Season 3 Episode 21

The Last Sam Weiss

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Last Sam Weiss

    It's hard to talk about "The Last Sam Weiss" without immediately jump to the end. And that end. But let's share: the penultimate episode of "Fringe" is an almost apocalyptic goodbye to the narrative that accompanied us since the beginning of the season. And for the apocalyptic and goodbye, could be much more intense.

    The looming in the previous episode takes shape more real and more drastic. The end of our universe is close, very close, with Peter (Joshua Jackson) in a kind of coma, the world is filled with lightning uncontrolled. The only hope is then Olivia (Anna Torv) and her partner the day, the odd Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan). The two desperately a sort of key opening a sort of box, which contains a sort of lever. This then allows you to open the machine to your host can handle.

    If, on the one hand, this adventure brought some good action scenes, on the other left much to be desired with regard to mythology. In an episode with his name were asked Sam Weiss opened the book even more: ok, it belongs to a lineage of scholars and patrons of this engine of destruction, but why? Who was the first Sam Weiss? Who are the first people anyway? What have they to do with the two universes? Are related to the observers? Questions and more questions that remain in the air and that could have been answered with sense in this context.

    Because, basically, what happened was just the accumulation of more questions, including the fact that Olivia lever. Along with this race against time, we also had the right to a confused Peter, exchanged and azamboado. Wakes up and goes home to the Statue of Liberty, for his father the Secretary of Defense. How? Well, supposedly thought was on the other side and was supposedly good, but could not see clearly what happened there and what's the point of confusion.

    It is certain that he entered. The machine closed. Excellent scene, with some past images to give the notion of decision, of choice. At this time none of us had no idea what would happen and sure none of us put on the table the option chosen: Peter wakes up 15 years in the future, a world destroyed, chaos and war. Which of the two worlds do not you know. In fact I know you do not say anything. I suspect this will be the guiding principle of next season, or time travel came the "Fringe"! What can be bad, but damn, can be very very good!

    The Best: The cliffhanger ending.

    Worst: We wanted more Sam Weiss.
  • Nicely Done

    I like the tag team between Olivia and Peter. I knew something was about them since they were attached to each other when they were kids. Peter finally wakes up to try to get to Statue of Liberty while Olivia and Sam find the key, turns out that Olivia is the key that states that in the drawings. They work together first Olivia turns off the machine to Peter can get in, Olivia say I love you and Peters connects to the machine. We now know that Olivia was also connected to the machine fate, but still have no idea why the machine was built in the first place and why Peter and Olivia have to be the one to choose a universe still left without answers. But still have last part of the finale to see so lets hope it comes together. Great finale so far.
  • 321

    Fringe has been thoroughly entertaining for me as of late, but tonight's episode did not really do it for me. I am just having a difficult time buying into the "end of the world" speel that they try to keep passing onto us. More importantly I do not like this connection between Olivia and Peter that they are trying to pass onto us. How are two people from different worlds so connected? Another key part of the Fringe puzzle that you need to really believe in to have enjoyed this episode.

    I am sure the season finale will be good, but this episode just was slow-moving and boring to me.
  • I usually sing Fringe's praise, but ...

    I found this episode was a big letdown. You name an episode after Sam Weiss, and we learn almost nothing about him ? Peter was incapacitated, then amnesiac and confused ... before returning to normal, just like that? What was the point ? Was there any ? Regarding Sam and Peter's confusion, I'd like next episode(s) to prove they were relevant, which they don't seem to be right now. As for the "apocalyptic" feel, despite the storms, "6 02 AM" sounded more "end of the world" to me, with references to the blight, for instance, than this one.
    There were high notes, for sure. Walter and Astrid are always a joy to watch together, Walter had a sweet heart-to-heart talk with Olivia, both little by little embracing their specialness. And, of course, Olivia said the big three words. But that isn't much in the course of 40 minutes, is it ?
    Anyway, next episode should be quite a ride. I'm always a client for "Days of future past" storylines, so I'm optimistic for that one ... but really, is there any reason the closing moments of the episode didn't happen when Peter first entered the Machine, sparing us an unnecessary episode in the process ?
  • Plenty of action plus one spine tingling moment and a what the h ending make for an exciting penultimate episode of season 3.

