episode doesn't deal with this case anymore, the question of who is responsible for the episode's murder stays kind of unanswered and that's really annoying to me. The screenplay isn't really good either although I liked it very much that Peter finally got a decent characterization.
  • The Dreamscape

    After a few episodes of absence, Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) and John Scott (Mark Valley) return in force, shrouded in more mystery and intrigue. But how is that a viewer about to lose the glimmer of hope that still has to drive the series can empathize and engage with these elements in an active way?

    Can not. Although there are parts of the episode clearly better than much of what has been seen in the series, the feeling on "Fringe" continues to fade gradually, as if it were water to slip through their fingers.

    Butterflies killer? Really? Fortunately, it appears that they were figments of the imagination of the victim who was exposed to a powerful hallucinogen.

    John Scott? Being the residue of his memoirs that remains inside the mind of Olivia (Anna Torv) or is it a manifestation of any other, no doubt resulting in some pseudoscience estramblica? Walter (John Noble) says it is the first. We (I) feel it is the second. How much longer will it go? Knowing who is behind the series, to be sure that much.

    Nina Sharp? It remains our primary connection to Massive Dinamics, a corporation that seems to be primarily responsible for everything bad happens in the world. One character even says that the company is Hell and its founder, William Bell, the devil himself. I think it could not be clearer. It was interesting to see Olivia tightening with Nina, but quickly saw their intentions were reprimanded by the Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick).

    Peter (Joshua Jackson) finds himself with a troubled past? Yes, but continue to give us very little information. You see a girl, someone with whom he seems to have had a relationship that has a boyfriend / husband abuser and this, in turn, is someone who seems to want to settle scores with Peter about anything he has done.

    Zack Whedon? Yes ... this episode was written (in partnership with Julia Cho) by Zack Whedon, brother of the well known Joss Whedon. No ... the apple did not fall along the same tree twice.

    The episode was yet another completely mad detail: most bizarre dialogue that I remember the last time (this is what the end of this post).

    Walter (giving instructions to Olivia, who is half naked and covered with a blanket): [...] You must focus on my voice, or you may risk being wellness lost in the memories.

    Walter shut up and left with a pensive air.

    Olivia: What?

    Walter: I just got an erection. Oh, fear not. It's nothing to do with your state of undress. I think I simply need to urinate.

    Olivia: That's good to know.
  • Back in the tank.


    This episode is a little different from the ones before it, the Fringe group doesn't have to work around the clock to save someone which is a nice change.

    The story is about Massive Dynamic, how big and bad is it, is it behind all the bad stuff that's been happening lately and is the "pattern" only a cover? Olivia tries to get information from her old boyfriends memories and goes back into the tank. She is also frustrated and begs Walter to help her remove his memories afterwards, she wants to be free from him, tired of him showing up. Walter says no and we get to see a different responsible side of him which is rare and a bit out of character. Meanwhile Peter is off on his own, dealing with the past that has finally caught up to him. Not so interesting...

    The most memorable scenes: Olivia goes into John's memories and finds herself on their first date and somehow connects with him, creepy. Olivia confronts Nina at Massive Dynamic.

    Good episode, nice entertainment!

  • More Questions than Answers.

    Olivia feeling like she going nuts, that's kinda understandable knowing what's been going on with her. Peter had a piece of his past return in Tess. In tonight's episode deal's with toad toxins. Walter does sometimes sound like a mad scientist who says the most inappropriate things at times. He just so makes this show. Olivia keeps finding things out about John and getting more confused. He's definitely not the man she thought. Massive Dynamic is back in the middle of all of this as expected. It keeps coming back to them. Olivia's proven that she won't stop until she finds the answers she seeks. I just hope it it doesn't cost her to much.
  • If you thought the show was too formulaic, well, watch this episode.

    I'm surprised at the negative criticism this episode gets saying that it has more questions than answers.

    Before that, the same people complained about it being too episodic and formulaic. guys, there WILL be more questions if you want an over arcing storyline...

    Anyhow, fantastic episode. Def one of the best efforts of the show so far. Loved everything, the beginning with the awesome music and fall, the dream scene, Peter's mystery, Olivia confronting Nina, the creepy ending...

    There's really nothing else I could ask for. This is pretty much it - Fringe dealing with Fringe science and conspiracies . . .
  • Butterflies and hurricanes

    The irony of this episode is that its main revelation is something that most fans have probably already assumed. As such, the impact of the episode might have been lost completely as a result.

