Season 3 Episode 10

The Firefly

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Firefly

    It is time to change. Everything is upside down. While the series is the plot for the sixth page is completed. A future that depends on the other: find a new direction to ensure the greatest wishes for 2011, the fourth season!

    So after a pause, and champagne gifts, turn to "Fringe." And thankfully, because the longing and curiosity has already squeezed suffocated. Olivia (Anna Torv) returned to his home universe, and after cried tears, it's time to return to work. Mission one that focuses just on one of the most remarkable characters of mythology: the Observer. That not only have observed, for saving Peter (Joshua Jackson) from certain death, then have to restore the balance.

    So far nothing new. It's history already knew. What is still not quite understand is that these beings, moving as they see fit over time, can not with a simple trip back to balance things. Why not let Peter go back and drown? After all saved because the first time? There seems to be a certain continuity that must be respected but that has not been well explained.

    That said, the whole episode was a complex web of events, cause-effect, a domino brilliantly constructed by the Observer, with a goal that only know the end. And this is game pieces and pawns that the episode ends up being a huge victory. Why? Because all these movements and actions are based on characters dense in true feelings, that make us believe and to suffer:

    The moments between Peter and Olivia were amazing. Very simple but very incisive. All the drama around the book, everything that she has lived but not, of what she wants but can not. Amid all the drama, talks about the real love, and it is not easy;

    We had the right side of luxury. For two reasons. First, because we are talking about Doc Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd), the mythical, that is here with another, now mythical, Doc There is thus a titanic duel which resulted in two excellent performances and a fantastic moment, yes, that that Walter (John Noble) realizes that the culprit was the death of his son's musical idol.

    Finally Walter and the time has to let your child go. The decision as observers sought. If he allows Peter to die once, going back to do it. For what and why? Only the future will tell.

    "Fringe" returned and, despite not having given any guidelines of the plot future episode offered a solid and engaging. Come t
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