Season 2 Episode 19

The Man from the Other Side

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Man from the Other Side

    We walked to be softened and prepared. One episode after another, a will-not-going to leave us uneasy. Inevitably, you say. For it was, I say. And so fell the pump setting the stage for the long-awaited final stretch.

    Peter (Joshua Jackson) discover the truth, found that does not belong here. But let's revelation to the end and start on the other hand, the bad guys. We begin the episode with the arrival of three shapeshifters in this universe. They travel differently from what we knew: a kind of embryo bursts in our world and begins to develop rapidly. Passes from the cocoon be terrifying which in turn acquires a masked form of usual Human (a poor victim). It's a portion of the life cycle of these villains that was given us to know so absolutely fantastic. The cocoons, mercury, the scene with him that we could not develop fully, it was grotesque, dirty, slimy, and forwards it to the science fiction classics as "Alien" or "Terminator." A real treat for fans of these wanderings.

    The plan called for three, three spies to infiltrate at precise locations in order to create a sort of triangle that would allow the right time (when the universe were aligned) to bring someone back and forth (the man who gives his name as the episode) . The leader of the dark Newton (Sebastian Roch), but can fill this gap and bring the plan forward. The dizzying pace followed a parallel investigation of the protagonists who can reach the site at that precise moment in time to try to prevent the transition. This attempt failed and that it does finally see Peter that he came from the nearby universe, that is not his real father Walter (John Noble).

    Then confronts the old scientist who finds himself without words lost in sadness. And with all this changed. We have few certainties but we know that from now on nothing will ever be. Where was Peter? What will he do? Who will he choose when the time comes to decide? Issues that are on the back burner and surely will be answered in the near future.

    Finally, we come to the crux of this episode: Who is the man who came from the other side? The man to whom Newton called Mr. Secretary. My guess is that it is the Walternate, the father saw his son disappear and that because this sets a dark revenge. Do not know if he will lead all operations but will likely play an important role in the operations of the enemy. On a personal level all this orchestration seems to make good sense but the level of technology can not understand some things: in the 80's the other universe was technologically far ahead on this, as it is currently unable to build a simple portal as Walter made back then? Need elaborate schemes and terms, when 20 years ago everything seemed so easy. And if a balance has to exist (have everything that comes out) who is this man on the other side changed?

    Questions that do not hurt or harm this great piece of television. A compact mythology, with pace and will, which prepares troops for the battle ahead. "Fringe" is with vigor and with determination we are. Come the next.

    The Best: The shapshifters villains are a kick-ass!

    The Worst: It took almost a whole season to get here.