Season 4 Episode 14

The End of All Things

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2012 on FOX

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  • My Olivia, My Timeline

    I thought it was a good episode. However, the whole 'my Olivia, my timeline' dance the writers played was juvenile. The dialogue with the observer was as well. We needed the observer backstory. The purpose of that scene was the observer backstory but with everything that Peter could be told that would help, speaking in that high parable tone was silly. Not being clear about it was silly. Or maybe I just wanted it to be smarter and I shouldn't have because it's network TV.
  • Amazing

    Warning spoilers contained below!

    It has been a really long time since I have written a review, but this episode was just so amazing I had to! I am not sure where it started, but this episode basically confirms my belief that the writers have saved this show and season! The first few episodes of this show were so disheartening; I was saddened that the show had gone so far from what magic they had. It seemed that they were trying to start over but use the same characters. But now with these recent events, it seems clear that it all ties into a much deeper plot then I had ever imagined.

    It actually makes my head spin to think how complicated this show has become; it was made very clear in this episode with the bringing up of Peters baby. I had completely forgotten about that! And that was a major thing, but they never really brought it up until now and we were constantly bombarded with new things and more mystery that I forgot.

    Also we sort of left the whole "secret society and why they want to activate Olivia" story after David Robert Jones was killed, but now that we are in a different time line, it seems obvious that they were not done with his story. I think they did a very good job bringing us back up to speed with things we might have forgotten so as to make this all make sense (sort of)!

    Some questions were answered for sure, but really, a lot more questions were raised. Now that we know what the observers are, it begs to ask more about them. Also, what is the end goal for David Robert Jones, they obviously brought this character back for a reason, this story must be very important to the writers if they had to kill him off and then bring back two different universes just to bring his story back? Or did they do that just to mess with us? It seems either it was all laid out to start, or they have been winging it and just started to get back into the groove. Either way, the show is on fire for me now, and I love every second of it all over again! Can't wait to see what they will do next, and knowing how this show goes, every time they go on break, the next segment of the series always goes into a new direction and takes a new spin on the same show, a sort of mini season within a season. This show is famous for it!
  • Superb episode with minor (possible) plot holes

    There isn't much to discuss here: Fringe is the best show on TV at the moment. As this season goes by, the show positions itself in my mind as superior than LOST. Fringe asks questions, and it gives answers. LOST could have done the same thing for major questions that were obviously asked for entertainment value only.

    The revelations about the Observers were very decent. Any mystery revelation is in its core a disappointment and a success at the same time. We get the answer, but it isn't always what we wanted to hear - mostly because we expect something we couldn't have suspected ever (newsflash: the writers cannot make up something that doesn't exist). With that being said, I am satisfied with the Observers' story.

    The only thing bugging me was the you-are-meant-to-be-with-Olivia part. I buy it, I love it, but if September hadn't interfered with Walter making the cure, that would mean (Alt) Peter would have to cross to our Universe at some point in his life so he could be with our Olivia. Wouldn't that unbalance the Universes? Or is the child born from parents of different Universes so special so that is the reason the Observers count Peter/Olivia as a significant moment in history? And the Universes wouldn't be unbalanced? Sure, there wouldn't be the war, but as much as Fringe science goes, the Universes wouldn't be in balance (we get their Peter again, only not in a violent, kidnapping way).

    Nina/Olivia/DRJ part was a great thrill ride, I kept my fingers crossed we'll get to see Olivia using her abilities.

    Is this timeline "our" timeline , or Peter's Olivia timeline? I am not sure, I guess it's somewhere there, etched to this season's timeline.

    Fringe, kudos for being consistent more than all the other shows out there. There is still work ahead, but I am extremely happy we'll see the cylinder from 1x04 again - I feared you would suffer from the "Jacob's cabin syndrome" like LOST did. But I guess you know the drill - never write a mystery of you don't intend to get back to it.
  • Predictable story, questionable shapeshifters, surreal sequence, missing other side, some sloppiness, thrilling lightning (Spoilers)

    This episode convinced me that if I had to choose between the other side and the shapeshifters I would definitely pick the first. Indeed, like many viewers I suppose, I quickly understood that the real Nina Sharp had actually been framed by a shapeshifter. So her torture didn't move me because I just knew it was a fake. In fact I just can't grasp why their division and specially Walter haven't come yet with a solution to make the difference between humans and shapeshifters. Considering their special abilities, like the one revealed by David Jones at the end, and evil motives there're probably plenty of things that make them what they are. From organic patterns at the atomic level to brain configurations they should have been able to detect that the Nina they captured was a woman, without having to check out her anus of course.

