Season 5 Episode 3

The Recordist

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2012 on FOX

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  • The Recordist

    Another clever, one-off premise, albeit very Lost like (just nowhere near the quality) Fringe tonight. The story did lag and sort of lose focus at times, but this was still a strong hour of TV.
  • The worst episode of Fringe ever

    It was bad. Dull, slow and strange. Not fringy strange but just strange. It wasn't Fringe like, it had no action, there was nothing apart from red rocks that made the plot any farther. It becomes clearer why the show was about to be canceled last season. The lack of ideas was on the horizon and now it just reaches the shore...
  • We miss the Fringe events and the Oliv Action!

    I'm very sad to say that Season 5 of Fringe is so below the level of the previous two seasons. The show become full of drama and details that made it a little bit boring. I think the writers should consider to add more action and weird events with the invaders and we need to see Olivia in action with her daughter, that would be awesome!

    This is episode show exactly what I mean. The tapes thing remind of the final season of Prison Break and what happen to that show. I think the writes should end this tapes this in the next episode.
  • Falling in love all over again

    Seriously, dont be a fool and star bringing logic into Fringe! This is a world where anything is possible - and if people with freaky diseases are recording history on crystal cubes, in the woods, you'd better believe it!

    Great character episode... Season 5 is making me fall in love with Fringe all over again.
  • 5x03 "The Recordist"

    Not the best episode. Too slow and nothing really important happened. But even though it was a bad of episode of Fringe, it was still streets ahead (notice the Community reference) than other shows.
  • Obviously the lack of ideas starts to show

    it was like a bad episode of X Files from 15 years ago. And all the violins and epic, dramatic music. The only thing that surprised me was that the crystals were RED and not green and glowing in the dark. And how in the world these people living in the woods have the technology for recording to those glass cubes? C'mon...
  • reminded me of the Johari Window

    following tapes around is making fringe seem like a game of resident evil. I hope the pace picks up. I also hope JJ makes good on his offer to direct an episode.

    One good thing is that there is no Nina so far. I liked the season 3 episode 19 for 1 good reason... Nina got thrown down an elevator shaft hehe.

    I was VERY happy that they got the wagon back. Since getting Gene back isn't going to happen at least they have the wagon!!
  • definitely NOT an history-making episode

    I thought this was, by far, the weakest episode of season 5 yet, and probably one of the show's weakest. I understand that some things are better left to future episodes ( like : who's Donald ? what are the stones ? I bet amphilicite ), but a question that should have been answered ( what's the black disease ? ) wasn't, there were dubious plot points ( leaving Astrid alone in an Observer-controlled Harvard ? How stupid is that ? ) , and a truly awful, Walter-unworthy pun ( the "mine-mime" thing ). The scene between Paul McGullion's character and his son wasn't earned enough ( the characters weren't well-rounded enough ) , and his sacrifice was so predictable ...

    Not to say there weren't things to like. It was nice to see Peter and Olivia's parental instincts kicking in ( when Walter's infected, Peter instantly checks if Etta is too, and of course, Olivia has a very motherly gesture in the final scene ), and the two of them had a very revealing and touching talk about Olivia's state of mind. The history-recording concept was a fascinating one ( but felt in the execution ) , and the make-up effects were good. But that's not much ...
  • Not the best episode

    Thought this episode was a bit drab. No action and no edge-of-your-seat moments, it was purely a plot filling episode. Also, I was a bit disapointed the episode didn't contain any music from the 80's. In the last episode (Episode 2 - In Absentia) we heard the song, Nights In White Satin by The Moody Blues and the episode before that (Episode 1 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11) we heard, Only You by Alison Moyet. I was starting to think there was some significance to these songs, like they were part of the puzzle, part of the plan that's has been erased from Walter's brain. In this observer occupied future, music has all but been abandoned and since both of these songs have a strong reference to LOVE, I assumed that the human emotion of love might be the answer to defeating them once and for all. I suppose it still could happen but I expected to hear another timeless music track in this episode to further support my theory. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait and see now.

    As I said, this episode was a bit drab compared to the first two in season 5 so I've only given it a rating of 5/10 which I think is being generous. Fingers crossed this was just a blip and the usual excitement returns in episode 4. Again, guess we'll have to wait and see.