    That revelation is the contention that Massive Dynamic is not only profiting off the results of the experiments collectively known as The Pattern, but that they are directly behind those experiments. It's certainly not a new thought, since it's a fairly obvious supposition, but the characters weren't quite there yet. This brings Agent Dunham to the same suspicions as much of the audience.

    Yet I can't help but notice that this is such an obvious connection. Is this a case of writers underestimating the intelligence of its audience, or exploiting it? If it's easy to assume that Massive Dynamic is behind The Pattern, this early in the season, wouldn't it be a good candidate for a red herring? I have the feeling that this episode is meant to lull the audience into a false sense of security.

    I think the more important plot point is Agent Dunham's growing instability. She's becoming obsessive to the point of self-destruction. When Walter Bishop is the one telling you you're going too far, it's time to step back and rethink your boundaries. What this is really saying about Olivia, of course, is that she's normalizing what is on the fringe of normality.

    And because it's on the fringe, it's not necessarily within the grasp of Walter Bishop, either. Olivia hasn't figured out yet (despite all the mounting evidence) that Walter can speak resolutely about anything. He's constantly sure about things that are dead wrong. Why assume that he knows the full spectrum of what is and what can be on the frontier of human experience? The frightening thing is that Olivia is crossing into regions of consciousness well outside of Walter's ability to conceive. Sooner or later, that gap is going to be costly (which therefore makes it meaningful).

    Another subplot involves Peter. Peter wasn't happy about coming back to Boston, and now we know the reason. It's not hard to see how Peter's unsavory associations might complicate investigations and lives in the future. For now, Peter just gets the ball rolling. It's not as interesting as Olivia's mental escapades or the revelations about Massive Dynamic, but like so many other items in the episode, it points to revelations to come.
  • what a great episode, i really enjoy the show

    the effects at the beginning of the episode was amazing, the slow motion while the man falling down after he get freaked out from the butterfly!!
    and now the story of every character start to take place, like in this episode what happened with Peter Bishop and that his story will start to take place as we saw at the end of the episode.
    I just want to know if john Scott is still alive or hes dead!! i mean Olivia keep seeing things from his memory and sometimes himself!!!
    but the sure thing that all what is happening is because of the company "Massive Dynamic"!!
    in general this was a very amazing episode and i hope the show will continue this way.
  • One of the better episodes in awhile.

    The episodes of resent have been very disappointing, but this one made me change my mind about giving up the show. It wasn't overly great, but it offered character development. I am starting to get interested about the the back story on some of the people. I the killer butterflys had me laughing. The butterflys and the guy flying through the glass would have been cool in 3d. I was really stumped on what the frogs had to do with the butterflys, but in the end the it all made sense. the whole frog as a drug hecka reminded me of the family guy where the kids do toad.
  • Not a bad episode, but I really would like to see more of the mystery unravelled.

    Well at least they didn't forget about the John Scott character in Olivia's head. I was starting to think they were going to just get rid of him without explain why. Walter's character never fails to make me laugh, and this episode is no exception. I personally loved the part where he say's "Oh uh" and then explains that he just had an erection. Just the way he said it cracked me up. Almost a nod to the pilot, when Olivia went back into Scott's memories I definitely was not expecting her to find a lead.

    Anyways, back on track with what I thought of the episode. I did enjoy it, but it's starting to tick me off how they leave big cliff hangers and never get around to explaining it much. I would like at least some information, so far it has been scarce.

    Fringe just gets better and better, spookier and spookier, creepier and thats enough of that. Yeah so Fringe is the best show on TV at the moment I just have to say that straight after watching this episode I'm gonna go rrate this show a 10 it is serously cla-ss. This episode has 10 out of 10 written all over it. Loved the part where that latino dude got his throat slit so shocking. The ending was crazy I was like WTF need to see the next episode. the story it just gets deeper and deeper the mystery gets more mysterous every episode. loved seeing Olivia go back in the sensory deprivation tank, the scene in the restaurant was scary. Loved the opening scene with the butterflies. 10 out of 10 totally deserves it.
  • Review

    The only really bad thing about this episode was all the time that the spent trying to get the tank ready for Anna's character to get into it. Once she was there everything else was great. Loved the dream scenes and that John was able to see her in the dream. Combine that with the final scene of the episode and that was pretty chilling. The overall picture is coming into play as the man they captured told Anna's character that Massive Dynamic is the big company behind all of this. This is something that we have known all along. I was surprised that he said that none of the "Pattern" related stuff really matters and that its all just a decoy. Makes me wonder about the episode by episode things related to the pattern. I now would have to assume that Massive Dynamic is behind all of the "pattern" events as well, which is something I would not have thought given the structure of the show. Overall I thought it was a solid episode as they are starting to bring some mini-archs into the show now as well. Peter coming back into town seems to have two men interested, so maybe we will learn a little more about Peter's past in the upcoming episodes.
  • It's Massive Dynamic on the chopping block this week as employees fall to their death after hallucinating sinister butterfly attacks and former contractors claim they're 'out to get everyone'.

