Season 5 Episode 8

The Human Kind

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2012 on FOX

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  • Mistakes, mistakes...

    For the second time this season, writers must have seemed to forgot that the viewers are not idiots. First thing: Olivia could have easily handled these two blocks. She dealt with similar stuff in the past. Couldn't she overpower them at the first place? Second thing: when being held captive, from the moment she heard about the transfer, she seemed to have all the time in the world making a device to fire up a bullet. Improbable at most, unless Olivia has the ability to manipulate time. Why is thisthe second time this season? Because similar time paradox occured in the episode "Bullet that saved the world". The counter on Eta's device showed less than 30 seconds and they even not managed to escape the buliding but also managed to keep themselves in a safe distance without bringing anyone's attention. Come on people. This show is about fringe events but there are some limits before that and bad writing.