    The surreal sequence in September's mind was phenomenal and served by immersive visual effects. However I wish it had been more dynamic because it was obvious Joshua Jackson wasn't walking or anything probably not to mess up the lighting or something. Still even if Peter's mental dive was hastily set up it was reminiscent of fascinating productions like Contact (1997) and Cube 2 : Hypercube. As for the impact it had, beside helping Peter to make his decision regarding Olivia, well it made me miss Fauxlivia and the alt-characters even more. Would it have been too hard to enrich the latest episodes with parallel elements ? If the time of convergence has come then Peter should have tried to involve both sides. Walternate is supposed to help him but we haven't seen him for a while and all we got are freaks of the week, even if I really enjoyed them and found the writers intertwined approach interesting and well executed.

    My other complain would go to the lack of attention to details. I still consider the division's security is terrible. Peter going back to his home without even a bodyguard after what happened ? Jones armed minion coming way too close beside Peter ? I know they already have a lot of things to cover in such a short time but I wish some events were more believable, specially when they're action-driven. At least Olivia's switching on the lights was thrilling and the only thing missing was an electrified haircut for Anna Torv or some sort of reference to Storm, the comics character.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • This is the real truth here....

    If Peter knew enough to use a condom then the finale wouldn't have sucked so bad and they wouldn't have to do all this "different timeline" stuff.

  • The end of all things was in the pillow

    I think you are all missing the point. That was September plan all the way from the begining, he had his eye on that pillow and he orchestrated this entire chain of events to reach to that pillow. But when he got to it, he realized it was only 60% cotton, so he returned it back.

    Great episode indeed, I wait for fringe day and night and I always go back to wondering maybe fringe decided to have mercy on us and push it backwards.

    What I don't understand is that September said "she is the one" and that he needs to go home literally to find her. Then later Peter thought about it and it was all too correct. September did mean for Peter to go home literally not home to his timeline. Yet at the end of the show, he is still determined to return to his timeline despite all odds. No matter how excited the writers are to let us feed on that difficult relationship between those two, yet the writing could have been slightly better. Either Septemeber should not have specificed that she is the one, or peter could have said "hey, I think you are the one indeed, but let's take a roller coaster drive back to my timeline just for fun".

    In anticipation for future events, it looks to me that the restoring of timelines is something of a sparkle that we see towards the end of the season. But it feels like season 3 and 4 are gravitating around the same time frame.I hope this will be "the end of it" and no returning to this timezone because I guess it will become boring.

    There is no rogue observer to be discovered I think. It was all explained in this episode: they were all working under some plan, but September inadvertably distracted w.bishop from that cure and he is determined to refix everything back to where it supposed to be. If september didnt save the boy, then indeed all futures would have been altered (perhaps fringe would have been over). September was probably shot by one of his own and he is now turning on them so he is working alone. If I can get his current address, I will work with September on some projects of my own too, hehehe.

    For all fringe fans, please vote more for fringe., Only our votes will ensure more seasons, and it's too early to end such great show. So yes move that mouse and rate the show please.

    looking forward for the next episode where peter is trying different machines to return to his timeline and end up burning his hands. IF anyone sees that machine on ebay, let me know please, thanks.
  • 2 thing i gotta say about this episode

    Is excellent as the hole series before, one mention thoug... when september dissapeard he was gone with the pillow also. in the next frame the pillow reapears, i replayed sveral times... te pillow wasnt off the table - just dissapeard. well - happens... it will be another season?
  • Best Episode EVER

    I am so excited. This Episode is very satisfying but it also raises some questions.

    I am so happy we got to learn so much about the Observers. I loved how Peter and September shared consciousness in order to communicate. Brilliant. I wonder who shot September though? Was it one of the Assassins like the one who killed August?

    I'm really glad Peter found out about his son. I hope Peter makes it back to our timeline so he can be with "his" Olivia. It's such a tragic love story tied into all this. I'm really happy the Observer told Peter that he and Olivia from our timeline are meant to be together. That makes me so happy. Although, I hope there is now an outcome where Olivia doesn't have to die. I wander if the guy from the Blimp is still the one who is going to kill Olivia, or try to kill her.