    After having my hopes raised for an epic episode by last week's instalment I wasn't disappointed when watching 'The Last Sam Weiss'. Well maybe I was disappointed a little bit, I had hoped the episode would reveal a lot more about the mysterious Mr Weiss given that it was named after him but the brief explanation we got of his ancestry and their connection to the First People book didn't feel that satisfying. Even so the rest of the episode delivered and there was plenty of exciting action involving the increasing frequency of fringe events around the machine and a confused Peter waking up and going to New York in search of his father.

    He wasn't the only one who travelled to the Big Apple as Walter twigged with the help of Astrid that that's where Walternate had built his machine. So the machine gets transported to New York and Olivia sets about finding a "crowbar" to open it with the help of Sam Weiss. This interesting little journey felt a bit rushed but it looks like there's plenty more screen time for Weiss in store in future episodes so hopefully there'll be a fuller explanation later on. It did yield some funny lines from Weiss including "Sam Weiss, patron member since '82" after Olivia flashed her badge when trying to get into the museum where the crowbar was kept and "I work in a bowling Alley" after he bowled a lump of stone down a corridor knocking over a large vase in such a way that it stopped a security door from closing. The episode's spine-tingling moment comes when Olivia opens the box that contains the crowbar and discovers a picture of herself drawn by the first people.

    Elements from past episodes such as Olivia's ability to turn things off with her mind and the quantumly entangled typewriter come into play at this point giving the story the feel that it had been more or less planned since the early days of the series. There's also the sense that the characters have come to terms with all the bad stuff that's happened to them because of Walter as it was clearly their destiny to be where they are now.

    We only get a brief glimpse of the alternate universe in this episode after Olivia successfully turns off the machine with her mind alerting Walternate's top lab boy Brandon that something odd is going on. It will be interesting to see how this plays out on the other side but that looks likes it will have to wait until next episode. After turning it off Peter manages to get inside and whatever was supposed to happen happens, except it cuts to the ending before we get to see what that is.

    The ending is something special, it's the kind of ending that 'Lost' would have ended the series on with Peter waking up ten years into the future at the site of the rebuilt twin towers. Apart from the fact he seemed a bit confused and that the Fringe Division exists in this version of the future there's few clues as to what happened after he stepped into the machine. Next week promises to be better yet and season four even more confusing if the concept of time travel is involved. The idea of time travel in Fringe has already featured it in the episode 'White Tulip' and been hinted at with the Observers and the First People and their prophecies so it would make sense that it makes it into the story arc somewhere along the line and could really take the show in some interesting new directions if done well.
  • Give a 10 score will yah

    Definitely this episode deserves 10 for me. It was intense and at the same time moving. Though I don't think sam was funny enough with his lines there. Yeah, his character was not revealed in this episode when the title itself is his name. Anyway, what made this episode fantastic was that it did not limit its setting to two or three places. The most exciting part is, when olivia's face appear on the crowbar. It made me want to know more of her abilities. But i just wonder if Olivia has the telekinetic ability to shut down the machine in the alternate universe, why do peter needs to be in the machine in this side??? It was already turned off right? Also, it made me doubt on Peter. Was he genuinely interested in saving this world? Or maybe he has a different intention? Remember he is a conman. After he said the line, 'i think i've been confused'. His expression, seemed like 'damn, they got me'. And what's with coin? And hey, i think they forgot about the memory chips of the shapeshifters, i don't remember from the previous episodes they revealed the encrypted code in the chips, where william bell told peter that the decoder is in massive dynamic.

    Can't wait for the season's finale.... And the upcoming season 4..... Spill the answers already.
  • The Last Sam Weiss

    The Last Sam Weiss was a superb episode of Fringe and I really enjoyed watching this episode as Olivia worked with Sam Weiss to find a key to a box containing some thing that can help them to unlock the machine to allow Peter access. This was a fun adventure. Meanwhile it was interesting to see Walter and Astrid working together. I like how classy she is and how much she puts up with and doing every thing. The ending of this episode was very intriguing and has definitely made me wonder. I look forward to watching the next episode of Fringe!!!!!!!
  • That was good.

    Last week I threw a fit here about Fringe's mishandling of Walter's atheism and the week before that about the really silly Bell-livia concept, so I feel a bit of acknowledgement to what Fringe does right is in order, because it's a lot.

