Season 1 Episode 19

The Road Not Taken

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • Jacksonville children.


    This week a woman suffer a self combustion and the Fringe group investigates. As the story move forward we learn that the woman and her twin (who manages to control her fire) was in the same Jacksonville drug trial Olivia was in. Olivia's specialabilities evolve and she seems to switch realitiesuncontrollably, she think she is going crazy. This doesn't stop superwoman Olivia though, when she get's a sudden opportunity in the "other" world, she takes it and the fringe's solve the case.

    We finally get rid of Harris in a mostsatisfying way. Somehow he always was a follower to the ZFT, I thought he just was regular creep.

    Finally Oliviaconfronts Walter with the drug trial, asking him how he could do experiments with children andwhat really went on. Walter starts to cry, saying that he doesn't remember.

    I really wonder how Walter was back in the day, I can't figure out if I should be mad or feel sorry for him. Did Belly use him or maybe even damaged his brain to make him forget? How bad is Belly and Massive Dynamic?

    Nina seems really upset, something is very wrong.....Total surprise end. Hope she survives.

    One of my favorites shows himself again, The Observer. Where are they going?

    Next one!!