Season 5 Episode 8

The Human Kind

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2012 on FOX

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  • The Human Kind

    A good final scene with Peter and Olivia at the end (although I wish he had kept the tech in longer) but overall this was not a particularly memorable episode. Why keep Olivia hostage for like 10 minutes? What purpose did that serve?
  • nothing happenend in this ...

    well nothing happened in this episode.. except the goddamn love crap coming in all over again, to make peter remove the tech from his brain....

    what the heck???

    peter with that tech was super cool and awesome!

    This love thing really makes tv shows fall down a cliff sometimes....

    But anyways.. the episodes before this proved that we got better stuff in store.... hopefully.
  • Mistakes, mistakes...

    For the second time this season, writers must have seemed to forgot that the viewers are not idiots. First thing: Olivia could have easily handled these two blocks. She dealt with similar stuff in the past. Couldn't she overpower them at the first place? Second thing: when being held captive, from the moment she heard about the transfer, she seemed to have all the time in the world making a device to fire up a bullet. Improbable at most, unless Olivia has the ability to manipulate time. Why is thisthe second time this season? Because similar time paradox occured in the episode "Bullet that saved the world". The counter on Eta's device showed less than 30 seconds and they even not managed to escape the buliding but also managed to keep themselves in a safe distance without bringing anyone's attention. Come on people. This show is about fringe events but there are some limits before that and bad writing.
  • (SPOILERS) The Human Kind

    I loved this episode. Fringe is one of a hand full of shows that can make me genuinely empathise with the characters. I don't want to talk too much about this episode, just the ending.

    When Olivia was trying to convince Peter to remove the tech, I was literally tearing up and saying "Please Peter, Please, take it out. You love Olivia, she is right emotions give you When Peter started to remember all the good times with Olivia, I actually started to cry. I was so happy that he removed the tech.

    Also, I was glad to see that Winmark is now back on the timeline that Peter wanted him on, so they might still have a chance to take him out.

    Special mention again for Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv's brilliant acting. Great Episode.
  • Great episode, brilliant season, perfect show.

    I think that's all that needs to be said, but after reading some comments I would like to add one more thing. To all you people complaining about the show using emotions, if you can't see that the way they use them is just what lifts the story to a higher level, then you should just go watch another action movie or something. Because the level that fringe is at might be too much for you to understand. When used right, emotions are a powerful tool.
  • We're just bad code.

    Yet another episode with loads of sappy emotions . This was almost as irritating as when Etta let Manfretti live in In Absentia, just because she saw pity in Olivias eyes. With everything Etta had been through she just should have killed him without thinking about it.

    And now we have Olivia simply pleading to Peter that emotions are important? Please! And how many times have we seen Anna Torv captured but only for a very short while since she always makes an easy escape.

    And why do the observers have to use elevators and stairs? Is the teleporting manufactured by Microsoft or something and thus unreliable.

    It 's obvious that Fringe is going for crowdpleasing now, rather than trying to be edgy or interesting. Too bad.
  • another solid episode

    This season is definetely the best so far. I dont understand why people keep complaining about the emotions that are presented by each character, its the final season so of there would be more emotion and character development. Overall it was a really good episode that brought back olivias badassery. The only complaint i have is that the peter as an observer arc has ended
  • "Emotions are our strength"

    In many ways, this episode doesn't add really more to the previous two or three episodes. "Emotions are our strentgh", yeah, right, we already figured that out some time ago, thank you ... But it leads to this very emotional scene, where Peter makes the right choice. You can only be SO relieved to see humanity shine in his eyes again. In the meantime, his new powers allowed an awesome fistfight between him and Windmark ... but think about it, if Peter had renounced to the Observer tech at the end of the previous episode when Olivia found out, except for this fight, would we really had missed anything ? So, fight and end scene aside, the episode felt a little like a rehash of previous plot points. Even the "fortune teller" character felt a little useless : OK, you have to keep hope and faith, so ? It showed how desperate Olivia was and gave Anna Torv the occasion to show her acting skills, something she didn't really had since "In absentia", but, like most of the episode, it felt like a little waste of time.
  • Have it both ways ...

    What struck me the most during this episode was the duality of Olivia. The end was a strong point with Olivia discussing the power of and the strength in emotions. "It's our strength, because it's the one thing they don't

    But just a few scenes earlier, she stood before a woman telling her that her ability to see "things" is "simply an anomaly". There she stood, taking the emotionless, scientific way to explain that all there is are numbers and the observers are just particularly good at math.

    That's the kind of storytelling that was always the strength of Fringe and I will miss it when it's gone in a few episodes.
  • 5x08 "The Human Kind"

    Brilliant. Fantastic. Amazing. Fringe pulls off a really emotional episode ending with one of THE scenes of the show. Olivia brought Peter back to the human side and, in the rain, after remembering every moment in their relationship, they kiss. Keep up the good work Fringe writers.
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