Season 2 Episode 19

The Man from the Other Side

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Man from the Other Side

    We walked to be softened and prepared. One episode after another, a will-not-going to leave us uneasy. Inevitably, you say. For it was, I say. And so fell the pump setting the stage for the long-awaited final stretch.

    Peter (Joshua Jackson) discover the truth, found that does not belong here. But let's revelation to the end and start on the other hand, the bad guys. We begin the episode with the arrival of three shapeshifters in this universe. They travel differently from what we knew: a kind of embryo bursts in our world and begins to develop rapidly. Passes from the cocoon be terrifying which in turn acquires a masked form of usual Human (a poor victim). It's a portion of the life cycle of these villains that was given us to know so absolutely fantastic. The cocoons, mercury, the scene with him that we could not develop fully, it was grotesque, dirty, slimy, and forwards it to the science fiction classics as "Alien" or "Terminator." A real treat for fans of these wanderings.

    The plan called for three, three spies to infiltrate at precise locations in order to create a sort of triangle that would allow the right time (when the universe were aligned) to bring someone back and forth (the man who gives his name as the episode) . The leader of the dark Newton (Sebastian Roch), but can fill this gap and bring the plan forward. The dizzying pace followed a parallel investigation of the protagonists who can reach the site at that precise moment in time to try to prevent the transition. This attempt failed and that it does finally see Peter that he came from the nearby universe, that is not his real father Walter (John Noble).

    Then confronts the old scientist who finds himself without words lost in sadness. And with all this changed. We have few certainties but we know that from now on nothing will ever be. Where was Peter? What will he do? Who will he choose when the time comes to decide? Issues that are on the back burner and surely will be answered in the near future.

    Finally, we come to the crux of this episode: Who is the man who came from the other side? The man to whom Newton called Mr. Secretary. My guess is that it is the Walternate, the father saw his son disappear and that because this sets a dark revenge. Do not know if he will lead all operations but will likely play an important role in the operations of the enemy. On a personal level all this orchestration seems to make good sense but the level of technology can not understand some things: in the 80's the other universe was technologically far ahead on this, as it is currently unable to build a simple portal as Walter made back then? Need elaborate schemes and terms, when 20 years ago everything seemed so easy. And if a balance has to exist (have everything that comes out) who is this man on the other side changed?

    Questions that do not hurt or harm this great piece of television. A compact mythology, with pace and will, which prepares troops for the battle ahead. "Fringe" is with vigor and with determination we are. Come the next.

    The Best: The shapshifters villains are a kick-ass!

    The Worst: It took almost a whole season to get here.
  • The Truth Comes Out

    OK??? Did anyone felt is was stupid and unrealistic that a person like the person in the beginning of the show. That broken glass got thrown on his car by a broken window would you A) Get out and checkout whats going on and walk inside a dark spooky warehouse with no type of protection or B) GET THE HECK OUT OF THEIR AND DRIVE AWAY LIKE THE FEMALE IN THE CAR TOLD YOU TO DO. And not only that he started laughing and poking with the shovel at the glob before the shapeshifter snap his neck, I smoked pot before and believe me I don't do stupid stuff like that plus pot makes you paranoid why would go in a dark warehouse LOL. Peter, Olivia and Walter try to stop the shapeshifters from sending something over from the otherside. Walter and Peter were on the bridge trying to send off a wave of vibration to disrupt the waves, it was working and Peter said there was something wrong with your software and told Walter to get off the bridge to fix it. Who was left on the bridge was another fbi agent and Peter, I think he got the machine to work but not in time he started seeing someone walk on the bridge from the other side, in that time a huge shockwave came at their way and blew the fbi to dust but not Peter. Thats when he knew something wasn't right, later he awoke in the hospital and told Olivia he would like to speak to Walter alone. As Walter came in he told him what happen on the bridge about the fbi agent and the guy from the other side walking on the bridge. Only one that died was the fbi agent and him and the guy from the other side was still alive meaning that he was also from the other side. Walter tried to explain but Peter didn't want to hear none of it told Walter to leave and told him your not my father. Next day Peter checked out of the hospital without telling anyone.
  • Hmm..

    The review before mine alludes to the fact (predictable one, mind you..) that the mysterious man is actually alter Walter.

    It would be a decent hunch. The guy is furious and would want his revenge on the other Walter. I just don't think Peter recognized the guy. I believe he just put the clues together, especially the FBI dude desintegrating before his eyes, and figured it out by himself..

    Anyways, I'm just curious to see what happens next. The "monster of the week" episodes are almost like x-files and all but we got used to season story arc.

    Gotta keep watching then, I guess...

  • Wow, just wow! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Finally, an episode of Fringe that continues the main story arc!! Early on some of the stuff we see in this episode was pretty sick, but finally we see what the shape shifters actually look like. Pretty damn gross in their natural form if you ask me, probably one of the nastiest things I have seen this episode, especially the one Walter manages to revive for a short time and talk to. I don't know what is worse, Peter finding out about what Walter did and taking it really bad, or the Newton bringing someone from the other side over successfully (so it seems at least). Who is the man on the bridge?? Time will only tell.
  • for the first time I didn't understand something. SPOILERS

    so, why being from another dimension keeps you alive? I mean I get the man from the other side (he was actually in that other dimension) but peter was in this world and still lived. Aside from that the story was intriguing and from the moment that shape shifter said that he was sorry I started to have this nagging feeling that the man who created them, all this mayhem and who was on the bridge is actually the other Walter fighting to get his real son back. i felt sorry for Walter missing his chance to come clean to Peter, the end broke my heart, but the show is written this way so we just have to wait and see the outcome.

    wait. it just occurred to me that if all these horrid events created by the other side were preparations to get Peter, than this whole war between the worlds was caused by the watchers/observers. that one guy that had to observe up close and personal and disturbed the other world Walter is responsible for all of this. Come to think of it, right now the words of the other bold guy in the flashback episode (the child has to live) get a whole new other meaning...
  • White Tulip ...crushed.