    It's Massive Dynamic on the chopping block this week as employees fall to their death after hallucinating sinister butterfly attacks and former contractors claim they're 'out to get everyone'. Or words to that effect. It was clear from the off that Fringe's very own Dharma Intiative, sorry, dodgy scientific corporation, had hands dirtier than a coal miner's and that that Nina woman was more than she appeared. It would be a shame, however, if the show's mythology were this simplistic and MD were the 'big bad wolf', so to speak, but given the complexities we've been presented with in recent weeks, it would seem that this is not to be the case. Still, it's fun to watch Olivia panic over John Scott again and, while the decision to have the guy reappear to his former lover whenever he has some deep-rooted knowledge about a case she is investigating simply screams deux et machina, at least these occurrences remain fairly few and far between. Plus, we get the deliciously eerie 'dream' sequence in which Olivia relives her first date with Mr. Scott and he sees her in the present. It's precisely this sort of knife-turning twist that the show's production staff excel at and it's played to perfection here. The remainder of the episode is a little lightweight; the foray into Peter's personal life seems a little superfluous and the case investigation lacks the usual punch, but on the whole, this is another suitably satisfying instalment.
  • A Massive Dynamics worker is attacked by butterflies

    A Massive Dynamics worker is attacked by one and then hundreds of butterflies that cut him like they're razor sharp before falling out the window to his death. Olivia starts to see John again and decides to go back into the sensory deprivation tank where she can stroll through his memories. In her dream she sees John in his memory of their first date and is convinced he sees her, even if Walter is equally convinced this is entirely impossible. What she also sees is John meeting with the Massive Dynamic employee who died and two other men, one of which he then kills. The FBI must now find the only surviving man from that memory and discover what underhand corporation Massive Dynamic is really up to. They catch the person they're looking. When he's captured he is hit by a car and ends up in hospital, where he asks to make a deal in which he'll reveal all about Massive Dynamic. But before he can tell them everything, he hallucinates that John Scott slits his throat, and he dies.
  • Cracking episode of Fringe.

    Fringe is rapidly becoming one of my favourite new shows and I am so glad to see it going from strength to strength. This episode had all the right elements - suspense, action and wacky Walterness. So many great lines and the scene with the butterflies was brilliant. The knife-slashing bit from John Scott who wasn't there when the nurse looked in was pure genius. Peter's background was also explored a little more. Massive Dynamic's role was brought to the fore again after being strangely absent for a few weeks. The creepy Nina had plenty to say this week. So definitely another great installment.
  • Deadly hallucinogenic drugs and a trip into the memories of John Scott - gathering elements from past episodes and melding them together

    This series is one of my most favourite at the moment. Although people compare it to the x-files the character interaction and evil corporation takes it in slightly different directions. This time the death of a Massive Dynamic employee seemingly cut by 100's of Monarch Butterflies in the opening leads the team to investigate a hallucinatory drug. That however may be the frame of the episode but the canvas offers so much more.

    For a few weeks now we've known that Olivia can see John Scott presumably because of accessing his memories in the Pilot episode. When she receives a tip off via email from the dead John Scott that turns out to help uncover the truth behind the Massive Dynamic employees death, and also sees him in the street she wants to go back under into the tank. This was a quality idea to begin with but is used to add to the overall mystery in this episode and in this series. The fact that she can't go under again at massive risk of brain damage closes it off for now though. Which means that we won't get that retread every other week which is good.

    Peter's past is also catching up with him this week. We know he is a shady character with what we are led to believe are gambling debts but by end of season I hope this is going to be something more than that and I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

    Walter Bishop the eccentric and slightly potty Professor with pregnancy cravings is still very funny. I laughed out loud when he unexpectedly announced he had an erection - and although blunt in some ways little bits like that add to the character. In the beginning one of the major dragging points of the series was that most of the weekly mysteries could be explained by some experiment Walter had done in the past. Gladly they got rid of that idea as personally I thought it made the character seem too much all knowledgeable, I mean he was in an institution for 20 years, Massive Dynamic has bound to have progressed other things past his research. He is a better character for it although not much Father son interaction this week which can be quite endearing.

