Season 3 Episode 3

The Plateau

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on FOX

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  • The Plateau

    In recent horror films there is a saga that, although weak, has always stimulating and ingenious sequences. I refer to "Final Destination", where a group of people miraculously escapes death, then to be hunted by it. Of the most inventive (and gruesome) ways. Almost like a game of dominoes, where a piece falls and hits the next and so on ...

    "The Plateau" reminded me delirious scenes of these cause-effect, where a tiny object, a microscopic action can trigger a gigantic web of events, a macroscopic catastrophe. The top is a picture of that time, where a single pen makes a death occurs. The look insane, nervous fingers, and all the cameras slow down on that particular order make this opening a bang. Undoubtedly one of my favorite, the entire series.

    Then it was followed by the generic, one red, one that we like and look forward. And why? Why are we on the other side, the side we do not know any history here gets automatically double the interest. We return to Olivia (Anna Torv) of mind washed, changed sides and no idea of his real identity. She and her team, Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) and Lincoln (Seth Gabel), then investigate the strange death home, connecting it immediately with another similar event. One clue leads to another track and hunt a rhythmic come to the guilty, the genie out of control. A guy with an IQ too low, which after having been subjected to various treatments, jumped to the other pole. The brilliance and madness. It can calculate all the actions that will take place in the future and how they interact. All variables, all the tiny figures of life fit into one mind, playing well always one step ahead.

    This "case of the week" was a true spectacle. The history base is in itself very good. The whole concept of prediction, sequence, math, destination, it is fascinating and palpable. It is fiction but the fog is real, the little butterfly that flaps its wings out there and change my life, very near here. Added to this, a charismatic villain, well built, and a team Fringe far more interesting and cohesive than our world. The characters, including the two co-Olivia, have more space, more time, more presence. There is a whole different dynamic in this department and freshness.

    Along with everything we had Olivia. That which was ours is theirs, but want to come back here. And it gradually, remembering Peter (Joshua Jackson), Walter (John Noble), his true heart. All in fleeting moments and always under the watchful eye of Walternate and Charlie. Gradually, our protagonist is returning to you and how the episode managed to marry this struggle with the "case of the week" was brilliant: the fact that it is not the person thinks he is saved his life. The fact that even something you made the calculations of the villain bored and leave only those bricks amassassem the ground.

    We ended up with almost lucid. Is it? We have no certainty, even today, not next week, when we return to our world. The only thing I can guarantee is that this was another magnificent episode and "Fringe" is taking great strides to become a mighty serious matter.

    The Best: The great weekly event.

    The worst: I expected to see more differences and easter eggs on the side there.
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