    The revealation of Peter's true identity begins not by Walter, not by Newton or even Olivia but by a threat as pure as it was powerful: Peter's own intellect. Pinned behind the enemy lines as a portal opens between Newton's side and our side, Peter risks his own life trying to close it down until the portal disintegrates along with the bridge and everything it contained, except for the two people that didn't belong: the man from the other side and Peter himself.

    Looking at Walter for the first time as the stranger he's been all along, Peter asks to be left alone. As Newton tends the man from the other side, Walter Bishop is informed that the man he called his son has left the Hospital and perhaps his side, for good.
  • Great episode. I think the man from another world is Walternate. He would try to take back his son. May be Peter's mom alive in another world. I really want to see observers in new episode. I can't wait

    Great episode. I think the man from another world is Walternate. He would try to take back his son. May be Peter's mom alive in another world. I really want to see observers in new episode. I can't wait The my only question is why Peter would choose this world. Because of Olivia or Walter? I think Walternate was worse dad than Walter to Peter. And may be the one from another world is Peter's mom. And Walternate died and she want to get back her son with scientist guy Newton's help who used to be William Bell's assistant. I just so confused because of waiting new episode
  • The bomb is dropped !!!

    I imagined Newton would be the one to reveal Peter his true origins, to bring him to his side ... I hadn't realized Peter was clever enough to figure it out ( although he's jumping to conclusions a little too quickly for my taste ) . Anyway, good episode, even if preventing the opening of a bridge between dimensions reminds of previous episodes like "There's more than one of everything" or "Jacksonville". The fallout should be VERY interesting. Like most people, I think the "minister" is Walternate : the glimpse we caught of him sure looked like Walter, and the dying shapeshifter apologized to Walter ... as if he was recognizing its creator.
  • Great episode! does anybody else think peter saw alt walter on the bridge and has now left to find this alt-walter once his suspicions were confirmed by Walter at the hospital?

    I have a feeling he recognized the person walking as his "other father" and confirmed his suspicions with the talk he had with walter at the hospital. and the reason he left was that he has now started looking for this alt-walter to get some answers. It would make an interesting twist for the next season too i think.

    Also did you see the homage they did to star wars? maybe it was just me reading into it, but the plate of the SUV that drove in to the bridge to provide back-up had a plate that said 1C3PO1 ;p
  • Choices have consequences

    Ever since "Jacksonville", the story has been much more focused. While from a season-long perspective this only highlights the listless string of stand-alone episodes in the fall, it's undeniable that the writers have been delivering powerful material of late. (Which also serves to underscore why those earlier episodes were so disappointing; the writers were capable of so much more.)

    Peter's true origin has been at the center of the season arc, as well as Walter's suffering over the truth, and both factor heavily into this episode. In many ways, it was predictable, but in a way that was well-earned. Of course Peter was going to find out the truth in the worst way possible, ripping open the wounds that were beginning to heal. And of course, this will lead Peter on his own journey for a while, until he comes to realize that his true family is Fringe Division.

    It should be obvious to most fans that "Mister Secretary", the one behind the technological advancements in Alt-Fringe and Newton's mission to open a door between realities and destroy Fringe Prime, is none other than Walternate. I've been saying that since the latter half of the first season.

    That doesn't make it any less satisfying a notion. It makes perfect sense that Walternate, as the author of the scheme to obliterate Fringe Prime, would want to rescue his son first. And this will inevitably lead to the oft-predicted meeting between true father and son. At that point, if the characters are kept true to themselves, Peter will reject his true father, because of the choices that Walternate has made. Even if Peter thinks that Walter deserves to suffer, I doubt he would feel the same about Olivia.

    Of course, it's not likely to be as simple as that. Some complication and sacrifice will inevitably be required for Newton's plan to be foiled and the story to continue with Fringe Division intact. It seems likely that William Bell is going to be involved in some fashion, and it makes sense that he would be the one to go at this stage of the game. He's important enough to be a loss, but incidental enough to be expendable.

    The real point of interest will be how this turn of events affects Walter. His mental strength has been derived from Peter over the course of the series, and now that critical piece of the puzzle will be missing. At least initially, I would expect a fairly significant psychological breakdown, but this could be a surprising means of demonstrating how Walter has progressed. Walter can never completely recover (he would lose much of his charm if he did), but he could end up better for this harrowing experience.
  • the man from the other side

    And the shapeshifters return! Nice!

    The segment with the bridge was absolute, pure geeky, sci-fi greatness and as one of the pure geeky sci-fans I could not be more entertained by it. This epsiode featured some great supernatural elements, and when the show does that it is at its best.

    And thankfully Peter finally knows the truth so we can put this stupid storyline behind us. Peter will whine for a few episodes, get in trouble, Walter will help save him, yada yada yada, and Fringe can move on when its third season begins next year.

    Good Fringe tonight. Hopefully the rest of the season is as good.