    So, Massive Dynamic is the likely cause of the pattern. Although I had already sort of figured this out from almost Day one I have to admit I'm glad the series is starting to head in this direction even more. Also when will John Scott properly come back not just as an illusion or a hallucinatory killer, I'm sure in episode 3 we saw some clones or something of him. I'm intrigued and will continue watching.
  • Another fantastic episode from a fantastic series.

    I have enjoyed every episode in this series of Fringe so far, but it was this one that made me sit back and realise just how fantastic this series really is. The writers just seem to have cracked the right amount of mystery, action and humour that should go into each episode and it is refreshing to sit back and put together the simple pieces of the puzzle.
    In this episode a Massive Dynamic employee jumps from a window, killing himself, when he believes he is being attacked by a swarm of butterflies. When Olivia and Walter (Peter's doing his own stuff) begin to piece together the puzzle, Olivia realises that John Scott may have memories that will help them in the case and is forced to go back into the tank to discover them. Meanwhile Peter's past finally catches up with him and Olivia begins to realise more and more that Massive Dynamic are behind everything that is going wrong with science.
    One interesting hint that was dropped in this episode is the insinuation that Massive Dynamic have created the pattern as a cover, so that they can explore different areas of Science without anyone complaining. William Bell is also turning into a great mystery and it seems that discovering his idenity will tell us a lot more about what is going on in the show.
    The acting in this episode was also great. Olivia's slow decline into madness is great, John Scott has to be one of the creepiest men alive and even Walter Bishop was allowed a moment of sympathy when he refuses to let Olivia go back into the tank for a third time in case she suffers damage. Here's waiting for the final episode before the mid season break and hoping that they deliver on the cliff hanger like they said they would. Looking at the rest of the season, it's easy to know that they will.
  • Butterflies kill a man; Olivia goes back in the tank; Peter's past catches up with him

    As a sci-fi nerd this was a really cool episode. From the killer butterflies to George's throat being cut by a ghost knife and the return of the tank the supernatural aspect of Fringe is back in a big way.

    Walter Bishop was at his best here with his rant about coffee yogurt to his borderline psychopathic experiments. Easily one of the most compelling characters on television and he we learned that not only does he have a conscience but he also seeks help from a higher power when he incorporated the Bible.

    After a few average episodes this is the kind of show that kickstarted the fall FOX season in a big way. This episode did develop a lot of questions such as what is going on with Peter Bishop and how Massive Dynamic is responsible for everything but that's part of the fun of this show. Great ending too that left me wanting more.

    Fine episode of Fringe tonight.
  • I'm over agent Scott.

    I'm over agent Scott. Okay I've said it. Either have him fade away or start making some breaks. Other than that is another good episode of Fringe. Peter is clearly heading to some trouble with loan sharks or something, which is kind of bland trouble. If his in all this trouble over a girl, I'll be annoyed. Peter seems like the type to have stirred up grade A trouble. I want a good story. Walter continues to make me laugh and seems to be showing some restraint in not always wanting to fry people's brains. Is he getting more sane? Astrid has more of a part this week, which is good I like her conversations with Walter. To me Astrid is like the eyes of the viewer, the only person who thinks all this stuff is weird. I'm waiting for some main plot progress, but otherwise another great episode. As an aside who's biggest fear is getting cut to death by butterflies?
  • Well, I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I have the last couple, but this one still had a lot of good stuff in it.

    Well, I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I have the last couple, but this one still had a lot of good stuff in it. Some of our suspicions were confirmed by the Latino guy they apprehended toward the end. So I guess the major plot now is going to be trying to take down Massive Dynamic. I wonder when they will introduce William Bell, or maybe, Nina Sharp is really William Bell in disguise. That would be crazy! but also ridiculous.

    I see Zack Whedon, brother of Joss Whedon, got a writing credit on this episode. I hope to see more of his work. He has talent that will only grow if he continues to get big gigs like this.

    Also we get a huge lunge forward with one of Peter Bishop's story lines. In my opinion, I think that Joshua Jackson is the most consistent in his performances. They are always very solid and I think he has done a great job of creating such a mysterious, but likable character, at the same time. And his on screen chemistry with John Noble is great.

    Anyway, I'm excited to see the direction the show will go in after this episode.
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