    Walter was brilliant yet again. Even though this isn't our timeline, I'm really getting attached to Walter, Olivia and Astrid.

    I wander if we are going to see some Rouge Observers soon?

    I am still a bit curious about Broyles. Didn't he send Olivia to DRJ (David Robert Jones) a few episodes ago? I thought he was working with DRJ. Was he pretending when he was questioning Nina at Fringe HQ? Surely he would have known what was going on.

    I really like how I thought the Nina being questioned by Fringe was the bad one. I have to admit I did suspect the Nina in the warehouse to be bad when Olivia was questioning her about her childhood. Although, I lost suspicion when Olivia seemed to be okay with the answers.

    I couldn't believe how quick Olivia's ability worked when Peter was around. She has some magnificent power. I wander what else Olivia is capable of. DRJ basically said this was nothing compared to what she can do.

    Does anyone think we might see Thomas Jerome Newton? I really liked him and hope he gets to come back to fringe.

    I absolutely love how cases in this timeline resemble cases that we've seen from past episodes from our timeline.

    I just LOVE Fringe and hope it never ends. 10/10
  • More people need to watch this show!!

    This was a really good episode but I want to talk about the ratings for this show.

    I was looking on wikipedia and saw that each episode only gets roughly 3 million viewers!

    Such a shame that crap like Jersey Shore and American Idol gets loads of views while top notch shows like Fringe dont.

    I really hope Fringe gets a fifth season!
  • Great And Perfect

    Peter, Walter and the gang try to figure out where Olivia is at. They question Nina at the FBI and would not get anything from her, the other Nina is captive with Olivia and they try to get her to turn on the lights with her mind. Peter believes that his Olivia is the Olivia in this world. Peter enters the observers mind to see the truth and makes a choice in the end. Really great episode this is why I love Fringe, I haven't felt this excited watching a tv show since Lost. Great writing and story, I have great confidence in where this show is going and I'll love it. To those of you that is questioning this show and haven't seen it yet, watch it you won't regret it and you'll even beat yourself up about it saying,"Why haven't I watched this sooner".
  • The Mother of All Time Lords!

    In what its perhaps the most brilliant reveal this show has ever provided, Fringe validates both the Cortexiphan trials of Bell & Bishop, as well as the timeless love affair between Peter & Olivia, with one simple yet shocking premise: the Mitochondrial Eve of the Observers and the only successful case of the Jacksonville's trials are one and the same Olivia Dunham. That way, Henry being born from the wrong mother is decimating their race one at the time. All because September's curiosity picked the best of him when Henry's father was still a child. Everything from August's fatherly attachment to September's child like curiosity are being explained in one swift move, leaving Peter to save his gradchildren from the glaring paradox that is his own son and, what should have been, the rightful mother.
  • Observing galaxies and breaking hearts

    Spoilers within !

    OK, let's begin with the elephant in the room : the origin of the Observers wasn't that difficult to guess, and it could have been handled better than the exposition scene we've had, but at least it was visually beautiful.

    AND it gave us a scene I expected back in season 3 : Peter learns he is a father. Nice reaction from Josh Jackson here. Just a faint smile, it was perfect.

    As for Nina, it was a nice trick from the writers to reveal that the wrong one wasn't the one we suspected. I look forward to see more of this other Nina, and Jones.

    And ... poor Olivia ! I'm pretty sure Peter is wrong and she IS his Olivia, after a fashion, which makes Peter's decision kind of unfair ... but I also like how the writers never take the easy road for Peter and Olivia. Their relationship is so akward and full of possibilities, it will be really interesting to see where it goes.

    And finally, as a literature teacher, I loved that Walter used the word "palimpsest" !
  • Excellent episode, with a disappointing ending

    Up until the last few minutes, this episode was amazing. Suspenseful, interesting, with true ah-ha moments. Then, Peter had to be stupid. I know they have to keep them apart for the sexual tension and whatnot, but after what Peter learned in the Observer's mind, how can he say that's not his Olivia? The observer said that she needed him, and he was talking about how she needed him to help her turn on the lights. He even told him how to get to her, and he still doesn't get it! I was literally yelling at my tv. I really liked this episode, but if the writers want to keep Peter and Olivia apart, they need a better reason. It's obvious now that this is "his" Olivia.