Season 1 Episode 3

The Ghost Network

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • The Ghost Network

    I know this was only the third episode of the series, but the similarities in the course of the narrative in relation to the second were so many, it seems to me that "Fringe" is allowed to fall

    a formula and not to do. At least for me, as I have said countless times, get bored with the series that follow this style, which "Fringe" needs right now is, without doubt, avoid letting yourself fall in repeatability. Do not just have the feeling of deja vu in relation to "The X-Files"?

    So let's see something strange happens, Walter is brought to the scene and recognizes the science used to perpetuate the crime, because, for once, is something he experienced in the past / Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) have to seek any apparatus that Walter drew in the past involving their experiences in the subject / Olivia meets the mysterious Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), the even more disturbing Massive Dynamics, and this turns out to give you information that helps solve the case / and finally, Walter uses such a device recovered to make another (hard to believe) that experience is the key to solving the case. Basically, this was the formula of two episodes in question.

    As for the actual events of "The Ghost Network", I point out that the biggest difference was that half of the episode, during the research process, have not lost my attention and I have kept interested until the end. Despite the theme surrounding the case has not been as strong as the previous episode, it was interesting to see people immobilized in a kind of amber on the bus, see the attempt to demystify the idea of a prophet who receives visions sent by God, and yes, the scene of the eye of the previous episode was less credible than what happened here.

    The most interesting episode was to have stayed even know that there is a group behind the events known as "The Pattern". Of course it's no surprise or this would not be a series with the mark of JJ Abrams. But, despite having just said that was the best of the episode, I ask, would even take another series that explores the themes (more to hit) a big conspiracy behind nothing unusual events?

    As a final note, just a word for the characters. John Noble and his Walter is, without doubt, the biggest stars of the series. Peter showed, finally, some more useful and we were given for the first time, some (small) development in relation to personal history of the character. The Olivia left out that air the second episode dour and John Scott (Mark Valley) over there gave an air of grace. Will will be resurrected?
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