Season 1 Episode 12

The No-Brainer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2009 on FOX

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  • The No-Brainer

    Tip of the day: Always follow the advice of your grandparents. I say this because my grandmother always told me to spend much time in front of the computer was not healthy ... and it seems she may actually be right.

    Now then, "Fringe" returns to the model "case of the week", which can not even say it's a surprise, but it does so with a case that causes little more than a mere yawn almost continuously for fifty minutes.

    A man, a computer genius, decides to create a program, or rather a virus that melts the brain to the people who unload the Internet. No, there is no subliminal message here: the people who wrote this episode should even have anything against the Web course the man sends the virus to carry out a personal vendetta, and of course, as people who die are a complete useless when it comes to surfing the net, not even suspect they are doing something stupid when you click on a message nothing suspicious that suddenly appears on the monitor and says "What's that sound?". Yes, I admit that I too would click right away if I just announcement appeared on my computer ... then robbing a bocadin ... Sorry, I forgot that the term now used is "honor" ... Why, then, paying homage to "The Ring" and click where no one else would click a video file begins to play with random images and indecipherable (except for the Observer, so it seemed, in the opening scene), people fall into a state of deep hypnosis until they begin to hallucinate with one hand out of the monitor that will melt your brain. And that is ready ... ...

    In turn, and as he was imprisoned for a long time and technology evolved without waiting for him, Walter (John Noble) turns out to be something out of the case and has a line of argument a little different, well built and very promising, but whose outcome too lame, and even predictable to a certain extent by the fuss that Peter (Joshua Jackson) was doing the whole issue has left a bitter taste right.

    Well, now I realized why Olivia's sister showed up this whole story: basically, it should start to become interested in Peter, probably can come out with one another, and Olivia (Anna Torv) eventually find that you have feelings for him and gets jealous. Anyway ... If this is the case, will not be anything new, nor even of great interest, and will only increase the strength I have in relation to truly enjoy this series.

    Episode to forget. Hurry.

    PS - I remembered something else now ... Someone explain to me what is that Blair Brown and Mark Valley are still doing the show?