    For instance, today's episode rang true in a lot of ways, it just worked mechanically and in terms of character development. It was well made. I don't want to sound dismissive about that, "well made" is rare, very hard to pull off and Fringe does it more often than almost anything else out there.

    Also, in case my religious rant last time sounded like me accusing Fringe of being unduly conservative for my tastes, let me point out how much I like Olivia as a character. She may be the strongest female lead since, I don't know, Buffy? And the fact that this is not brought up because the show doesn't make it be about girl power is even better. She just hits all the notes of the usual gruff law enforcement agent. The shady past, the rough exterior with a heart of gold... she and Broyles are interchangeable, basically, so her gender is not played up as a point of contention. And like the male lead would, she only goes for the "I love you" line with her more emotional and less cerebral partner in the face of near certain doom. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

    The ending, which brings time travel into the mix, I'm a bit wary about. It has a whiff of Dollhouse, with the "flashed forward to open warfare, post apocalyptic future" thing it seems to be going for, and I can't decide if that's a good thing or not. I'm waiting to next episode for that. Oh, and for the record, given the nature of that particular cliffhanger, I'm *so* glad this wasn't the series finale, because it clearly feels like it could have been.

    So well done Fringe.
  • Let the Bodies hit the floor

    If the last episode of Fringe was the introduction to a symphony, this one is most definitely hard rock in which the Bishops strike the emotional cord as the audience is left wondering why Peter was beaten for.

    Memory loss is not a plot device I'm fond of, yet its the only aftermath that would fit what the machine did to Peter last week. The Universe just keeps pushing Olivia over and over, the end marked by the very first time this "cold" and "hard" woman, says 'I love you' with all her heart, trying to convince herself there's nothing wrong with them: skin to skin, blood and bone Olivia lets Peter dive into the unknown.

    ...funny thing how the unknown has a way to suprise even Fringe Division when, red or blue, whatever Universe we land on is set way up in the future.
  • The Last Sam Weiss...

    Relative to the recent episodes of Fringe, this week's "The Last Sam Weiss" was fairly confusing. As any regular viewer of the show will know, that's an extremely impressive feat. It's not that the episode in its entirety was that complicated, but by its conclusion, "The Last Sam Weiss" gave me a bigger headache than just about anything that I've watched since Lost was still on air.

    After last week's failed attempt to enter the machine, Peter remains bedridden whilst Olivia heads off with Sam Weiss to try and figure out exactly what is going on and how they might go about stopping it. Sam informs Olivia that there is a fail-safe of sorts for the machine, a way for the forcefield around it to be broken, however he doesn't actually know what it is. In the coffin of a previous Sam Weiss there is a box containing the "crowbar" for the forcefield and in a nearby museum is the key to open it. As the city continues to experience Fringe events, the pair head off to the museum and retrieve the key, narrowly avoiding death in the process.

    When they open the box they find only a scroll - a missing piece of The First People manuscript - which depicts none other than Olivia. Unsure of what it means they head off to consult Walter. Whilst all of this is going on, in an attempt to slow down the degradation of the universe, Walter has Broyles move the machine to Liberty Island, the same location where it is held on the other side. At the same time Peter awakens in a confused state and heads off to New York himself, thinking that he is his former self from the other side. When Walter and Sam conclude that the drawing implies that Olivia must use her telekinetic powers to break the forcefield, she begins to practice for the main event.

    Eventually, after Olivia is finally successful at controlling her powers, the moment that we have all been waiting for comes to pass - Olivia disrupts the forcefield and after getting his memory back, Peter enters the machine. What exactly happens next however, I'm not entirely sure. Waking up in a slightly war-torn version of New York City, Peter seems to have time travelled at least ten years into the future. It is not just a simple case of our Peter moving through time however, as his receded hairline and the fact that a suited member of Fringe Division identifies him as "Agent Bishop", would suggest that he has actually experienced the change in time.

