Season 1 Episode 3

The Ghost Network

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • A troubled man who can see events related to the Pattern in advance. Another who kills a bus load of people for who knows what in a horrific manner. Olivia and her team must uncover what it is the killer wanted that was on that bus and retrieve it.

    Very mysterious and cynical direction for the show to go in. Blair Brown as Nina Sharp seems at the root of everything that is going on but we as is Agent Olivia are out of the loop. Cryptic things are said and strange situations are shown but no explanations of much of what is going on.

    We knew that Nina was involved in the board that oversees Broyles operating group, but it now seems as if they maybe run and finance it as well. We have been told that Massive Dynamics is one of the ten richest entities in the world and has more control than any one country.

    I now have my suspicions about John Scott and how much of a traitor he was or is as I don't see a clear direction with that yet. We continue to see development of the main character group and traits and characteristics of those people involved in Olivia's team. The elder Bishop is a pure scientist where the ends always justifies the means. That is what pure science is about. Think about the Atomic Bomb! His son is more of a sensitive intellect and obviously learned some bad traits in his years to survive but his ethical sense is much more evolved than his father. Olivia seems like the kind of person who can't be corrupted. I think that is why Broyles picked her.

    That whole situation with the bus was quite horrific and fascinating at the same time. Much the same as the incident with the substance on the plane in the Pilot episode.

    I think this episode was much more in the vain of the first episode, more action with a lot more cryptic pieces to it if that is even possible. One of the problems with this kind of suspense though is the technic of leaving the viewer in the dark only works just so long before it becomes boring or annoying. Hopefully that will not happen here. A recent show called Defying Gravity which is very intellectual in nature made that mistake by leaving viewers strung along for the first eight episodes before revealing something of real importance.

    Still a very entertaining episode and it leaves a lot of questions to answer in later episodes. Thanks for reading...