Season 4 Episode 14

The End of All Things

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2012 on FOX

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  • The end of all things was in the pillow

    I think you are all missing the point. That was September plan all the way from the begining, he had his eye on that pillow and he orchestrated this entire chain of events to reach to that pillow. But when he got to it, he realized it was only 60% cotton, so he returned it back.

    Great episode indeed, I wait for fringe day and night and I always go back to wondering maybe fringe decided to have mercy on us and push it backwards.

    What I don't understand is that September said "she is the one" and that he needs to go home literally to find her. Then later Peter thought about it and it was all too correct. September did mean for Peter to go home literally not home to his timeline. Yet at the end of the show, he is still determined to return to his timeline despite all odds. No matter how excited the writers are to let us feed on that difficult relationship between those two, yet the writing could have been slightly better. Either Septemeber should not have specificed that she is the one, or peter could have said "hey, I think you are the one indeed, but let's take a roller coaster drive back to my timeline just for fun".

    In anticipation for future events, it looks to me that the restoring of timelines is something of a sparkle that we see towards the end of the season. But it feels like season 3 and 4 are gravitating around the same time frame.I hope this will be "the end of it" and no returning to this timezone because I guess it will become boring.

    There is no rogue observer to be discovered I think. It was all explained in this episode: they were all working under some plan, but September inadvertably distracted w.bishop from that cure and he is determined to refix everything back to where it supposed to be. If september didnt save the boy, then indeed all futures would have been altered (perhaps fringe would have been over). September was probably shot by one of his own and he is now turning on them so he is working alone. If I can get his current address, I will work with September on some projects of my own too, hehehe.

    For all fringe fans, please vote more for fringe., Only our votes will ensure more seasons, and it's too early to end such great show. So yes move that mouse and rate the show please.

    looking forward for the next episode where peter is trying different machines to return to his timeline and end up burning his hands. IF anyone sees that machine on ebay, let me know please, thanks.
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