    I really don't know how any of this is going to unfold at this point; will the finale take place entirely in the future? Who could say? But even with alternate universes going to war and telekinetic children, I have always been able to come up with some notion of what might be the direction of the show. Adding time travel has however eliminated any possibility of me understanding what is going on; a testament to the mental people that come up with plot of Fringe.
  • ♪♫♪ Spoiler-free ♪♫♪ Epic finale second part and the mad scientist next door review

    Dear patient,

    This is Walter Bishop and I would like to welcome you to my new experiment, Foreseen Review. It's actually an old project I worked on with my good friend William Bell back in 1985. Our goal is simple. I ask a question and answer it the same way you will once you have seen the episode. If our answers differ it means the world as you know it is about to end. Be prepared for the ultimate odyssey !

    I. Should we just get rid of Astrid ? Of course not even if she acts as my friendly pet at times her kindness and encouraging words allowed me to overcome the most desperate situations. She taught me so much and in this installment she put in light what happened to me in the chapel. Do I believe in God ? As a man of science you probably think I was desperate but there're times when it's better to question your beliefs and become a man of faith if necessary than staying still and not doing anything. Just Believe !

    II. Am I in love with Olivia ? Of course I am, what a silly question. Or silly me I should say. Never mind, the important thing is that this time our relationship was developed further and I was able to finally tell her how I see her. Anna Torv is such a talented actress, but not as sexy as me – little big John Noble, and I really cared about revealing the beautiful humanity in her character. Considering she had to make the impossible become possible I just tried to support her the best I could, like Astrid does even if she really annoys me at times. See we both lack confidence in our abilities. She's special but I feel like the village idiot even if my partners trust me.

    III. Will Peter ever wake up ? I have no idea but really hope so. However if you naively think this is just fiction then there's a good chance that Joshua Jackson will recover. See I have seen 28 Days Later and on naked Tuesday I always wonder if it would have been as excellent if its protagonist had stayed in a coma for the whole film. I don't think so. Moreover Jackson is paid to act, not to sleep. Seriously the story has never been so twisted and should even remember you Sliders.

    IV. Do they have what it takes to produce a mind blowing finale ? Even if half the budget is spent on rendering 3D location titles no one cares about we still had a few bucks to surprise the audience. The first thing is that the episode was heavy on well polished visual effects. It proves that 6:02 AM EST was really the calm before the storm. And I mean storm ! There were also plenty of fresh sets chosen by Sam Weiss himself. That man creeps me out but when it comes to design he's a genius, like I used to be. Museum ? Stroke ! Antics shop ? Coined ! Our team was even able to make you believe the machine could actually be real. Of course it is but the audience is not supposed to know it. Fringe is just the solution we have found to warn them of… I have already told you too much !

    V. So what's your monkey sketch this time ? Last time Naughty Slippers™ was a mistake. They weren't supposed to write it and I wasn't supposed to do my part. We just thought the viewers weren't ready yet to witness how charming I am. Moreover this time we were just uninspired. What could we possibly have imagined ? There's nothing funny about storm. Otherwise there was room for my favorite sequence : The science lab session. It's even better when – not so serious – Philip Broyles is my witness because Lance Reddick is only an actor and doesn't know anything about magnetic fields and Jean-Michel Jarre !

    VI. Will it end with an other cliffhanger ? You're a smart reader, you should know better. This is a three parts finale and the continuity was so well planned that once done with season 3 you should instantly want to watch it all over again. But considering you have endured my painful writing so far I think it's time to give you a scoop : Season 4 has already begun.

    Now if you haven't already seen The Last Sam Weiss I really hope our little game convinced you to turn on your TV. And if it's already done then you probably think I'm a mad scientist who has spent way too much time spanking pancakes and bugging the networks with his silly jokes. I can't help, it's my nature.

    W. B.
  • Fate finally opened its doors(Such an Amazing episode!!)

    Ever since the end of the second season we've been consumed with the idea of the doomsday machine and how Peter would eventually come one day to operate it as it meant for him, and last night it finally happened. It was an emotionally powerful moment when Peter was walking towards the machine while everything he has experienced ever since he arrived to the Fringe division flashes back in that moment. As if everything that has happened led to that one moment. I also absolutely loved Olivia in that episode. I'm glad she didn't turn out against the idea of Peter going to the machine. But even more, that she had a part to play for peter to be able to use it. I knew her psychokinesis abilities would come back in the story once again and they couldn't have found a better moment to do it.

    Walter, Astrid and Agent Broyles were also great. "The last same Weiss", is absolutely one of the best episode of this season and i'm literally dying to see what will happen next.

    Absolutely good work jj abrams.