Season 1 Episode 19

The Road Not Taken

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 05, 2009 on FOX

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  • The Road Not Taken

    "In one episode we get bored without smiles. Only with the assurance that if this was the trump card of the season and then we can start to cry. "I said last week. I had never been mentioned but the circumstances so require. To prove not only that I can fool myself badly (where is my faith?), But also "Fringe" can in the twinkling of an eye over the beast beast.

    After a "Midnight" that promised a lot and ended up giving too little, we got to the episode that, without much fuss, gives us the most genuine juice of this universe. The road begins to be clearer and there is the clear choice of a path, a theme. And this is where, or if he jumps off, or if the series definitely embraces. I, as a fanatic who has everything to do with the weather - not the weather, but the continuous - embark on the journey, not a little kid. From "Sliders" who longed for the return of parallel dimensions, those due to the fact that a simple change everything is brutally different. Well, my wait is over.

    The episode starts to prove immediately that this is not a filler. Again we return to the hunt group ZFT, now supported by revelation (obvious) that William Bell is involved in this organization to the neck. Alongside the most watched a guy, subject to the bizarre and deadly experiments. A girl catches fire and explodes spontaneously. The team then begins the investigation protagonists each drawing on their wisdom:

    Olivia (Anna Torv) starts having strange visions. Sees a different reality for a moment from our own, very similar but with distinct elements. These moments invade it for minutes and then return it to the real. Instead of a carbonized body sees two and instead of a building serene sees the same burning. Caught in these strange phenomena decides to start using them to solve the case at hand. The option comes out to be the right one: save the girl and discovers that even his superior Sanford Harris (Michael Gaston) is involved (ie a rather startling revelation!). At the end accountable with Walter (John Noble) and gives us the certainty that this ability to look at such "roads not chosen" is in fact his skill, his extraordinary capacity, product trials suffered as a child, who is coming to a head. Although not yet have realized the usefulness of this power in a possible war, I was completely surrendered to all the scenes in which she gives the "jump" to the other side and I was so sorry that had been so few. These are moments of pure fiction betting without fear in a narrative complex and difficult. A narrative that leaves us pondering the rest of the day.

    Peter (Joshua Jackson) also showed that after one knows fringe science things and it was thanks to the device that the girl was saved. A contraption he had built for his father. It was another good invention, a character who I think will have a crucial role in the unfolding of it all. As I said I have a strong suspicion that he was also the subject of experience as a child and that his power should be just around the bust.

    Walter reveals that he has a copy of the ZFT manifesto with a chapter on ethics that is not in the police version. Someone withdrew these pages to give the wrong idea from the words of Bell. The memory of the old scientist is not the best but in the end there he finds the object of the search, at the time the observer arrives and tells him it's time. What? I have no idea. Just know that Walter knows more of what it says, or rather Walter in the middle of crazy brain has clear idea of what happens and will happen.

    The trio add to this fantastic event can join the wink to the "Star Trek" (the next episode will see why, but do not know already) and shot (fatal or not) to Nina Sharp (Blair Brown).

    The die is cast and the cards are on the table. Each pawn in the right place. Come on the final game
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