Season 2 Episode 19

The Man from the Other Side

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Truth Comes Out

    OK??? Did anyone felt is was stupid and unrealistic that a person like the person in the beginning of the show. That broken glass got thrown on his car by a broken window would you A) Get out and checkout whats going on and walk inside a dark spooky warehouse with no type of protection or B) GET THE HECK OUT OF THEIR AND DRIVE AWAY LIKE THE FEMALE IN THE CAR TOLD YOU TO DO. And not only that he started laughing and poking with the shovel at the glob before the shapeshifter snap his neck, I smoked pot before and believe me I don't do stupid stuff like that plus pot makes you paranoid why would go in a dark warehouse LOL. Peter, Olivia and Walter try to stop the shapeshifters from sending something over from the otherside. Walter and Peter were on the bridge trying to send off a wave of vibration to disrupt the waves, it was working and Peter said there was something wrong with your software and told Walter to get off the bridge to fix it. Who was left on the bridge was another fbi agent and Peter, I think he got the machine to work but not in time he started seeing someone walk on the bridge from the other side, in that time a huge shockwave came at their way and blew the fbi to dust but not Peter. Thats when he knew something wasn't right, later he awoke in the hospital and told Olivia he would like to speak to Walter alone. As Walter came in he told him what happen on the bridge about the fbi agent and the guy from the other side walking on the bridge. Only one that died was the fbi agent and him and the guy from the other side was still alive meaning that he was also from the other side. Walter tried to explain but Peter didn't want to hear none of it told Walter to leave and told him your not my father. Next day Peter checked out of the hospital without telling anyone.